• Huge Black Dick for Glory Hole Bottom

    Huge Black Dick for Glory Hole Bottom

    Nino Skyy is in the mood to stick his big black dick up a hot piece of white ass. In this video from Raw Fuck Club, Nino heads off to his local sex club and finds hungry cock pig Jaxon waiting on his knees at one of the glory holes.

    I've seen black stud Nino Skyy around in a couple of videos, he's a sexy fucker. He's sporting a scruffy and longish beard, has a furry chest, and this top man is packing a deliciously long and meaty cock. Jaxon opens his mouth wide and Nino guides his bone down this cocksucker's throat. Holding Jaxon's head, Nino stuffs this blow boy's throat until he's squirming to feel this monster in his ass.

    The fucking is hot. Seeing Nino's huge dick pumping Jaxon's hole is definitely the highlight of this bareback video. But I really got off on Jaxon who makes these guttural and mournful groans while he's getting pumped. He's not one of those over-the-top noisy bottoms, these are genuine "I love this dick and it feels good and it fucking hurts" moans. Jaxon sure did make me feel Nino's cock ... maybe me wish it were me, too!

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  • Romance, Fucking & Cum Blasts

    Romance, Fucking & Cum Blasts

    I'm always a sucker for the romantic scenes -- love is grand! Tim Campbell and Claude Sorel are snuggling on the couch in this new scene from Bel Ami Online. They wearing jeans and bare feet -- one of my favourite things -- and they're cuddling and talking about talking their friendship to a new level.

    After some passionate kissing the cocks start coming out, then the clothes come off, and they take turns swallowing each other's dicks. And holy shit! Tim Campbell has a beautiful, big, veiny piece of meat; Claude Sorel is decently-hung, but Tim's girthy cock is definitely my favourite.

    I'm a bit of comme ci comme ca on this one because with the bigger and thicker boner, I think Tim should have fucked Claude's ass; but then with Tim bottoming, we get to see him playing with his fat dick while getting his hole drilled. Frankly, being denied seeing that fatty plunging Claude's bare hole got me even more revved up.

    But they make up for it with a spectacular cum sequence: Tim is lying back fisting his fat dick and Claude face is hovering over it with his mouth open, suddenly Tim gushes his cum blast right up into Claude's mouth -- it's fucking hot!

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  • Three Guys Daisy Chain Fucking

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    After sorting out who is sitting where and talking about who is getting fucked, these three guys from Broke Straight Boys get down to what they're there for -- spit roasting this poor bastard's ass. The bottom's not happy about it, but BSB pays these guys a lot of money, so I'm sure he won't be complaining when he's cashing the cheque. And the spit roasting turns into some daisy chain fucking, so someone must have gotten some bonus bone pay.

  • Hot Bulge of the Week

    hot bulge of the week

    It's important for a boxer to be the right weight. So much planning goes into it, from diet to exercise to sauna time. Unfortunately for this fella, a big bulge can tend to throw off scales, even digital ones. Coach trying to telekinetically will the penis down does not help matters.

    Unless this guy can get his penis under control, he may end up in a higher weight class with a big bruiser who will pound him silly. Perhaps some sports hypnosis can help, though that can also tend to expand the problem at hand. Soothing and demanding male voices tend to do that.

    By the way, is there a job at a boxing gym called Thong Shiner? I think that could be a solid career move for many, on par with Towel Boy and Bulge Photographer.

  • Reviews for Brent Corrigan film Truth

    Reviews for Brent Corrigan film Truth

    Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan) has been making the transition from gay porn to legit films. After a few cameos and supporting roles, Sean has his first lead role in the independent film 'Truth'. This is a suspense thriller that could be described as a gay version of Fatal Attraction. With shades of Misery thrown in. Sean plays the Glen Close part. While the writer/director of this film, Rob Moretti, plays the Michael Douglas part. There is even someone who plays the Anne Archer part, but to say anymore would give away the story. While the movie itself has gotten not so nice reviews, the notices for Sean are not bad.

    Jay Weissberg of Variety writes "the actor's shown a boyishly magnetic charm that suggests a talent for irony and comedy, yet he'll need a strong director and a good, non-exploitative story to prove to the larger world he's more than a pretty package -- not an impossibility."

    Frank Scheck of the Hollywood Reporter adds "The frequently unclothed Lockhart, who's better known as gay porn star Brent Corrigan, well fulfills the physical aspects of his role -- this is a film in which the underwear designer rightly gets a credit"

    It is kind of ironic he plays a character obsessed with another guy, as Sean has a ferocious fan following that is obsessed with him! The film has opened in New York and other locations. The film is now available for rent or download, while a DVD release is set for March. You can watch the trailer below.

  • Valentino Medici Fucked By Adriano Carrasco

    Valentino Medici Fucked By Adriano Carrasco

    Valentino Medici hasn't been working at his new job for very long, he's still trying to make a good impression. But one day after everyone has gone home, Valentino starts watching his favourite porn star over at Lucas Entertainment. And what's not to love about Adriano Carrasco, especially his super-long uncut cock.

    The executive falls into a daydream and finds Adriano standing in front of his desk. He's looking sexy in his suits, and Valentino has dreamed about this moment. He kisses his fantasy man and gropes his suit pants, then Valentino gets to work gulping Adriano's huge meat.

    Adriano bends the bearded bottom hunk over the sofa and eats his ass, then pushes his monster in Valentino's ass. His hole swallows that long dick balls deep and he's in bottom heaven. Then Valentino lies back on the desk and Adriano gives him a forceful fuck.

    When his super-hung buddy unloads his nuts all over the glass-top desk, Valentino licks it all up with his tongue and cleans up Adriano's cummy cock, too.

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  • Graffiti Cock

    graffiti cock

    I'm making pea soup today, as in homemade. As in I'm making it and eating it and you can't stop me. You also can't stop graffiti from happening. Even graffiti on top of other graffiti. And you can't stop the tattoo on this man's back. It's there. It's staying. You're looking. You can't stop it.

    He has patchworkphilia. He gets off on quilts as they are a patchwork of colors. He gets off on graffiti as that's also a patchwork of colors. He's sought help for his desires. He sought a cure. It took weeks to find a grayscale psychiatrist with an office in a gray building and a gray couch and carpet and walls and a gray face and shirt and shoes. But then the psychiatrist opened his mouth and his tongue was pink. So much for the cure.

    When you love something, love it. When it makes you hard, it makes you hard. Surround yourself with it. Color patchwork graffiti your life. For me today, that's homemade pea soup. For you, what?

  • Horny Roommates

    Horny Roommates

    One of the guys from Sketchy Sex takes on a guy with a 10 inch cock, letting it fill his ass for a deep barebacking session that ends in an asshole covered with jizz. Things get wild as one of his roommates gets sucked by the first guy as he gets boned by another hung amateur!

  • Matt Stevens & Cameron Kincade

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    Matt Stevens is a hot, muscle daddy and he's got a daddy lover at his feet in this Men Over 30 video. Cameron Kincade loves older men and he's a full-service bottom who likes to show his man a good time. And this boy can suck dick. He loves feet, too, and after getting his feet and cock licked and sucked, Matt bends Cameron over and gives him a good fuck.

  • Hairy Men Fuck on Outdoor Bed

    Hairy Men Fuck on Outdoor Bed

    I've had a burning in my loins for Matt Stevens from the very first time I saw this hairy hunk getting his ass drilled. I was pretty sure this handsome hunk was going places and I wasn't wrong, he's popping up everywhere, and this week he's appearing in his second Butch Dixon video.

    Rikk York has only just started filming gay porn, but this sexy Puerto Rican seems to be on everyone's radar, I can't keep up with all the videos he has coming out. And this week he's doing his very first appearance on Butch Dixon. And Rikk is one superb cocksucker -- a must see -- he really knows how to service a man's hard-on and he's so fucking good at it.

    Matt Stevens and Rikk York are playing around on this outdoor bed. I don't know where you live, but here in Toronto it's been brutally cold for weeks -- it's -29C with the windchill this morning, forget about going to Sochi in a couple of weeks, I can't take anymore of this cold -- so this summer outdoor fuck is a welcome sight. After swapping blowjobs, Rikk climbs on top of Matt and rides his dick and these two hunks can't stop staring at each other, there was a definite connection. And if you've never seen Stevens before, he shoots a massive load of cum every time I see him, and Rikk's cock and balls and drenched in thick bursts of spunk when Matt's done with him.

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