• Foreskin Man

    Foreskin Man

    Avoiding the obvious "Is it a plane...?" I'd like to introduce you to Foreskin Man. Holy Hard-ons - it's a comic strip in the style of your favorite 1950's DC and Marvel action graphic novels and illustrations. These are ongoing adventures of superheroes and arch villains, brilliantly drawn and completely off the wall. You click through the episodes a frame at a time - that is, panel to panel - or you can read page to page as you follow the adventures of our ripped, blonde, yellow caped hero, who does bear a bit of a resemblance to Superman, but only in that he wears a lot of bulging blue.

    This wonderful diversion from real life is brought to us by the very talented Matthew Hess, the writer and editor (and I assume illustrator?), and the albums are presented via Picasa and Google Plus by the look of it; it is easy to browse through them, they are intelligently written, not gratuitous, and you are able to leave comments, and run slideshows. There's a definite anti-circumcision message, as well. There are only three editions so far but that's 44 pages of full color, exciting action with surprisingly no sex for a site with this name; this is not a 'toon' or 'Anime' site. It's a place for discerning action hero comic fans.

  • Jail House Gangbang

    Jail House Gangbang

    Jeremy Stevens is a new arrival in the jail in this Bound in Public video. The prison guards are waiting for him; it's been a while since they've had a good play session with one of the prisoners.

    The guards line up and pull down their uniform pants, and one of the other guards forces the prisoner to eat their asses. Stevens is tired of the abuse, so when he gets to Connor Maguire's butt, he digs in with his teeth and won't let go. But this only earns Stevens a whole heap of trouble.

    He's restrained in a straight jacket and gets his ass flogged. When he finally agrees to behave, he's released from his straight jacket, but now he's forced to suck five hard cocks. Then one by one the guard force their hard-ons into his ass. And as a final humiliation, Steven is thrown naked on the floor where he gets five cum showers all over his sweaty body and he's forced to clean up these guards' cummy cocks with his mouth.

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  • Real-Life Lovers

    Real-Life Lovers

    I always find it hot watching a real-life couple fucking on camera. And this week Butch Dixon is bringing us Max Dunhill and Jason Proud, who have been lovers for quite some time.

    Both of these men have appeared a number of times on Butch Dixon, and a couple of years ago they had a sweaty outdoor threesome with a younger horny cub. But in this scene, lovers Max and Jason are letting us watch one of their horny outdoor fuck sessions.

    Max is a sexy muscle man with a big dick. He's pleased many men with it over at Butch Dixon, but now he's showing us one of the reason that he keeps Jason so happy. Jason Proud is pretty hung himself; in fact, I can't imagine anything hotter right now than being in between these hot men and having their cocks pumping my mouth and ass. After some hot head sessions back and forth, Jason gets down on all fours and his lover happily screws his beefy ass.

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  • Weird Water Pictures

    Naked wet guy time! Water covers over 71% of the Earth's surface. It also covers over 71% of naked men's surfaces. Or something like that. Clearly, my math may be weak, but hopefully so are your legs looking at these weird water pics.

    You'll be shocked to know all three pictures are of the same guy! Okay, that's totally not true because, as you know, there are a minimum of three wet exhibitionists on this planet at any given time. Thankfully.

    naked wet guys

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  • Auditioning Strippers

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    The scene from Jizz Orgy takes the casting couch notion to an extreme. Handsome, beefy stud Colby Jansen is playing the owner of a strip club and he's got four dancers who want to work for him, but he only needs one. So he sits back in a chair and says, "Show me what you got". Each stripper gives him a lap dance, but since this is a porn video you know where this is going -- a sweaty, 5-man suck and fuck with Colby Jansen auditioning all of these go-go boys with his dick.

  • Paddy O'Brian - Before He Was a Star

    Paddy O'Brian - Before He Was a Star

    Paddy O'Brian shot from unknown (but sexy!) hunk to gay porn superstardom almost overnight, but he was discovered by PictureThis Studios, and it's obvious they knew a good thing when they saw it. Before Paddy's career was launched, he did 7 shoots for them, and here's one of them - Paddy shows off his handsome face, his lean muscular body and his bulging cock straining behind wet underwear. Woof!

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  • Str8 guy cums inside another jock's ass!

    Str8 guy cums inside another jock's ass!

    Taylor is pretty new to this whole man-on-man thing, but he's getting there thanks to the action he's been experiencing on the Sean Cody site! He might not be ready to suck some dick himself, but when he was offered the chance to sink his hard shaft into another guy's ass and pump his cum into him, he definitely couldn't pass it up. And gorgeous Aidan was the perfect choice for the job, too! If you check him out from his first jerk off back in August last year, you'll see that he's gained quite a lot of muscle, and he's looking hotter than ever. The gorgeous guy gets to work sucking on Taylor's rock-hard meat and really servicing him before turning his attention to his ass. But it's his ass that needs a good pounding, and he gets it, too, when Taylor sinks the length of his jock dick straight into him and starts thrusting. It's a great fuck, with both guys totally satisfied by the end.

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  • Streaking


    Seriously, this site is about Streaking and not sex. Yes, it's sexy, yes there are good looking guys naked, but they are simply taking their clothes off and having a laugh. Or running in a race, raising money for charity perhaps, or just messing around. If this sounds like fun, then this site is where you need to head to. I checked it out and met the title message which makes it clear we're not looking at a sex blog here. That's fine. There then followed hours of entertainment with all kinds of pics of all kinds of guys doing all kinds of things naked.

    It's really a simple Tumblr blog, so you can follow posts, ask questions and submit posts. You will find a lot of naked-guy pics, but in the collection are also genuine streaking images: Men invading football fields, students out for a dare, that kind of thing. And the other neat thing is that the posts all keep to that theme, the naked guy theme. Even when you find a video clip, it's on target. (With the occasional image of a lady streaking, too.) Streaking's good fun, a bit of a perv can be had, you can leave your own notes and enjoy the very varied, sometimes just plain daft, naked clips and pics.

  • An Award-Winning Escort Says Thanks

    It's been a week full of hookers. Maybe the gay porn gods are trying to tell us something! First, we covered the Hookie Awards at the Black Party Expo. Then, we took in a new musical featuring singing and dancing hookers. Now, we end the week with a grateful hooker giving thanks. That's Mr. International Escort of the Year Christopher Daniels above, giving a gracious acceptance speech to his supportive fans. Las Vegas-based Daniels took the top prize at the ceremony in NYC last weekend, and in this clip, he says that he's hopeful it will bring more opportunities for work his way. Well, he does have a new threeway out with Caleb Colton and Collin Stone in Titan Men's Grind (below). And he's in Hole Busters 8 for Hot House's Club Inferno Dungeon. Daniels also shot for Lucas Entertainment's Kings of New York series while he was in town for the awards. The bespectacled blond promises to "keep working, keep hustling". We will be watching. To stay up to date, visit CtopherDaniels.com.

    Grind Titan Men

  • Barebacking a Hung Bottom

    Barebacking a Hung Bottom

    Matt Sizemore has always been one of my favorite gay porn men; he's got such a deliciously huge cock, and he's been making porn for a lot of years. But over the last couple of years he's really taken to bottoming. In this scene from Breed Me Raw he's paired up with Sebastian, a hot Latino guy with a fat uncut cock.

    Sebastian is on the scaffolding and Sizemore is standing on the floor. Sebastian drops his meaty foreskin dick into Sizemore's mouth and the hairy man gobbles it down his throat. But Sebastian likes giving oral, too, and what cocksucker could resist throat-fucking Sizemore's beautiful cock?

    After satisfying his craving for dick, Sebastian slides his big hard-on into Sizemore's ass and gives this bottom the fuck he's been wanting. He bends him over the scaffolding and pounds Matt's slut hole and fills it with his Latino spunk.

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  • Single Expression Man

    A single expression is plenty when it's this one. To be fair, it's possible there is evidence of a second expression here, though I think it's just him opening his mouth slightly in order to breathe. His tongue comes into play at one point, so it's debatable. Perhaps the Supreme Court will have to decide the count.

    Oh, wow - I just noticed that hat! Pardon me. I was distracted. As are most people who spend any time around him.

    single expression man

  • Adam Herst's Four Hand Massage

    Adam Herst's Four Hand Massage

    Business man Adam Herst arrives at a massage parlor in his suit. He's redeeming a gift certificate a friend gave him and he wants the "Four Hand Massage Special". But this is Men on Edge, and Adam Herst has no idea what's in store for him.

    Sebastian Keys and Van Darkholme work Adam's strong naked body on the massage table and Herst passes out. When he wakes, he's tied to the massage table, but he doesn't seem to mind because these two masseurs are making his cock feel very good.

    But when the masseurs keep edging his cock and won't let him cum, Herst starts getting nasty and barking out commands. They stuff a gag in his mouth, put him in a straight jacket, and throw him in a padded cell. They play with their captive's stiff cock some more and work his butt hole over with a fucking machine. By the time they're done with his hunky man, he's pleading with them to let him shoot his cum load. I love hearing a grown man beg.

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  • James Hamilton & Alex Adams

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    James Hamilton has just received a birthday voucher good for "one blowjob" over at Men Over 30. And he's not saving his coupon for a rainy day. He puts the moves on Alex Adams and gets this cocksucker on his knees. Hamilton's got a nice big dick and Alex does a good job of swallowing it. But James gets horny for cock, too, so after giving Adams some head, he sits on the stud's nice big hard-on and goes for a ride.

  • Marriage Equality For All

    Same sex marriage

    No topic right now is hotter than marriage equality in the U.S. Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 marked a very important day in the struggle that the LGTB community have had in getting equal rights to marry the person that we love.

    The U.S. supreme court is debating on the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the law in California which banned same-sex marriages in the state. Opinions as always are very divided - on the one hand you have moralistic "Christians" saying that marriage is between a man and a woman and all that tired crap, and then there is the other side that says that this goes beyond gay marriage and it's more a question of human equality.

    This truly is a hot topic and one that, regardless of the court's ruling, is not likely to go away. Yes, opinions are strongly divided but according to a recent poll done by the Huffington Post many Americans have changed their minds about gay marriage in recent years, especially people under 30, which suggests that the newer generation of adults will be more tolerant and open-minded.

    So what now? Well, all we can do now is wait for the Supreme Court's ruling, but it's high time that people in the United States and all over the world see that until every person is granted the same rights, the rest of us will always be second-class citizens.

    Stay tuned!

    (Sources: Huffington Post, National Journal)

  • Selling Rent Boy: The Musical

    RentBoy Cast

    Singing and dancing hookers!? What will they think of next!? Rent Boy: The Musical is currently up and running at the Richmond Shepard Theatre (309 E. 26th Street) in New York City, and we even had a sneak peek at one of the numbers at last weekend's Hookie Awards. Playwright David Leddick introduced the cast of the new musical that celebrates escorts and the johns who support them. The show, which had a previous production in Fort Lauderdale, now takes place at the Hookie Awards, where a group of marketable young men share their wild and wacky tales of selling their (hard) wares. There are 14 songs, for which Leddick, who is 83 years old, wrote the lyrics and Andrew Sargent contributed the music. The script is actually based on Leddick's own 2011 nonfiction book, Escort: 40 Profiles With Photographs of Men Who Sell Sex. For the faint of heart, the show from director David Kingery comes with a warning: "Contains strong language, sexual content and some nudity." We're not sure which actor from the no-name cast (pictured above) we'd actually want to see naked, so maybe they all better strip! Rent Boy: The Musical runs through March 31. For more information, visit RentBoyTheMusical.com.

    RentBoy: The Musical Poster