• Czech Hunter 98

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    I love these videos from Czech Hunter. The previews are a bit long at 10 minutes each, but I really enjoy watching the negotiations between the Czech Hunter and the guys he picks up on the street. So, for 5,000 crowns (about $260 US), he gets this cute young guy to come back and play with his big cock. Watching this cocksucker sliding the Czech Hunter's foreskin up and down his huge dick really gets me in the mood for hitting the streets and finding someone to play with. Watch the video and see how much more money it takes to get this guy to go a lot further than he had planned.

  • His First Time Naked on Camera

    His First Time Naked on Camera

    Some guys are nervous when they first take off their clothes in front of a camera (and a camera man!), but not Beni Rousseau. He loved posing in his undies, stripping and showing off his smooth, firm body, then getting his cock hard and jerking it for Squirtz!

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  • Marcus Ruhl - Hump Day Hottie

    Marcus Ruhl - Hump Day Hottie

    I've always had a thing for Marcus Ruhl, he's got one of the biggest, hottest asses in gay porn. So I thought he'd make a good subject for this week's Hump Day Hottie and he's getting that beautiful butt fucked in two different scenes from Hot House and Falcon.

    In his scene with Hot House, Marcus Ruhl is paired up with another hot favourite of mine, hung Cuban stud Angel Rock. I love watching Marcus swallow Angel's fat uncut dick looking up at the Cuban with his cocksucker eyes and enjoying every inch of Angel's delicious piece of meat. But I always enjoy seeing Ruhl getting his ass fucked and he and Angel screw on the floor in a spooning position with Marcus' leg in the air so we get a good view.


    Falcon has another scene with Marcus Ruhl getting fucked by a hunky bald stud named Angelo from a series called Buck Naked. While I love Angel Rock, I'm really hot and bothered over this Angelo stud. Fuck, he gorgeous with a rock-hard body and a 9-inch cock. Marcus really shows off his cock-sucking skills with a wet and noisy blowjob where he makes his lips pop every time Angelo pulls his huge dick out of Marcus' mouth. Hot!

    But I really love the fuck scene with Angelo lying on the couch and Marcus riding his huge cock because this position really highlights how big and round Ruhl's ass cheeks are. Man, what a hot butt! Now if these two scenes don't get you over the hump nothing will.

  • Scott Scores With Tanner

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    Scott did quite a lot of filming with Corbin Fisher back in 2011-12, but he hasn't been seen on the site for quite a while. He recently headed back to do some more filming, and I'm loving this fuck scene with newish furry guy Tanner. The thing that got me the most revved up about this one is that Tanner is such an expressive bottom. "Oh yeah, don't stop fucking me" or "I love your cock fucking my hole" replace the standard ohs and ahs we hear in so many gay porn video. Tanner loves getting his ass boned and he lets us know that Scott's doing a good job. Honestly, I was so focused on how much Tanner was enjoying this fuck that I almost forgot Scott was in the room.

  • Circle Jerk Boys Gets A Makeover

    Glazed Muffin Circle Jerk Boys

    First it was Men Over 30 getting a redesign and a relaunch. Now, the always adorable Circle Jerk Boys are getting a new lease on life. Both sites are part of the Next Door/Buddy Profits family, following their purchase from Pride Studios earlier this year. And these guys never looked so good! "Glazed Muffin" is the first scene from the relaunch, and it's a yummy good time. Newbies Derick, Geo, Joshua Evans, Adam Parks and Jason Lee (above from left) sit on a couch and play that old college game of ookie cookie, but this time it's with a tasty chocolate muffin. Each of the models takes a turn "glazing" the muffin with his own special sauce before the lucky "winner" gets to eat the enriched treat! Also new, tattooed cutie Lee is back on the same couch for a duo with Jayce Asher (below) titled "Pushing the Limits." And this scene involves actual sucking and fucking. Despite a face-lift, some things in gay porn never change! For more information, visit CircleJerkBoys.com.

    Btw, Next Door is still expected to take over production for this site, along with the Men Over 30, Boyz Party and Extra Big Dicks sites, which looks to be up next for a refresh. Can the dicks get any bigger!?

    Jason Lee Jayce Asher Circle Jerk Boys

  • Paddy O'Brian Finally Gets Fucked

    Paddy O'Brian Finally Gets Fucked

    If Paddy O'Brian has a marketing manager, he or she should get an award. I don't think any other gay porn star has strung us along for so many years. Cody Cummings springs to mind with the endless teases like "Is Cody Cummings finally getting fucked this time?" But Cody Cummings never did get fucked and that's what separates the men from the boys.

    Paddy O'Brian has been appearing on gay porn sites for a lot of years. He started off on the UK sites doing jack-off scenes, then finally agreed to getting his first on-screen blowjob from a guy. For another year or more we were teased with one guy after another sucking Paddy's big-nobbed cock. Then finally, I think O'Brian did his first fuck scene with Falcon where he stuck his hard-on inside a guy's ass.

    When Paddy O'Brian was signed on as an exclusive for MEN.com's Men of UK, he fucked one guy after another, then the question became: When is Paddy O'Brian finally going to get fucked? Well here it is. And the guy lucky enough to get Paddy to bottom is Topher DiMaggio. And it's an enthusiastic fuck scene with Paddy even sitting on and riding Topher's big dick. This will go down as one of the top moments in gay porn this year.

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  • Sexy Jock With an Uncut Cock

    Sexy Jock With an Uncut Cock

    Blond and sexy Adomas is some serious eye candy. I can't get enough of his lean, athletic body - especially those sixpack abs and that beautiful butt. And he also sports an uncut cock that he seems to really enjoy showing off and stroking for the Fratmen cameras!

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  • Brother Husbands Gang Banging

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    I guess you could call this one a big fuck you to Mormon's who opposed California's prop 8. Andrew Blue already has three husbands -- Donny Wright, Haigen Sence and Cooper Reed -- so when he arrives back at the ranch with a new husband in tow, the others want to know if they get to break him in. "Are you a top or a bottom?" one husband asks. It doesn't matter, on this honeymoon, this stud is taking four dicks up his ass and he's baptized with a huge shower of cum.

  • Kayden Gray & Mathew Mason in Bangers & Ass

    Kayden Gray & Mathew Mason in Bangers & Ass

    I haven't really seen Kayden Gray or Mathew Mason before. I'm always thrilled watching new meat making their debut, even if they're new to me. And these two studs are fucking in a new Lucas Entertainment video called Bangers & Ass.

    Kayden Gray has a deliciously meaty uncut cock, God it's so thick, and he'll quickly rise to gay porn stardom. Still a little boyish looking in the face, but sporting a lean and ripped body with patches of fur across his chest and belly, and he's got a very hairy fuck hole.

    I'm not sure about Mathew Mason. He is incredibly hot with his face scruff and lean body covered in tattoos -- totally my type of guy -- and he's packing a juicy, big-nobbed dick, but he's crowned with a hair do that just makes him look stupid. This isn't GQ, it's a porn shot for fuck sake. But there's no getting over his cock-sucking skills and smooth fuck hole.

    Mathew Mason is a raging bottom, but in this scene he's sharing bottom duty with Kayden Gray. After swallowing each other's big, hard dicks, Mason fucks Gary, but watching Kayden screwing Mathew is really the highlight of this video. Seeing Mathew's tattooed legs and big feet in the air with Kayden pumping his horny hole will make you forget all about his silly hairy.

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  • Topher Tops Paddy In Much Anticipated Scene

    Paddy O'Brien Bottoms

    We teased it earlier this month. Now, the moment of truth is here. Wanna see porn superstar Paddy O'Brian take his first (onscreen) dick? Then Men.com is the place for you. This scene has been hyped (and overhyped) for weeks. Certain disreputable blogs claimed to know the identity of the lucky top. (Wrong, as usual.) In the end, Topher DiMaggio is the man who gives it to Paddy in numerous positions. The scenario finds the British hunk at the mercy of two incompetent (female!?) directors who make a booking mistake that leads good sport O'Brian to agree to get fucked. But he seems to enjoy it--and he doesn't seem half bad at it! To view Paddy's bottoming debut in "Top to Bottom 2," go to Men.com.

    Paddy O'Brien Topher DiMaggio

  • Fucked in the Hot Tub

    Fucked in the Hot Tub

    Dominic Ford's caught a hot session on video this week! Trenton Ducati and David Lambert are kicking back in the back yard, and the hot tub is tempting. A little warm water, a little sun, and next thing you know, David starts sucking Trenton's big dick. Then things get serious as Trenton bends David over the edge of the hot tub and nails David's tight ass!

  • Harley Everett Fucks Muscle Stud

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    Harley Everett gets me so horny. With his shaved head, huge muscles, and a big-nobbed cock, he's a hot fucker. When this video from Hard Brit Lads opens up Caleb Ramble is licking his way down Harley's carved pecs and abs, and as Caleb gets read to swallow Harley's mushroom-head dick, the bald head says, "Nice and slow." Anything you want Harley ... nice and slow, hard and fast, deep and long. Caleb does what he's told and gets a good ass boning.

  • It's a Bird, a Plane? No, It's Super Gay Man!

    super gay man

    Here he comes to save the day. And what global cataclysms will he stop? What crimes against nature will he save humanity from? What fucking good is he at all?

    Well, um, he's good at getting semen out of sequins. And he's good at going to the gym (sometimes) and trimming his moustache (always). He's also good at selling homeowners insurance by day and doing outcall massage by night. And he's good at making a fist but not hitting you.

    But most of all, he's good at dressing like Raquel Welch.

  • Big Czech Cock for Hungry Ass

    Big Czech Cock for Hungry Ass

    When I saw this new scene featuring Dick Casey, I fell in love. He's such a a good-looking guy. He's from the Czech Republic, he's 22 years old, and he's packing a thick, 8-inch uncut dick. I jokingly asked my buddy at Staxus if he could set me up with date, I'd certainly fly all the way over to Europe to spend a few hours slobbering all over this sexy Czech guy's dick. However, a date isn't in the cards, so I'll have to be content perving over Casey in the four videos he's already filmed for Staxus.

    In this scene he's paired up with Xander Hollis, a cute bottom who walks in on Casey having a wank. And Xander does what any hungry cocksucker would do -- he falls to his knees and wraps his lips around Casey's beautiful erection. Dick lies back and enjoys the head for a while, then gets Xander to fuck his face. And after some horny and wet 69ing, Dick puts Xander on his back and inches his hard-on into the boy's fuck hole.

    Xander flips over and gets on all fours, raising his sweet ass high in the air and burying his face in the pillow, he moans and whimpers as Dick pounds his ass really hard. With Casey working Xander's hole with deep, purposeful thrusts, the young lad's dick lets fly with a juicy and vigorous cumshot. Dick thanks him for a good fuck by covering the Xander's lips with his creamy load. And to think, I've got three more Dick Casey videos to watch, I know what I'll be doing when I get all my work done today.

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  • Blue-Collar Buds Fuck

    Blue-Collar Buds Fuck

    TitanMen's latest release, Stag, features dark haired, inked Spanish hunk George Ce giving his big, uncut piece to scruffy, cock-hungry Donnie Dean. A couple of blue-collar buds take a break to let off some steam. Donnie and George take turns sucking each other's big dicks. Then George bends Donnie over the work bench, to bury his face in his ass, getting his hole nice and wet before he works his uncut meat deep inside Donnie's ass. George gives Donnie a real pounding, fucking the bottom from behind, then Donnie rides him, finally Donnie get on his back taking GeorgeĆ­s cock all the way till they both blow their loads.

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