• Seen: Market Days Cuties in Chicago

    Market Day Cuties, Chicago

    You've probably heard of Chicago's infamous Northhalsted Market Days. This annual two-day event takes place every August and is the Midwest's largest street festival. More than 300,000 gays attend each year, although there might be a few straights mixed in there too. You can enjoy music from local bands and a dance floor, plus food, merchandise, public-service and corporate tents. There's also plenty of action in the area's more than 20 bars. Over the past 30 years (!), numerous big-name performers have taken the stage there, including Glee star Darren Criss, Olivia Newton-John and Margaret Cho. This year's acts included Wilson Phillips, Erasure's Andy Bell and the wondrous Lynda Carter.

    Some gay porn stars have also been known to show their face (and much more) in the renowned Boystown section of Lakeview. In case you follow along on the Twitter machine, this year Tommy Defendi, Tom Wolfe, Austin Wilde, Ray Han, Felix Warner and Arnaud Chagall brought the hotness and live tweeted throughout the weekend. Well, we didn't see any of them, but we did spot some of these everyday cuties. Enjoy, and see you next year!

  • Christian Cayden Loves his Butt Hole

    Christian Cayden Loves his Butt Hole

    I love watching a guy who really loves his asshole and Next Door Male's Christian Cayden loves making his butt feel good. He's a gorgeous guy with a rock-hard, chiseled body and he's got a very cute butt with a voracious appetite for sex toys.

    Christian says that he loves exploring his own sexual appetites, and right now he's got a hard-on for a couple of different dildos and butt plugs in his private collection. He's naked outdoors on a balcony and plays around with a garden hose and gets himself good a wet. Then he stuffs a long butt plug into his ass and jerks his stiffening dick. He throws his legs over his head and slides the butt plug in and out.

    Before graduating to a very long dildo, Christian demonstrates his deep-throating skills by swallowing his dildo, then easily slides the sex toy into his hungry hole. Finally, with his legs over his head again, Christian opens his mouth and pumps out his cum load onto his waiting tongue. Christian Cayden is new to gay porn, but I can tell that he's going to have tops lined up to sample his ass and mouth.

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  • Hypno Chic

    hypno chic

    This is the same effect Crate & Barrel tries to achieve in its summer window displays. Hypnotizing you to let your guard down is the goal. But of course you want to let your guard down don't you? Just because you feel a bit shy and embarrassed at staring at where the swimsuit meets the towel and just because it starts to become difficult to tell where the swimsuit ends or starts and where the towel ends or starts doesn't mean that you need to stop staring because staring gives you a sense of scratching an itch because you're curious where the swimsuit stops and where the towel begins and you need to scratch that itch and even if you close your eyes you'll still see what you see when you see it the blue and white and the simple, peaceful beach and relaxed, open thighs and nude chest and tight stomach and high cheekbones and tiny nipples and it's so easy to relax a hundred times more deeply than a moment ago. A thousand times even. As you follow where blue meets white meets blue meets white meets blue meets white meets the blue of the ocean meets the white of the sun as you breathe deeply in and out and in and out and in and let it all go.

    What was I talking about?

  • Kris Evans & The Kinky Angels

    View full video at Bel Ami

    This video from Bel Ami is a top's dream come true -- four horny guys servicing his big fat cock. Who doesn't love being the center of attention? And with Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Kevin Warhol, and Adam Archuleta kissing and rubbing him and slobbering all over his meaty uncut dick, Kris Evans is in heaven. This is a two parter with lots of blowjob action in the first session and then Kris lines the bottoms up and starts fucking them one by one. And 10 loads of cum were squirted out in this one!

  • Muscle Daddy Bangs a Tight Ass

    Muscle Daddy Bangs a Tight Ass

    Daddy Derek Anthony from Jake Cruise has a ripped, muscular body and lots of experience, so he knows just how to treat a demanding bottom like Armond Rizzo. After a little kissing and some foreplay, Armond slides down Derek's hard pole and goes for a cock ride. Derek lubes up Armond's hole with a little hot tongue action, then gives that hungry butt a hard banging!

  • Absolutely Inappropriate

    Absolutely Inappropriate

    Not what I was expecting from the title, Absolutely Inappropriate is one guys' visual list of what he finds inspiring, gorgeous and hot; images of men of course. But not gratuitous images of naked guys doing inappropriate things, just images of good looking, moody, handsome and varied men. Male models, mainly, actors and guys clipped from magazines and re-posted on the blog. Very little nudity, some very erotic images though, some galleries, but mainly a long list of pictures of men. Click one to see any notes left behind by other passing bloggers, though you may have to be signed in to Tumblr in order to do this. It also looks like you can share your own inspirational men via this blog, there are some links at the bottom of the screen to use. I found myself scrolling down for hours; it looks like this blogger has an awful lot of inspiration in his life!

  • The Top Cums 3 Times

    The Top Cums 3 Times

    Fostter Rivera is a new top over at Tim Tales and he was so turned on fucking Italo's ass that he came three times while shooting this video. And there's little doubt that this power bottom's hole feels good, he's filmed a couple of dozen videos over there and showed many tops a very memorable time.

    Fosster has a very delicious cock. It's big and super thick, but it's crowned by a small cock head, which makes his shaft look all the fatter. And Italo's ass doesn't have any problems swallowing this piece of meat, he barely grunts when Fosster slides it in. But first this Italian stud is down on his knees getting this meaty dick wet with his mouth, and when he isn't going deep enough, Fosster grabs the sides of his head and rams it down his throat. Italo gags and Fostter eases up, but then Italo pushes this monster all the way down his throat balls deeps and buries his face in Fostter's pubes.

    Fostter gets a little rough at times with his thrusting, causing Italo to yelp and grunt loudly. But this bottom loves a rough fuck. And I love when Fosster pulls his dick all the way out and his foreskin curls back over his cock head. But his dick is so big that there's never enough hood to cover the whole thing. He pushes it back and forth like this and foreskin hounds will love it. And like I said at the top, Fosster creams Italo's butt hole three times in this scene.

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  • Double Penetration - Hump Day Hotties

    Double Penetration - Hump Day Hotties

    If there is one, double penetration is probably the golden chalice of gay sex. Cock-hungry bottoms dream of it, but few of us are able to achieve it. No other gay porn site out there has more double anal penetration videos than Staxus, they have 27 different videos and they even have a triple fucking session, and yes, the bottom does take three dicks up his ass.

    In reality, if you've ever tried taking two cocks up your rear as the same time. It's incredibly difficult, not only for the bottom, but for everyone involved. First, only the horniest of butt boys can achieve this; if anal sex is constantly a chore, never stops hurting or feels uncomfortable, or you're whining, "Please stop, I've had enough," double penetration probably isn't for you.

    But if you've got a limber hole that can take a super large dildo and a couple of willing tops, then it's always fun to try. In order for this to work, the tops really have to communicate because if they both shove their dicks in a guy's ass and start pumping away, someone's bound to slip out. Double penetration seems to work best when one top lies relatively still with his hard-on in the bottom's ass, and the second tops slides his dick inside and does all the fucking. So the tops really have to sort out who is doing what, how, and when.

    And if you're up to try getting two dicks in your hole at the same time, studying these videos from Staxus will give you some pretty good inspiration for the positions that work the best, and like I said, there are 27 of them for you to study. Have fun!

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  • Kieron Knight Interview

    Kieron Knight Interview 1

    How did you get into the industry? Who approached you - or who did you approach - and what made you want to decide to go for it?

    I kind of got into the industry by accident really, I never actually intended to end up doing porn or more importantly, if I was the right type of guy to to porn. 7 years later and I'm still doing it. I got into it via one of my friends who was already doing porn, I knew him when I was 17 and we had a bit of fun every now and then, so he knew what I had down my trousers as it were. Anyway, he suggested that I get into porn when I'm 18 and that people would love me etc. I just laughed him off thinking he was joking, so I played along and said "yeah why not". After about a week I'd forgotten about it and life continued as normal. The week after my 18th birthday however I got a phone call from my friend to say that he'd recommended me to the porn company he worked for and that I had a photo-shoot and solo film shoot booked in for the week after. At first I was petrified and didn't want to do it, but then I thought "hell, why not you only live once right?" And that's how I got into porn.

    What was it like doing your first porn shoot - scary, interesting, sexy? - And what's different for you about doing porn now that you've had experience?

    My first solo shoot, as I mentioned before, was actually quite scary but I eased into it fairly quickly as it was pretty much just a wank in a brightly lit room. However, my first duo scene was terrifying. The guy I was working with had done a lot of porn and was very experienced, I on the other hand was a scared newbie who he had the bad luck to end up working with. I fumbled my way through the scene, not really knowing what I was doing and it was at that moment and the only moment in my porn life where I've thought "what the fuck am I doing here?!" The scene was moderate and I was glad when it was over, part of me didn't want to do anything ever again, but the other part got rather turned on and excited by the idea that people would be watching and seeing me do what I do....even if I did look like a virgin having sex for the first time.

    Are there any videos you've made, or directors or performers you've worked with who stand out for you, and can you tell us about them?

    There are so many people in this industry who stand out to me, not because they've done the most work or have the biggest cock, but because of who they are and how they effect the industry. Directors like Chi Chi La Rue who are keeping the market going with exciting new products and also the promotion for safer sex in films. Performers like Brent Everett, Michael Brandon and Chad Hunt who have stood the test of time and are still as popular and genuinely nice guys today as they were when they started. And the legends who carved the way for new talent to come shining through in the past few years like it has done. So all in all I can't really pick a singular person from each category and only a single person. There are many inspiring and hard working people in this industry, even the blogging websites and the alike, because without them we wouldn't get that connection between the fans and the performers...and I like that so thank you. Also I do realise this was a very "Miss World" style answer but it was the best way I could put it across haha!

    If you had to thank one person in the adult industry for helping with your career, who would it be, and an you tell us why?

    That's a difficult one to be honest because there are two people I'd like to thank. The first person is the director who first took that chance with me and kept booking me for work which in turn built up my confidence and ability to perform on camera. Without him I'd be, well...not in porn. S I have to say thank you to him. And the second person I'd like to thank, is everyone who put me down and said I couldn't do it, or I was ugly, etc...the haters. As without them, I wouldn't strive so hard to keep doing porn. Their put downs and rejections simply make me want to do porn more and prove them all wrong. They make me want to fight to be here. So a big fat thank you to them as well.

    Kieron Knight Interview 2

    What's the funniest or weirdest thing that's ever happened to you during a shoot or during sex?

    I've actually been lucky to not have anything really bad happen to me on set, touch wood. The closest thing I can remember was when I was bottoming for Gabriel Ross on a film which didn't get released due to the company closing, I was on my back ankles behind my head and Gabriel was fucking me. All of a sudden the bed gave way, I fell through the bed so all you could see we're my legs and ass coming through and my head was on the floor underneath. Gabriel was still fucking me at this point and couldn't do anything for laughing. Another time on set, I had to do some acting and I had to get stage punched, the guy punching me got a little too close and actually punched me straight in the nose, needless to say there was blood everywhere and a slightly broken nose lol.

    What do you do when you're not shooting porn? Got any hobbies, favourite TV shows, websites or things you like to read?

    When I'm not shooting porn, I like to spend my time with family, friends, because that time is precious. My family mean the world to me and they come before anything else. I have to say I'm a bit of a geek and I do like all things Star Wars and comic based so you'll often find me reading comics or doing something Star Wars based. I'm also a huge theme park and roller coaster fanatic. Yeah ok, I'm a big geek! I've actually just finished reading The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. I think by now you can tell I love my Sci-Fi.

    What advice would you give a newbie who's just starting in the industry - any suggestions on what to do or avoid?

    I think the main thing is to really sit and think about it before you do it, is it something you want to be known for? What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet and can always be found, long after you've stopped doing porn. Also do your research, look at what websites and film studios you want to work for, how they treat their models etc. It would be beneficial to a newbie to see if they can find a porn model who has done a few films and websites and ask them if they can give then any advice on studios, but be wary as not all porn "stars" are helpful and don't particularly want to talk to their fans or have the time to bother with them. Twitter is a great way of connecting with your favourite porn actors and finding out who is doing what and their experiences.

    Kieron Knight Interview 3

    Do you friends or family know you're a pornstar? If so, how did they react when they found out? If not, how do you think they'll react when they find out?

    My friends know I do porn and they're ok with it, I don't actively tell them about it, if they want to know they ask. I don't force it down their throats. My family on the other hand kind of know but not from my mouth, I had a stalker about 2-3 years ago who, because I wouldn't sleep with him, decided to tell my mum that I did porn and send her links to some of the stuff I'd done. That caused a big rift in mine and her relationship and we didn't speak for about a year. But it's all been swept under the table and we don't talk about it. I think they've forgotten about it to an extent, that or it's selective memory. I don't intend on telling my family about it as its not something that I feel the need to tell them about, there are certain things you don't discuss over the dinner table. And being a good Catholic boy from a good Catholic family (lol yeah right) I have to be good and proper.

    What's in store for you in the future - any projects on the way? Will you still be in porn in 5 years, and if so will you still be a performer or do you plan to be doing something else?

    So far I have nothing huge planned for the future, I'm not the flavour of the month at the moment so I don't actually have any work coming in. The next big thing I will be doing will be Hustlaball Berlin in October but that's about it. I've been having talking with a website who I recently shot for about doing some more scenes with them but that's it. I've turned my hand to potentially doing a website and seeing how that goes, I've pretty much got the design and how it will work etc all planned out and built, I just need to get it all up and running. Porn is a fickle world and it changes so quickly, I hope I'll still be doing it in 5 years time and I hope I'll be a bit musclier and all that as well, but we shall see. I have already been behind the camera and done that side of the industry before, but part of me keeps getting drawn back to performing and being in front of the camera. I suppose it's the exhibitionist in me. If the opportunity came up where I could do both, work in front and behind the camera and have a creative input, which was a full time job then yeah I'd snap it up straight away.

    Kieron Knight Interview 4

    Where can fans find you and follow you on the web?

    People can find and talk to me online at a few places:

    Twitter: @KieronKnightXXX

    Facebook: Kieron Knight

    Instagram: Kieron Knight

    Vine: Kieron Knight

    The list goes on haha.

  • Now, That's a FINE Ass!

    Beautiful male ass

    Man, I'm a sucker for a muscle hunk with a gorgeous butt, and this shot from The Male Form shows off what this well-built piece of man has, and then some!

  • Pass That Trashed Ass

    View full video at Fraternity X

    It's that time of year again, students are starting to think about going back to school. But at Fraternity X, that just means there's a whole lot of new ass to fuck in the frat house. This poor, partied-out bastard gets dragged across his bed, underwear ripped off, then a quick spit, and his ass if full of cock. When I was at university a wake-up call usually involved a phone ringing.

  • Fucking a Hot Canadian Bottom Boy

    Fucking a Hot Canadian Bottom Boy

    Sexy Colby London's on holiday in Quebec, and what could be hotter than vacation sex? When Colby and Beni Rousseau see each other, these two tattooed love boys can't wait to go inside and get it on - and that's just what they do! The two go crazy sucking and tonguing ass, before horny bottom Beni takes Colby's dick in his ass for the Video Boys cameras, and he loves every thrust!

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  • Seth Fornea Makes A Ginger Splash

    Seth Fornea Colt 1

    Ginger models are so rare in the industry that they always cause a stir. This week was no different when COLT Studio Group released the first photo set and interview from sexy redhead Seth Fornea. Sure, Seth is hairy and built, but it's his sweet personality that shines in his Q&A with the crew. The newly minted COLT Man tells how he was "discovered" working in a bar in New Orleans when a savvy photographer spotted him and made an offer to pose. Seth's first session was in Chicago, and he says that he always felt "natural" in front of the camera. Thankfully, this led to his new gig with COLT in NYC. "I was very flattered," he says of shooting for the historic studio. "I enjoy being naked for the camera...if the lighting is good," jokes the bearded muscle stud, who works out six or seven times a week. Though fans only get to see some straining jockstrap and butt action this time, Seth hints that more might be on the way. "The longer I do this, the more comfortable I become on camera. I could see myself doing most everything on camera." Everything?! Hmmm, maybe he should audition for the next season of Big Brother! For more information, visit Colt Studio Group.

    Seth Fornea Colt 2

  • Fucked in Front of 100 Men

    Fucked in Front of 100 Men

    We've seen a lot of horny public gang bangs over at Bound in Public, but this week they're pulling out all the stops. They filmed their latest group fucked in front of 100 men during their Pre-Dore Alley Party. Hot southern stud Jordan Foster is a cute, bearded and furry stud and he's the main attraction.

    He's blindfolded and tied up while everyone gets to touch and grope him. And with 100 men all feeling him up, he gets pretty aroused and precum soaks through his underwear. The crowd rips his clothes off and the fun begins. He's forced to crawl through the bar and beaten with a flogger. Jordan finds three dicks to suck and someone fucks him from behind while the horny crowd watches.

    Bound to a net of chains, the pleasure part of Jordan's ordeal is over and the pain begins with clothespins clipped to his sensitive skin. One nasty task master flicks each one off with his riding crop and this helpless sub bellows in pain. The crowd soothes his sensitive body with their hands, then he's fucked some more. And one after another, the men line up to douse him with their cum loads. With cum dripping all over his face, Jordan crawls into the back room where the real party is just getting started.

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  • How to Distract Your Master

    messy naked guy

    Oh fuck, Master's home and you didn't do your chores! Meaning, the laundry, cleaning, cooking, ironing, recycling, and silver polishing (the silver in question being the lovely silver butt plug on the mantle). Whatever are you to do?

    Don't panic. Just expose yourself like this and maybe he won't notice the massive mess behind you. Thank goodness the one thing you didn't forget was the brutally intense workout program he assigned to you. If you follow up this greeting pose by lovingly and greedily pleasuring him with your mouth and ass and hands and toes, you stand a chance of avoiding serious punishment. Although as soon as you're done pleasuring him with your mouth and ass and hands and toes, you're in for it.

    Oh wait. You like punishment. Enjoy!