• 15 Rounds of Nude Wrestling

    15 Rounds of Nude Wrestling

    One of the challenges wrestling fans have is finding gay porn that honours their fetish for watching guys fighting. Many so-called wrestling videos give us a minute or two of wrestling, then suddenly, someone's got a cock in their mouth. SW Nude is a great site produced by gay porn grand daddy Williams Higgins, and with 15 rounds of real wrestling in each scene, fans won't be disappointed.

    In their latest scene, Roland Barkac (the blond) and Ivan Pisecky (the brunette) are taking it to the mats. As always, the guys start off wrestling in their underwear and we watch them working up a sweat as they fight to pin each other to the mats. Each round is announced with the bout's winner flipping over the round numbers. Eventually they strip out of their underwear and go several more rounds with the guys rolling around nude on the mats. And they don't hold back, this is real fighting with legs wrapped around heads, asses in faces, and nude wrestlers on top of each other -- it's hot stuff.

    The guys eventually oil each other up and go a few more rounds for some nude oil wrestling. When it's all over, the winner is finally declared. But his prize isn't taking his opponent's ass, he's satisfied with knowing that he's the winner. And the two fighters celebrate with a side-by-side jack before heading into the showers to soap each other and wash away all that oil and cum.

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  • Donny Wright Is Latest Fleshjack "Boy"


    Maybe it's time for Fleshjack to consider changing the title of this honor from Fleshjack "Boy" to Fleshjack "Man." If latest recipient Donny Wright is any indication anyway! As we all know, Wright, who was proclaimed a Fleshjack Boy just this week, is all man. In previous years, Donny has been among the top vote getters in online contests decided by fans. Now, he really comes out on top, which is nothing new for Wright, who has starred in numerous films for studios such as Falcon, Raging Stallion and Next Door Buddies. He joins the ranks of porn star Fleshjackers such as Brent Everett, the Bel Ami guys and Brent Corrigan (didn't he go "legit" and decide he was better than all of us!?). True fans can enjoy Donny's dick, mouth and ass, which have all been perfectly molded from the real things and are made of the highest-quality platinum-cured silicone. For more information, visit Fleshjack.com.


  • Geared Men into Arse Play and Feet

    View full video at Butch Dixon

    Hairy men Matteo Valentine and Ale Tedesco from Butch Dixon are a couple of self-admitted sex pigs and they get nasty with lots of dirty talk, spitting, cock sucking, toe sucking, and ass fucking with cocks and a huge dildo. When Ale pulls off Matteo's socks and shoves them in his mouth, there's a brief second where Matteo pauses, then remembers that he's a sex pig, so he goes with it ... kinda funny.

  • Buenos Boys, Male Feet 4 U & Str8 Hell - Site Reviews

    buenos boys

    Buenos Boys is a new site that we found and it's produced out of Argentina. It features a lot of good-looking and cute South American guys with a variety of bodies from slender or athletic to muscular, and of course, lots of uncut dick. And frankly, this is one of the more nicely designed sites I've seen in a very long time; navigating it and getting the content is a breeze with lots of options. And this site also has an added bonus where most of the guys are playing around in the shower either before or after their jack-off sessions.


    William Higgins is one of the best-known gay porn directors and his site is one of the best out there, but many of you probably have never heard of Male Feet 4 U. It's only a couple of years old, but it's already packed with almost 700 videos. You'll find many of the same cute Euro boys and studs on this site playing around with their feet. And fans of bare feet will love this one because while there is a lot of nudity (some guys don't remove their underwear) the action is solely focused on the guys showing and playing with their feet. And with 689 videos and over 1,000 picture galleries, foot fetishists will have a hay day here.


    Str8 Hell is the second William Higgins site we reviewed this week and things get a little rougher and nastier here. This is a smaller site, with only 267 videos, but they're conveniently separated into 9 types of action so that you'll find exactly what you're looking for -- whipping and spanking; bondage and forced sex; tickling, biting, and hot wax; piss play and wrestling; and there's another section called CFNM (clothed female, naked male) where the guys get their butt fucked with strap-on dildos attached to some nasty women. So if you like things on the kinky side, check out the review on Str8 Hell.

  • Cum in my Mouth

    View full video at Lucas Raunch

    A lot of preview videos cut off before we get to see the cum flying, but this one from Lucas Entertainment is from their new DVD called Cum in my Mouth. And they treat us to a compilation of hungry cocksuckers gobbling up one load of spunk after another. Cum splashing across faces, over their lips, in their gaping mouths ... it's a cum pig's dream come true.

  • Fucking in the Woods

    Fucking in the Woods

    It's good to see that ex-Next Door Studios star Austin wild is still in action. And what action it is! Here he is in a secluded spot, alone with Arnaud Chagall... well, except for the camera crew for Guys in Sweatpants. No one can see them, so Austin pushes Arnaud against a tree and has his way with him, pushing his cock deep into his ass and giving him a serious fucking under the trees.

  • More Naked than Naked


    There are times when an article of clothing makes a guy look more naked than naked. This is one of those times. This is also one of those times to wonder what it takes to attain a body such as this. Perhaps knowing you're going to parade about the internet (and the hallway to a fallout shelter) in such garb is a motivator.

    This is also one of those times I innately know (without a shred of evidence) that this guy is European. I mean it's obvious. Men who are simultaneously unabashedly exhibitionistic and shiny are European. Or from the Europe part of San Francisco. Where the Thames and the Rhine spill out into the San Francisco Bay. You know the place. Lots of guys with big cocks and hot asses there. I'd send you the Google maps coordinates but my smartphone is recharging at the moment.

  • Benjamin Riley Is New Boycrush Exclusive


    Sometimes twinks do more than just lie around and look pretty. Some even work hard for the money and sign exclusive deals! Benjamin Riley is the latest model to land a contract with Boycrush. The online studio has announced that the 18-year-old blondie from Knoxville, Tennessee, will be shooting with them for the next year. He's already filmed a scene with Jason Valencia for the upcoming Where the Wild Twinks Are. "I am so excited for all of the exciting projects that Boycrush has in store for me over the next year!" Riley says. He'll also be appearing in live cam shows online. "Benjamin is going to a great addition to our studio," production assistant Phillip Ashton says. "He's just a total wild child and likes to have fun." It looks it. Maybe he should eat a sandwich once in a while instead of cum though! For more information, visit Boycrush.com.


  • Interview with Connor Levi

    Connor Levi Selfies

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule fucking for Staxus! So you're a British lad?

    I am indeed. My father is Italian and my mum is Scandanavian. I was brought up in the lovely seaside town of Blackpool. Okay, I joke, it's not the nicest of places to live! *laughs*

    I've read that you're quite a shy boy, but you look pretty comfortable on screen to me! Do you prefer being top or bottom?

    I am quite shy. I have to at least fancy the guy. I'm not much of a twink lover, I like more of the muscular American fratboy or hard-fucking muscled guys who can destroy my ass. In my personal life I'm active-vers but have decided to convert because its fucking amazing! *smiles*

    Connor Levi gets fucked

    How did you get into porn? Were you approached or was it something you set out to do and approached the studio?

    I was actually studying and working for the NHS and doing a night shift alone on a EMI Mental Health Ward, having to stay awake. I thought I'd do something random and apply for a porn job, which I did. It was Kisslads and they have turned me into the Connor Levi that I am today. Thanks to Michael Burling!

    What's your favourite scene you've ever done and why? Do you have a favourite pornstar to work with?

    I loved my scene with Rudie Bodlak. That was amazing! And a recent music video with Ben Dun. I fancy any Czech model that fucks the hell out of me. That's always a winner, but my love in life is my on-screen husband Mr. Kingsley Rippon!

    What are your ambitions for your career in porn? Tell me about some of the things you want to get up to, or stars you want to fuck?

    I'd like to become a producer. I have some great ideas for videos; models positions, ect. A few DVDs that are out have had my input! That's because I also work behind the scenes. If I get the oppotunity to fuck a model, it is always the Czech models because they're buff, hunky and twinky looking guys - to be honest!

    What's it like to work in the porn industry? Is it friendly or are the guys quite bitchy?

    It's okay if you keep your feet firmly on the ground and try to stay level headed. It does a lot to your emotions and is very long hours, but you get to explore different sexual scenarios and guys that personally I reckon I'd have no chance pulling in a bar. Overall I think I've learnt a lot about myself and have become a stronger person. Now I love it, but spend far too much money and need to get back to reality! *lol*

    Can you be in porn and have a good love-life? Do you have a boyfriend or are you available *wink* ?

    I find if I really like a guy I push them away but that's because of knobhead exes! If I like a guy in town I may fuck them, like them for a week, then I go to work and the sex is much better! So it's not really good for my love life. *laughs* But I get what I crave!

    Tell me about your average day. Do you hang around with any of the other pornstars?

    I have just got a little flat for me and my Chihuahua, Mr. Nacho Levi. I find I work a lot! I work as a freelance hair and makeup artist for Staxus and also run my blog for self promotion, chat with fans, have my dinner, smoke, then relax in bed!

    What advice would you give to other guys looking to get into porn?

    If you fall in love easily don't join, but it's a lot of fun! You gain a new family and you get to travel half the world in 2 years.

    Thanks for answering my questions Connor, it's pleasured me getting to know you ;) Anything you'd like to say to your fans?

    I'd just like to say thank you guys for following me, being supportive and keeping me in a job I love! I'm not always perfect but I always give it my all, and hey, guys I LOVE YOU!

  • Kris Evans Services 4 Bottoms at Bel Ami

    Kris Evans Services 4 Bottoms at Bel Ami

    Kris Evans is in top heaven in this 2-part fiveway from Bel Ami Online. First of all, almost nobody does orgy scenes better than Bel Ami and over the years they've delivered some horny ones. While watching a whole group of guys sucking and fucking is hot, I really do enjoy the scenes they do when a bunch of bottoms are given the task of servicing one guy -- it really helps focus the action.

    In the first part, Kris Evans and his big cock are at the center of attention, and Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, and Adam Archuleta are crawling all over the good-looking hunk. One after another, and sometimes two at a time, they take turns sucking his swollen meat. And round one ends with the four bottoms lying side by side on a sofa with their feet hanging over the top of the couch and they're heads dangling over the floor; the guys are jacking their dicks and one by one, they start blowing their cum wads all over their smooth bodies. When his bottoms have all emptied their balls, Kris Evans kneels at one end and jacks himself off, sending his flying load of jizz sailing across all four guys.

    The second part has these four bottoms kneeling on the sofa with their asses presented and waiting for Evans' stiff cock. He works his way down the line. After fucking his first ass, the bottom at the far end knows it'll be a while for his turn, so he moves around and lets the others feast on his dick. Evans moves to the next bottom and fucks him while fingering the ass on either side. Once everyone's had a turn, the guys move into various other positions and get their asses drilled some more, some on their backs, others face down, and others go for a ride. And it all ends with this horny crowd of bottoms pumping out a fresh load of cum all over their top.

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  • Bay Gets Blindfolded, Edged and Jizzed

    Bay Gets Blindfolded, Edged and Jizzed

    Brian Ockert from Chaos Men has caught one down and dirty edging session with his camera. Bay is lightly hairy all over his nicely built body, and he loves to bottom. Sawyer ties Bay up, blindfolds him and has his way with him, stroking his cock till just before he cums, then plundering his ass with dildo and cock before shooting his load all over his hairy hole!

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  • Falcon and RSS Party On In SF


    It's time to party like a porn star, and in this case, party with some porn stars. Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios are throwing their Annual VIP bash in San Francisco. Men of the Year Ryan Rose (Falcon) and Shawn Wolfe (RSS) will be hosting porn fans and media mavens, plus the studios' talented staff at Mezzanine (444 Jessie Street) this Saturday, September 28, from 8 pm to midnight. (Both studs are pictured above in their scene together from Buck Naked.) The party is free, and the first 500 guests get a gift at the door. Porn star and DJ Ricky Sinz will provide the soundtrack, and the list of models slated to attend is longer than your...you know what! Big-name porn stars scheduled to appear include Boomer Banks, Jimmy Fanz, Race Cooper, Tony Buff, Landon Conrad, Trenton Ducati, Jimmy Durano, Alessio Romero, and tons of others. Fans can download a complimentary VIP ticket by clicking here.

  • Fucking the Sexy Neighbour

    View full video at Guys In Sweatpants

    If you like six-pack abs, you'll love watching Austin Wilde fucking his neighbour in this new one from Guys in Sweatpants. With the bottom leaning over the window ledge and Austin thrusting from behind, we get an awesome view of his shredded torso. Fuck! Are those abs real or are they painted on?

  • Male Muscle Models Getting Married!

    Male Muscle Models Getting Married!

    Eric Turner seems to be a lighting rod, at least to queer men all over the world. He is an openly gay international male model. But he really became synonymous with the gay community when he posed for the cover of Instinct Magazine with his then fiancé, fellow male model John Odom.

    They met on-line, moved in together and were planning a wedding. All in six months. Instinct Magazine talked to this duo and held them up as the ideal modern gay couple. Not surprisingly this created a backlash, as its readers and others had absolutely nothing positive to say about the article or this twosome. The feeling being it was superficiality at its worst.

    No wedding took place, as they split up a year later. Now Eric is back in the news, with yet another engagement. This time to fellow fitness model Morné Coetzer. It seems that Eric has not learned from his past mistakes with the media. He and Morné have not only gone public with their engagement, complete with a website, they want their fans to help pay for their wedding!

    The wedding date set for January 04, 2014. Along with their website, they have set up multiple e-panhandling pages (which they call the 'gift registry'). This is to solicit donations for their wedding, honeymoon, and South Africa visit. But the kicker is not one, not two, but three wedding receptions in different parts of the world. That way all of their friends and families can celebrate this wonderful union. The response has been so hostile, they taken down some of the pages. They have now just requested straight donations to fly their parents to the wedding.

    Before they changed the web pages they did say if you don't have any money to spare, they would accept a free toaster.

  • Trenton Ducati Debuts at Bound Gods

    Trenton Ducati Debuts at Bound Gods

    I've been wondering how long we'd have to wait to see muscle hunk Trenton Ducati on Bound Gods. Award-winning Ducati is one of the busiest men working in gay porn and he's filmed with just about everyone. I wasn't surprised when he announced on his Twitter feed that he was filming with the Kink guys. Usually they get newcomers to do a bondage and cock-edging at Men on Edge, but they threw Ducati right into the dungeon and had them work over one of their regular doms, Branden Forrest.

    Trenton Ducati is playing a horny handyman and Branden is his captive. Suspended from the wall Branden gets his cock slowly teased by this muscle master, Trenton even swallows his boy's uncut cock and gets it super hard. But nice time is over once Branden is pulled off the wall and Trenton rams his cock down his sub's throat. One of the things that the Bound Gods members liked about this scene was how hard Ducati's cock was throughout the whole scene.

    The master beats his boy with a flogger until his ass and back are blazing red, then he suspends Branden from the ceiling and drills his ass. But for me the highlight of this scene is watching Ducati tormenting Forrest's nuts in a ball crusher, and it's electrified; Ducati uses a violet wand on him, too. One last hard ass fucking and Ducati finally gives his slave release and milks a load of cum out of his swollen cock. And Ducati finishes things up and covers his sub's face in spunk.

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