• Marc Angelo Jacks Off

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    Marc Angelo is one handsome hunk of man with a beefy body and he showed up this week on Hairy and Raw. Jack-off videos can be a little ho hum, but the way this bear looks into the camera and talks dirty, well, it's like he was sitting on the couch right beside my desk giving me a hot, private jack-off show.

  • Make Cock a Part of Your Balanced Breakfast

    Start your day off right with new Cockios. Fortified with vitamins and minerals in the form of semen. Guaranteed to give you that extra jolt of vim and vigor as you venture out into the world. Non-penis shaped breakfast competitors just don't stack up.

    Remember, Mr. Kellogg started out with a Victorian era anti-masturbation goal for his product line (no, really that's true) so Cockios are a big fuck you to that. Just keep the ejaculations below three before 9 a.m., otherwise you may pass out before you make it to the office.

    This is where I point out that the huge cock below is not fully hard. Fuck.

    breakfast cock

  • My Straight Buddy, Spanish Cruising & Sex in Suits Site Reviews


    My Straight Buddy features raucous and rowdy straight guys in all kinds of nude horseplay. Sometimes they're playing naked drinking games, other times they're having jack-off contests to see who can shoot the furthest, the most, or the fastest. And sometimes you'll just find the guys jacking off together, fucking sex dolls, and even some sucking and fucking. If you like military guys, then My Straight Buddy should get you pretty revved up, click the link to read GayDemon's full review.


    Spanish Cruising brings together two of my favourite things: Latin men and amateurs. This site is actually one of my all-time faves out of all the sites I've reviewed for Gay Demon. Spanish Cruising features real amateur Argentinian guys hooking up for sex, sometimes in hotel rooms and sometimes outdoors for some fun in cars, parks, and parking lots. One of my favourite things on the site is their Gay Truck series that films truckers picking up guys and having sex in their trucks.


    Lucas Entertainment brings together all their hunky executives sucking and fucking at the office in one site called Sex in Suits. While the men are pretty sexy with lots of big cocks and uncut ones, too, the site has an irregular update schedule based on the release of new office sex DVDs. But the great thing about Sex in Suit is that members get access to the entire network of Lucas Entertainment's 800 videos.

  • Tony Milan Dominates Arnaud Chagall

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    I love watching a bottom getting screwed on a big fluffy bed. Arnaud Chagall is writhing on this beautiful white bed as furry Brazilian brute Tony Milan pumps his hole. Milan is a new Cocky Boys performer and I'm going to enjoy watch his thick cock fucking a lot of butts over there. With fists full of goose-down comforter, Arnaud moans and groans as Milan drills his tiny, white ass. Arnaud loves the attention and keeps pushing his ass higher in the air and Tony just keeps filling it.

  • Executives Seal the Deal

    Executives Seal the Deal

    I don't know how Kyle Savage and Preston Johnson managed to keep their dress socks on while sucking and fucking in this new scene from Bareback That Hole. Whenever I hop in bed with a man, I can't ever really get into the session until our feet are bare. But my dirty little secret is that I love men's bare feet. Still, there's something extra horny about seeing a couple of executives peeling out of their expensive suits, and getting down to some dirty action, and not being able to see these studs' bare feet -- revs me up in a completely different way.

    Preston Johnson is the new power bottom in bareback porn. He burst onto the scene a few months back, and suddenly he's everywhere. And why not? He's cute, he has a delicious round, fuckable ass, and the guy can suck dick like a Hoover. I've never seen a dick too big for this cocksucker to deep throat.

    This scene shows us what's really going on at all those Las Vegas trade shows when one exec invites another up to his room to talk business over a couple of drinks. In this case. Preston woos his potential new client with his cock-sucking skills, and Kyle Savage seals the deal with a balls deep, hard ass fucking and a big messy load of cum all over Preston's beautiful ass.

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  • Interview with Shawn Wolfe

    More videos with Shawn Wolfe at Raging Stallion

    Shawn Wolfe, Californian porn model and Man of the Year for Raging Stallion answers some questions for GayDemon. The versatile, blond, hairy chested, stud appears in several movies. Here he is telling us about his porn exploits. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Shawn! You can see more of him at Raging Stallion Studios.

  • Mr. Gay Europe Wins Crown Performing Self-Exam

    Mr. Gay Europe Wins Crown Performing Self-Exam

    Robbie Obara a 26 year-old Canadian medical student, representing Ireland, has won the 2013 Mr. Gay Europe competition.

    Entering its eighth year, this event is a male beauty pageant for gay Europeans. Obara beat 16 other men to win the title. He also placed first in the interview portion of the event, as well as the talent category. His talent wasn't the usual singing, dancing or even poetry reading. Obara chose to demonstrate a testicular self-examination, which he performed on-stage.

    Because of his passion for preventive health, Obara saw this as an opportunity to educate the need for men, gay and straight, to do routine self-exams.

    Now that he is the newly crowned Mr. Gay Europe, Obara hopes to use his platform to educate more about gay men's health. In particular STDs, mental health and social health.

    Why social health? Obara says, "I see gay men's social health as very important, not being isolated. We are all social beings and we don't thrive when isolated or excluded. The fact that people are being killed or killing themselves because they are gay makes me very sad and very angry."

    He also added, "On the one side I see the Mr. Gay Europe title is a bit frivolous or superficial maybe. But it's a contest that attracts a lot of interest in the gay community and so reaches a lot of people. I'm lucky to have the opportunity to be a positive role model."

    For now he is spending the summer interning at a hospital in Halifax, Canada. In October he returns to Dublin to continue his training at Trinity College, and to fulfill his duties as Mr. Gay Europe.

  • Backyard Fucking

    Backyard Fucking

    TitanMen releases the final scene of their latest film, Stag. Alessio Romero and Brayden Forrester are two horny dudes with no place to fuck. So, the two sneek into a random backyard to do their business. Alessio and Brayden trade bjs before Alessio fucks the hell out of the bottom. You can tell he likes it, because he stays hard the whole time.

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  • Head Boy Spanking

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    This video is kind of funny actually. It's a spanking video from CP 4 Men, and what makes it funny is that it opens with this lively, hymn-like music. When the scene starts a very cute lad in his school uniform presents himself to the head master for an over-the-knee spanking. It's not too bad at first when the head master swats the boy's ass through his trousers, but then the pants come off, and you can see how red his ass gets. He even tries to stop the master with his hand. Bad boy! That just gets you another spanking.

  • Legendary Cock

    Legendary Cock

    Jessy Dean and Vance Crawford are taking a break in between sets when Rafael Alencar walks into the gym in this new scene from Drill My Hole. Jessy tells Vance that he thinks Rafael is hot. "Oh you've never seen him before?" Vance asks, "The guy is legendary around here, he's got the biggest cock you've ever seen." Rafael swaggers over with his meaty crotch bouncing in his shorts. "I was just telling Vance that you've got the biggest cock around here," Jessy says. So Rafael says that if they pull out theirs, he haul his package out.

    Jeesy Dean and Vance Crawford are doing alright in the dick department, but when you're standing beside a Brazilian hunk swinging a 9.5-inch dick, well, even the biggest average-sized cock can look downright puny. But he boys aren't content with just looking at that thing. They want to have a contest to see who can bury that super fat bone balls deep up their ass. Vance tries it out first and Alencar urges him on: "Come on, you can take it ... you can do it." It's pretty horny watching these two gym studs competing in this ass-stretching contest. It's been a while since Rafael Alencar has done a video for MEN.com, so I'm pretty revved up seeing him pumping his monster meat into two asses.

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  • Shawn Wolfe Is RSS Man Of The Year

    Shawn Wolfe RSS Man of the Year

    What becomes a legend most? Well, if you're some aging hag with a fur fetish, then a Blackglama ad will do it. But in the gay porn world, Raging Stallion Man of the Year gets you pretty close to legendary status. Following in the footsteps of porn superstars such as Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard, Ricky Sinz and the late, great Roman Ragazzi, Shawn Wolfe is the latest screen stud to receive the coveted honor. Although he signed as an RSS exclusive only last year, Wolfe has used his good looks, tight hairy body and hunger for cock to great effect in 13 films, including Oh My Godfre, Lowdown Dirty and Cock Shot.

    "I'm so grateful to all of the fans and everyone who has believed in me and helped me reach amazing heights so quickly," Wolfe says. "I have never been so excited in my life!" an enthused Wolfe adds in a video interview with the studio. "It's such an honor. I mean...I can't even say. I'm just enthralled. I'm so happy to be working with an amazing team of people who care about me, and I just feel like I'm in a safe and healthy environment."

    As part of his duties, Wolfe will host the Falcon and Raging Stallion Annual VIP Party during Folsom Weekend next month. He will meet and greet fans, as well as go-go dance at Mezzanine on September 28. He also appears in the new movie Militia, where he co-stars with Heath Jordan in a scene that he describes as his favorite as a top. For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

    Shawn Wolfe Ass

  • Paul Canon Claims Another Cherry

    Paul Canon Claims Another Cherry

    A guy's always got to be careful at Broke Straight Boys because if he's a little too nasty, there's always payback, and it can be a bitch. The last time Paul Canon and James Romeo filmed together, Paul got fucked by James; today it's the other way around. And Romeo hasn't been fucked by a guy before, so Paul is claiming his cherry, and this isn't the first virgin Paul has broken in.

    "I sort of feel sorry for him," Paul says. "I know how it feels." But if James wants his wad of cash, he's got to get to it. So after some kissing, the guys trade blowjobs and Paul pushes his buddy's head all the way down his shaft, just to let him know how big and hard it dick is. When it comes time to fuck, Paul puts James on his belly to show us how furry this bottom's ass is and he spreads James' cheeks wide and gives us a look at his hairy, virgin hole. "I promise I'll take it easy," Paul says.

    He starts sliding in his raw dick and it's so hot watching him bury his tool in Romeo's hairy hole. Paul has untrimmed pubes, so hairy fans are going to love this fuck scene. After a couple of different positions, Paul decides to put this new bottom out of his misery, he rolls him on his side and while drilling his ass says, "I want you to cum for me." James doesn't have to be told twice, he wants this over, so he shoots his cum load all over himself. But Paul's got a final humiliating surprise when he unloads his balls in James' mouth. I wonder if James got paid extra for the creamy milk shake.

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  • Thick Everything

    thick everything

    This guy rises from his thick bed, eats a thick breakfast, drives his thick car to his thick office, takes a thick lunch break, pees thick pee, goes to the thick gym, types thick sexts, goes out to a thick restaurant with a skinny twink, takes the skinny twink home, fucks the skinny twink with his thick cock, takes a thick shower, listens to thick NPR before bed, puts on his thick jammies and hits the thick sack.

    I forgot to tell you that the word of the day is thick. So that should explain all the bells and shouts you heard from your furniture every time you read it. Words of the day do that ever since Pee-wee's Playhouse aired.

    Yes, his semen is thick too. This guy's. Not Pee-wee's. Pee-wee's is like glittery champagne.

    P.S. Probably don't hang out with this guy. You may end up with a thick lip. He has anger issues. He's a bit thick in the head and may forget he at one point wanted you to suck his cock.

  • Big Group of Guys Fuck

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    There are a lot of men at this orgy. I tried counting them all, but they kept moving on and off camera and I just couldn't keep up. So much to see here I couldn't even keep up. And Male Junction regularly hosts these parties and I always get off watching them. Their videos make me want to set up one of these sex parties up in my own apartment like I used to. There's nothing hotter than getting 15 or 20 men together who are just interested in sucking, fucking, and unloading their balls without a lot of hang-ups about a guy being a certain age or having a perfect body. So fucking hot.

  • Nasty Cops - Hump Day Hottie

    Nasty Cops 1

    A lot of gay men have a thing for uniforms and fantasies of servicing a police man or being forced to suck off a highway patrol man to get out of a speeding ticket. And Bound Gods is one place where we can get off watching our horny cop fantasies coming true. Christian Wilde is a prison guard who has inmate Troy Daniels under his watch. The prisoner has been chained up in his cell and outfitted with a chastity device. It's late, and the jail is empty, so Wilde decides to have some fun with this bad-ass prisoner and make him his sex slave for the night. After choking Troy with his big dick, the guard fucks his ass. Then Wilde gives his dick a break and hangs weights from his prisoner's balls and flogs him hard. Suspending Troy from the ceiling, Wilde fucks him some more and then showers his prisoner with a healthy helping of cop cum.

    Nasty Cops 2

    Officer Connor Maguire was patrolling the streets when he caught biker Johnny Parker up to no good. It's been a slow night and Maguire doesn't feel like doing a mountain of paper work, so he takes the hairy biker to his secret spot, a place he has tucked away to take care of scumbags like this. Chained and helpless, Parker is forced to suck the cop's nightstick, then his big fat cock. Then strung up from the ceiling, the biker is force fed more cop dick before this corrupt police officer drills his hairy butt hole. After spraying his cum load all over Parker's beard and face, the copper orders his prisoner to jack off and when the biker cums on Maguire's foot, he's forced to lick it clean.