• Hot Amateur Boys

    Hot Amateur Boys

    This is a site consisting of only amateur guys, both gay and straight. These are not professionals, nor are they models. Just regular ordinary dudes, posing in front of the mirror. They just happen to be hot and cute. The webmaster has scoured the internet, searching for candid self-pictures. And what images he finds. Almost every photo features guys showing their cock and sporting an erection. All the while holding up their iPhone to take a snapshot. Some guys are even trying to suck themselves off solo. There is no airbrushing, no creative lighting or bronzed bodies on display. Which makes this site more real than other sites. The image quality is not bad. Which says a lot about iPhone these days, as the technology seems to keep getting better. So if you are looking for real guys with hot cocks, this is a site worth checking out.

  • Interview with Slate Steele

    Slate Steele

    God damn. Usually not intimidated by guys that come in and sit on my couch in the GayDemon Lounge, but this guy is a different story. Slate Steele joins us today and check out the size of this dude. Its like a chiseled fucking rock.

    So, first thing's first.. how the fuck does one person get looking like you? How many times do you hit the gym?

    I used to wrestle in high school so ive learned to really control body weight. I never had the chance to get big until after the Marines because of all the constant deployments overseas. Its hard to get big while getting shot at lol. Ever since I got done with my military service, I maintain a 6 days-a-week workout routine. An hour of cardio per day followed by an hour of weight training. But I really do eat more food than anyone can possibly imagine. Haha

    So tell us a bit about yourself Slate. We were chatting before the interview and you said you were in the military and went to college... how the fuck did you end up in gay porn then? Tell us a bit about being in the military. Did you ever fool around there or never even thought about it?

    I was in the Marine Corps for a couple years. I deployed to the Middle East many times (Iraq and Afghanistan). I loved it and honestly miss it. I had many jobs but my main job was to find I.E.D's (improvised explosive devices) bombs, but I was an instructor, a human tracker, and a bridge builder. Most of everyone close to me in the Corps were my best friends, and as far as I know they were all straight. Except for one, but we waited until we were both out and we were roommates. Haha. They were all attractive but I never overstepped any boundaries. I stayed as professional as possible. I also went to college and just recently graduated with a B.S. and a 3.8 GPA. See...sexy and smart.

    Slate Steele 2

    How did Next Door Studios contact you? What was your first solo scene like? Tell us about your first time?

    Tucker Scott from FCF Agency contacted me and I truly didn't want to do any more porn on account of a bad experience my first time. Tucker convinced me to give Next Door a try. It was the best decision I have made so far in my career. Amazing people and amazing staff.

    So the first action scene at Next Door is a scene called Rescue and Revive where you top Jaxon Colt. Not just top but dildo him too. So how different was shooting a sex scene? How was Mr. Colt to work with?

    First I have to say that Jaxon Colt is a sweetheart. Gorgeous blue eyes and so personable. It was my first scene with Next Door so it was very stressful at first. But just as I got nervous, the staff, the surroundings, and the overall professionalism of Next Door took my worries away.

    Slate Steele 3

    So I'm pretty sure you're into guys and girls. Do you prefer one over the other? What's your favorite thing to do with a girl and a guy in the bedroom?

    I truly enjoy the human body in all aspect. So, as for a preference, I don't really have one. I am attracted to anyone who is real, honest, funny, handsome or beautiful, and intelligent, with some sort of a future goal. I do love having B/B/G threesomes though. I love having sex with my girl while getting railed from behind by and choked by my guy. I love eating pussy and sucking dick. I have an amazing lack of a gag reflex. lol And I hate condoms. boooo :(

    So have you done any scenes that haven't been released yet? What's this I'm hearing about Johnny Torque. I snooped on your interview with Queer Me Now ;)

    I have one scene with Cody Carter that actually just came out. Yes Johnny Torque was awesome to work with. Great guy with a nice cock. I shot that last month. lol I also have a Boy/Girl scene with Next Door Hookups. Plus I'm shooting more scenes next months well. Ill keep ya updated.

    So, do you top or bottom more frequently? Do you prefer one to the other? What's your favorite position to fuck in? Do you have any fetishes?

    On film I mostly bottom, but that changes depending on the scene. At home, top/bottom, it doesn't matter at all. I think it takes the fun away if you just bottom or just top. You have to experience both to enjoy fucking. As for a favorite position. I love laying on my back with my legs in my guys arms, watching him fuck me. FETISH = I LOVE PAIN. I like to be beat, chocked, scratched, and tied up.

    So do you play any sports? Ever get it on with one of your teammates? What other things do you do for fun off camera?

    I wrestled for 8 years and all throughout high school but, no I never had sex with a team mate. I have only recently "come out" so at first I was always afraid to say anything to a guy when I was a kid. And now I say who cares...I like dick! haha I am an avid snowboarder and love going as much as I can. If I could do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be to live on a side of a mountain and snowboard all day. Bum right??? lol I have a lifted truck so I off-road all the time. I also own a super-bike so I ride all the time. Wheelies and shit...lol

    Slate Steele 4

    Have you worked for any other sites other than Next Door? How did that differ than your time with Next Door?

    I have had 1 solo, 1 Boy/Boy, and 1 all male threesome with All American Hero's. Next Door is much more professional, clean, and its on a larger scale. I'm grateful for the opportunity AAH gave me to begin with them, but honestly its like comparing minor league baseball to the Majors. No real comparison.

    So, if you have ever read any of my interviews for GayDemon, you know that I love to end on one question. If you could choose one word to describe yourself as a performer what would it be and why?

    Genuine. I have found trying to be someone you are not only messes things up. Its easier to be yourself. Others respond better to you acting if you make it genuine.

  • Pinups Magazine Returns With Issue 17

    Pinups magazine

    It's been a while (a year!), but now Pinups is back with an all-new issue of hot, hairy and real men. Started in 2007 as a Xerox, the gay zine has evolved and grown with the times. (Scandal star Guillermo Díaz even went full frontal for a photo spread in 2010.) It has also become as famous for its launch parties as for its racy content. Issue 17 features performance artist Jake Dibeler and was celebrated with an event at BGSQD in New York City. As always, the pages of the magazine can be assembled to form a huge poster. So whether you're a fan of bears, otters or whatever else they call naturally furry and sometimes full-figured guys who are not into being Photoshopped, you will want to check out this arty publication. For more information, visit pinupsmag.com.

  • Trent Davis Takes Sean Xavier's Massive Cock

    Trent Davis Takes Sean Xavier's Massive Cock

    I'm a committed bottom, I love a big dick porking my ass, but even Sean Xavier's huge cock scares me. He's paired up with Trent Davis in this new scene from Lucas Entertainment and I'm really feeling both good and bad for Davis. The hunk has a massively round bubble butt and a top needs a big cock to push through those ass cheeks, but Xavier's meat is so big that this fuck is going to be a chore.

    Truth be told, Lucas Entertainment says that Sean Xavier's dick is only 9 inches long. I guess if the camera can add ten pounds to a person, then perhaps it can add a couple of inches to a man's dick. But look at that thing, it's hanging halfway down Trent's thigh!

    In this scene called Closing the Deal, Davis has to service Xavier's huge, meaty pole if he wants the contract he's bidding on. Down on his knees he goes and he hauls Sean's dick out of his trousers and gets to work sucking. And he does pretty good and swallows most of it. My favourite part of this fuck scene is near the beginning. Sean is lying back in his chair with his pants around his ankles, Trent stands in front of him, facing this handsome top, then with a leg on either side of Sean's, Trent squats and starts making this mammoth dick disappear in his ass. Later, Trent is lying back on the desk and Sean is drilling his ass and you can tell by Trent's grimacing and yelping that this is a hard fuck to handle.

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  • Bonding with a Group Wank

    View full video at Blake Mason

    I don't know why more gay porn sites don't feature circle jerks. Judging by the number of surfers who have viewed this video from Blake Mason, they're hugely popular. This one has six guys out on a camping trip, and once they get the tent set up, they settle back in their chairs, pull their pants around their ankles, and start jacking their uncut cocks. The last one to cum has to make dinner!

  • High Art Meets Low Art

    fine art stud

    What the hell is happening here? I demand to know. His underwear is some kind of swatch he's using to determine the color of the moonlit water. Cerulean green? He's high art meets low art. He's nature meets fake nature. He's Jim. And after he's done with this painting, he'll fuck you in the ass.

    I want everything to do with him. Because he can paint without a palette. Where is the fucking paint? Or is he a painting?

    And why does the knot in the tree look like a scary angry surprised mouth with a nose and two eyes and Spock eyebrows above it? Is he painting the mystical glory hole tree of Albania? Will he let me do his laundry, like as a wife fetish thing?

    Why do I have so many questions? High art and low arts makes you ask questions. Just don't expect answers.

  • Ryan Gives Up His Cherry

    Ryan Gives Up His Cherry

    Ryan is (or should I now say "was"?) the straightest guy over at Southern Strokes, but time and experience can change almost anything. Somehow they convinced Ryan not only to suck Miles' big, juicy cock, but to spread his hole and get fucked on camera! Man, I love it when a straight guy finally converts.

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  • Tyler Wolf Fucks Ryan Rose

    Tyler Wolf Fucks Ryan Rose

    Tyler Wolf is usually getting his ass fucked in porn videos, but in this new Falcon Studios DVD called Buck Naked, Wolf is on top and doing a very good job of screwing Ryan Rose's muscular butt. And this one's a bit of a horny mind fuck. Ryan Rose is the bigger guy. He's taller, has bigger muscles, and his cock is even a bit bigger than Wolf's, so it's kind hot watching a smaller guy dominate a bigger one.

    This is the third scene from Falcon's Buck Naked and it's a hot one. Tyler starts things off by servicing Ryan's big cock on the couch, so you figure the old "first one to suck is getting fucked" rule of gay porn applies. But not this time around. When Rose gets down on all fours and presents his big, meaty ass, Wolf dives in with his tongue and gets Ryan's hole wanting more attention. Then Tyler opens Ryan's ass with his stiff dick. But my favourite is seeing Rose on his back with his legs in the air, begging Tyler to screw him harder. I love vocal bottoms.

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  • Fucked by a Fat Foreskin Cock

    Fucked by a Fat Foreskin Cock

    I only saw Jaxon Radoc for the first time on Staxus a couple of weeks ago, although he's filmed quite a bit with the European studio. Jaxon is a cute Aussie and I fell in love with his 8-inch, banana-curved dick, which looks very hot sliding into another guy's ass.

    But like a lot of the guys over at Staxus, Jaxon takes his turn on the bottom, too. And he's paired up in this scene with Orlando White. And this Hungarian stud is beautiful with an uncut dick as well and it's only half an inch shorter than Jaxon's, but it's a little on the fat side.

    The guys spend some time swapping blowjobs back and forth in this bathhouse scene before crawling into some 69 cock sucking action. Then Orlando pushes Jaxon's legs over his head and squat fucks him, stuffing his raw dick inside Jaxon's hungry hole. Orlando's dick has a thick piece of foreskin that looks wildly hot pushing in and out of Jaxon's hole. I got really turned on watching this Hungarian plunge fucking this blond bottom. After drilling Jaxon doggy style, on his stomach, then on his back, Orlando drills hard until Jaxon cums all over himself. Then the bottom opens his mouth so Orlando can blow his cum wad all over his tongue.

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  • Important Blow Job Lips News

    bj lips

    According to the internet: "This is a magic and quick solution to giving you a beautiful set of lips that everyone will be jealous of. Simply take some toilet paper which is found in most households, and roll it up to a pencil shape. Once you have done this, pop the tissue under your top lip. If you would prefer both lips to look larger, then repeat the process and do the same with the bottom lip. Position the paper just under your lip, along your lip line. You will see immediate effects."

    Awesome! Thank you, internet!!! Why am I shouting!?!?! Anyway, because of this tip, now you can have blow job lips with which to seduce that guy who is very picky about getting head only from a guy with blow job lips. And maybe after the sure to be successful blow job, you can find out for me if blow job is one word or two because I don't fucking no.

    As for what happens during the act, your lips should be curled in anyhow (thus the phrase "No teeth, bitch!"), so the toilet paper should stay in just fine. It will be super pleasant. Not papery at all.

    I wonder if it's possible to plump other parts of one's body using toilet paper. Perhaps some sort of crotch or bra stuffing, if I dare speak of such things. How risqué.

    P.S. I already have the necessary lips. Just missing the dick in the mouth part at this very second. Maybe, after you're done plumping your face, I can go down on the toilet paper roll. Or forget that. I'm into size. So a Bounty paper towel roll. That's the "Reuse" part of "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." Giving head saves the Earth.