• He Doesn't Know He's Naked

    naked exercise man

    Trust me, he is just exercising away, more obsessed with his triceps and abs than with any awareness of nudity. As for his erection, he's like that while wearing clothes so for him that doesn't signal nudity. Even if he were to see his erection, he always sees it in his mind's eye so that's not a signal of nudity. The only thing that may in some way give him a clue that he's naked is that someone pays him to get his picture taken.

    Though that's really because of his muscles not his dick, right? Oh wait, we can see muscles everywhere. It's the muscles and dick combo that's all the rage, so maybe he'll get a clue, like when he picks his clothes up off the floor and puts them on. Though he's wearing a necklace, so he's definitely not naked regardless.

    I suppose there is a slight possibility that he's aware he's naked. His dick has a different color than the bedspread for instance. And in the second picture is making a rather penis-shaped shadow. Still, I don't think he knows he's naked. Maybe if you stand in front of him and masturbate while staring at his dick, he'll get a clue.

    If you look closely at guys who are wearing clothes, I'll bet you'll notice some of them are naked too. Well, at minimum, they may get naked for you if you stare just the right way. It's magic.

  • Spit Roasting a Lucky Bear

    View full video at Bear Films

    Rick Sierra has slept in and his two buddies have come to his hotel room to wake him up for work. Marco Bolt is a beefy, hairy bear who has made a couple of videos for Bear Films, but scruffy man Blake Randolph is making his first appearance -- what a hot fucking hunk of man. I'm pretty jealous of bottom bear Sierra because he's got these two hot men working his mouth and his ass. With one pumping his throat, the other dicks his ass, Rick is in heaven and what a way to wake up and start the day!

  • Sucking That Twink Dick!

    Sucking That Twink Dick!

    Jake Cruise is at it again! This isn't cute twink Kyler Ash's first rodeo, and he's more than happy to let silver daddy Jake go down on him, servicing his twink cock with those experienced lips and tongue till Kyler's about to burst his load... in Jake's eager mouth!

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  • Tom Bianchi's Fire Island Memories

    Fire Island Pines 1

    Pretty-boy photography books are a dime a dozen, but few do them as well as Tom Bianchi. The famed photographer has released 20 books of his pictures, poems and essays over the 25 years since he gave up his career as a corporate lawyer. Since then, he has worked diligently to bring his own brand of beautiful men to the masses. Now, Bianchi has released a new photo book titled Fire Island Pines--Polaroids 1975-1983, which celebrates a very specific time in the history of the famed island destination. "Back in the 70's and 80's," he writes on his blog, "I documented the emergent gay culture on an infamous beach out of sight, for the most part, from the dark forces of repression that ruled then."

    Growing up in Chicago, Bianchi says that he first read about the gay getaway in a muscle magazine. "Fire Island sounded exotic, perhaps a name made up by the photographer," he recalls in the preface to the book. "I had no idea it was a real place. Certainly, I had no idea then that it was a place I would one day call home." When Bianchi finally ventured to Fire Island, AIDS had not yet claimed many of his friends. The disease went on to change the gay landscape forever. But before that happened, Bianchi set out to capture the men, parties and natural beauty of the seaside community--not to mention the gorgeous guys who populated his life and bed--with his Polaroid camera, which adds to the many charms of this set. Now 30 years later, Bianchi is getting to share his very personal vision of a time long gone. For more information, visit TomBianchi.com.

    Fire Island Pines 2

  • Trenton Ducati and Adam Champ

    Trenton Ducati and Adam Champ

    Tretnon Ducati is lying back in his red long johns at his camp site in this new COLT video called Muscle Ridge. The muscle hunk thinks he's alone and he's enjoying stroking his meaty-thick big hard-on in a patch of sun that warms his hard-muscled body. But hairy muscle hunk Adam Champ is watching a short distance. spying Trenton through a pair of binoculars.

    Champ moves in closer and Ducati spots him, but he doesn't stop jacking his dick. So Champ kneels between his legs and feeds on the hunk's cock. Then Ducati takes his turn, nursing on Champs thick and veiny uncut meat. But Ducati wants more than a blowjob trading session, so he kneels in his chair and Adam fucks his big, beefy ass.

    Champ sits back in the chair with sweat pouring all over his hairy chest and Trenton rides his hard dick in a reverse cowboy and works up a sweat of his own. The only thing that would make this scene hotter is if a park ranger stumbled on this pair and joined in.

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  • Donnie Dean Is New RSS/Falcon Exclusive

    Donnie Dean Raging Stallion

    You know it's a good sign when a model shows up for a film shoot and the president of the studio takes notice. That's exactly what happened when newcomer Donnie Dean arrived to film a scene with porn star Jimmy Durano for Hard Friction's Throb. Company president Chris Ward says that he was "immediately intrigued" by what he saw, and now bearded and hairy Donnie has signed an exclusive contract to appear in movies for both Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios.

    "Being fairly new in the business, it's an extreme honor to be offered an exclusive contract with Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios," Dean says. "I was happy to accept their offer, because it's the best studio to work for, with a great staff and amazing directors. My first production was amazing, and [directors] Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I'm looking forward to making great movies with Falcon and Raging Stallion and all the possibilities that being an exclusive for the world's biggest gay studio offers."

    Look for handsome Donnie, who the studio says will be primarily a bottom performer, in several upcoming productions, including Throb (out now), Hole 1 (available this Friday), Musclebound and Magnetism (both out later this summer). For more information, visit RagingStallion.com and FalconStudios.com.

    Donnie Dean Falcon Studios

  • Laundromat Gang Bang

    Laundromat Gang Bang

    We've all done it. Some tool has left their clothes in the dryer at the laundromat and left to get lunch, so we pull them out and leave them on the counter. But Jayden Ellis is an obnoxious punk in this scene from Bound in Public and someone is using his favourite dryer. When he's caught tossing a guy's wet clothes on the counter, the other guys in the laundry mat decide to teach this punk a well-deserved lesson.

    About eight guys tackle Jayden and he tries to fight back, but he's helpless and they tear the clothes from his body. They stuff his head in his favourite dryer and take turns fucking his ass. Then with a rope around his neck, Jayden is led around the laundromat on his hands and knees. Some of the guys line up along the wall with their asses pushed out and ready for servicing. After being forced to eat a line-up of butt hole, this punk has cock after cock rammed down his throat.

    Since they're in a laundromat, there's no shortage of dirty and sweaty underwear to push into this cocksucker's face. Finally, they stuff Jayden inside his a washer and everyone takes a turn throat fucking him -- it's like a giant glory hole! One after another, these horny men spunk all over his face. And since Jayden's already in a washing machine, cleaning up his cummy face should be a breeze. Question is: Did they turn on the washer?

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  • Military Suck and Fuck Session

    Military Suck and Fuck Session

    This week, Active Duty brings us Wayne. He's a soldier who's horny all the time, and he and Dan can't wait to get at each other, stroking and sucking each other before Wayne rides Dan's rigid pole. The guys finish up with a good old jackoff session, and the cum does fly!

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  • Nick Moretti Breeds Chad Brock

    View full video at Bareback That Hole

    If you're going to give a top your bare hole, you might as well make him work to earn it, right? Chad Brock services hairy man Nick Moretti's big dick in this video from Bareback That Hole, sucking it and rubbing his beard along Moretti's sensitive cock head. When it's good and hard, Moretti sits back in a leather chair and Brock straddles him and squats. Then Brock holds onto the chair's arms while Nick thrusts hard and fast up into his butt hole. Brock turns around for more of the same. Man, Moretti is really working up a thrusting sweat. I love watching this hairy top man fucking ass.

  • Nude Men Who Look Like Somebody

    Amateur porn can be anything you want it to be. Just ask these nude men who look like you know who. In order:

    • One of Blaire's many preppy suitors on The Facts of Life during her time at Langley College. That's post Eastland School for Girls, pre Edna's Edibles burning down. Though it's a mystery how they managed to get his bulge down for filming. Remember, looks like, not actually was.
    • I don't watch Mad Men, but isn't this that guy?
    • That guy at the gym who has a gay body but doesn't even know it or care plus his nipples are flat and have no sensation but you'll die trying to get them big and sensitive. And he's marketing coordinator of an accounting firm.
    • That bike messenger you wish you could see without pants so here you go. Yes, there are still bike messengers in some cities because not everything can be a PDF, for which we are all thankful.
    • That guy you had no idea looks like this under his clothes but you secretly hoped. He was in the waiting room at the doctor's office and you let him have that Sexiest Man Alive issue of People magazine because you figured he was in it.

    amateur nude men

  • Straight Trucker's First Time

    Straight Trucker's First Time

    Nicolas Potvin is a straight, long-distance trucker hauling his load all over Quebec. A couple of weeks back, he did his first jack-off video for Men of Montreal, and now he's back for his first gay sex scene. Nicholas has just hit Montreal after a long day of travelling in his truck and he's horny. Still, it's his first guy-on-guy sex, so he's nervous.

    When Marko Lebeau gropes the truckers crotch, he feels that Nicholas' cock is already getting hard. So Marko pulls out the stud's dick and spends a lot of time blowing him, first on the couch, then move to the bed where Nicholas can get comfortable and naked.

    Marko tries kissing Nicholas, but the straight trucker is uneasy with that, so Marko gets down on all fours and presents his ass. As Nicholas has only ever fucked girls, he says that he was really surprised at how tight a guy's ass is and that it felt much better than the holes he normally fucks. You can tell by the devilish smirk on Nicholas' face that he's really enjoying Marko's ass and pounds him good and hard. After shooting his cum load all over the bottom's abs, Nicholas says that he had a lot of fun and he'll warm up to kissing guys, but "It's my first time with a guy, so ..."

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  • Wally's World Blog

    Wally's World Blog

    Wally's World Blog gives you your daily dose of muscle men, muscle worship, military muscle and more. Kicking me off with a flash of smooth, toned chest was Trenton Ducati a model for the Colt Studio group. Wow, what a wanger! Then came Tony Rivera from Men at Play. Nice. You know Mitch Vaughn? Does some very nice hardcore scenes for Cock Sure Men? No? Well, go and take a look. If you want muscled porn actors and shots from their movies, links to their sites and information about what they are doing, and who they are doing, then this blog will fill you in.

    There are adverts leading you off to sites of interest as well, but these are neatly arranged to one side so you can use them if you want, but you don't feel overwhelmed by them. You will find that the pics and articles themselves will link you off to sites and you might be tempted to sign up. That's fine, this is a trusted blog and you don't pay out any money unless you want to. It's a good resource for anyone who wants to check out some detail about guys who fall into the hunk and body-worship category. That done, you can go and sign up to a site for more.

  • Barebacked by Two Huge Cocks

    Barebacked by Two Huge Cocks

    Alex Vaara isn't looking for romance - he's looking to get fucked, and Bareback Blonds finds not one but TWO big dicks to stretch his hungry butt. Alex gets barebacked by Big T, and once his hole is open from the pounding he takes, he gets it from another horny top. His ass is dripping cum by the time this raw fuck session is over!

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  • First Timers - Hump Day Hottie

    First Timers - Hump Day Hottie

    We do make a lot of fuss over a guy's first time. Paul Walker and Tony Paradise have been having sex with guys quite a bit over at MEN.com. Paul Walker has been fucking a lot of butt over at Men of UK, while Tony Paradise has been getting his dick serviced on the other MEN.com sites. But over the past week, each of these top studs has gotten their own butts fucked for the first time on camera.

    Paul Walker and Paddy O'Brian are real-life friends, but in the MATES series at Men of UK, they've been playing a couple of buddies on camera. Walker has been discovering that he feels a lot more than friendship for Paddy. After they fucked a guy together, Paul cooled things off with Paddy because he didn't know how to deal with his feelings. When they finally come together at a party, Paddy storms out of the apartment when Walker says, "I want you." But Paddy's back a while later to give his buddy exactly what he wants - Paddy's big-nobbed cock up his ass.

    In Lawful Entry, Tyler Hunt and Tony Paradise have scored big when they find a couple of duffle bags packed with laptops and other cool gear. When Tony sees Tyler groping his crotch while sitting on the couch, Tony says, "Why don't you pull your cock for me, dude?" Tyler's big dick gets Tony so revved up that he bends over and offers his hairy ass to his buddy to fuck for the first time. And you know how much a dude loves breaking in another guy's ass for the very first time.

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  • Redhead Hunk Jacks his Big Dick

    View full video at Chaos Men

    Jordan is one sexy fucker. I've always had a thing for redhead men, but Jordan has a beefy body and big, thick piece of meat to admire, too. In this video from Chaos Men, Jordan sticks his big tool into a Fleshlight and shows us how good it feels. This one's short and sweet, but definitely worth checking out. And if you're ever in Atlanta, you might run into Jordan in one of the gay strip clubs, he's an exotic dancer who moves his muscles and swings his big dick for the crowd.