• Gymspirations


    A one hour workout is only 4% of your day, so you have no excuse! That was something I read at Gymsperations, and it immediately made me feel guilty. But I soon got over it as I started exploring this fitness blog-cum-site. Looking on the bright side there are lots of ideas here for books to buy, sites to visit and things to stock up on in order to help you in your fitness and weight loss regime; and that is another way of saying that there are lots of adverts here, but they are all on target and theme. The page is set out with large images and then some text, and then thumbnails of images from similar posts so you can scroll down and easily get diverted by an image of a six pack or a guy working out topless, or a guy in sweats looking rather hunky. There's something about gyms, fitness sites and handsome guys that go together and it all combines here.

    And that is another way of saying that this is a blog that's peppered with pics of hunky guys, if that's what you're after, while at the same time being useful for serious gym-bunnies and anyone wanting ideas for fitness and health sites to visit.

  • Johnny Lawless Bound and Fucked

    hung jock tied up and fucked

    Johnny Lawless is another hot and hung jock who finds himself tied up on Bound Jocks. With his arms and legs secured, he's spread eagle on a metal bed, and A.J. Irons teases the helpless jock until his cock starts to stiffen. A.J. gets a taste of the stud's hard dick and edges him until Johnny is close to shooting his load.

    A.J. doesn't want his bondage buddy to cum yet. He releases Johnny's legs, hoists them in the air, and invades the jock's tight butt hole with his stiff prick. But while Johnny's helpless to do anything to stop A.J. from pounding his ass, he's not complaining because his butt has never been fucked quite like this before.

  • COLT Calendars Dress Up The New Year

    COLT 2013 Calendar

    What's worse than facing the harsh reality of a bleak New Year? Not having any studs to look at! That's why COLT Studio Group has devised a remedy to fight off the New Year blahs--and it might even cure your hangover, too. The studio's assortment of wall art ushers in 2013 with a group of hot men and even a few porn stars (we spotted Spencer Reed, Marc Dylan, Adam Killian, Samuel Colt and others). It has a variety of calendars to choose from, including the Hairy Chested 2013 Calendar (celebrating the legacy of COLT's iconic furry men); the Buckshot Boys 2013 Calendar (boy-next-door types); Butt Beautiful 2013 Calendar Gluteus Maximus (need we say more!?); the Uniform 2013 Calendar (fireman, captain, police officer, Indian chief!?); and the Leather 2013 Calendar (for those who "feel the pulse of their sexuality within them"). These sexy men are the foundation of the house that COLT Studios has built since 1967. For more information, visit COLTStudioGroup.com.

    And Happy New Year from GayDemon!

  • Jonny Loves a Big Black Dick

    Black on white British guys

    How about a little interracial heat, UK style? That's what Blake Mason's Tyson Tyler is giving cock-hungry white boy Jonny Kingdom in this fucking hot interracial scene. After Jonny services Tyson's big black manmeat, Tyson returns the favor by teasing Jonny's tight butthole with his tongue before sliding his rigid dick into Jonny's ass and giving it a serious pumping!

  • Long Hair, Bare Feet, Uncut Cock

    long haired twink

    Tony is a kinky twink and he loves showing off his bare feet. "I don't have a foot fetish myself. But I have nice feet and guys like sucking my toes and it feels great. So go ahead!" he says. Tony has long hair and a lean, smooth body, and he's packing a delicious uncut cock, something else guys love licking, I'm sure.

    He starts off his scene for Foot Woody with his dirty white socked feet propped up on the coffee table. He's wearing a t-shirt, but he's naked from the waist down and his foreskinned dick is stiffening. And as he starts stroking his erection, Tony's bare feet are never out of the frame. He pulls legs up in the air and shows off his perfectly puckered butt hole. He massages it and moans, it feels good.

    He continues jacking his dick, and when he's ready, he spills a polite load of spunk all over his t-shirt. Then he puts his hands behind his head and gives the camera a devilish smirk.

  • Next Door Collaborates For New Ebony Site

    Matthew Rush and Derek Reynolds kiss

    The guys at Next Door have a new site! Next Door Entertainment and EbonyD have announced the creation of an all-new Web site that showcases men of color. NextDoorEbony.com contains a large selection of exclusive gay porn videos offered in a clean design with a large player. The content covers a wide range of fetishes and categories with big-name stars such as Matthew Rush and Derek Reynolds (pictured). There are solos, duos, threeways and even interracial action. The site, which is updated weekly, also includes a special bonus section that allows members to access 12 premium Next Door Studio sites, including those of Samuel O'Toole, Rod Daily and Marcus Mojo.

    EbonyD will manage the production and creation of the high-quality content, and Next Door Entertainment, which is responsible for numerous sites, will manage the technical and marketing aspects. "After several years of searching for the perfect partner, we finally found EbonyD", Next Door president Stephan Sirard says. "We are very pleased that we can finally offer a full site dedicated to these gorgeous ebony men." Adds the EbonyD team, "We are very glad to have this opportunity to partner with Next Door Entertainment. We look forward to working with the leading gay adult company and are very pleased with the results of this partnership."

    For more information about the new site, visit NextDoorEbony.com.

    Matthew Rush tops Derek Reynolds

  • Wrestler Tied Up Face Down

    View full video at Straight Men in Troule

    I really love Straight Men in Trouble. It's one of the few remaining sites out there that features real straight guys in some pretty ball-tightening situations. This beefy wrestler finds himself tied to a bench in the locker room. After ripping open the ass of the wrestler's singlet, a masked man works over this muscle boy's ass with a series of butt plugs and dildos. You're going to love it when the masked man spreads the wrestler's butt cheeks and gives us a good look at his puckered, virgin butt hole.

  • Interview Exclusive: Jimmy Fanz In The Woods

    Hairy gay porn star Jimmy Fanz

    Every year around this time, Raging Stallion delivers its splashy holiday blockbuster to the world. Whatever big-budget release it is, it usually ends up winning accolades and a slew of awards. This year is no different (although, there aren't really any legit awards left to win, are there?). The Woods, from director Tony Dimarco, has received a lot of attention from fans and from within the industry, especially for its cryptic marketing campaign, which focuses on the mysterious and possibly alien-infested trees referred to in the title.

    Besides the usual hot gay sex, the film boasts an A-list cast, some of whom are exclusives for the San Francisco-based studio. Rising star Jimmy Fanz is one of the box cover models of the two-part smash, and he recently phoned up GayDemon to share his hairy tale. For his scene, Fanz got to go fishing (and more!) with superstar Zeb Atlas (below), and he still remembers the day of the shoot. "It was chilly!" says the 21-year-old from his home in Florida. "Of course I was nervous to work with a porn legend. Zeb is a huge guy, and he made me look small. But that type of big muscular guy is just my type."

    Headlining a major release is just the latest accomplishment for Miami native Fanz, who says he has long been interested in the industry. "I always wanted to do porn," he says. "But I had no idea how to do it. Then some friends from high school started doing it. They told me I should give it a try too."

    More questioning reveals that the "friends" were female, and that Fanz debated whether to go into the straight side of the business. "Sure, you could say I'm bi," he adds. "I'm gay, I'm straight. Some days I wake up and I want to get fucked. Other days I wake up and I want to fuck. It just depends how I feel in that moment."

    Fanz says that he decided to go the gay route because "I wanted the fans, the limelight. Gay porn stars get a lot more attention, and who doesn't like that?"

    Part of the spotlight has focused on Fanz for his alluring (though still rare in the industry) furry chest. "I love my body hair," he says with pride. "I've been hairy since I was 13. One online studio wanted me to shave it off, but I refused. I don't see it as a big deal."

    But it all worked out for Fanz, who is Jewish and French. He ended up signing an exclusive deal with RSS and has no regrets. "They are a blast to work with," he says. "The studio does great quality movies, and they treat me well." And they have even matched him with the perfect co-star: Donny Wright. "I think that is my favorite scene so far. Plus, I enjoy bottoming more. I think I give more energy as a bottom." Well, casting two hairy guys together, how can you lose!?

    In light of his tender age, Fanz doesn't have a clear vision of his future. "I like what I'm doing, but who knows?" he says. "Maybe I'll sell real estate or do something else. I would like to work with Jake Genesis, though."

    Follow him on Twitter @JimmyFanz. And for more on The Woods, which also stars Paddy O'Brian, Landon Conrad, D.O., Jesse Santana, Tom Wolfe and Trenton Ducati, visit RagingStallion.com.

    Jimmy Fanz fucked by Zeb Atlas in The_ Woods

  • Ripped Redhead with Plump Cock

    randy blue's addison graham

    Addison Graham is the latest ripped stud taking his clothes off for Randy Blue. His body is perfectly chiseled like a statue's and he's poolside and showing off his beautiful body. He's got rusty red brown hair, blue eyes, and a square jaw. He likes showing off. And there's a lot to see.

    Addison starts off in his swimsuit, but sheds it pretty quickly revealing a big-knobbed, veiny cock and trimmed pubes. He runs his fingers down his washboard abs and settles in the hairy patch above his stiffening cock. He grabs his swollen meat and strokes it lovingly with his hand slipping across his deliciously plump cock head. Then his hand slides between his butt cheeks and he teasingly plays with his shaved-smooth fuck hole. He's thinking of a hard dick filling him up and his cock twitches with excitement. And when this jack-off session is over, this redhead's ripped abs are coated in a creamy layer of cum.

  • Twink Takes a REAL Man's Cock

    Twink gets his cherry popped

    Lucas Entertainment's latest audition, Hunter Page, has that fresh boyish face and smooth slender body that make many a twink lover's pants get too tight, and masculine Dale Cooper gets to put Hunter through his paces. Yeah, there's a little romance in this scene, but there's also Hunter eagerly swallowing Dale's dick, then Dale rimming that smooth hole before plunging his rigid cock deep inside the twink's ass and pounding him good before unloading all over his face!

  • Gang Fucked in Store

    View full video at Bound in Public

    This cute guy is doing some shopping in a store, except he decides that he'd rather stuff some goods down his pants -- better to steal than to pay. One of the other customers notices and calls him out. Suddenly this poor bastard finds himself surrounded by about ten other customers; it's classic Bound in Public stuff. And they decide that they can do a better job of teaching him a lesson -- what are the cops going to do about it? If the cops ever show up. So this thief finds himself down on his knees servicing a mess of dick with his mouth. They bend him over and a super hung customer fucks his ass. Back down on his knees, this shoplifter takes one cum load after another all over his face. Hmmmm ... not sure if this was supposed to be incentive not to steal. I'm thinking I've got to find this store and start loading up my pockets.

  • Heroes N Hunks

    Heroes N Hunks

    Comics and hunks and heroes and all things kapow! get posted up at Heroes N Hunks. This is a blog that's primarily about superheroes and yet is also about gay art. Gay comic art, that is. Taking a quick look I see that although the blog had been left standing for a while, its creator is now back and posting again; and there was a lot of back stuff to get through anyway, so plenty of reading and looking to be done if you do have to wait for new posts. There are posts about LGBT comics, there's retro art and strips, a random feature, sections about famous gay artists and cartoonists and all kinds of everything to do with comic art with, of course, a big leaning towards the gay side of things. There are also the more standard links to websites, adult sites, video porn and so on, but mainly this is a great place for all serious superhero and gay comix fans to come and hang out.

  • Issac Jones Gets London Spunked!

    Issac Jones Johnny Hazzard London Spunked

    Issac Jones is excited - SUPER EXCITED - and he should be. Along with Johnny Hazzard, Leo Domenico and a whole slew more of porn hunks), Issac will be making a HUGE spunk-filled splash in Chi Chi LaRue's new porn romp, "London Spunked"

    I had a chance to speak to Issac about his experience in working with the legendary porn producer and he said that not only was it a great environment on the set but his scene was one of the hottest he has ever done. He told me he came bucket-loads, now that is the kind of exclusive I wanna hear!


    Issac also told me that the cast of this new flick reads like a homo's wet dream! There are truly so many hunks that I foresee a best seller here. I know that many out there can't get enough of Issac, and this has truly been a busy year for him. Of course, this sexy stud is going to be doing loads more porn work in 2013, and he also told me he has something special up his sleeve and that would leave fans hard and wanting oh-so-much-more!

    "London Spunked" is set to be released in January, and trust me - this will not be the last time we hear about what could be THE gay porno flick of 2013. Thanks, Issac, for these pics, and hope that 2013 is even hotter and hornier than 2012!

    Follow Issac Jones and Chi-Chi LaRue On Twitter!

  • Christian Wilde To Bottom in 2013


    There is no denying that porno bad-boy Christian Wilde knows how to fuck a gay senseless. He has fucked, fucked and done some more fucking for some of the biggest names in porn. He's topped for Hot House, Falcon and Men.com, however he has never ever opened his back door to any gay.

    Well, it looks like 2013 will be the year that Christian will open up his sugar walls and finally get himself filled with cock! Yes, NakedSword.com has officially announced that not only would they be extending his exclusive contract to 2013 but that his fans were in for a treat. Now the only question is who will be the hunk to take his mussy's cherry? I think it might have to be a big, husky butch slut to tame the likes of Christian.

    So, thank god the world didn't end in 2012 or we would have TOTALLY missed this ass shattering news! You HOMOS know that as soon as we get more details of Christian Wilde's "grand opening" you'll be the first ones to know! Here's to 2013... oh, and of course BUTT SEX!!

  • Justin is Dick Hungry!

    Blond stud gets his ass fucked

    Smooth, blond and horny Justin gets the chance to give up his ass to lean and athletic Adrian Long (who lives up to his name!). After stripping down, Adrian sucks Justin's rock-hard dick before Justin slides down Adrian's rigid rod and goes for a cock ride followed by a deep ass-pounding fuck for the Lucas Entertainment cameras.