• Blasting Off With a Dude Licking His Feet

    Blasting Off With a Dude Licking His Feet

    I don't think I've ever seen someone get off on a man's feet as much Cameron Kincade does. This dude is into total foot worship; not just a little foot rubbing, but he gets right between a guy's toes with his tongue.

    Nick Cross is a sexy bearded hunk and this is his second appearance on My Friends Feet. For his first session he had his bare feet secured in a stockade, then two men worked him over in an intense tickling session. Not only using their fingers, but hair brushes and other tools as well. And they gave his furry armpits some tickling too. Poor Nick squirmed and laughed his head off.

    But Nick's session with Kincade is completely different -- much more sensuous and horny. He lies back naked on the bed, watching Cameron worship his sensitive feet with his hands, lips, and tongue. Nick gets so turned on that he wraps his fist around his hard-on and strokes. He gets himself so worked up that he blasts a generous cum load all over himself while Cameron sucks on his toes.

  • Hairy Muscle Bear and Smooth Twink

    Hairy Muscle Bear and Smooth Twink

    Brad Kalvo has the cutest young admirer, Blake Stone, kissing his hairy body with his furry, masculine chest in Hot Dads Hot Lads latest scene. Blake pulls Brad's jock down to reveal his hard cock, and massages his ball sack whilst sucking on him.

    Blake undresses slowly and our hot dad makes out with his cute pup. Brad then indulges himself on Blake's tight hole and gets good feedback from our horny young man. Teased and no longer able to resist, Brad plugs his cock in Blake's hot, smooth butt hole and he enthusiastically bounces on it to take it deeper and deeper.

  • Jerking Off Big 3-Day Load

    Jerking Off Big 3-Day Load

    Quite simply this guy is a hottie. At 5'6 and 158 lbs, he is a hot pocket of cuteness. Observing his toned naked physique, you'd think he was a wrestler. But he was more of a baseball player back in the day. Preferring team sports, than individual sports. Speaking of teams, sad to say he is not on our team. As he is unabashedly straight. But that doesn't mean he can't perform for a gay audience. Which is how he ended up here. On video to jerk off his 6" x 5" cut cock.

    Baird doesn't have a specific place where he likes to jerk off. But he does like to give his cock a regular workout. Jacking off about once a day, sometimes every other day. For this video shoot he saved up a three day load. Good thing Baird prepared this way, as this was his first time on-camera. So a touch of the nerves was present. But soon Baird relaxed and got into it. Knowing that tons of gay guys would be getting off, by seeing him get off.

    Baird isn't as vocal as other guys when they cum. But that is due to his shyness, as he is a pretty quite dude. But he more than made up for it, with a huge amount of cum that splattered all over his nice furry body. Yum!

  • Rizzo And Crawford In Episode 5 Of SYTYCF

    Rizzo And Crawford In Episode 5 Of SYTYCF

    We're lost in the jungle for Episode 5 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck. Luckily, we have Armond Rizzo and Vance Crawford to entertain us--and swat away the occasional bug. This week's challenge is sponsored by SpunkLube, and we could hardly tell as the contestants are asked to wrestle in an inflatable pool filled with (you guessed it) lube! Both teams strip down to their undies (always a welcome sight) for three rounds of greasy roughhousing. Following much slipping and sliding, there's a winning team.

    During Round 3, Armond and Vance lose their shorts altogether, which is a perfect lead-in to their scene. It starts with some heaving making out in the deep forest. Armond is still our favorite pocket gay porn star, looking tiny regardless of who he's paired with. At least the little guy delivers some great head to Vance, displaying major deep-throat skills. Crawford returns the favor, and there's some nice 69 action on a blanket. Then it's on to the anal, where Vance proves himself a diligent top. He does most of the work here, though Rizzo does moan and makes his usual "Damn, I'm getting fucked!" face. After a relentless (and overly drawn-out) rutting, Vance pounds the man juice out of Armond then spews on his smooth body.

    The judges are split this week, with Pierson Hayes applauding Armond for being "amazing at taking cock," while Ryan Russell thinks that Vance is a "sensual and sensitive" performer. We're halfway through this 10-week competition but no closer to a true front-runner. Only time (and more sucking and fucking) will tell! Remember, the teams gain points for winning the group challenges, but fans have a say in who takes the title by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver in West Hollywood on April 30. Vote for your favorite at SYTFCF.

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  • And A Huge Dick With Every Room-Service Delivery

    And A Huge Dick With Every Room-Service Delivery

    Diesel O'Green and Darius Ferdynand head off to a country inn for a weekend of relaxation away from the city. This is the second installment of Jock Inn over at UK Hot Jocks. And in case you missed the first one, JP Dubois caught the cook fucking a watermelon in the kitchen, so he bent him over the counter and stuffed him with his giant dick. Yeah, it's that kind of place.

    While Dubois is plowing the chef, waiter Leo Demenico is on room-service duty and running a quick order up to Darius Ferdynand's room. Darius opens the door wearing nothing but a towel. But Leo's not too phased by it, he's seen all kinds of things when delivering to the guest rooms, even had a few offers. But given the grin on his face, it looks like he's expecting one when he says, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

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  • Sleaziest Outfit of the Week

    sleazy outfit

    This is one of those outfits where you can go straight from the office to the gym to a night on the town. If the office, gym and town are each sleazier than a gay disco bathhouse in the Key West neighborhood of Amsterdam, San Francisco.

    His outfit also has practical advantages, besides protecting his lower back. He has less laundry to do. Or should I say his devoted submissive roommate who begs to do his laundry for him has less laundry to do. Another advantage is that when he does wear pants they are always the newest fashion because his upper legs and ass tend to rip new pants after a couple of wearings so he always has to buy new ones.

    And of course, another practical advantage is when you know you're going to be naked and everyone is looking at you, you work out that much harder. Here's hoping he needs a spotter when he does squats.

  • Jayden Fucks Dallas Southern Style

    Jayden Fucks Dallas Southern Style

    Southern Strokes found a couple of very horny guys this time. Jayden and Dallas are the kind of guys who are always ready to fuck, and they don't mind getting paid to do it on camera. After Dallas gives Jayden a little oral action, Dallas wants to get boned, and Jayden is more than happy to sink his hard dick deep, banging doggy style before turning him over, spreading his legs wide and driving that raging cock all the way in! And that's the way they do it in the South.

  • Tommy Deluca Returns To Rock "Doc"

    Tommy Deluca Returns To Rock "Doc"

    It's been ages since we've seen Tommy Deluca...and his huge cock. Talk about a sight for sore eyes! The onetime gay porn superstar, who previously worked for Lucas Entertainment and Jet Set Men in the late 2000s, unexpectedly popped up in a new film for Hot House this week. When we asked director Christian Owen where Tommy had been, he told GayDemon, "Not sure, but we wanted that big dick one more time!" No wonder Owen is one of the top directors working today!

    In My Doctor Rocks, Tommy dons his scrubs and, more important, doffs them for a scene with sexy Alexander Gustavo. In this ongoing hospital parody, Tommy plays a horny intern who gets special treatment from an attentive nurse, which includes a hot blowjob and a hotter fuck. Deluca and his stunning 10-incher wind up on top, of course! Also starring Angel Rock, Billy Santoro, Johnny Ryder, Dylan Knight, Hans Berlin, Liam Soto and Sean Duran. For more information, visit Hot House.

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  • Athlete's Uncut Cock

    Athlete's Uncut Cock

    Meet Fergus. He's a footballer who auditioned at The Casting Room. I'd say he's the perfect guy to do a little amateur porn, as he doesn't mind showing off his juicy, uncut cock and tight, puckered asshole. He's obviously not camera-shy, and has no problem bending over, spreading his butt cheeks and fingering that pink rosebud before grabbing his cock and showing just how he likes to get himself off.

  • Tayte Hanson Wins Cocky Boys Contest

    Tayte Hanson Wins Cocky Boys Contest

    And we have a new Cocky Boy! Amid all the craziness of Black Party weekend in Manhattan, including the Hookie Awards, Cocky Boys named a winner in its So You Wanna Be a Cocky Boy contest. At a post-awards event at Berlin nightclub, porn star Max Ryder and drag diva Paige Turner (top pic) hosted a competition narrowing the many entrants down to five. Then the enthusiastic crowd cast the deciding vote. (All the contestants will appear in an upcoming scene for the online studio.)

    The big winner of the night was Tayte Hanson (that's not a typo), and he looks like perfect fodder for the Cocky Boys machine. Director Jake Jaxson, who was on hand to sign copies of his new A Thing of Beauty book from German publisher Bruno Gmünder, said that he "can't wait to start shooting" with the shaggy-haired exclusive. According to his Twitter page (@TayteHansonxxx), Tayte is an "artist" and an "exhibitionist" (that should help). The cute newbie also wound up on the cover of NYC's Next Magazine this week in a Black Party fashion shoot with fellow Cocky Boys Duncan Black, Levi Karter and Chris Harder. Yeah, guess that was just a coincidence. For more information, visit Cocky Boys.

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  • You Do All The Work & We'll Fuck Your Ass

    You Do All The Work & We'll Fuck Your Ass

    Josh Charters is the kind of lad you could swoon over just listening to a recording of his voice. He's got a masculine deep voice and a sexy British accent, and not one of those "the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain" stuck-up English accents. But when you see Charters at Blake Mason, you'll like him: he's easy on the eyes too -- a good-looking blond with a fit body and long uncut cock.

    Charters is cleaning up a wall with Mark Coxx and they're getting it ready for painting, but they're not loving the work. Josh Jared shows up to help and Charters offers to fuck his ass if Jared will finish off the work. Cocky bastard! Josh Charters still collects his pay, gets dick serviced and his rocks off, and he doesn't have to finish his work. HA! Good deal.

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  • Deboxer's Comeback for Maskurbate

    Deboxer's Comeback for Maskurbate

    Two years after his last porn scene, Deboxer gave Maskurbate a call announcing his retirement has ended. Lucky us! Deboxer stipulated he'd return to do a scene, but only if he could net straight guy, 'JP', who of course is masked so his girlfriend never finds out!

    There is great chemistry between the duo, it's exciting to watch as Manuel licks JP's arsehole. Our 'straight' friend is fully erect while Deboxer's tongue is intimately lapping at his hairy butt. Welcome back to porn, Manuel!

  • Hot Bulge of the Week

    hot bulge

    Cycling is a wonderful sport. It has everything, such as bulges, bulges and bulges. Also quads that are ten times bigger than arms. That comes in handy when you want a guy to have the lower body stamina to ride your cock and the upper body weakness that lets you move him where you want him. If you're into such things.

    Green also means go. As in go ask a professional cyclist if you can crouch in front of his crotch, have him role one leg up of his shorts (or do it yourself), and take a picture that hoards of guys will jack off too.

    As a professional spandex-based life form, the cyclist of course said yes. So let's not disappoint him. Ready, set, jack!

  • Niko - Military Amateur

    Niko - Military Amateur

    Niko is the kind of guy I like to see at Active Duty. His short military haircut, that mouthwatering muscled physique and those tattoos make him the kind of military amateur the site is all about. Niko's got a great smile, a sense of humor and furry pecs that make me want to bay at the moon or stand at attention. And check out that nicely rounded ass!

  • Borstal Boys Fucking With Guard

    Borstal Boys Fucking With Guard

    Steve is guarding the Borstal boys as they are working on their project. He's got a thing for Bulldog Pit's hot lads and he starts to think how he can abuse his power over them, and get them to fulfil his sexual fantasies. It isn't long before our hairy, muscular guard has the boys sucking each other and himself. Pretty boy Rio Francisco is selected to bottom for Will Jamieson, whilst Steve pounds skinhead lad, Ricky Jackson, but Rio's ass is too hot to resist and Steve takes a shine, giving his hole favorable treatment!

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