• Butch Dixon Bareback Threesome

    Butch Dixon Bareback Threesome

    It seems that not a week goes by that another gay porn studio starts filming bareback sex. Butch Dixon is the latest site to go raw with this sweaty interracial threesome scene.

    Ben Statham is no stranger to Butch Dixon; he's filmed some pretty hot scenes over there, including a bukkake blowjob video a couple of years back when he took five loads of cum all over his face.

    In his latest video, Ben Statham is featured in Butch Dixon's first bareback sex scene with Black Bull and Tony Greco. Black Bull is new to the site and he's got a beautifully ripped body and a big cock; Tony Greco first appeared on Butch Dixon when the site first opened, but he hasn't filmed with them for quite a while. Black Bull and Tony take turns burying their hard raw dicks in Ben's ass and creaming his butthole with their loads.

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  • Micah Brandt Takes Zeb Atlas' Big Cock

    Micah Brandt Takes Zeb Atlas' Big Cock

    You'd think gay porn stars would learn by now: don't announce your retirement from gay porn until you haven't made a video for two years. After some final scenes with Jocks Studios last year, Micah Brandt announced on Twitter that he was retiring from gay porn: "I'm not dead, nor do I have an STD," he said. "I've left the industry for an extended amnt of time so I can gain back the confidence I lost whilst in it." Fair enough; I guess maybe he didn't retire so much as wanted to take a break.

    Well, it seems he got his confidence back, because he's appearing in a new scene for Falcon Studios, and he's bravely submitting his ass for a deep fucking at the hands of Zeb Atlas. And it takes some courage for any bottom to do an anal scene with Zeb. First, the bodybuilder is massive and has a lot of ramming power built up in those muscles and mammoth thighs. Second, Zeb Atlas is pretty well hung, so letting him shove his big, thick cock up your ass is going to be challenge, especially if you haven't done a scene for a while.

    But Micah Brandt does perfectly fine, lying back in the bed of a pick-up truck and getting his hole stuffed with this over-sized bodybuilder's meaty hard-on. Welcome back, Micah, we've missed you! And Zeb, we always love watching you drill horny bottoms!

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  • Naked Guys Who Can't Play Baseball

    The pitcher and catcher symbolism is just about beating us over the head here. Metaphorically beating that is, because staying conscious is important to process what these four men, and the surely erect photographer, have created.

    • Stilted, flat pose in which the models may as well be in separate shots because they fail to interact with each other in any arousing way? Yes!
    • Aroused by the photo anyhow? Yes!
    • Impressive racial diversity? Yes!
    • Oil-slicked baseball leading to disqualification for throwing a "spitball"? Yes!
    • Not a real game so nobody will be disqualified? Yes!
    • Wanting the Asian guy to put the helmet on? Yes!
    • Able to take my eyes off these guys (especially the two exposed asses)? No!

    naked baseball players


    View full video at Breeder Fuckers

    It would seem that many of you GayDemon viewers like your sex on the hard and nasty side. This video from Breeder Fuckers was one of the most viewed since we put it up a couple of days ago. I'm betting it's because everyone wants to see what happened to make this straight guy's ass so bright red -- he's tied up by a harsh master and gets his bare ass flogged good and hard, that's what happened! It's a beautiful ass, too.

  • Bareback Flip-Flop Fuck

    Bareback Flip-Flop Fuck

    "BelAmi's Todd Rosset and Sasha Akunin are hooking up today, and not only are the guys horny for each other, but Sasha tries something he hasn't done before - a flip-flop fuck on camera. Not only that; the guys opt to go condom-free in this steamy bareback session!

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  • Donny Wright Arrested For Masturbating?

    Donny Wright Arrested

    Sweet lord Jesus! Porn stars can be pretty wacky sometimes, and I think that this story pretty much takes the cake for "wackiest gay porno story of 2013" - and it's only February!

    Last weekend a 27 year old Nicholas Gonzales was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky, for (and I am not making this up) breaking into a firehouse and then masturbating on top of fireman gear. The firemen detained Gonzales until the police arrived (talk about an awkward wait!)

    When questioned as to why he did what he did, Nicholas' answer was fucking brilliant! A simple: "because I wanted to." Well, when Gawker reported the story, they thought that Nicholas Gonzales was just a random drunk and horny gay with a fireman fetish. However things took an interesting turn when gay porn bloggers like Queer Me Now and The Sword started to put 2 & 2 together and realized that Gonzales was in fact gay porn stud Donny Wright.

    Nicholas Gonzales was charged with burglary, public intoxication and criminal mischief. I gotta say that this sounds like some kinky plot of a gay porno fireman gang bang, and maybe Gonzales just got confused and it was all just a simple mistake! A huge misunderstanding! Donny Wright is the gay porn version of Winona Ryder!


    (Sources: Gawker, QueerMeNow, TheSword)

  • Homophobia? Not In Texas!

    Gays In Texas

    This is probably one of the best videos I have seen in quite a long time. Everyone thinks that very conservative parts of the U.S are very homophobic and that most people are idiots when it comes to gays rights. BUT sometimes looks can be deceiving, and you get to realize that just cos it's a small town it doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna be homophobe hell!

    The video takes place in a place where I grew up in Farmers Branch, Texas. In the great state of Texas (and 29 other states) gays can still be refused service - yes, you read that right! The video shows an "alternative family" (2 lesbians and their 2 kids) having breakfast and they get served by a very, very homophobic and inappropriate waitress. What is very interesting about this video is that waitress and lesbian couple are actors, and they are setting up the people in the restaurant to see if anyone will stand up to the homophobia the lesbians are experiencing.

    Well, what happens in the video is actually quite shocking but in a very good way. Take a look at the video and just remember when you think that the worst can happen people might actually surprise you sometimes!


    View full video at Eurocreme

    I love watch a skilled cocksucker at work, and nothing's hotter when the guy on his knees has a nice, long bone to swallow. Luke Desmond has a huge cock, but it's not much of a challenge for Skylar Blu in this Eurocreme video. Skylar's been sucking dick for a long time so he knows how to take care of the big ones.

  • Massive Bodybuilder Exploring Sex with Guys

    Massive Bodybuilder Exploring Sex with Guys

    Christian Power is a handsome bodybuilder with a rock-solid body and a big, honking uncut cock. He's massive, standing 6 feet and weighing 265 pounds! When he first appeared on Men of Montreal, he began a journey in exploring guy-on-guy sex. In his very first interview he hinted that he's perhaps had sex with guys in the past, but it's still a new experience for him.

    In his first hardcore scene for Men of Montreal, this sexy bodybuilder got his beefy ass fucked for the first time on camera by site owner and videographer Marko Lebeau. Now Christian is back with German gay porn veteran Alexy Tyler, who has made dozens of videos, but he often bottoms.

    Christian is still hesitant about some things like sucking cock or getting a cum facial, but he explores new things with every scene. Christian and Alexy get into some passionate kissing before this hulking bodybuilder gets down on all fours and takes a deep fucking from Alexy doggy style. Funny how a guy new to gay sex would have more of a problem sucking dick that he does getting his ass pounded. I'm just as happy with his nervousness because I really enjoy watching a huge, masculine hunk getting his ass boned.

    Christian mounts Alexy and rides his cock while stroking his own uncut monster meat, and then he rewards Alexy with a job well done by unloading his nuts all over Alexy's face.

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  • Monster Cocks - Hump Day Hotties

    Monster Cocks - Hump Day Hotties

    Olivier de Long is one of the new guys over at Men of Montreal, and man, does this guy have one huge monster cock! It's 10 inches long, fat, and sheathed in foreskin. And Olivier says that he has a hard time finding girls who can handle his tool. This is probably why he's started doing videos for Men of Montreal; if anyone can give this straight Quebecois boy a decent blowjob, it'll be one of the gay men over there. And Olivier is in good company because there are quite a few very well-hung men showing up on this new gay porn site.

    nerdy guy with glasses and his huge cock

    As we leave Montreal we head to Australia where nerdy guy Mitch Perry is hauling out his monster meat for Bentley Race. It's a heavy hanger that dangles between his legs. Hiding behind those glasses and his shirt and tie, Mitch is like a gay superhero, and once he peels out of his clothes and takes of his specs, it's not hard to see where he gets his superhero powers. This huge cock could bring even the nastiest of villains to their knees. (Sorry, I had to go there, it's Hump Day, what do you expect?)

    super thick uncut cock

    Esteban appeared in a photo gallery on Tim Tales a while ago and the response to his super fat uncut cock was overwhelming. Tim Kruger of Tim Tales begged and pleaded and finally Esteban agreed to make a jack-off video. His uncut dick is spectacular, it's so fucking fat that even a skilled cocksucker would have a hard time swallowing this thing. When I see him trying to stuff this monster cock into his Fleshlight, I wonder if he's going to split it open.

    Hump Day Hottie is a new feature here at GayDemon, so head back here next Wednesday where I'll bring you three other studs who will get you revved up.