• Abuse Will

    Abuse Will

    This is the official blog of Abuse Will. Chronicling the master/slave relationship between Adam (Master) and his BFF Will (Slave). Adam is an experienced sadist and master and he is only in his mid twenties. He thrives of being dominant, making cute slaves squeal and scream. While at the same time being able to cum with no stimulation.

    Will is the slave and Adam dominates his every movement, all day every day. What Will eats, to when and how he cums, to how much beatings he will get. Being truly interactive users have a say on what will happen to Will in future episodes. How he gets tortured, to what humiliations he will receive to how much pain he must endure. All the pictures are real, hardcore and original. No actors, porn professionals or theatrics. Just the life of a master and his slave recorded on film. This is not for the faint of heart, but if you love BDSM you will love this site.

  • Edji Da Silva & Darius Ferdynand Flip Flop

    Edji Da Silva & Darius Ferdynand Flip Flop

    I have mixed feelings about this new video called Surrender to Love from Lucas Entertainment. Mainly because I'm not really interested in seeing Edji Da Silva getting fucked by anyone. He's a good-looking, French-Canadian hunk with a a beer-can-thick cock and I only want to see that fat piece of meat sliding into another guy's butt hole.

    This latest scene with Ferdynand is the third installment from the Surrender to Love series, and there are two more scenes yet to come. And it explores men in more passionate sessions and this one opens with Edji serving his lover breakfast in bed. But Darius tends not to eat breakfast, so a glass or orange juice and a big fat dick in his mouth is about all he needs to start his day.

    This morning, however, the usual top man Edji has a hunger for dick, too, and wants to bottom. So after lots of kissing and dick sucking, Edji and Ferdynand take turns fucking each other. But sensing that Ferdynand is still hungry, Edji fills up the blond stud's mouth with his generous helping of cum.

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  • The Hottest TV Show You're Not Watching

    American Ninja Warrior

    TV programming for gays doesn't have to be all The Golden Girls, Will & Grace and Glee. There are plenty of other shows that appeal to us guys--and sometimes they're found where you would least expect it. We never would have guessed that a sports/reality competition show would become our new obsession, but American Ninja Warrior is funny like that. It just sort of creeps up on you with its combination of feats of mind-boggling physical daring and its bevy of hot, hot men!

    The show, which airs on NBC and the G4 network, has been on for five seasons. It's an American version of the popular Japanese reality series Sasuke. Each year thousands of hopeful applicants, mostly men but a few brave gals, attempt to conquer this brutal obstacle course. First, they compete in qualifying events in cities all over the country, including Miami, Baltimore and Denver. An assortment of everyday guys who happen to be schoolteachers, auto mechanics, firemen and pizza servers turn up and are showcased in the show's "Competitor Profiles." We learn a bit about their backstories, but more important, we see how they train, building their sculpted bodies into prize specimens. Seriously, these dudes are ripped! And they could put any porn star to shame with their bulging muscles and brass balls!

    After qualifying, the top-10 competitors get a chance to take on Mount Midoriyama, the mother of all obstacle courses. Only three people in the world have ever conquered it. Will this season bring No. 4!? The title of first-ever American Ninja Warrior comes with a $500,000 cash prize. The four-stage finals are about to begin in Las Vegas. Fasten your seat belts, guys. And maybe unzip your pants, too!

    American Ninja Warrior airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on NBC. Check local listings for G4 showings.

  • GoGo Harder Does First Hardcore Fuck Scene

    GoGo Harder Does First Hardcore Fuck Scene

    Last March cute guy GoGo Harder did his first solo for Cocky Boys and he entertained surfers with his hand stands, fire eating, and circus-like dance numbers. He's a sexy guy, adorably cute with a plump pair of kissable lips, a furry body with pierced nipples and a decent-sized dick. But really, if I want to see nearly-naked guys doing handstands, I can go see a Cirque de Soleil show.

    After months of convincing, Cocky Boys finally got GoGo Harder to do a hardcore fuck scene. Too bad they couldn't get him to come up with a new porn name that wasn't, well, just silly. This scene starts off with GoGo Harder modelling his underwear collection for Ty Roderick and doing a bit of a boylesque show.

    Ty Roderick humours this young stud, but eventually takes over and plants a passionate kiss on those beautiful lips. Then Ty stuffs his big dick in GoGo Harder's face and gets his meat serviced -- those lips aren't just for decoration. We also see that all of GoGo Harder's acrobatics also serve a purpose allowing him to wrap his furry legs around Roderick and gets his ass dicked hard and deep.

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  • Great Outdoors Muscle Bear Sex

    Great Outdoors Muscle Bear Sex

    Wide Awake is Jasun Mark's latest film at TitanMen. Jasun explores voyeurism in this surreal, sex-dream-like collection; in scene 1 we join voyeur George Ce as he watches in confused fascination as Jesse Jackman and Johnny Parker, both super hot, hairy muscle men, suck and fuck in the great, green outdoors.

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  • Titan Men Signs Nick Prescott

    Nick Prescott Titan Men 1

    It seems like there haven't been as many exclusive model signings lately. Maybe the studios are taking a dog-days-of-August break? Well, Titan Men is restarting the trend with a brand-new signing! Sexy Nick Prescott is the company's latest exclusive performer, and the 28-year-old fetish model makes his gay porn debut with Justin King (below) in the new release Wide Awake.

    "My first day with Titan was surreal," Nick shares. "I couldn't believe that I was actually on a porn shoot in this incredible house in LA, with expansive views of the city, with lights, cameras and naked guys all around. It didn't hit me until after I came on my scene partner's chest that I had filmed my first porn!"

    Prescott will appear in films for both Titan Men and its Rough kink imprint. He is next slated to work with Hunter Marx.

    "I'm very proud and honored that Titan Men asked me to be an exclusive," Nick adds. "I feel pretty damn lucky to be working with one of the best, well-known companies in the industry, producing hot porn!"

    Fans can connect with Nick on Twitter @nickprescottxxx. And for more information, visit TitanMen.

    Nick Prescott Titan Men 2

  • Ryan Rose Is Falcon Man Of The Year

    Ryan Rose 1

    Raging Stallion isn't the only studio that has a hot new Man of the Year. It was just a couple of weeks ago that RSS named hairy dreamboat Shawn Wolfe as its Man of the Year. Not to be outdone, bro studio Falcon has now crowned Ryan Rose as its very own stud for 2013. (FYI, Landon Conrad was the first model to receive the honor two years ago.) The openly gay former college football player has appeared in four films since signing as a Falcon exclusive earlier this year. These include Just for You (with then-boyfriend Bobby Hart), Buck Naked, Musclebound and Alumni. In his acceptance video, Ryan says that he never would have thought "growing up as a little child and watching Falcon movies" that he'd ever attain Man of the Year status. (Aside: Interesting childhood, dude!)

    The all-American jock and former U.S. Marine will next be headlining Falcon's fall blockbuster, Bucks County. This big-budget two-parter is making noise partly because of the complimentary photo book of the cast that will be available with its DVD release next month. (We've gotten a sneak peek at the gorgeous book from photographers Edward Scott and Kent Taylor, and it's kind of like an even gayer Abercrombie & Fitch catalog! See image below.) Also look for Rose to co-host, along with Wolfe, the Falcon and Raging Stallion Annual VIP Party at Mezzanine in San Francisco on September 28. The stars, who appeared in an amazing scene together in Buck Naked (above), will meet and greet fans at the event, as well as go-go dance. For more info, visit Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion.

    Ryan Rose Bucks County

  • Turning the Tables

    Turning the Tables

    Felix Brazeau thinks it'll be fun to wake up muscle hunk Max Chevalier with a dildo up his ass. It's been a while since Chevalier has been on Men of Montreal. Brazeau said in the pre-action interview that he'd love to fuck Chevalier ass in this scene and the bald muscle hunk simply said, "In your dreams."

    But when Felix returns from the shower and sees this hunk snoozing on the bed with his beautiful ass in the air, Felix decides that while the hunk rebuffed the idea of taking his hard cock that didn't exclude a dildo. Chevalier wakes, wrestles Felix onto the bed and shows him who is the bottom in this scene. Chevalier outweighs Brazeau by more than a few pounds and he's massively built, so he quickly turns the tables on the cocky stud and shows him who is boss.

    Felix squirms, but gives in quickly and he's moaning and groaning with the sex toy in his hole. Then plunging the 8-inch dildo in and out of Felix's ass, he shoves his hard-on down the cocksucker's throat. Max does give Felix his ass though, if only spreading his massive butt cheeks and sitting on the stud's face. Then he gets Felix down on all fours and pounds his huge muscled body into the bottom's ass.

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  • School's Back Edition - Hump Day Hotties

    School's Back Edition - Hump Day Hotties

    Well there's no getting around it, with Labour Day just around the corner, summer is over. Everyone's returning to work and the college boys are heading off to school. I know most of us love summer and are sorry to see it go, but it also means we'll have a fresh crop of horny guys in the Fraterniy X dorm and lots of sweaty gang bang fucking to watch.

    But there hasn't been any lack of action in the dorm over the summer. In the first scene from Fraternity X, Will had been partying for a couple days, and even though he had quite a bit of sex, he still wasn't satisfied. So, he headed into the rec room, lit a cigarette, and bent his bare ass over an exercise bench. It wasn't long before his dorm mates noticed and took turns pounding his ass.

    In the second scene, Zach finds out what it's like to pledge in this gay fraternity. Last Saturday he was hanging out in the rec room with a bunch of the guys and they were all getting drunk. Since he was fresh meat in the dorm, he got his ass gang banged by three or four of the guys. And judging by the way Zach can service dick, he won't have any problem getting into this frat house.

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  • Tommy Gets His Uncut Cock Serviced

    Tommy Gets His Uncut Cock Serviced

    There's a couple things worth mentioning about Tommy from Blake Mason: he loves having another guy service his uncut cock, and he shoots huge loads. And he shares that hard piece of foreskinned manmeat with Toby, who licks the head and shaft with his pierced tongue before getting his hole tongued, speared and drilled by Tommy. You can guess how this hot fuck session ends!