• Dominic Ford Debuts Google Glass Gay Porn



    Wasn't it Marilyn Monroe who said that men don't make passes at guys who wear glasses? Or something like that! Well, Dominic Ford doesn't seem to agree as the director and technology innovator has just introduced the use of Google Glass in a gay porn scene. Site newcomers Jacob Durham and Scott Harbor (above) are the lucky guinea pigs who get to test out this wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display that offers viewers a unique point-of-view perspective. The idea is that they'll feel like they're part of the action in this hot flip-flop fuck. This latest development comes on the heels of news that the online studio, which pioneered 3-D gay porn, will also now be releasing scenes in 4K Ultra High Definition. This is another first for the industry. And the studio picked Tommy Defendi (in his Dominic Ford debut) topping Nick Cross (below) to make this new 4K thingie even more appealing! Some are being critical of the glasses, calling them gimmicky and annoying. Okay, so maybe they aren't the cure for cancer, but at least Dom and his company are open to trying something different and new. For more information, visit Dominic Ford.

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  • True Bromance

    View full video at My Straight Buddy

    Lots of sites out there claim to have straight guys doing all kinds of things, but My Straight Buddy is pretty much the real deal. The guys here rarely set off my gaydar, but they sure do get me excited. In this latest video a couple of macho buddies horse around, do pull-ups, and jack their dicks together on the couch while watching porn. One of the guys has his jacking arm in a cast, but that doesn't stop him.

  • A Year of Hairy and Raw Cumshots

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    It's been a creamy year at Hairy and Raw and this cumshot reel gives you a look at some of the hottest cum blasts that you might have missed over the year. Horny bear men sucking and fucking and letting their jizz fly, what could be better for a snowy winter's afternoon.

  • Man Takes Thrill Out Of Kilt Fetish

    naked kilt man

    Isn't the whole kilt fetish thing about looking up the kilt while the stud goes about his business and pretends he's not flashing? Perhaps he's engaged in a spirited game of tug of war with his kilt clad buddies or sitting on a curb eating a sandwich while on a break from his job at the kilt factory.

    But he's not just lifting up the kilt showing his cock. He's just not. It's about sneaking a look.

    Plus part of the kilt fetish is about soft dick. Super soft dick. Not flaccid. Soft. Full of potential. So much potential. I want to suck that potential. Yum. Potential.

    By the way, what the fuck is on that TV? Looks like a mason jar full of red hots fucking Paula Deen's allegedly gay sons. Or a pile of busted pantyhose. I can't tell. I'm too busy looking at the uncut piece on Mr. Thin Lips.

  • Warm Up with 2 Hot Aussie Boys

    Warm Up with 2 Hot Aussie Boys

    It's winter in the northern hemisphere, but it's the height of summer in Australia and here are a couple of Aussie boys from Bentley Race to warm you up. Blond skateboarder Max Gatling is showing off some of his tricks before pulling his big uncut cock out of his orange AussieBum underwear. He's done four photo sessions and a jack-off video where he's playing with a Fleshjack, and there's lots more coming.

    Jack Rylie is a baby-face lad from outback Queensland and he's just finished filming his first video. Jack admitted that he was nervous, but after one of his mates told him about the kind of shoots they do at Bentley Race, this country boy decided that he wanted "to give it a go." He looks sexy in his red jockstrap and knee-high sports socks and he's got a meaty uncut cock. He doesn't keep his gear on for long and spills a juicy load of jizz across his smooth belly. And Jack will be back for some more cock fun in the new year.

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  • Adult Baby Heavy Metal Fans Rejoice

    I'll set the stage. So there was this lipsync show in, of course, the '80s which primarily involved non-drag queens. In searching for the appearance of Jazzmun (who did a legendary half-man, half-woman vertical split number), I (un)fortunately found Infant Rock. And now you have to watch because I'm not going to be alone in this nightmare.

    I need to know I'm not hallucinating.

    Now regarding the imperfect video quality, consider this is a transfer from VHS. Plus there's the whole thing where it's a hallucination. And as near as I can tell, they may have gone on to win the season. Meaning plenty of money for therapy.

    Do not take this as any sort of value judgment against the adult baby scene. Who am I to judge? But I'm just saying, I think I see a sliver of actual underwear peaking out the side of one of the diapers. I would have marked off a point for that. And I would have given bonus points if one of the baby dudes had wet himself on stage. Though with all those lights, it could have caused a short. Nobody wants that.

    I hope I prepared you well. You know, they sure do have the heavy metal moves down. Impressive?

  • Cute Italian-American Surfer

    View full video at Island Studs

    This surfer didn't know he was going to do a jack-off video when he accompanied a friend to the Island Studs ranch. But when he found out what went on there he said, "Let's do it." He's totally laid back and cool with being naked in front of the cameras. And he doesn't seem to have a problem getting hard for the cameras either.

  • Naked Hiking

    Naked Hiking

    Since this isn't straight guy Ethan Ever's first appearance for Seth Chase, he probably isn't surprised at how this hike in the woods ends up. As they walk under the trees, Ethan seems to lose his clothes, and his cock (a definite grower) gets longer and harder. And take my word for it - you DO want to see what happens next (hint: it ends with Seth taking Ethan's load in his mouth)!

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  • Privoy, Mission 4 Muscle & My Jerk Vid - Site Reviews


    Privoy is a new gay porn site we just discovered that seems to be filmed out of Australia and features young guys in their early twenties playing with their cocks in home-made videos. If you like fresh faces and watching regular guys beating off, you'll want to check out GayDemon's review of Privoy. There are 80 videos to enjoy and lots of sexy guys with a variety of bodies and these guys jack off just about anywhere.

    mission 4 muscle

    Big and strong and massively-built men are the fare over a Mission 4 Muscle, another new site we discovered this week. And this muscle-worship site really has it going on featuring some of the most gorgeous bodies you'll see on the web. There are a variety of scenarios: muscle hunks showing their bodies before unloading their balls, men worshipping their buddy's muscles, a few servicing videos where they bodybuilders get jacked off or blown, wrestling, and there's even some light kink with bound muscle men manhandled and teased.

    my jerk vid

    This amateur jack-off site is just getting started. My Jerk Vid has a small inventory of videos, but they just opened. The site offers amateur guys the opportunity to upload their home-made jack off videos and show off their creamy sessions to anyone who wants to see them. The site only has 11 videos at the moment, but it might be worth looking at if you like watching regular guys pleasuring themselves.

  • Black Studs Spit-Roasting

    View full video at Next Door Ebony

    With a tongue up his ass and a big dick down his throat, this chained up dude couldn't be happier. This Next Door Ebony video features Latino stud Xaniar in a spit-roasting session with Nubius and Race Cooper. Xaniar has two big black cocks to service and they're not letting him off easy.

  • Gay porn performers Chris Owens and Jimmy Durano get married

    Gay porn performers Chris Owens and Jimmy Durano get married

    Who says only actresses get married to their directors in Hollywood. It happens in the gay porn world as well. Case in point producer/director Christian Owens and gay porn star Jimmy Durano. Christian actually started working as a performer in gay porn, before moving behind the scenes to producing and directing for Hot House Entertainment.

    This is a case where couples who work together, stay together. As Christian has already directed half-dozen scenes starring his significant other Jimmy Durano. So the two got married just before Christmas. Above is a picture of the two of them showing off their matching wedding rings. Which they tweeted to their many fans. From all of us at Gaydemon, congratulations to you both!

  • Waking Up Daddy

    Waking Up Daddy

    Reece is horny and his daddy is having a nap, so the lad sees an opportunity to wake up his older lover in a nice way and hopefully get an afternoon romp out of it. Mature Gay Movies is a new site that opened a couple of weeks back and I've blogged about a couple of their scenes with older men playing around together, but the site also features some hot daddy-boy sex scenes, too, and this is one of their latest.

    Reece climbs into bed and pulls Roger's cock out of his underwear and nurses on it. He sucks his daddy's dick for quite a while before a startled Roger finally wakes up. Nothing like being woken up with a blowjob and an erection to get a guy raring for more.

    After crawling all over each other is some deep throat 69ing, Reece lubes up his daddy's hard-on and gets down on all fours so Roger can screw his tight little ass. After a thorough ass fucking, Reese chews on Roger's nipple until the older man creams all over his big belly. Then daddy thanks his lad by licking his balls while Reese strokes his uncut dick and blows his wad of jizz all over his smooth tummy.

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  • It's Already Been Brung

    Manila Luzon and Jinkx Monsoon prove that nothing goes better with drag queens than writhing go-go boys, including a particular one with an ape mask on. This is all done with deep artistic intent. It's Bring It!, the newest single from these increasingly famous RuPaul's Drag Race standouts.

    Is it my favorite single from either of them? Nope. Is it a fun, bouncy video which plays with gender and tries to inspire fans to bring it (whatever it is) to their everyday lives, including finding a job in these tough times? Yes! I sure wouldn't mind a Manila or Jinkx over my shoulder as I face the world.

    And of course as RuPaul has taught all her girls to say: "Now available on iTunes!"

  • Kevin's Gay Porn Audition

    Kevin's Gay Porn Audition

    Kevin wants to break into the porn industry, but I'm not sure this is what he had in mind. The Straight Fraternity cameras catch every moment as Warren (who went gay-for-pay on the site) gets Kevin's dick hard, then Kevin gives his first blowjob. And as a finale, Warren plays with Kevin's ass and rod till the formerly straight guy shoots his load.

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  • Tim Kruger & Lucio Saints Fuck Sergio Moreno

    View full video at Tim Tales

    Sergio Moreno has the biggest pair of lips you'll see anywhere, but then Tim Kruger and Lucio Saints have two monster cocks, so a cocksucker has to be well equipped. After getting their huge dicks swallowed and gulped in this new video from Tim Tales, these hung tops take turns drilling Sergio's very hungry butt. And man, they give it to him good before coating those lips with their cum loads.