• Cock Pig Alessandro Pounded

    Cock Pig Alessandro Pounded

    Hung French stud Enzo Di Karina is back on the Tim Tales site, and of course cock pig Alessandro is on hand to give that massive dick the kind of servicing the guy really needs. This is absolutely one of those videos for all the men out there who really love to see a greedy cock sucker and bareback bottom going to town on some impressive inches of cock. Enzo has one of the juiciest dicks in the business, and there are plenty of guys who would love to take it, but not many can. Of course, Alessandro is such a greedy bottom he knows exactly how to work it and get it deep, jerking his own big dick the whole way through as his top slides in and out of his ass! Check out the cum eruption that cock pig takes at the end - thirsty fucker!

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  • Jimmy Fanz & Josh Long

    Jimmy Fanz & Josh Long

    Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are the latest pairing to come out of Raging Stallion's new DVD Behind the Big Top. I often get a chuckle out of Raging Stallion because they concoct some of the most ambitious, acrobatic sex you'll ever see in gay porn. Guys fucking on ladders, guys hanging off kitchen cupboards while taking a pounding, and all of manner of unpredictable and implausible positions. I can't remember the last time I hung upside down on a rope ladder to get into a steamy 69 cock sucking session, but in the case with Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long, it makes sense because they're playing circus acrobats.

    Jimmy and Josh are wearing their tight-fighting singlets and practicing a routine in the props tent. Josh says that he has an idea and climbs the ladder, wraps his legs around a rung, and hangs upside down; his cock is perfectly positioned to slide into Jimmy's mouth, so they get into one of the most creative 69 positions I've seen in gay porn.

    Then Jimmy hangs off the ladder and Josh fucks his ass. They really are pulling everything out of their sexual positions bag of tricks. They play around with more rope and suspend Jimmy's legs in the air while Josh holds the ropes and pounds hole. It's a hot and fun scene to watch, but it definitely falls under the category of "do not try this at home unless you're a trained acrobat."

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  • Trenton Ducati Goes Solo In Timberline

    Trenton Ducati Timberline COLT 1

    Trenton Ducati has been cleaning up on the award circuit, with recent wins at both the Hookie and Grabby awards. Now, the porn superstar is branching out in a new solo for Colt Studio Group. In this scene from Timberline for the long-running Minute Man series, Ducati gathers some wood in the great outdoors then decides to go natural. The tattooed muscle stud strips down and savors his own stench as he flexes and poses. Soon his red jockstrap is straining, and it's time to free the beast. As the press release notes, "Handling hard wood is what Trenton does best as he takes his own thick piece in hand for some serious knob rubbing." Serious, indeed. He pumps his swollen pole while fingering his tight butt. In the end, Ducati plants his copious seed on his taut tummy and then eats it. And Mother Nature gets to witness it all! For more information, visit ColtStudioGroup.com.

    Trenton Ducati Timberline COLT 2

  • Worst Jake Gyllenhaal Fan Creation Ever

    I didn't make this but I still apologize. The last thing I want you to do is "JAKE IT OFF" because it sounds like that would be painful. I'm bracing for the Hugh Jackman version, which would include the equally confusing phrase "HUGH JACKMAN IT OFF" (also in some modern typeface to attempt to give it class and style).

    If you are desperate to see Jake's junk, try taking a picture of it while he's peeing. Though the last time someone tried that he got super angry and camera-grabby. But being yelled at by Jake Gyllenhaal would be hot. It'd be just like you were his butler.

    jake gyllenhaal underwear

  • Hairy Sam Wanks One Out

    View full video at Blake Mason

    Sam is a hairy Bulgarian stud and he's doing his first video over at Blake Mason. It's no secret that I love Eastern European guys, but in a sea of Czech studs, it's hot seeing a guy from Bulgaria. Sam could use someone to teach him how to trim down his unibrow, but he's got such a beautiful hard, furry body and a big uncut cock that I really don't care about his manscapping missteps.

  • Moroccan Hunk Gets a Blowjob

    Moroccan Hunk Gets a Blowjob

    Bodybuilder Kamal Ali only recently did his first jack-off video ever for Men of Montreal. And this Moroccan muscle hunk is back on Marko Lebeau's casting couch and getting his first on-screen blowjob. Kamal was a little hesitant about it, only because he's never performed on video before. But he is a stripper, so he's used to putting on a show and it didn't take him long to get warmed up.

    Kamal started bodybuilding seriously about 3.5 years ago when he moved to Montreal. He was born in Marrakesh, Morocco and he's only 19 years old. He weighs a very solid 220 pounds and has a big, beefy body. He's fucking gorgeous and has me wondering why we don't see more Arab men in gay porn. He's currently working as an exotic dancer while studying to become a personal trainer, and he's hoping to start professional bodybuilding competitions later this year -- he's bulking up to try and get to 270 pounds!

    Marko gets down to servicing this Arab hunk's stiff cock and Kamal is really enjoying the head. Marko pays some attention to Kamal's huge, beefy ass and drives the stud's hole wild with his tongue. Kamal finally settles back in a chair, spreads his massive thighs, and Marko nurses on his boner until this Moroccan coats his beautiful torso with a creamy load of spunk.

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  • Str8 Lance Gets Sucked Off By Marty

    Str8 Lance Gets Sucked Off By Marty

    Lance was really not sure about all this according to the guys over on the Active Duty site. His cock was showing it too when he and Marty got them out for some jerking. The poor straight guy had never done anything with another guy before, but that's usually how it goes on this site - straight guy strokes some cock, gets sucked, likes it, goes further.. before he knows it he's balls-deep in a guys ass and ready to fill him with cum! So, even though he was new to it all, the sucking skills of Marty brought that straight guy dick to life and he even gave Marty some jerking too with his own meat throbbing with approval! The cum shots are the best bit though. I don't think this will be the last man-on-man fun Lance tries!

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  • Bound Police Officer Robert Axel

    Bound Police Officer Robert Axel

    Sebastian Keys and Van Darkholme are having some perverted fun on a mattress with a guy they have stripped and tied up in a basement. It's going to be another nasty session at Men on Edge. But things take an interesting turn. Hearing the helpless stud's cries for help, police man Robert Axel bursts in with guns blazing. He orders these two men to let the guy go. Not the best decision Officer Axel has made today because Sebastian and Van jump the cop, wrestle him to the ground, and tie him up.

    With this cop bound and helpless, these perverts rip off Axel's clothes and tease his cock rock hard. The officer struggles to try and free himself. But his dick betrays him as they continually bring him to the brink of orgasm. He loves and hates it all at the same time.

    Now it's Axel's turn on the mattress and Sebastian and Van fill both of his holes with dildos. Finally they give Robert the release he's been begging for and he shoots his cum load all over himself. But they're not finished. They want to see what a pig Officer Axel really is and make him eat his own cum. And just show they meant no harm, they tickle him relentlessly before releasing him and running away.

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  • Darren Kane & Tony Rivera Barebacking

    View full video at Hairy and Raw

    Darren Kane is a sexy, bearded bear and he's making is first video over at Hairy and Raw. He's paired up with Tony Rivera, a versatile and beefy man who has made a few videos for the bareback site. And Tony shows his hot, new found buddy how to make a sizzling fuck video. Tony lies back on the bed and we get a good look at his thick, hairy body while Darren is nursing on his cock; Darren's own big ass is a delicious sight. Then Tony says, "Turn around, show me your ass!" And you know where this is going.

  • Michael Lucas No Love For Harry Louis


    Not everybody in porn has to get along and once you burn a bridge in porn, well... let's just say that it won't be that easy to get your cock or get a cock up your ass for cash from any studio if you have a nasty reputation.

    Legendary porner Michael Lucas recently uploaded part of a conversation that he had with ex Brazilian porner Harry Louis and things were not so peachy from the start. Harry has been adding people on FaceBook like crazy, (I even got a friendship request, LUCKY ME!!) and Harry decided to add Michael as a friend but unfortunately for Harry, Mr.Lucas just didn't have time for that!

    Michael starts off by saying that he missed the old Harry that "used to cook for me in London" and wrote "you used to be sweet in the beginning of our collaboration." Well, Harry didn't like the sound of that and answered "truth is not what you're talking."

    Lucas then let it rip and said "I do not need you or your rudeness" and then went on to say "You were a nasty model during the last year of us working with you and now you're a nasty arrogant brat!"--- OH NO, SHE BETTA DON'T!!


    I guess you do not want to get on Michael's bad side cos he will deffo give it to ya and give it to ya good. This brings 2 questions to mind, 1) did Harry respond to that and 2) did he even understand the message?

    We shall see if more DRAMA unfolds! Go HERE for the conversation! MEEEOW!!!