• Charlie Harding's First Ass Fucking

    Charlie Harding's First Ass Fucking

    Charlie Harding is a masculine top, he's only ever fucked ass in his porn videos. But he's the latest exclusive top to offer up his ass in MEN.com's Top to Bottom series. This scene features Harding's real-life lover, Scotty Rage, in a brief cameo appearance to help set up this scene. Rage has been wanting to fuck his lover's ass and the two men get into a fight about it. After some yelling, swearing, and door slamming because Harding refuses to bottom, Scotty storms out to find an ass to fuck.

    Harding is left alone to think about what an asshole he's been. He finally decides that if he wants to keep his man happy (and he does) then he'd better figure out how to bottom. After cruising online for a couple of minutes, he finds Colby Jansen, an exclusive top who is only too willing to teach Harding how to bottom.

    The chemistry between Harding and Jansen is on fire with lots of banter and dirty talking as Harding gets used to having a dick up his ass. And once Colby opens up his buddy's newly-fucked hole, Charlie is quite surprised at how much his ass loves cock. And he rides Colby until the top fucks a juicy load of cum out of this new bottom. Colby Jansen has only just finished his first bottom scene and you can see them both over at MEN.com

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  • Interview with Kayden Gray

    Kayden Gray - Bangers and Ass

    Welcome, Kayden - thanks for coming to do an interview with us! You shot to porn stardom very quickly! When was it that you did your first ever shoot and who with?

    Hi and thanks for inviting me. A lot of people probably think my debut in Lucas Entertainment's 'Power Play' was my first one, which isn't true. The first scene I've actually ever shot was for 'Hooking Up', also by Lucas; and it was done in March this year. My scene partner for that production was Hans Berlin.

    You already have a massive following, and you've got a lot of big name porn studios on your resume. Can you tell us what your favourite shoot was and why?

    Correct, I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few studios and models. Some of them have been a total adventure so it's hard to pick one shoot. The 'Cottage Boy' filming trip I went on with Eurocreme in the summer would be a good example. I got to do 3 scenes for that movie, including my first trio, with JP Dubois and Lucas Davidson. I have some great memories from those few days.

    You've done some scenes where you bottom (such as for Topher Dimaggio and Tim Kruger), but in most you are top. Does this mean that you're mainly top?

    Actually I bottomed in the majority of the scenes I shot in the first few of months. I didn't think much of it but then in the space of about two weeks or so in June I saw a flood of headlines online, many of which described me as 'the new bottom twink'. Not a label I was crazy about, and not because there's anything wrong with getting fucked, but because I had this big dick that I felt wasn't being appreciated. In private life I top more guys than I'd bottom for so I thought I would be more comfortable if my work reflected that. Since then I've been cast as top in most scenes. I'm totally versatile though.

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  • Seven Dixon Is New RSS Exclusive

    Seven Dixon

    Looks like Seven is lucky for Raging Stallion. The San Francisco-based studio has just signed hunky Seven Dixon to an exclusive contract. The Miami resident, who is named for a pair of No. 7 tattoos on each side of his neck, will appear in the new release Open Road in a scene with Adam Ramzi.

    "To make my debut with Raging Stallion in such an important project was an honor in and of itself," Dixon says, "and to be offered the opportunity to become an exclusive is extraordinary. I'm more than grateful to the entire team at Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios. They are all wonderful, and I couldn't be more honored than to be asked to represent them as the newest Raging Stallion exclusive! I can't wait to share my work with all the fans."

    Dixon is a versatile performer (though the studio says that he is mostly bottom) who will next appear in projects for the Monster Bang and Hard Friction imprints. Director Steve Cruz is clearly excited to work with the beefy muscle stud. "Seven's got what it takes to become a huge star in this business," Cruz says, "and he's a great guy who brings fun and energy to the set every time."

    For more information, visit Raging Stallion.

  • Marine Buddies Jacking Off

    View full video at My Straight Buddy

    These two straight marine buddies are looking at girly mags and jacking their dicks together. This is uber straight man land and you can practically smell the testosterone. My Straight Buddy always does shit like this and it's hot to watch the antics and horseplay straight guys will get up to. Take a straight guy, add lots of alcohol, and just about anything can happen, and does. This video is fun and these marines are sporting a couple of hot, big dicks.

  • Ryan Rose Reveals New BF In Interview

    Ryan Rose

    His latest movie, Bucks County, continues to burn up the sales charts, and now handsome Ryan Rose is hitting the road. The Falcon exclusive (and current Man of the Year) recently performed at Rumor nightclub in Boston as part of David Forest's "I Wanna Meet a Pornstar" tour, and to celebrate the gig, he gave an interview to our colleague Mark Adams. In the exclusive sit-down for VidioView.com, Rose talks about how he got his start in the industry (as a Sean Cody model in 2011), his manly former careers (he was a Marine and worked for a construction company) and which fellow gay porn star he thinks of as a little brother (hint: he's cute and wonderfully hairy!). The versatile superstar also reveals that newcomer Ethan Slade is his boyfriend, and that the adorable duo plan to film a scene together next month for Falcon Studios. (As far as we know, there was no mention of Ryan's former boyfriend.) Just don't call them a gay porn power couple! To read the full interview, click here.

  • Tim Kruger Fucks an Italian Bottom

    Tim Kruger Fucks an Italian Bottom

    Tim Kruger recently took a bit of a vacation to Italy, but Kruger rarely just takes time off. He's always got his camera equipment with him so he can film hot bottoms from his travels for Tim Tales. He had done some scouting on a couple of profile sites before he headed off to Rome and met Paco online and knew that he wanted to fuck this furry bottom.

    Paco is very handsome guy with a hairy body and a he loves getting his ass fucked, and the bigger the cock, the better. Kruger's hotel suite had a very large shower, so they made full use of it and started their scene under the spray. Down on his knees, this Italian bottom showed off his cock-sucking skills, and even though Kruger is packing a 10-inch piece of meat, Paco's throat handles it beautifully.

    Kruger got this bottom's ass warmed up in the shower, then they moved to the bedroom so the German top could pound the hell out of this muscle bear's ass. And Paco's ass is just as accoomodating as his throat. After drilling this stud's hole all over the bed, Kruger doused his face with thick ropes of spunk and Paco shows how much he loves eating a man's cum.

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  • 24 Guys in Bel Ami Bareback Orgy

    24 Guys in Bel Ami Bareback Orgy

    Last month Bel Ami Online celebrated the return of one of their most famous performers. Lucas Ridgeston filmed a multi-scene, comeback event and it was one of the most popular things the Czech studio has ever done. But this month Bel Ami has topped even this -- they're celebrating their 20th anniversary in a huge way. Bel Ami Online flew 24 of their hottest and horniest guys to South Africa to film the studio's largest gang bang ever. Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer start things off walking through a field and welcoming us to this massive anniversary event. As they walk towards the camera and through the luxurious estate, they're stripping and leaving a trail of clothes behind them. They finally arrive in a clearing where 22 of their naked buddies are sitting in a crowd on the grass. They cheer with a Czech version of "Hip Hip Horray" and the celebration begins. This is a 6-day event with new scenes released every day. The first two scenes are these getting-to-know the guys scenes with Jack and Kevin picking teams for a tug of war contest. The guys are completely nude and stand in line while they're team captains apply sun screen. There's horsing around, a barbecue, some workout footage, an outdoor nude 24-guy run, then finally the tug of war. There are also two behind-the-scenes videos already on the site showing you how Bel Ami organizes and orchestrates a 24-guy bareback orgy. And the scenes will be rolling out all week.

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  • Happy Birthday, Ettore Tosi

    Ettore Tosi

    One of our all-time favorite hairy gay porn stars is having a birthday. We won't say how old he is (God only knows!), but Ettore Tosi is still looking fine for any age. The photos you see here are from an unreleased set shot during his heyday, when Ettore's furry body and piercing blue eyes were gracing the box covers of numerous hit movies, including the classic Hotel Italia and The Road to Naples.

    Ettore started out as a production assistant for Lucas Kazan Productions in the late 1990s. Then he moved in front of the camera to perform and serve as the main spokesmodel for the studio. This hot-blooded Scorpio is believed to be the first Italian gay porn star. Eventually, Ettore started working behind the scenes, where he still serves as a producer and a director. To see more of Ettore Tosi's body of work, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Show Your Dick

    Show Your Dick

    Show Your Dick is a website that has a worldwide appeal to the masses. No matter if you are gay, straight or bi. This site celebrates cocks for the whole world to see. Totally user-generated, the website allows men (or their partners) to upload photos of dicks for discussion. These men are proud of their tool, and love to post pictures to receive feedback.

    Other sections of the website include of cocks measured with ruler, hook-up page, group list (to find members of similar interests), story submissions and even a chat area. The pictures here have become so popular; the site has even become a place where people have found dates. So if you have a cock you are proud of, why not post it on Show Your Dick. Who knows, you might just make a lasting connection with a fan.

  • Staxus Special Deal for Black Friday

    Staxus Special Offer for Black Friday

  • Deep Dicking

    View full video at Lucas Entertainment

    This video is from a series called Deep Dicking from Lucas Entertainment. And I loved watch Hans Berlin drilling Justin Cruise. Whether he's holding Cruise by the head and ramming his big uncut cock down the boy's throat, or whether he's deep drilling this bottom's ass, Berlin gives it Cruise hard. He's a rough fucker, and it doesn't hurt that he's handsome and wears a sexy beard.

  • Getting Caught In The Act

    Getting Caught In The Act

    TitanMen's new release, Caught in the Act is the latest in their Joe Gage Chronicles series from the legedary director Joe Gage. Chrisopher Daniels is watching porn in bed and spankin' it. He gets a much more tempting opportunity when his roommate Tyler Griz walks by the open door. "What are you doin'?" he asks. The bespectacled blond answers: "You wanna see what I was watching?" The smooth, tattooed voyeur rubs his bulge, releasing his dick as Christopher stares at it before inching closer - teasing Tyler's cock with his tongue before opening wide for a face fuck. The toned stud returns the favor, deep-throating Christopher before bending over to get his ass munched. Tyler plows the roomie from behind, grinding in deep ("Open it up, baby!") before getting the bottom on his back for a deep pounding. Tyler straddles the bottomís face as the two dumping their wads.

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  • Amateur or Rent Boy? You Decide!

    Amateur or Rent Boy?  You Decide!

    This amateur Czech cutie couldn't wait to accept some cash to show off his stuff for the camera. Once the stakes were raised, our pickup from the train station was more than willing to suck some dick and even take it in the ass. I'm wondering if the Czech Hunter's latest pickup was an undercover rent boy, 'cause he sure did know his way around a cock!

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  • Colby Keller Immortalized As Merman

    Colby Keller Immortalized As Merman

    Cameron Stalheim is a sculptor from Baltimore working on his MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art. For his thesis he is embarking on a monumental piece of work. Cameron will be sculpting a huge, 30-foot long merman, using gay porn star Colby Keller as his model.

    The crux of the thesis, in Cameron's words, "questions the relationship between fantasy, reality and the objectification that happens in between." To achieve this sculpture Colby's body will be cast into plastic using skin-safe silicone. At which point will be turned into a merman, lying serpentine.

    This will be a very challenging project, both technically and artistically. Casing any model, especially one the shape and size of Colby Keller, is not easy. Plus it is not cheap either. So Cameron is turning to Kickstarter to raise funds for his thesis.

    He estimates he will need $5,000 to fund his thesis, and has given a deadline of Saturday December 21, 2013 at 10:15am EST. If he fails to reach that amount, he will have to come up with another idea for his thesis.

    So this your chance to see Colby Keller immortalized in a sculpture! To donate go to Myth as Object and click the video below.

  • Gregbyng


    Gregory Bryan Byng is a jack-of-all-trades. Marketer, editor, blogger and model what a renaissance man. So he taken all of those careers and encompassed them into a website. Gregbyng is a lifestyle network catering to the gay community.

    There are pages upon pages of high quality pictures featuring the most stunning male models on the planet. By signing up to the site you gain access to all the galleries of these hot guys for free. However if you feel that you have signed up to one too many gay sites these days, there is no need to join. Non-members have access to a limited amount of photos, just as good. So if you fetish male models, and you are looking for something new, check out Gregbyng. You won't be disappointed.