• Denis Vega's Holes Make Their Men At Play Debut

    Denis Vega's Holes Make Their Men At Play Debut

    "Oh I'm sorry I didn't know anyone was in this room," says dark-haired stud Billy Santoro as smooth Latin muscleman Denis Vega arrives in a towel. Denis doesn't object to Billy's presence, as Billy fiddles in the mirror with his tie, eying Denis slipping out of his towel. Subtle! Is this some sort of dressing room for high-end caterers? Now here are a couple of guys who look hot in and out of dress duds. Thankfully, they keep their dark socks on the whole time (don't you!?) and Billy's are obscenely sheer, the kind sold in the "Suit Fetish" section of Men's Wearhouse.

    Top & Tails is Billy Santoro's Men At Play debut and Denis Vega is normally a top but somehow they manage to insert tab A into slot (I mean slut) B quite well. It's always good to find guys who know their angles. I saw Billy Santoro while I was working out once and he did spend a good deal of time staring at himself in the mirror so I'd fully expect him to know how to pose. Of course, I spent a good deal of time staring at him staring in the mirror I'll admit. I figured he needed his ego fed.

    Now Men At Play is telling me this is a hardcore scene, not romantic at all. But am I crazy to find it romantic? I mean maybe they do know each other and have agreed to run into each other in this room, pretend they haven't met, and then suck suck suck suck and fuck fuck fuck fuck? That would be romantic, right? Kind of role playing within role playing. I'd like to try that sometime. Just make sure to have a big budget for dry cleaning afterward. It's tough to get cum out of a suit. Easier to get cum out of a guy.

    Watch Top & Tails over at Men At Play now. So glad they got these dreamy guys together. No idea if we'll ever see Denis Vega bottom again, so now is your chance!

  • Julian Marshburn Covers Character Magazine

    Julian Mashburn

    We've always got time for another hairy muscleman--even if it's not in a porn movie but on the pages of an arty French magazine. Julian Marshburn is a hunky personal trainer and massage therapist. He's also a former Mr. San Francisco Leather Daddy winner who acted in the 2009 film The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Starr. Now the onetime Bare Chest Calendar model is gracing the cover of Character and starring in a stunning photo shoot from photographer Some French Guy (that's his name!) that captures his manly nature. So he's never done gay porn, but he does remind us of a slightly beefier version of Heath Jordan (who has). If you spot Julian the next time you're cruising the Castro, tell him we said woof! For more information on the winter issue (out now), visit Character Magazine.

  • Bulgarian Guy at Glory Hole

    Bulgarian Guy at Glory Hole

    Glory holes are funny things, men either love them or hate them. Sometimes I'm in a mood to suck cock and that's it. I don't want to play with your nipples, rub your belly, or finger your hole, and I don't want smoke cigarettes with you and chit chat -- just give me dick, blow your wad, and go away. Glory holes are perfect for that. Valdimir is a 24-year-old, Bulgarian, medical student who is getting glory hole head over at Straight Fraternity this week.

    I get weekly updates in my email from Straight Fraternity and I don't remember seeing Vladimir -- I would have remembered because I have a foreskin and Easter European fetish, and Vladimir is Bulgarian. So I did some poking around to see what else Valdimir has done and it turns out this is his first time on the site. In fact, I discovered lots of guys actually do just shove their dicks through the site's glory hole, blow their loads and leave. (HINT: These blowjob videos can be found in an easily-missed text link "GLORYHOLES" at the top of the page -- I never even knew that was there.)

    Vladimir has a decent-sized cock, a little on the long side, it's dark brown, and like I said, it's uncut. It doesn't take long for this cocksucker to get Valdimir hard and we can see this Bulgarian squirming on the other side of the wall. But I like when the camera gets in close and we're left hearing Vladimir instead of seeing him. And as you can see, this horny guy shoots a very hot blast of cum across this cocksucker's face.

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  • Tate Ryder Pounded By Troy Moreno's Black Dick

    Tate Ryder Pounded By Troy Moreno's Black Dick

    I'm a complete sucker for black guys topping white guys and Tate Ryder is one of my all-time favourite porn studs. I was so depressed when he retired from porn a few weeks back and moved home to Australia. But the great thing about porn filming is that videos roll out long after performers call it quits. Watching willing fuck slut Tate Ryder bottoming for donkey-hung Troy Moreno is a mind blowing send off - Raw Fuck Club has gone and given me a porngasm.

    Troy finds Tate Ryder in his jacuzzi tub. But you'd be a complete fool to kick him out and send him packing, so Moreno presents his big black tool for Tate to suck deep. Troy rims Tate's delicious fuck hole and then slams his enormous black meat into him, pounding away bareback until he's ready to pump him full of his man juice.

  • Vote now for the Hookie Awards

    Vote now for the Hookie Awards

    It is officially awards season. From the Golden Globes to the Grammys to the Oscars. With other awards shows scheduled in-between such as the SAG awards and the People's Choice Awards. We are truly overloaded with awards shows. But I hope you haven't gotten your fill because the Oscars of escorting is just around the corner.

    The eighth annual Hookie awards honours the very best in escorting and gay porn. The gala will be hosted this year by Emmy winner Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace).

    Presented by Rentboy.com this event is almost like the People's Choice Awards. As the winners are voted on by you the fans. Categories include Best Newcomer, Best Twink, Best Pornstar Escort, Best Top, Best Bottom, Best Body, Best Bear/Cub, Best Fetish/Kink. Best Dressed/Style, Best Cock, Best Ass, Best Massage, Best Boyfriend Fantasy, Best Daddy and Best Personal Escort Website.

    But the big prize is Mr. International Escort of the year. Places making the final cut include LA, NYC, UK, Chicago, Florida, San Francisco, France, Canada and Spain. What no Australia or Quebec? Oh well it is just an honour to be nominated.

    Go to The Hookies official website to cast your ballot now. The winners will be announced March 21, 2014 in New York City. May the best man win.

  • Awe-Inspiring Bottom

    Awe-Inspiring Bottom

    There's nothing worse than a big, beautiful dick going to waste. We've all see those just-the-tip cocksuckers who can never seem to choke down more than a couple of inches. They make me scream at the screen: "Come on, swallow the fucking thing!" Tim Skyler doesn't have that problem. Seeing this hungry lad unhinge his jaw in Raw and Rough's "Take Daddy's Monster Cock" is awe inspiring.

    Lito Cruz has nine thick inches and he doesn't care if a bottom can take it or not. He IS going to take it. I've seen this Latin hunk ram his humongous tool inside a hole and he keeps pushing until it's all in. No matter how badly a guy's hole is fighting back, Cruz just keeps pumping hard and deep. Tim Skyler doesn't weigh more than 100 pounds, so when I first saw him I thought, "You've got to be kidding. That dick is not going inside that twink."

    But Tim opened his mouth wide and started swallowing, and when I saw his lips literally an inch away from Lito's pubic hair, I knew that taking it up his ass was going to be a walk in the park. Lying on his back, Tim gets his hole opened up, then Cruz picks Tim up in his arms and bounces the boy on his massive pole. Tim begs for more, wanting it harder and deeper. He gets what he wants, he also gets his hole spunked, then daddy offers his boy his cummy cock and Skyler licks it clean.

    "Take Daddy's Monster Cock" is one of the hottest videos I watched in all of February, and that's really saying something because I'm generally not fond of twinks.

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  • Guard and Two Convicts

    Guard and Two Convicts

    After a hard day's work, big bad tattooed guard Darren takes a couple convicts to a private spot and forces them to suck each others' cocks and do some ass pounding for his pleasure... and for the Bulldog Pit cameras. Watching the two guys service each other makes Darren horny as hell and gets into the action, taking control and shoving his dick deep in prisoner Ashley's hole while Ashley sucks cock in spit roasting madness!

  • Is This Bottom Too Noisy?

    View full video at Corbin Fisher

    Do you like noisy bottoms? In this video from Corbin Fisher, blond stud Trenton is drilling his dark-haired buddy, Marc, in the bathroom. Lying back on the bathroom vanity with his legs in the air, Marc is getting his hole pumped and he's making a lot of noise. A little too much for my taste, I was hoping Trenton would grab a towel and shove it in Marc's mouth.

    So what do you think? Have a look at the video and sound off in the comments. Is Marc too noisy? Is Trenton's dick really that big or is Marc hamming it up? Or do you like energetic and noisy bottoms?

  • WEHT Parker London? He sells coffee

    WEHT Parker London? He sells coffee

    Last we heard about Parker London was two years ago. First there was an announcement that he had quit the business. Then he suddenly signed up for the gay adult web series Behind Bars. But after that series wrapped, we haven't heard from him at all. Even his twitter account hasn't been dormant since 2011.

    Well wonder no more. Parker, who's real name is Brett Helke, is the manager of a coffee house called Cafe Stella. Located in Norfolk, VA, the coffee house offers freshly roasted coffee and tasty pastries. Brett (Parker) is so immersed in the coffee world, he even appeared on local TV to review a new coffee cup product. To see for yourself, watch the video below.

    But he hasn't totally abandoned the Parker London name. According to an anonymous poster, he claims Brett has named his son Parker London.

  • Peter Le Watches Two Young Dudes Screw

    Peter Le Watches Two Young Dudes Screw

    This obscene episode of The Asiancy (Hint: all the episodes are obscene) is lovingly called Sex Dice and uses those dirty dice desperate and/or stupid and/or drunk couples buy to spice up their dull sex lives. And, no, The Asiancy is not the Asian version of Melrose Place but it does have Aaron Spelling soap opera qualities like voyeurism and anal sex.

    The thing is since when do horny porn guys need novelty dice to get them going? Any excuse, I suppose! In this case the pair of dice come up "Lick Ear" so Tex licks Lenin's ear. The porn Lenin. Not the communist revolutionary Lenin from 100 years ago. It's important to be clear about these things. Coincidentally, the porn Lenin is trying to start a revolution too, though his is to get a million guys into fucking him. Every new gay dick makes a difference.

    After the ear licking comes some mutual oral which they somehow figured out without rolling the dice again, then smooth eager Tex fucks the equally eager Lenin. All while hunky Peter Le watches and roots the guys on. So it's also a CMNM (clothed man naked men) moment too. Until Peter takes his shirt off, then it's HCMNM (half clothed man naked men). I studied sexual acronyms in college lavatories.

    Watch Sex Dice and other episodes of The Asiancy at Peter Fever. If you're not sure what to do while you watch, consider writing the word "Jack" on ten different slips of paper, put them all in a hat, then pick one and do what it says.

  • The Latest in Glory Hole Design

    mirrored glory hole

    All glory holes should be like this from now on. How else can you combine cocksucking with seeing yourself cocksucking with the other guy feeling you cocksucking but not seeing you cocksucking? It's genius.

    Luxury department store Harrods has already installed mirrored glory holes throughout the store. And Neiman Marcus is slated to follow. Stock in the company that manufacturers Windex has already risen several points.

    Which reminds me, there's a diet tip to keep a mirror on yourself while you eat. Supposedly it adds to self-awareness and helps you pace yourself and do portion control. I think such an approach with glory holes may lead to the opposite effect and the all too common "Cock Binge Syndrome" (or all too uncommon).

    Now someone invent a glory hole with built in kneed pads. Then we can truly say we're in the 21st century.

  • Alex Minsky Models For Jack Adams

    When in doubt, become an underwear model! The latest victim, er, example of this credo is sexy Alex Minsky. To be honest, we had never heard of this former Marine until our friends at Gay Daily Hot News ran some full-frontal (and fully erect!) pics of the heavily tattooed stud (fun fact: he has an armpit tat!). That got our attention right quick. It turns out that Alex has been making a name for himself since returning from Afghanistan, where he lost a leg in a roadside bomb explosion in 2009. After a long recovery, he started exercising and was discovered by photographer Tom Cullis at the gym.

    Now we know that this 24-year-old Newport Beach, California, resident is a recovering alcoholic who spends four hours a day working out. He also rubbed elbows with Barbara Walters as a guest on The View last week. (Wonder if Babs was thinking about Alex's naked pics when she started talking about her vibrator...again. Ewwww!) Now Alex has announced that he's furthering his career by becoming an underwear model for Jack Adams. We've noted the excellent model choices of this company before. But Alex definitely takes it to another level. To see Minsky talk about how he's "just a dude," watch the video above. And you can see him in all his glory below. For more info, visit Jack Adams USA.

    Alex Minsky Models for Jack Adams

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Tristan Stiles

    View full video at Broke Straight Boys

    Sergio Valen is right up my alley, or I'd like him to be. He's a good-looking, ripped stud; he's wearing face scruff and sporting a dark furry bush. And he's fucked eight guys now over at Broke Straight Boys, Tristan Stiles is his latest. Funny thing is that Sergio hasn't gotten fucked yet himself -- he has sucked dick though -- but after eight videos, his turn on the bottom has to be coming soon.

  • Zach Rode's Sexy Bubble Butt

    Zach Rode's Sexy Bubble Butt

    If you're a bum guy, I highly recommend taking a look at Zach Rode's sexy, round butt. This 19-year-old, personal trainer is making his debut on Gay Hoopla and he's one hot guy; and not just in the rear, but his ass is spectacular.

    Zach is a handsome jock with plump lips -- book me an afternoon of kissing, please -- and a strong, ripped body, but he's a gym trainer so that's a no brainer. When he first peels off his shorts, his dick isn't all that impressive, but like most guys, Zach is a grower and he's packing a meaty dick.

    But I think his bubble butt is his best feature, so I'm pretty stoked when he doesn't some dry humping on his pillow. Good grief! I can only imagine seeing those beefy cheeks pumping and grinding into a horny bottom, alright I'd settle for watching him fuck a woman if he's straight and that's all I get.

    Done with the teasing, this chiseled lad lies back on his bed and strokes out a load, and when he's done, his fist is a creamy, sticky mess. I sure hope Gay Hoopla has scheduled Zach for some naked fun with some of the other guys there.

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  • TitPig Is Back!

    TitPig Is Back!

    This week Steve Hurley "TitPig" broke a 5-year drought of filming with a new scene at Hot Older Male -- I couldn't be any more excited. Retirements and comebacks have become a big joke in the gay porn business; these days when a performer announces they're leaving the business, I usually say, "See you in six months." And I'm not often wrong. But everyone once in a while a true porn legend makes a comeback that makes a guy's dick stand and take notice.

    TitPig's pipe-smoking, daddy-boy scene with Christian Mitchell is already on my "Best of 2014" list. When I started running gay porn sites back in 2003, TitPig was making his climb to the top where he stayed for a few years. He was well known for smoking cigars and pipes while he screwed some horny bottom. And it doesn't take much imagination to figure out how he got the nickname "TitPig."

    But not only am I thrilled to see TitPig back filming, but I'm equally stoked that he's fucking Christian Mitchell, who happens to be a buddy of mine. Mitchell and I have been whispering about this scene on Twitter for weeks. And it's just as hot as I imagined.

    In this video at Hot Older Male, TitPig and Christian Mitchell reunite for one of their daddy-boy scenes which stopped when Mitchell moved away. But he's back for a weekend and they're making the most of it. From the moment Mitchell walks in the yard, TitPig is running his dirty mouth -- this daddy could convince you that scrubbing the floor with your toothbrush is the hottest thing you've ever done.

    I'm not going to ruin this scene with a blow by blow account of what happens, but I can't let those nipples pass by without a comment. Man, TitPig's nibs are bigger than ever, massive really. I'm so jealous of Christian and still ask him regularly to tell me how hot it was sucking and chewing those things.

    After lots of dirty-talking head, Christian lies back in a leather sling and gets his hole stretched with daddy's fat dick. I've seen Mitchell shoot plenty of cum wads in his videos, but this straight-in-the-air jizz stream is impressive. This is one comeback you don't want to miss. And if you didn't see him the first time around, TitPig has five other videos over at Hot Older Male to keep you churned up, but you'll want to start with his latest one.

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