• White Dudes with Black Stud

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    This video from Mix It Up Boy has three of my favorite things: tattooed guys, black guys, and threeway sex. The inked bottom in this scene is very hungry for dick and he can't get enough of this black top's long, skinny cock. After swallowing a mouthful, he gets his ass fucked while playing with the other dude's hard-on.

  • Vic's First Time Fucking a Guy

    Vic's First Time Fucking a Guy

    Vic is a big, tattooed military man who thinks he's doing a solo masturbation scene for Active Duty. And things do start out that way. But then they bring Drew in, and things sort of pick up as Drew is willing to go down on Vic, and then Vic decides he wants to fuck. Drew is a little nervous, but he loosens up and enjoys himself once Vic bends him over the bed and nails his tight, white ass!

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  • Who Are These Masked Men?!

    Masked Men 1

    There's nothing sexier than a man of mystery. A guy who reveals himself slowly...or not at all. Knowing how to dance the dance of intrigue can be a big advantage in life and love. So imagine how exciting a site dedicated to athletic young guys having sex in masks can be--or creepy! It depends how you look at it. The Masquerade Men site is a fresh concept in gay porn. Most of its models are new to the porn world and want the fantasy of on-screen sex without the burden of family and friends seeing them do the nasty. There are more than 50 scenes currently available for streaming or download, and the site is updated weekly. The pics you see here feature muscle studs Bryce and Trey, but the site offers all types of models doing solos and duos. Masquerade Men has even started unmasking some of its contributors. So this site isn't just for lame pussies in hiding...er, or for men of mystery! For more information, visit Masquerade Men.

    Masked Men 2

  • Edging Angel Rock's Fat Dick

    Edging Angel Rock's Fat Dick

    I've long had a thing for Cuban hunk Angel Rock. He's a handsome guy with a deliciously big and fat uncut cock. I can't tell you how many times I've jacked off watching this stud fucking a hot piece of ass. But seeing him all tied up at Men on Edge conjures up all kinds of new fantasies.

    It's no secret that I love sucking dick, in fact, I can chow down on a man's cock and suck until his head explodes, his cock, too, then send him on his way and I'm completely satisfied. I don't even need to cum myself, just giving a man pleasure like that is enough to keep me pretty happy.

    So, imagining that I have Angel Rock tied to a concrete pillar gets me pretty revved up. Blindfolding him so he can't see what I'm doing or about to do, well, that just heightens the whole fntasy. Sebastian Keys is the lucky bastard who has Angel Rock's fat dick all to himself in this scene and he teases and edges Rock's meat until the Cuban stud is begging and pleading to shoot his wad.

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  • Hot Pants Dadaism

    Watch the 1981 Men's Gymnastics Caesar's Palace Exhibition with that video's volume muted (start at 2:40). And at the same time press play on the B-52s Hot Pants Explosion with the sound totally up. It's cosmic! You'll have to hit replay on the B-52s vid as the gymnastics one is almost three times as long. I'm assuming you like lithe, bouncy, determined guys in high waisted short shorts. Yes, they dare wear short shorts. And the VHS transfer adds a certain porn ne sais quoi.

    P.S. It's some of the guys who eventually made the 1984 Olympic team and/or the 1984 Falcon Video team.

  • Tommy's Massage & Blowjob

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    Tommy and Spunkworthy met through a mutual friend who runs a straight porn site and Tommy has made a couple of appearances there. Spunkworthy slipped him a card and Tommy called and did a jack-off / handjob video. But now he's back and on the massage table for a second video. Tommy says that he has a big hole in his pocket from the last happy-ending massage he had to pay for, so he's quite excited about doing this one because he gets blown and paid, it doesn't get much better than that.

  • Reviewed: Guys Gone Wild, Lads Next Door & Boyfun Collection

    guys gone wild site review

    Everyone's heard of Girls Gone Wild, but this site shows us that boys can get a lot more wild. Mix alcohol with Mardi Gras, spring break parties, or frat house antics and you'll see all kinds of crazy things: American college-aged guys, many of them straight, get naked for the cameras, flash their dicks and asses, jack their cocks, and there's even some bromance blowjobs. There are 286 videos taken from 28 different Guys Gone Wild DVDs and they add up to a dozen new videos every week. And the site offers another 4,200 bonus video scenes taken from a huge college of non-exclusive DVDs. There are only a handful of downloadable videos, but the site's fast streaming servers make the videos easy and fun to watch online.

    lads next door

    Lads Next Door is a fairly new gay porn site out of the UK featuring amateur guys with athletic bodies, some look like bad boys, others have that boy-next-door look and there's heaps of foreskin, too. Most of the guys are jacking off, playing with sex toys, or getting a helping hand from the director, but there are a few guy-on-guy sex scenes as well. While you'll recognize the odd porn performer in the ranks, by and large most of these guys are fresh faces. The site updates a couple of times a week with pictures and videos, and the blog is a fun read as the site owner talks about finding guys, buying underwear for the shoots, and stuff that happened while filming the guys. This is definitely a GayDemon fave and is sure to be the next big thing coming out of the UK.

    boyfun site review

    Boyfun Collection has been pumping out gay porn since 1999 and has amassed a collection of over 3,000 videos. It really doesn't get much better, does it? Undoubtedly Boyfun Collection is the largest twink site on the Net, and they add 5 new videos every week. We took another look at this mega-house porn site and freshened up the GayDemon review. It's hotter than ever and still going strong with 5 new movies and 1,000 pictures added every week, DVD quality, and no DRM, with three formats of videos to download, and blazing fast streaming videos. Boyfun Collection gets us fired up like an 18-year-old's cumshot.

  • The Brotherhood of the Travelling Underwear

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    The UPS man delivers a pair a magically underwear to Hunter Page in this new MEN.com video, and inside the package is a note explaining that if Hunter puts on the sexy briefs amazing things will happen. So he slips them up his legs and in walks hunky Tom Faulk, wrapped in a towel and ready to fuck. Oh, if it were that easy, eh?

  • Trenton Ducati Tops JD Phoenix

    Trenton Ducati Tops JD Phoenix

    Power bottom JD Phoenix has never done a scene for Dominic Ford before, and he was paired with super-hot Trenton Ducati for his debut. Since it's summer, this steamy session takes place outdoors by the pool, where these two well-built hunks can't get enough of each other as they suck, rim and do some serious ass pounding!

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  • Your High School Math Teacher's Naked!

    naked teacher

    This is what he always looked like under that tweed jacket. He had those cute chalk stains on his crotch, which busted him to everyone as what they used to call a "self toucher." And he used his hair to teach everyone that a squared plus b squared equals horrible hair. You will never forget him, your high school math teacher and the creepiest Statue of Liberty field trip chaperone ever.

    Breaking News: The janitor took the picture.