• Gay Men WILL Marry Your Girlfriends!


    With all the drama going on in the world about gays getting married here is a thought: If gay men can not marry each other, well then, we are gonna have no choice but to marry straight guys' girlfriends.. Well, not me particularly - I don't do lesbian.

    However the more butch gays will go there and they will cook, clean and even make a girl CUM! Imagine a world where gays would go around marrying girls just 'cos they are denied that very right! The world would seriously be a mess - or it could very well be just like what all the HOMOS have to do in states like Wyoming and Nebraska.

    This video has been an internet sensation and it certainly brings some humor to a topic that gets so many people all riled up and angry. It's just about 2 dudes wanting to make a commitment to each other - GET OVER IT!

  • Spit Roasted on the Bar Room Floor

    forced sex in bar

    A cocky party boy finds his way into this bar. He sits at the bar and starts running his mouth, bragging about this, that, and the other thing. He's so hot and everyone wants a piece of him, that kind of stuff. Wayne is the kind of guy that perverted fucks Adrian and Dave like to have fun with. You know, bring them down a few pegs and show them that they're really not all that.

    Adrian and Dave surprise this cute stud from behind and wrestle him off his bar stool and onto the floor. Dave sits on Wayne and takes care of his upper half while Adrian corals his legs and pulls down his jeans. "Oh, look at this!" Adrian says, "What a lovely little ass, we're going to have fun with this one, Dave." Wayne's squirming and yelling, but he's pinned pretty good. It'd go easier if he just resigned himself to the idea that he going to service some cock this afternoon.

    Adrian rams his hard-on into this party boy's ass, and while Adrian starts pounding, Dave climbs off the boy, moves around to his head, and shoves his cock down Wayne's throat. These two bar brutes fuck this pretty boy from both ends, slapping him around and calling him names, and they laugh when he begs them to stop. Wayne's ordeal isn't going to end until he takes two loads of cum in his mouth.

  • Tender Twink Ass-Fucked by Prison Guards

    Tender Twink Ass-Fucked by Prison Guards

    This twink's got double trouble on Men.com. First off, he was busted and thrown in jail... And in case that wasn't bad enough, these two big, strong and horny guards have decided that they want some of that sweet ass of his, so they tag team him and give his hole a serious jail house pounding!

  • His Second Gay Blowjob

    Straight guy gets a blowjob

    The owner of over at Spunk Worthy loves nothing so much as sucking straight cock. Here he is servicing Noah, who's only had a guy playing with his dick once before, when he did a massage session for the site. Looks like he's learning what a lot of straight guys discovered - no one knows how to blow your cock better than another dude!

  • Jeff Stryker Live In Florida Pics!

    Jeff Stryker's HUGE hard cock

    Jeff Stryker proved that he's still large and in charge last week at the BoardWalk Bar in Fort Lauderdale. As you can see from these revealing pics, the porn superstar let his plush terry robe fall open to expose his still famous member. And once it was out, why bother covering up!? According to our sources at the Florida bar, Stryker had "great interaction" with the packed houses over four nights. In the main club, he read a passage from his A Sophisticated Evening With... play, which was written for him by funnyman Bruce Vilanch. Jeff also signed autographs and sold his action figure and some of his numerous gay porn titles (Channel 1 just reissued his 1987 smash In Hot Pursuit). However, it was in the VIP area that things got interesting. Anyone who has seen Stryker live knows that the 50-year-old stud gets rock-hard with ease and doesn't shy away from swinging his oversize cock like the tree trunk it resembles. And that's exactly what the fans got. Some of porn's current top models--including Jimmy Fanz and Matthew Rush (who is once again hosting this show)--also turned up to swing with Stryker in his comeback gig. Welcome back, big guy!

    Jeff Stryker with Matthew Rush and Jimmy Fanz

  • Zeb Atlas Fucks Andrew Stark

    View full video at Men

    Zeb Atlas is showering up at the Men.com gym. He's so lovely to look at -- a massive hunk, handsome and tall with muscles bulging on muscles, and a big juicy cock. Andrew Stark sneaks in and takes a couple of pictures with his cell phone. When Zeb catches him he forces Andrew to his knees -- is this supposed to be punishment?! Before this bodybuilder is done, he'll bend Andrew over a workout bench and drill his ass!

  • Bent-Con - Bringing Together LGBT Geeks

    bent con

    If you look closely in the graphic above you should see something familiar. That's right, that's the GayDemon devil and it was drawn by artist Patrick Fillion. Bent-Con is a conference being held in Los Angeles from November 30 to December 2 and it brings together the largest collect of LGBT comic book, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror geeks in one place.

    The event was launched in 2010; this will be the third conference and it'll be held at Burbank Marriott and Convention Center in Los Angeles. But the conference isn't just open to LGBTQ's, it's called Bent-Con because it's not straight, although if you are straight, you're more than welcome.

    The conference brings together fans with artists, writers, publishers, collectors, and a whole lot more. Think of it as Comic-Con only gayer. For a full list of exhibitors and guests, head over to Bent-Con.

  • Blindfolded, Blown and Jerked Off

    blindfolded straight guy blown and jerked off

    Straight blond guy Cody did his debut jack-off video a few weeks back at Straight Fraternity. He's a lanky, scrawny guy with a fat cock. Like any guy his age, he's pretty horny and can't ever seem to say "no" to getting off, even that means letting a guy touch his dick.

    The guys at Straight Fraternity decide to have a little fun with this breeder and see how far they can push him. So they invite him back, strip him naked, blindfold him, and secure his hands in Velcro straps. One of their gay-for-pay studs, Abel, sits on the couch and starts playing with Cody's cock and it starts thickening up pretty nicely. Another tattooed dude, who usually services these guys through Straight Fraternity's glory hole, kneels behind the couch and starts playing with Cody's nipples.

    The tattooed guy moves around and fingers Colby's butt hole while his buddy sucks Cody's dick and plays with it using a masturbation sleeve. With all this attention and deprived of seeing what's happening, it doesn't take long before Cody starts grunting, "I'm gonna cum!" And he shoots straight up in the air and splatters his cum load all over his smooth belly.

  • Wilfried Knight Gives His Full Load

    Gay porn star Wilfried Knight

    It was just a couple of months ago that superstar Wilfried Knight hinted that he might be leaving the industry after fulfilling his dream to work for COLT Studios. Is this the scene that sends him off!? A very hairy (and slightly fuller figured!?) Knight goes the solo route for COLT's popular Minute Man series. In Full Load, the bearded stud, who has previously worked for Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Kazan and Men At Play, among others during his nine years in the big biz, starts off in a porch swing. He reaches under his tight T-shirt to stroke his furry chest, then moves down to finger a hole in the crotch of his worn jeans. Soon his uncut (and very wet) cock makes an appearance. There's plenty of meaty foreskin play, as Knight liberally tastes his flowing precum. Before long, a moaning Wilfried lives up to the film's title and delivers a healthy load to his hairy tummy. What else is there to do but lap up his own creamy output and say farewell!? We sure hope not! Full Load also features fellow jackers Marc Dylan and Brad Kalvo. For more information, visit COLTStudioGroup.com.

    Wilfried Knight jerking off

  • A Jock Cock-Sucking Threeway


    Jock Tanner is getting the the kind of welcome only a site like Corbin Fisher can provide. The handsome hottie might be familiar from another site out there, but there is no doubting that the cock action he's gonna get here is far hotter. They start as they mean to go on with this one, giving the jock two of their best cock suckers to feast on his dick. Harper and Aiden are far more experienced when it comes to worshiping a hard tool, but all three get plenty of tasty man-meat between them as they jerk and gobble every inch. The cum shots are not to be missed, with Tanner taking an impressive facial splashing from both his new buddies, and then jerking out his own jizz into each of their mouths, too!

  • Old Man Group Sex

    View full video at Male Junction Videos

    There's a little something for everyone in this video from Male Junction. Eight men pile into a room where they start playing. There are three or four younger guys in their mid-twenties and thirties, and the five older, grey-haired men. Some of the guys are slender and fit and a couple of the older men have big bellies. The guys initially pair off into duos and threeways, but they all come together in the center of the room for a hot group fuck. A couple of the guys bend over and get their asses fucked while the others suck cock, kiss, and get the action pretty fired up.

  • Shawn Wolfe Is New RSS/Falcon Exclusive

    Shawn Wolfe Is New RSS/Falcon Exclusive

    It looks like another star is born over at Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios. The San Francisco-based studios have announced the signing of supercute Shawn Wolfe to a long-term exclusive contract. The bearded newcomer was discovered by Hard Friction founders Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, who brought him in to shoot only his second scene ever. After filming a live show and scene for the new Hard Friction release, Impact, Wolfe received an offer from RSS/Falcon president Chris Ward that he couldn't refuse.

    "For me, getting into the business was just a matter of time," the hairy Wolfe says. "I have spent the recent years preparing for this moment, and Raging Stallion has always been the direction I wanted to go with my career. I remember being younger and realizing what I wanted, and focusing on molding myself in the vision of a Raging Stallion man. I look forward to my future in this industry and can't wait to get out there, work hard and meet the fans!"

    A native of the Pacific Northwest, Wolfe is a versatile performer (he bottoms for fellow newbie Woody Fox in Impact) who will mainly work in RSS productions. He also recently shot a solo scene for the upcoming Oh My Godfre DVD with Benjamin Godfre, playing his "dirty director". This is the first onscreen co-star for Godfre, who previously worked as an underwear model.

    Impact also features Jake Genesis, Caleb Colton, Fabio Stallone, Jeremy Stevens, Jessy Ares and Marcus Ruhl. For more information, visit HardFriction.com.

    Gay porn star Shawn Wolfe

  • Blond Dude Takes It OTK

    View full video at Reluctant Young Men

    I didn't ever really know that I was into spanking until I started watching spanking videos at Best Male Videos. One of my favorite sites is Reluctant Young Men, and this video features a very hot blond dude with a Mohawk. He's been over this spanker's knee before, but I guess they had to cut the last session short because this dude's ass was hurting too much. So they go at it again. The blond stud seems to think the whole thing is kind of funny because he's smiling through the initial moments of some hand to ass contact. But when his bare butt starts feeling the sting of a wooden spoon, he actual starts to cry.

  • Brazlian Lovers Tag Team Fucking

    brazilian hunks in threeway fucking action

    Diego Lauzen & Wagner Vittoria are a pair of real-life lovers. A couple of weeks ago they made their gay porn debut on Tim Tales, where they fucked raw and played a bit with site owner, Tim Kruger, and his 10-inch cock. Diego and Wagner are a couple of beautiful Brazilian muscle boys with gorgeous bodies and big uncut cocks.

    Then Kristen Bjorn picked up this pair and showcased them in their series Lovers Lane, where they again fucked raw on camera. And I think Kristen Bjorn has bigger plans for these two, but in the meantime, another scene that they filmed with Tim Tales just hit the airways.

    Diego and Wagner tag team uninhibited power bottom David Avila. David himself is hot, muscled stud and wears some sexy tattoos and a face full of scruff. But his ass is no matched for this Brazilian couple. They work up a sweat trying to keep this cock-hungry bottom satisfied and filled up.

  • Cool Bear

    Cool Bear

    It's wall to wall pics of older men, bearded men and bears at Cool Bear. This is a very simple Tumblr site that pulls together images of guys who you and I would class as bears, plus other guys who are definitely not twinks or even jocks. You will find your standard run of cowboys and construction workers, plus some grey haired men, all fit and strong, powerful but not necessarily big and beefy, either. It's a mix of images blogged and re-blogged from all kinds of sources, you are able to see the 'notes' made on individual images, link to the RSS feed, follow the blog, check out other followers and use it as a kind of social place to hang out and introduce yourself to other guys who also like all things bear.

    I stayed on this blog for ages just clicking back through the pages and I found men from known websites, such as Butch Dixon, I found amateur men, some very interesting posed shots (the teacher in a gown and jock was nicely unsettling), and from time to time a shot of a guy with a hard-on, so you really do have a good eclectic mix of all kinds of guys, and yet they are share the bear look and feel. If nothing else it's a fun place to idle away a few minutes.