• COLT Relaunches Fashion Line

    COLT Fashion

    Someone alert the Fashion Police! COLT Studio Group has announced the relaunch of its COLT Basics apparel line. Now called the COLT Collection, this series of signature underwear and T-shirts will bear the COLT name and the iconic artwork of company founder Jim French. The venerable studio is joining with Los Angeles-based Timoteo Designs to create the line, which will be produced in the United States. Its goal is to bring new integrity to the COLT brand with designs that focus on fit, fabrication and quality.

    "COLT is a lifestyle brand that our customers are proud to wear at the gym, at the clubs, in the street and everywhere worldwide where men take care of their physiques and have the COLT Man masculine image," COLT President and Creative Director John Rutherford says. He also reveals that the studio has been using some of the designs in the new film Beef's N' Briefs. Above, you see porn stars Dirk Caber and Tony Orion modeling the undies on the set.

    "Ever since I was a young adult I have been a huge fan of COLT," says Timoteo Ocampo, creative director and co-owner of Timoteo and designer of the new line. "They were an inspiration to me when I came out as a gay man. I had a COLT Man Steve Kelso poster in my room, which gave me the confidence to be myself and come out."

    Look for the fashions in the COLT Studio Store soon. For more information, visit COLT Studio Group.

  • Lukas Ridgeston Returns to Bel Ami

    Lukas Ridgeston Returns to Bel Ami

    It's no secret that Lukas Ridgeston has returned to Bel Ami Online, the Web's has been buzzing with the news for weeks. The handsome stud was one of the studio's most popular models of all time. After filming with Bel Ami for over 10 years, Ridgeston called it quits. But over the past couple of weeks, Bel Ami has been rolling out the scenes from Forever Lukas. And this latest is a threeway with Lukas Ridgeston and Kris Evans topping Jack Harrer.

    There's a bit of a story to this one. Forever Lukas opens with Kevin Warhol waiting to hear if he's landed a role opposite the legendary Lukas Ridgeston. When he finds out that Jack Harrer has gotten the role, Warhol seeks comfort in Gino Mosca's bed. Kris Evans does a side by side jack-off with Ridgeston, then returns for a threeway fuck with Jack Harrer servicing both of their dicks.

    This is the first time that Lukas Ridgeston has been in front of the camera's in eight years, but he's still a stunning man. Still good looking and packing an awesome ripped body. A lot of gay porn performers make comebacks after retirement, and many times you wished they hadn't but Ridgeston isn't one of them. Harrer's a lucky bottom with two big dicks to take care of and watching Lukas and Kris Evans taking turns on the boy's ass is pretty hot stuff.

    Six scenes are live on Bel Ami and you're not going to want to miss the event of the year. And in less than a month, Bel Ami will be launching their biggest orgy yet featuring 24 guys in one huge suck and fuck group session. So there's a lot of exciting stuff going on at Bel Ami -- they're sure closing off 2013 in a big way.

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  • Felix Barca Fucks Kevin Lee

    Felix Barca Fucks Kevin Lee

    Felix Barca is trying to fix his bike but he gets distracted when smooth muscle-hunk Kevin Lee shows up and flashes him a smile in TitanMen's latest release, Diversion. After a kiss, Kevin drops to his knees to swallow Felix's big uncut cock. Felix soon returns the favor, before bending Kevin over nearby work table and burying his bearded face in Kevin's ass. Felix soon slips his big dick in Kevin's willing ass, fucking him from behind. Flipping him over, he fucks the cum out of the hungry bottom face to face.

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  • Just Say "Oui"

    Just Say "Oui"

    Diego from French Dudes is a top nearly all the time, and today is no exception. He's paired with Sunny, who just can't say no. After a hot cock sucking, ass eating session between Diego and Sunny, Diego takes over by sliding his dick into Sunny's hole and giving him a hard pounding before the guys both shoot their loads.

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  • Suited and Booted

    View full video at Men At Play

    One thing I always love about the Men at Play videos is how nasty these men are to their suits. Adam Dacre rips the ass seam out of Scott Hunter's trousers, and after a good tongue fucking, Adam slides his hard-on into the rip and gives Hunter a good fuck. Men at Play must have a full time tailor and dry cleaner getting all these ripped and lube- and cum-soaked suits back in order.

  • Top to Bottom - Hump Day Hotties

    Top to Bottom - Hump Day Hotties

    Last week was a big one in the gay porn world. Hairy power top and MEN.com exclusive Colby Jansen was the fourth top to bottom in the site's popular web series. Colby Jansen actually started the series off when he gave Tony Paradise his first on-camera ass fucking. So it seemed fitting that Jansen would eventually have to give it up himself. When he agreed to do a bottom scene, he picked Tommy Defendi as his top. In spite of Tommy having a big, challenging cock, Jansen had worked with Defendi before and he knew their chemistry would translate into a good first-time session. And it's pretty hot, it certainly lived up to my expectations.

    I was pretty impressed with Colby Jansen's performance. For his very first time, he sits on Tommy's 9-inch cock, and that's not an easy position to start in. Bottoms often think they're in more control because they can take as much of a guy's cock as they want, but this position also guarantees that a dick is going to go deeper in a bottom's ass. And when Colby buries Tommy's niner balls deep he says, "It's big, but it feels good." Jansen takes Defendi's dick in two more position before he ends up on his back, getting drilled harder than before and finally unloading his nuts all over his hairy belly.

    MEN.com also surprised us last week with Top to Bottom 5 with sexy Euro hunk Dato Foland getting his ass fucked for the first time. Dato's playing a window washer and he's working in Leo Domenico's office. Domenico is a cunt, one of those bosses that you hope you never have. After chewing out an employee and threatening to fire them, Domenico calls the window washer into his office to see if he wants to clean the boss's cock. After bending over the desk, then sitting on the boss's dick, Foland strokes himself off and shoots a straight-in-the-air cumload that even has Domenico's eyes bulging out of his head.

    As I mentioned, Tony Paradise started off the Top to Bottom series. Paddy O'Brian did his first bottom scene with Topher DiMaggio, and Liam Magnuson followed in installment three with Connor Maguire. You can see all five episodes at MEN.com.

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  • Cody Cummings In New Documentary

    Cody Cummings In New Documentary

    When does fantasy stop and reality begin in gay porn? Or is reality and fantasy so intertwined, that they go hand in hand. One documentary attempts to find out using Cody Cummings as its guinea pig.

    In Date My Porn Star, three lucky die-hard porn fans (two straight, one gay) get to meet their idols. These three were taken behind the scenes of what really goes on during the filming of porn scenes. All in an attempt to see if their attitudes would change by being exposed to the darker and less glamorous side of porn.

    The Cody Cummings segment (whose real name is Kevin Lengyel) focuses on 23-year-old bartender named Danny Austin. Cody is Danny's absolute idol, even though Cody has retired from gay porn, Danny absolutely loves what Cody does. So much so that it has inspired Danny to become a gay porn performer as well. Once Cody and Danny begin talking about the ins and out of the industry, Danny begins to have second thoughts. Especially when Cody reveals a part of himself that makes Danny ponder over a career in this industry.

    To watch this documentary go to this link at Vimeo.

  • Randy Blue's Halloween "Hole"


    It's getting to be that spooky season, and the Randy Blue site has released its annual Halloween episode. This year, "The Twilight Hole" finds adorable newcomer Andres Moreno playing a typical straight businessman (despite his pierced nipple and tattoos) who is mysteriously drawn to cock after inheriting a flashy watch from a dead uncle (who happens to have lived in queer capital San Francisco). Once he puts on the magical timepiece, Moreno leaves his wife at home and drives to the local public men's room, where beefy Kurtis Wolfe beckons him into a seedy bathroom stall for some hot man sex (which is shot in moody black and white). There's sucking, rimming and fucking galore in this entertaining gay porn parody. And once Andres enters the Twilight Hole (and eats Wolfe's cum), it doesn't look like he ever wants to leave. Happy Halloweenie! For more information, visit Randy Blue.

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  • Sean Cody Jocks Flip Flop

    Sean Cody Jocks Flip Flop

    Who doesn't love the well-built, gorgeous all-American jocks from Sean Cody? I know I do. Meet Joshua and Noel, two hotties who have amazing chemistry and are all over each other from the time this session starts. After the guys are revved up, they take turns barebacking each others' tight holes, and let me tell you - this is one serious fuck session!

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  • 5-Man Orgy

    5-Man Orgy

    Bryce Star and Colin Black are a couple of lucky bottoms -- they have three top men to satisfy in this 5-man gang bang from Raging Stallion called Fucked Down, and this is just the first part. Mathew Mason, Spencer Reed, and Troy Haydon have three big dicks to keep these butt boys gulping.

    Spencer Reed and Troy Haydon enjoy a passionate kissing session while Colin Black sucks both of their cocks, but Bryce Star is down on his knees and has Mathew Mason's big dick all to himself. Spencer Reed proves he's the uber top when he orders Mathew Mason and Troy Haydon to share his dick. The men eventually move into smaller groups with Spencer Reed lying back while Bryce mounts him and rides his big bone. Meanwhile, Colin Black is down on all fours getting screwed from both ends by Troy and Mathew.

    The fun continues in part 2 when they lay Colin Black on a bench and everyone lines up to fuck his ass while Bryce keeps Colin's mouth busy. Both parts are already up on Raging Stallion and you can check out the free preview videos.

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  • Bentley and Solomon

    View full video at Chaos Men

    Solomon and his hunger for dick are legendary over at Chaos Men, this stud loves getting his ass dicked, and he likes it rough -- the harder the better. Solomon has gotten his ass fucked over there a couple of dozen times. Bentley is a good-looking stud with a thick cock and he gets Solomon moaning and groaning pretty good. Bentley's fat cock fills up Solomon's hole just the way he likes. And the all-white background and bed sheets add an extra layer of sexiness to this one.

  • Vintage Ass Worship

    vintage ass worship

    Some things have always been in style. Starting with ass. Specifically gay ass. Specifically gay ass worship. Ass needs to be a verb. I want to ass you. Ass me. Let's ass. Ass my face. Ass my ass.

    By the way, what the fuck happened to that lamp? I've said it before. Do not put your cigarette out on a lampshade. It's bad form at an ass party. Focus on the ass. Ass that ass. Ass it. Now.

    P.S. Bonus points if you can tell me if the floor in the first picture is linoleum or carpet. Unless it's both. So much has changed. Maybe linoleum carpet was a thing.

  • Lance Hart Fucks Steven Ponce

    View full video at Men over 30

    Wouldn't it be fun if the scenarios in gay porn videos actually happened in real life? In this video from Men Over 30, Lance Hart is a bank manager and Steven Ponce is trying to get a car load. Ponce's credit sucks, so if he wants the loan he has to get down on his knees and suck. I just opened up accounts with a new bank about a year ago and I certainly wasn't offered these kinds of options. Anyway, Puerto Rican redhead Steven Ponce is pretty hot in this one, he gets his beefy ass fucked. And man, can this guy shoot a massive cum load -- 12 pumps of spunk fly out of his dick.

  • Muscle Bear in Repose

    muscle bear

    This gentle portrait of the North American Muscle Bear is by Whistler's mother. Note the bear-stained sheets and pillowcases. Observe the heart shape formed by the thighs. Take in the armpit action, reminiscent of Picasso's maid's armpits. Absorb the social commentary implied by the foreshortened view which makes the kneecaps as big as the head. Be somewhat disappointed by the penis but simultaneously gratified by the plump sack. Cream all over the tempting tootsies. That's Latin for feet.

    Isn't art wonderful?

  • Mutual Jackoff Session

    Mutual Jackoff Session

    Michael and Eddy are straight as hell, and this is the first time either of them has ever jerked his cock with another guy in the room. At first both the guys are pretty nervous, but once their hormones kick in, they're too horny to do anything but stroke their poles for the Straight Fraternity cameras!

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