• Tie Guy UK

    Tie Guy UK

    This is the official blog of Tie Guy UK, which has provided bondage and kink for over ten years. What started out as a place to share the passion for bondage has turned into a very popular fetish website. Complete with original videos and pictures of amateur guys getting tied up. The blog offers previews and highlights of what is on the site.

    What is truly unique about the website is that there is no sex at all. Instead the focus is on the art and techniques of bondage. All of the men featured on are not models. Rather they are real regular guys: gay, straight and bisexual. All with one thing in common, wanting to experience the joy of getting tied up. With nothing set-up or forced upon them. That is what makes Tie Guy UK the success it is today.

  • First Timers Go All the Way

    First Timers Go All the Way

    Mike from Active Duty has recruited two very sexy first-timers, Corey and Drew. The guys are supposed to do a jack off session together, but in the heat of the moment, these horny guys decide they want to go all the way. After Corey sucks his first dick, Drew gives up his oh-so-tight ass for a serious pounding.

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  • Redhead Hunk Raw Fucks Hairy Stud

    View full video at Chaos Men

    I love Jordan. This big, beefy redhead showed up on Chaos Men a few weeks back jacking his big, meaty cock. He works as an exotic dancer in a gay club, but he's got a girlfriend, who incidentally was the one who convinced him to get the dancing gig. I figured Jordan was going to end up getting his dick sucked and probably fuck a guy or two, and here he is again, fucking guy number two. I love watching his strong, muscular butt pumping into a guy's ass. So hot!

  • Cocky Boys Announces Fan Fiction Contest

    CockyBoys Contest

    We love when gay porn studios concern themselves with more than just encouraging viewers to take multiple creampie loads over a typical weekend! New York City-based Cocky Boys is one company that takes a different approach to gay porn. Just look at this gorgeous piece of work, for example. The award-winning online studio is now asking its viewers to join the arty fun for its first-ever fan fiction contest.

    To enter, fans must write and submit an original story from any genre that features one or more Cocky Boys models as a central character. The story doesn't have to feature hard-core sex (but in our experience it helps!). The winner gets his or her story published with original illustrations on the company's blog, The Cocky Beast; a three-month membership to the Cocky Boys Web site; and the opportunity to write a regular column for the blog. Each entrant can submit up to three stories. The deadline for submissions is September 9, 2013 at midnight EST.

    As always, Cocky Boys encourages fans to "be original and creative, and don't be afraid to take lots of risks!" Good advice--in gay porn and in life! For more information, visit The Cocky Beast.

  • Has The Sword Fired Zachary Sire?


    On Saturday, August 17 on Twitter Benjamin announced his assumption to the throne as editor of The Sword, one of the Web's busiest, and at times nastiest, gay porn gossip blogs. But with no official announcement about previous editor, Zachary Sire, the Twitterverse started rumbling that Sire had been fired.




    The Sword's Benjamin says that Zachary Sire is still working at The Sword, but his efforts will be behind the scenes working with content and apparently managing the blog, whatever that means. No matter how The Sword tries to spin this story, it seems as though they no longer want Sire's voice front and center.

    Last week Sire found himself in hot water when a post he wrote about gay porn star and ex-ballet dancer Jett Black drew the ire of mega gay porn producer Michael Lucas. And Lucas demanded Sire delete the post or he was telling AEBN to remove all of his Lucas Entertainment DVDs from their video-on-demand system. AEBN is the parent company who owns Naked Sword and gay porn blog The Sword. After 30 minutes of back and forth in the Jett Black post's comments between Sire and Lucas, the post disappeared.

    But did Michael Lucas go to AEBN anyway? Did Lucas have Zachary Sire fired?


    Throughout August 17, The Sword's new editor continued doing damage control and his final tweet said, "He's just stopping blogging so he can work behind the scenes on managing affiliates and original content production." But an earlier tweet said that Sire was "working behind-the-scenes now managing the site and working with content."

    So which is it? Is he the managing editor of The Sword? Is he working with content? Managing affiliates? Or producing original content for Naked Sword? The Sword itself was silent on August 17 and 18, and posts on August 19 failed to mention Zachary Sire's retirement as editor of the blog.

    Michael Lucas isn't the only person working in gay porn who's pissed with The Sword's Zachary Sire. There's a long list of gay porn stars, studios, and gay porn sites who would happily grease Sire's speedy slide down the banister to obscurity.

    Marc Dylan is the latest gay porn star in Zachary Sire's cross hairs, did he finally have enough of Sire's acid tongue and call AEBN himself? I'm sure this story isn't done unfolding. What will become of The Sword without Sire's witty and biting posts remains to be seen.

  • Is That Milk Dripping Down His Body...

    Dark skinned naked hunk

    Whoa! Can you believe how perfect this dark-skinned hunk from The Male Form is? I'm throbbing all over just looking at him. And do you think that's milk running down his body in rivulets, or was someone just very happy to see him?

  • Oh Yeah Demigods

    Oh Yeah Demigods

    Oh Yeah Demigods features two things gay guys love. Eye candy and men's fashions. Who could ask for anything more? For lovers of eye candy there is a ton of hunks. With many of the male models shirtless. It is updated daily, sometimes even multiple times a day. So you never get bored waiting for the next stud to appear. They even have a regular feature called Look of the Day which features a handsome model is a very sporty outfit.

    If you are more into fashion, this site has you covered as well. It is chock full of male models in the latest men's styles. The texts are a bit hit and miss. When there is information about the picture, it is very detailed. The description breaks down who designed the jacket, the shirt, the shoes and even the tie. Linking to all the designers, the model and even the photographer. When there is no information on the outfit or model, the text is left blank. Bottom line if you are into hunks and fashion this is a great bargain. As all discount shoppers know, two for the price of one is a great deal.

  • Are "Dudeoir" Pics Hot New Str8 Craze?!

    Dudeoir 6

    Is this what straight guys are into nowadays!? According to The New York Post, a hot new craze among our hetero bros is posing for racy photos for their wives and girlfriends. "Dudeoir" pics, a takeoff on the boudoir pics that attention-starved women have been known to sit for, have become popular in the city with men who want to show their stuff in a socially acceptable way. "I love the photos," 33-year-old Lionel Zanar tells the newspaper. The Brooklyn-based self-defense trainer modeled provocatively for his girlfriend, who helped in one shot by cupping Zanar's junk from behind (top photo). She also paid $500 for the 90-minute shoot. "She pretty much bought the session as a gift for herself," the dreamy Zanar adds.

    NYC photographer Catherine Leonard and partner Alistair Quick saw potential in the seemingly gay trend and decided to add a division to their company that caters to the potentially naughty pics. They told The Post that business has been booming among straight dudes like Zanar. "Sometimes it's the wife or girlfriend who inquires and buys the package, but usually it's the guy himself," Leonard says. "We have grooms who want to give their brides an intimate portfolio as a wedding present and others who are doing it entirely for themselves--they're young and ripped and proud of it."

    Hey, whatever works for the straights, but we can't help recalling when George Costanza (below) had the same idea on Seinfeld in the 1990s. Black socks are a timeless turn-on, no!?

    For more information, visit nycdudeoir.com.

    Dudeoir 3

  • Locker Room Soccer Fourgy

    Locker Room Soccer Fourgy

    Four horny soccer players hit the locker room after the game for some hardcore suck and fuck fourgy action. In this new scene from Staxus it's blues versus green and Justin Conway and team mate Ryan Olsen gets their uncut nobs polished by Alex Candy and Kamyk Walker. They've left their animosity on the field and take care of each other's stiff hard-ons.

    Candy and Walker bend over and offer their horny butt holes to their soccer buddies, and Justin drills Candy's ass while Ryan pumps his raw dick inside Walker's ass. But these two bottoms are equally opportunity cock whores and they swap around so they can feel a different dick fucking their asses. On his back, Walker jacks off his all over his smooth belly while Conway is pounding his hole, then Walker laps up one of his team mate's cum loads, while another splashed all over Candy's face. And with the post-game fourgy ending in a cum-soaked mess, these satisfied soccer players hit the showers for some horse play and clean up.

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  • Alessio Romero Fucks Brayden Forrester

    View full video at Titan Men

    Not a lot to say here, just a hot video from Titan Men with hairy Mexican hunk Alessio Romero fucking furry dude Brayden Forrester's ass outdoors on a private deck. I love watching hairy men fuck.

  • Conan Auditions for Men At Play?

    Goof about town Conan O'Brien gives one of his assistant producers Jordan Schlansky a hard time for being late on Fridays which delightfully borders on (or equals) sexual harassment. It's basically the entire set up for a Men At Play office fetish video, minus the flashy pinstripes, shiny shoes and shiny penises.

    But you need to watch. Conan is in control and you'll like it. I know Jordan secretly did, and not just because he probably got scale for speaking on camera. Who knew assistant producers had such fine torsos?

    And if Jordan Schlansky has been inside you, tell us about it. In detail. Twice.

  • Michael Lucas Takes on The Sword and Wins


    The Sword's Zach and his acid tongue met his match this week when he posted a piece about gay porn star and ex-ballet dancer Jett Black. On August 14, 2013, The Sword re-posted a message Black has posted on his Tumblr, then went on to take a couple of jabs at Jett Black and said that since being fired from CockyBoys last month, Black was hiding out in Europe.

    Gay porn director Michael Lucas of Lucas Entertainment took exception with Zach's post and wrote in the comments: "Unless your post about our employee is not removed with 30 minutes, Lucas Entertainment will remove all [its] content from AEBN's website." AEBN is a video-on-demand site where surfers can watch DVDs from hundreds of different porn producers, including 190 DVDs from Lucas Entertainment, and AEBN owns Naked Sword and their blog The Sword.

    Lucas went on to say, "I standup for people who work for me. And as you are very well aware, Jett Black is in charge of [the] affiliate program, marketing and social media." Then a few minutes later Lucas added, "And stop lying to your readers. You are well aware that Jett Black is not in Europe and is working at the Lucas Entertainment offices in New York City."


    Jett Black joined the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School (RWB) in September 2012 under his real name Jeppe Hansen. And the 22-year-old Dane danced on stages around the world. Early in 2013 he started appearing on CockyBoys as Jett Black and by July his dancing career was put on hold when the RWB fired him.

    By the end of July, Black's stint with CockyBoys also came to abrupt end when the studio terminated him for violating the terms of their exclusive agreement.

    Back on The Sword and Michael Lucas and Zach continued to battle it out back and forth until Lucas finally said, "... you have 2 minutes left. My email to AEBN is ready to go."

    Then suddenly, the Jett Black post disappeared from The Sword.

    While Michael Lucas may have won this battle, Zach isn't about to let him win the war and on August 16, 2013 posted "Should The Sword stop bullying gay porn stars?" And the article includes a poll, which as of early August 16 had 75% of respondents in a poll saying, "No, The Sword is appropriately bullying those who deserve it."

  • Interview with Jake Cruise

    Jake Cruise with JR Bronson

    Today we're talking with Jake Cruise. He's a porn star daddy with his own website, and he's sucked some of the hottest cock in the industry. Welcome, Jake!

    GayDemon: I know it's a bit cliche to ask, but can you tell us what made you decide to get into porn and to start your own porn site?

    Jake: I had my own web design business and cash flow was really bad. So I decided to give porn a try and created a solo site called Hard on the Web. That didn't do well. I closed that down and launched Jake Cruise. At that point my hand showed up stroking the guys while I held the camera. After that I started servicing the guys. Then later on I started doing full sex scenes. It was a gradual progression. Certainly not something I had expected to do from the start. It was much easier to start up back in early 2002 than it is today.

    GayDemon: You have a very outgoing personality. What was it like doing your first porn shoot - scary, interesting, hot? - And what's different for you about doing porn now that you've had plenty of experience?

    Jake: By the time I got in front of the camera I had already shot several scenes. So the experience of shooting and directing wasn't new. I've been a nudist most of my life so having sex in front of the camera wasn't an issue for me. I'll have to admit that, as with everything, doing something over and over again gets repetitive. Fortunately, throughout the past 11 years, I've have done scenes with several guys that I really connected with. And not just literally.

    GayDemon: You work with a lot of twinks, jocks and hunks. Do you have a preference when it comes to the type of guys who turn you on the most?

    Jake: The type of guy isn't what turns me on. It's the personality. You can have a gorgeous man with an amazing body and huge dick but no personality. Then you can have a guy like Joshua Ballman who goes against my type. If I passed him on the street I wouldn't have looked twice. Yet in bed he was incredible!

    Jake Cruise with Kyler Ash

    GayDemon: Kyler Ash was my favorite video recently, but which models get the most attention from your members?

    Jake: It's varied a lot over the years. Needless to say Zeb Atlas got a lot of attention when he shot his first gay porn with me. Leo Giamani, Bo Dean, and Brady Jensen have been some of the more popular models. But the list is huge, really. There is so much variety on my sites that there is no singular favorite.

    GayDemon: How do you decide which guys to cast in your videos?

    Jake: I go first by the look, then affordability. It's a business, after all!

    GayDemon: What was the most arousing video you ever shot?

    Jake: Joshua Ballman fucking me bareback. Only video that I've been in where the camera never stopped.

    GayDemon: Any funny stories about shooting some of your videos?

    Jake: About a zillion. You'll have to wait for my book to read about them all. But here's a taste. Real lovers Zack and Jake Tyler were shot in Philadelphia. Zack was on the massage table, face down, being rimmed by his lover Jake. My cameraman was filming Jake and I had the second camera on Zack. Suddenly I see a smirk appear on Zack's face and then I hear Jake let out a scream of disgust. He ran to the bathroom cursing. Yep, Zack had silently farted in his face. I got it all on film but never published that part. Maybe someday I will.

    GayDemon: What jobs you do for your video productions and your sites - director, cameraman, model recruiter, webmaster, porn star, chief cook and bottle washer?

    Jake: My answer would be "All of the above!" While I have employees helping me, I have my fingers in almost all aspects. I direct a lot. I am sometimes the cameraman. I work with my casting assistant to hire the models. I perform in some of my movies. While I used to be the web designer, I now outsource the work but I supervise it. I do not cook for the models, but I do provide them with water, Coke, and protein bars. :) Oh, and I run the business side of all of this, too. People think porn is all about the sex in the movies. Not quite. LOL

    GayDemon: What differences have you experienced in doing porn when you got started and now?

    Jake: There's a huge difference between March 2002 and now. Back then I was able to put up my little site and get it listed on a few directories that sent traffic. I didn't have to deal with SEO because there was no Google. Tube sites didn't exist so piracy wasn't a big issue. There were no blogs to speak of. Huge straight porn companies had not entered the gay market so we (the gay porn community) didn't have competition from these deep-pocket companies.

    Jake Cruise with Jesse Ares

    GayDemon: What advice would you give newbies who are just looking to get into porn?

    Jake: I'll assume you mean newbies who want to start porn sites and not guys who want to be models. If I were starting out today I wouldn't have been able to start my site. You need a large amount of money to start today. The competition is fierce. Your content will be stolen and put up on tube sites. And a lot of people are used to not paying for porn. Very hard to make a decent living from this business today.

    GayDemon: What's the future hold for Jake Cruise?

    Jake: I'm launching my newest site, Hot Dads Hot Lads. within the month (hopefully). As the title implies, the scenes will have a hot Dad (over 35) paired with a hot Lad (under 25). It's not all twinks with older men. Some of the Lads are athletic jocks and some are really young and sweet. The Dads can be muscle daddies or sexy mature men. But they are all HOT!

    GayDemon: Thanks for answering our questions, Jake - we can't wait to see your new site! And if you, our readers, want to watch Jake at work sucking cock and directing gay porn, you can visit him at JakeCruise.com.

  • My Dirty Favorites

    My Dirty Favorites

    My Dirty Favorites is a blog featuring the life of Roger Kint. He is a highly sexually charged lad from London. This website has changed over the years. At first it was a site that featured his bareback escapades, through pictures and videos. And what adventures they were, as he kept his uncut Prince Albert cock extremely busy. Everything was smooth sailing for a while until Roger tested positive for HIV in 2013.

    Now this site is a journal detailing his life as a sexual guy. All the while dealing with his positive status. Mixed in with his writing are videos and pictures highlighting his sex life. His videos are pretty popular on xtube, though he does say they were filmed prior to testing positive. And he answers questions from his many followers about anything and everything regarding his life. This is a site that is raw, honest and unapologetic about being sexual and being HIV positive.

  • Paddy O'Brian Has 24 Hours to Fuck

    Paddy O'Brian Has 24 Hours to Fuck

    I love science fiction and I love porn. And MEN.com is mixing the two in this video starring Paddy O'Brian and Riley Coxx. In the late 21st century, time has replaced money as a unit of currency. When a man hits 25 years of age, his body stops aging and he's got one more year to live -- unless he can replenish his cock. Walking down the street looking for someone to fuck, Paddy finds a business card on the ground that says, "Need time?" So he calls the number and Riley Coxx tells him where to be.

    I hate to be a nit picker, but there are so many holes in this story that I'm surprised Paddy O'Brian didn't just pick one of them and fuck it. First, the concept of your life ending at 25 isn't a new one, they did the same sort of thing in the movie Logan's Run, so that's fine, no problems there.

    But if all a guy has to do to avoid death is "replenish his cock," wouldn't men be pulling down their pants and boning each other in the street? Would you have to hunt for someone who was selling time? And does Riley Coxx lose some of his time by getting fucked? Wouldn't his own time be replenished by the ass pounding? Or do you have to top to get time?

    Oh well, who cares? It's gay porn, which can be silly at times, and I love watching Paddy O'Brian screwing a mile a minute, and in this case he's got every reason to pound hard and fast, his life depends on it.

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