• Country Jock Works His Dick

    Country Jock Works His Dick

    Kort Matador has the whole package as far as I'm concerned. He arrived at the Southern Strokes site to share his talents with the world, and I think we can all appreciate that he has some talents, too, after seeing this session! Kort's cute, but he has the body of a real jock. He's a bit of a gym rat, working out pretty regularly, but he's also a little bit of a contortionist (or has he just spent a lot of time in his room trying to suck on his own cock?) He puts on a great show for a noobie, though, totally showing off his hard Southern cock and jacking himself all the way to the edge, splashing out his warm juice all over that totally lickable body! Will he back to get some man-on-man action with one of the other guys? I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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  • Donny Wright & Duncan Black

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    Duncan Black finds himself on a talk show in this scene from MEN.com and the talk-show host is there to help Duncan deal with his problem -- he's crushing on his straight, college dorm mate and doesn't know what to do about it. Black heads off with a heap of advice on how to turn his straight friend gay, and the host gives Duncan a camera hidden in a pen so that we can watch this crush fantasy turn into a hot fuck scene.

  • Luke Milan & Mario Torrez

    Luke Milan & Mario Torrez

    In this scene from Next Door Buddies, Mario Torrez and Luke Milan are playing best friends. They've been buddies for a long time, but as these things sometimes go, Luke has had a long-standing crush on Mario. Who can blame him? Mario Torrez is a handsome and sexy stud.

    Luke's urges are getting stronger and he finds it hard to contain them when Mario is around. One afternoon while Mario is napping in his underwear, Luke gives into his feelings and starts rubbing Mario's feet and legs. Mario doesn't wake up until Luke's hand is squeezing his considerable bulge. Caught red handed, Luke is embarrassed but Mario doesn't protest.

    Excited that his fantasy is coming true, Luke quickly slides off Mario's underwear before his hunky friend changes his mind. Then Luke climbs up on the bed and swallows Mario's stiffening dick. Luke moans a huge sigh of relief when Mario slides his tongue between Luke's round butt cheeks. With his dick raging hard, Mario takes over, pushes his best friend down on the bed and plunges his big dick inside Luke's ass. And by the way Mario fucks his best friend's ass, it's pretty clear he's been harboring some feelings of his own.

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  • Nasty Cop & His Prisoner

    Nasty Cop & His Prisoner

    You don't ever want to find yourself in officer Jeremy Stevens' jail, or maybe you do. In this scene from Bound Gods, Stevens is working over burglar Dayton O'Connor. Stevens caught O'Connor masked and breaking into a home, so he arrested him and carted him off to his own private prison cell.

    Officer Stevens starts off with a strip search and Stevens wraps his fist around his prisoner's nuts and pulls on them hard. O'Connor bellows in pain, but this session is just getting started. Restrained and unable to move much, O'Connor endures an electric wand and screams as this nasty cop zaps his sensitive balls with electricity.

    After being whipped with a flogger, O'Connor is tied up with his legs in the air and Stevens fucks his ass hard and relentlessly. But O'Connor doesn't seem to mind this kind of punishment. Even gagged you can still hear the prisoner begging, "Oh yeah, please fuck my hole". Stevens blasts a shower of cum all over his prisoner, then milks a load of spunk out of his cock before taking him downtown for booking. Where do I turn myself in? I've been a bad burglar, too.

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  • NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Out

    NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Out

    Just when you thought that the basketball was the most homophobic sport in the America, professional basketball player Jason Collins decides to come out and prove everyone wrong.

    Jason, who is 34 and plays for the Washington Wizards, gave the exclusive to Sports Illustrated in the May issue of the magazine. He told the magazine that he wished he wasn't the kid in the classroom to raise his hand and say he was "different", but since no one has done this in basketball he has decided to finally raise his hand and declare himself gay and proud.

    He also said that the recent bombs in the Boston Marathon have also pushed him to come out now and live "truthfully". Jason told the magazine that he goes against the typical gay stereotype and that he is a very aggressive player who is in no way "soft", which many may think a gay player would be. He doesn't care about statistics - all he cares about is being evaluated as a team player.

    Finally, Jason said that he is very happy about the shift in people's point of view when it comes to gays and had the following to say:

    "I'm glad I'm coming out in 2013 rather than 2003. The climate has shifted; public opinion has shifted. And yet we still have so much farther to go. Everyone is terrified of the unknown, but most of us don't want to return to a time when minorities were openly discriminated against. I'm impressed with the straight pro athletes who have spoken up so far -- Chris Kluwe, Brendon Ayanbadejo. The more people who speak out, the better, gay or straight. It starts with President Obama's mentioning the 1969 Stonewall riots, which launched the gay rights movement, during his second inaugural address. And it extends to the grade-school teacher who encourages her students to accept the things that make us different."

    This is great news for all gay people around the world and it just goes to show that in this day and age NOBODY should be worried or judge you on who you give your love to and who you prefer in bed. The important thing is about how well you do your job, what kind of person you are and that's pretty much it!

    (Source: The Guardian)

  • Vintage Jock Bulge

    In the event of a water landing, his bulge will function as a flotation device.

    It's difficult to tell what year this photo was taken. I'm guessing somewhere between 1957 and 2035. That's because I know 2035 is the last year that men are allowed to wear clothes.

    And yes, this swimming getup is hotter than a standard issue speedo. After all, stimulating the imagination is super important because the brain is the biggest sex organ. Make that the second biggest!

    vintage swimmer bulge

  • "RuPaulogize" Is a Word Now

    And it's also a hashtag. RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 alumna Willam has a new vid way worth watching. Yeah, I know the female gender version of alumni because I took Latin in high school. It's come in handy like twice.

    As background, Willam got kicked off the show by RuPaul due to an unspecified rule breakage. It may have been contact with the outside world during filming, in the form of cyber contact or even a direct fuck from his boyfriend. Rumors flew, some from Willam. And she didn't get cast in the All Stars show, either.

    No bad blood between Willam and RuPaul, though. Just maybe some spoiled mascara.

    Now, if you don't care about the background part, then just enjoy the hot vintage-y studs in roller skates. It's a fine look. And Willam's kind of a sex bomb in her own right. Cameos by Raja (Season 3 winner) and Sharon Needles (Season 4 winner).

    Want more Willam? She wants you to want more, for sure. Then check out Willam's Beatdown on The Stylish YouTube channel. She reads style vloggers to filth. Some twink fashionista wannabes go down hard.

    P.S. Willam's a dude.

  • Albron


    Here's a guy with a lot of talent and a love of art. He's making his way through the world as an erotic artist; I mean, of course, a drawer of erotic art. His site's title is Albron but his full name is Alex Bronnings. This is his blog-cum-site, and on it you can find lots of examples of his work. He works in various mediums including 3D by the looks of it, and he's got examples of his solo and group work, by which I mean the subjects of the drawings are solo guys or guys in groups. There are also some pretty impressive hand drawings too.

    And the thing he goes for most, it seems, is the erotica around bodybuilders. These muscled guys feature most on Alex's site, along with a few superheroes and muscled jocks. That's all well and good and we've all seen this kind of stuff before, but what really grabbed me were the faces. These naked, toned, muscled guys have characters and these really come through the drawings. If you, like me, fall instantly for the work here, then you are invited to help Alex along with a donation.

  • Straight Lad Jack Windsor Wanked Off

    Straight Lad Jack Windsor Wanked Off

    Former Mr. Gay UK winner Dan Broughton is back once again to provide his expert cock-stroking skills to one of the new guys on the English Lads site, and this time it's cute and horny Jack Windsor getting his uncut meat played with by Dan and stroked all the way to a cum-spurting climax - and one that he will never forget! You probably know they like to push their new straight guys to the limit, but I guess the new guys know that already. They must check out the site and see what happens before they start, right? But it didn't put this lad off and although he seems a little shy and nervous to start with, Dan soon has him rock hard in his hot hands and he's beating that meat until Jack can't keep that cum in his nuts any longer and pumps out the mess all over himself! Who wants to make a bet that he'll be back to be sucked off in a couple of weeks? lol

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  • Tatum Fucked For His First Time

    Tatum Fucked For His First Time

    While Tatum has appeared on Active Duty before, he's decided to go all the way this time. He kisses Jake - the first time Tatum has kissed another guy - sucks cock and gives up his virgin ass!

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  • "The Hole" Gets Remastered

    Jet Set Men's The Hole gets remastered

    Gay porn classics are few and far between, but this is one of them. Back in the day, The Hole was greeted with much fanfare and honored with numerous awards. This fun and sexy 2003 film was a satire of the horror movie The Ring, which was a major hit of the time. In the original, characters who viewed a creepy videotape would end up dead within a few days. In this twisted gay porn version, hot guys received a mysterious phone call in which a menacing voice would intone, "You're gay", and a week later, these formerly straight jocks would be sucking cock!

    Wash West, who helmed The Hole, had a glorious run as a writer and director during the mid-1990s and early 2000s. He went on to a mainstream career with indie hits such as QuinceaƱera and The Fluffer. But some feel his best and wittiest work was done in The Hole, which even played at some gay film festivals in a cleaned-up version. Now, to mark the 10th anniversary of this groundbreaking film, Jet Set Men is releasing a newly remastered special edition. Its winning cast includes Jet Set exclusives Tag Eriksson (who also went on to a new career as a real estate agent and tacky reality star), Jason Adonis, and Josh Hammer, and special appearances from Adam Killian, Sam Tyson, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway and T.J. Hart, among others.

    "The Hole is a legendary gay porn movie that truly showcases how the parody genre stands the test of time, being just as popular 10 years after its initial release", head honcho Chris Steele says. "Wash West is an inspiration to me with his precise execution of such a perfectly made gay porn parody."

    Jet Set Men is promising some "never-before-seen gems and behind-the-scenes outtakes". Sigh. They just don't make 'em like they used to! For more information, visit JetSetMen.com.

    The Hole Remastered

  • Caught Wanking in the Office

    Caught Wanking in the Office

    Matt Brooks arrives at the office early and he sets up a web cam under Mackenzie Cross' desk. In this office sex scene from UK Naked Men, Mackenzie arrives at work and it's not long before he's doing what he always does -- watching a porn video on his computer and wanking his cock under the desk.

    While watching on his web cam, Matt makes small talk with Mackenzie from across the way and Mackenzie continues stroking his dick thinking that he's safely hidden behind a wall of filing cabinets. "I'm quite busy at the moment," he says trying to shut up Matt. Then suddenly Mackenzie turns around and finds Matt leaning on the cabinets behind him, watching his co-worker beating off.

    Brooks comes around and helps himself to Mackenzie's stiff dick. And once he gets his co-worker completely revved up, Matt throws his buddy across his desk and fucks his ass with his big, thick uncut cock. Matt sits back in the desk chair and Mackenie rides his hard-on. Then it's back to the desk for some more ass fucking until Matt finally unloads his balls all over Mackenize's bare foot.

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  • Jay Roberts Services Damir's Big Cock

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    I'm not sure where Damir is from. He's a tall, exotic dancer who is just making his debut on Lucas Entertainment. He's hung with an 8 1/2 inch cock, and I'm sure he's going to be doing a lot of fucking over there in the weeks to come. But for his debut scene, he's paired up with Jay Roberts, a sexy Brit who knows how to take a hard, deep ass fucking, and the underneath camera work gives us a good view on just how deep Damir plunges into this juicy fuck hole.

  • Schone Seelen

    Schone Seelen

    I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I saw the title of this site, nor when I saw the home page so I went to the about page first. Schone Seelen means to have a beautiful soul apparently (which rather put me in my place for not knowing), and it describes itself as the gay Smooth or KING magazine. It's an eclectic mix of articles, news, and images of sexy, often naked, black and ethnic guys. There are one too many adverts for my liking - everyone likes to make money - but plenty of images and interesting reads are to be had. There are porno pics for sure, and some videos, but it's mainly about a celebration of the male form, the ebony body and the cocks attached to them. You've got departments such as Booty of the Week, Bootymail and Nude Celebs alongside pages with articles and info on entertainment, the worlds of music and male models. The blog sets out to enrich your soul, and after a while I felt suitably enriched; at least my fantasies did and I went away feeling that little bit more enlightened for having found this place.

  • Sean Xavier's Huge Monster Cock

    Sean Xavier's Huge Monster Cock

    Sean Xavier has a huge monster cock; he doesn't really have to do anything to impress us -- just stand there and let us gaze on that beautiful long dong. But in this scene from Next Door Ebony, Xavier shows off and licks and sucks his own cock. Don't we all wish we could do that?

    But that's not all this horny stud can do. Xavier plays with his over-sized cock and even pushes it down between his legs and massages his butt hole with it. Sean is hungering for a dick up his ass, and while his own cock is big, it's not that long. So he grabs a dildo, throws his legs in the air, and buries this dildo deep inside his ass.

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