• British Jock Strips Out Of His Calvins

    British Jock Strips Out Of His Calvins

    David from Hot Brit Lads has a great body - he's built but not too muscular, if you know what I mean. I got seriously interested when he stripped down to his Calvins, and couldn't wait to see him oil up, stroke his cock and shoot his load.

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  • Colombia Gets Porn Invaded!

    Colombia gay porn invasion

    As we all know, porn stars get to travel all around the world and when they do travel they usually travel in a pack! Of course, that is the way it should be! Well, this time Colombia better get ready 'cos 6 MEGA-HOT, MEGA-HUNKY porners will be making their way to Bogota in South America.

    So, who's gonna be heading down south? Well, these are some of the hottest hunks; the line-up includes Francesco D'Macho, Spencer Reed, Damien Crosse, Goran, Donato Reyes and Issac Jones. The night titled: "Pornorama: The Kings Of Porno" will be held in one of the largest clubs in Bogota, Theatron on Friday February 14th 2013.

    I had the chance to speak to Issac Jones and ask him what the show was all about, and he told me that he had several surprises in store for the night and that he is very excited to head on down to South America for the first time. Issac is looking to connect with all his Latin American fans and says that he will be on the lookout for someone to show him around while he's there. I'm sure there will be tons of Latin papis who will want to show him more than just the sites the city has to offer!

    For more info on the night you can head on over here, and if you're gonna be in the area this is one night you WILL NOT want to miss! Oh, and of course you know I asked Issac to take tons of slutty pics for us - I can't wait to see them!!

  • Roger and Dolph Lambert Bareback

    View full video at Bel Ami

    These real-life cousins are keeping it in the family. Dolph Lambert is a blond-haired beauty who has a huge library of Bel Ami films under his belt, and he introduced his cousin Roger Lambert to the studio. Roger's been making quite a few videos, too. It was only a matter of time before studio head George Duroy brought these cousins together in a hot fuck scene, and they're screwing bareback!

  • The Vintage Porn Eyes of Kurt Bauer

    With just a handful of photo spreads and video shoots from about 1988 to 1992, Kurt Bauer didn't have long to make an impression on the gay porn masses. Good thing he opted for the whole crazy intense burn into your soul stare deep into your eyes thing. Because I still remember him.

    I'm certain he practiced his smolder in front of the mirror for hours, sometimes trapping himself there like an XXX Narcissus at the water's edge. In this case the mirror was probably a cheap one from IKEA. He spent the rest of his dough on chest hair conditioner.

    Still, there was something about his look. It demanded you to objectify him. It made it impossible not to. So because there was no way to hide, it made lust okay. How can one be ashamed of something one cannot help? Marilyn Monroe would have been proud of his abilities and choices (including that seductive touch of lip gloss).

    Kurt Bauer's eyes

  • Hairy Hunk Sebastian Steel

    Hairy Hunk Sebastian Steel

    Rugby player, Sebastian Steel, is just the right mix of attitude, looks, body hair and dick. Standing 6'0" and weighing close to 190 lbs., this Man Avenue hunk is just what you need to stay hot this winter.

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  • Harry Louis & His Chocolate Factory

    Harry Louis & His Chocolate Factory

    OMG, gays! This story is just too good to be true. A couple of weeks ago I told you all about how Brazilian mega-hunk Harry Louis and his delectable thick dick was quitting porn to pursue other passions in life, and today we finally have news on what his other passion in life is: Chocolate!

    Yes, after working with the biggest names in porn like UK Naked Men and Lucas Entertainment, Harry now hopes to be the gay Willy Wonka (with a bonerific past) by launching his own line of chocolates. Of course these will not be your boring run of the mill flavors like minty, peach or even strawberry chocolates - no way! There will be over 50 flavors which include bubblegum and champagne. Yummy! I think I could live off of that last one!

    I gotta say this news now kinda makes sense after watching his goodbye video, and there were hints of him getting all chocolate-y so I guess he did drop more than a whiff of what he was gonna be getting up to. Having said that, I seriously thought Harry was gonna launch a pop career. I've never heard him sing or even thought he has a good voice, but you don't need that to thrive in pop today.

    Anyway, what do YOU HOMOS think of this delicious news? Will you be getting in line to buy some of Harry's chocolates? Do you think he made a mistake and there will be demand for him to come back to porn to get cocks shoved up his chocolate producing hole?

    (Source: Epoca)

  • Paddy O'Brian Fucks Levi Madison Outdoors

    Paddy O'Brian Fucks Levi Madison Outdoors

    Back in May of 2012, Paddy O'Brian left England and headed to Gay Porn Land in California to do an exclusive stint with Falcon Studios. And while Paddy's exclusive contract with Falcon is over, his movies are still rolling out. This one with Levi Madison is from a DVD called Big Country and it features these two horny studs fucking outdoors.

    Levi Madison shows off his expert cock-sucking skills on Paddy's big-nobbed dick -- man, it's a beautiful penis. It's not hard to worship such a hot piece of meat. Levi licks it, kisses it, and deep throats until he gets Paddy so worked up that the ripped Englishman needs to bury his bone in this hot boy's ass.

    And Paddy shows what a hot top he is fucking Levi's round, firm butt in three different positions before finally unloading his full balls all over Levi's body.

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  • The New Gay

    The New Gay

    You might need to get over to The New Gay pretty quick, as it's closing down. This is a collection of articles and pics, chats and news and all things gay, and it's great fun to explore and read and get involved with... Except it is no longer updating and it may not be online forever. It started and grew and expanded and blew up in its own face from what I can make out, and I'm not surprised as it's packed with loads of cool things. It became so popular that the folk running it couldn't keep up and had to move on to other endeavors. But it is still there, for the moment at least, as a kind of library, and there is plenty to get from the site while it lasts: News (though not as current as it originally was), pics and videos, articles about gay life in San Francisco and elsewhere, queer music, news on bands, backstage information and gossip, and everything you'd associate with a lifestyle magazine.

    So, is it worth mentioning if it's closing down? Yes. Because not only is it a good read; it is an informative stash of info. And here's a thought: You may even still be able to get hold of some of their merchandise which will no doubt become collectable and valuable, and who knows, you may also be able to buy the site from them. I bet it still has a great big following.

  • Best DVD Box Cover Of The Year!?

    Cock Shot Cover

    Remember when box covers sold gay porn movies? Back in the good ole days of video, sometimes it didn't even matter what scenes were included. If consumers spotted a sexy and appealing box cover, they would buy, buy, buy. There was a time when we even used to give awards for this sort of thing. Sigh. Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Because as soon as we got a gander at this stunning cover for Raging Stallion's Cock Shot, we thought, give that box an award!

    Cock Shot is the latest release from RSS's Monster Bang imprint, and it marks the second of a trilogy directed by porn star Adam Killian. The first part, Cock Craze, starred exclusive Jake Genesis and was released in December, and the final part, Cock Tease, will come out in March. Part 2 once again features Genesis (though his recent work for Jet Set Men, Lucas Entertainment and Randy Blue have us wondering about the details of his contract!) and fellow exclusive Jimmy Fanz. Yes, that's hairy-wonder Fanz you see above on that gorg cover (and below bottoming out for scene partner Shawn Wolfe). Looks like Jimmy has only gotten hotter since GayDemon's exclusive interview with him last month.

    The studio tells us that Cock Shot is a "deep, probing exploration of an all-male world, whose big-dicked citizens stalk in search of unrelenting bottoms. These hugely endowed studs and ravenous bottoms cruise the barren world looking for their match, the men who will provide them with all the sexual gratification they desire."

    Says director Killian, "After reading the scene descriptions for my second go round with the Monster Bang series, I am just as excited to see it as I was to film it! I knew we captured some of the hottest big-dick action, and this one felt as if it was waiting pre-lubed, because everything just slipped right into place once I stuck my director head in. The cast and crew were obviously ready for more and were a pleasure to work with, and they shined once we got the action going."

    Cock Shot also stars James Ryder, Trenton Ducati, Jessy Ares, Rod Daily and Ty Roderick. For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

    Shawn Wolfe Jimmy Fanz

  • Crisco: Favorite Lube of Virtual Jocks

    So if in common parlance first base is making out/chest grope, second base is a handjob, third is sucking, and a home run is fucking, what's this activity called? I asked both jocks in this illustration and here's what each had to say. Yes, porn talks to me sometimes. And!?!?!?

    Jock 1: "As shortstop on a baseball team without a name, as shown by my logo-free cap, I think what I'm about to do should be called a grand slam, especially because I plan to walk this dude around the bases with my bat deep up his hole while a crowd of horny guys cheer. By the way, the Crisco makes it all possible plus conditions my bat like coach taught me is important."

    Jock 2: "Stick it in me."

    Go team!

    Locker room baseball bat fuck

  • Straight Guy Doing The Servicing

    Straight Guy Doing The Servicing

    If you have any experience with the hardcore jock action on the Chaos Men site, you might think this video is about the straight guy getting his cock stroked and sucked in a serviced video by an eager dick swallower. In actual fact, Aries is a bisexual ex-military guy who is more than into sharing his dick with other guys, and the dude sucking him off in this scene is the straight one! Yeah, it's a nice little twist on the usual theme, with the straight guy who has only a little cock-sucking experience worshiping the bisexual hunk and pleasuring his meat pole until the cum is gushing out. He might be straight, but Gavin Sevin is certainly learning how to please a throbbing shaft of dickmeat, and it's definitely hot to see him obviously enjoying the experience almost as much as the bi hunk he's sucking and jerking!

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  • Breion Diamond Rides Again!

    Brotha fucks a thug ass

    If there's one thing Breion Diamond from Thug Boy loves to do, it's fuck ass. This time, the ebony top has found Manny Baby, who's more than ready to take on that big black cock. After some kissing, sucking and ass eating, Breion slams his throbbing manmeat deep inside Manny's hole and gives that bottom exactly what he's looking for - a serious drilling!

  • Fan Has Sex with his Fave Stripper

    Fan Has Sex with his Fave Stripper

    Marcus Ruhl is so good-looking - he could have just about any man that he wanted. And while he's versatile, Marcus is a skilled bottom who knows his way around a man's cock. I've never seen a dick Ruhl couldn't handle. Want to see whose dick Ruhl is stuffing down his throat? Click the read more link and see.

    In this scene from Raging Stallion, Marcus Ruhl is hanging out at his local strip club and he's watching his favorite erotic dancer. Zeb Atlas is a massive bodybuilder with muscles stacked on muscles. He's handsome and hung and it's no wonder he's caught Marcus Ruhl's eye. Marcus coaxes this stripper off the stage for a one-on-one performance. But when Ruhl gets down on his knees and opens his mouth, it's clear who is doing the performing.

    After slobbering all over Zeb Atlas' meat, Marcus bends over a bar stool so Atlas can slide his big dick inside his hungry butt hole. After Marcus' hole is good and accommodating, he gets the stripper to lie back so he can impale himself on this huge bodybuilder cock. After a sweaty round of fucking, these two horny men shoot their cum loads together.

    The Raging Stallion site has been completely revamped and has merged five hot sites into one huge megasite. Gay Demon recently took a peek inside and wrote a review - want to read all about the hot new men and features? Check out the Raging Stallion gay porn site review.

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  • The 125 Hottest Gay Porn Stars Ever!


    Time isn't always kind to gay porn stars. Sometimes it's better to remember them as they were--frozen in a moment of eternal hotness. Writer and editor Matthew Rettenmund knows this--and he knows his gay porn history, too. The Boyculture blogger has taken the time to create an amazing list of the many models who informed his lifelong homo dreams, wet and otherwise.

    In introducing his top 125 men of gay porn list, Rettenmund writes, "I just know I've seen them in at least one dirty movie targeted to gay men, and that they did something primal for me." Brother, you're smoking our brand. While this might not be every single model who has worked in the industry in the past fortysomething years (commenters point out a few that Matthew missed), it is certainly among the most comprehensive and well-researched roundups we have ever seen. Sadly, as you might guess, many of the guys are long dead, and Rettenmund includes date and cause when he knows it. As you scroll through, a rich and fascinating picture emerges of these beautiful men, some of whom you may have jacked to on video (if you're old enough to remember video!) and in magazines.

    They're all here--Kip Noll, Jack Wrangler, Rod Barry, Al Parker (clockwise above), Lee Ryder, Jon King, Dick Fisk, Jeff Stryker, Ryan Idol and Dean Phoenix, among many other legendary icons. Current stars like Johnny Hazzard, Dean Monroe, Reese Rideout and Colby Keller (clockwise below) also make the list. And we won't spoil it by revealing Rettenmund's No. 1 fave. But we will say that he has very good taste. To check out this probing prance down memory lane, click here.


  • Woolf And Wilde

    Woolf & Wilde

    Woolf & Wilde is a personal site to take seriously. Kenneth Hill is the author of the blog and he shares with us a particular passion. And that is? It's for vintage photographs of men (and sometimes women) together, and these are found and displayed alongside classic poetry. Hill says that he adds the words to reflect what, in his mind, the couples were thinking or feeling when the photos were taken. For me the site is wonderful enough just for the photos alone. Some vary rare shots from as far back as 1880, and coming up to the 1950's. But don't think pornographic or even erotic, these are simply couples where it's pretty clear from the image that the two guys were in love, and in those 'old days' that was a pretty unusual thing to have photographed. Of course, you could argue that these are just two friends, and that was probably often the cover story, but then you read the poems the Hill has supplied with them and you know the truth. This is, quite simply, a beautiful site and my only regret is that it has not been updated very regularly.