• Fucking Big

    Fucking Big

    This image blog should really be called Fucking Big and real. What you are looking at here are eye-watering photos of guys who are exceptionally big between the legs. White guys, black guys, mixed race, Latino - you'll find everyone here but there is a minimum length, or size, you have to be in order to get featured. So this is definitely a site for size queens and all lovers of jumbo cocks. What's also nice is that the images themselves are a mixture. There were some from adult sites, Bentley Race's website for example, (the image from which interestingly came via Hung BFs), and then there are some from self-submit sites where the guys are photographing themselves in the bathroom mirror. When I was looking at the site there were 32 pages to get through and plenty of hung guys to look at. They come in all shapes and sizes - redheads, dark, slim, and there are even some cartoons, as well. I didn't get through every single image but the ones I did see were all real with no morphing. At least I think they were. You do wonder sometimes if what you see is actually possible. But you'll just have to go and take a look for yourself and make up your own mind. Just be prepared to think big!

  • Introducing Sasha Byazrov

    Sasha Byazrov's uncut cock

    There's always a price to pay for beauty. And director Lucas Kazan tells us that the latest stud in his stable paid dearly by having to leave a budding modeling career behind just so he could spread his butt cheeks for the horny masses! Yes, that's the story of sexy Sasha Byazrov. The handsome model was born in Moscow, where he strutted his stuff on the runway before coming to the United States to...well, you can see his handiwork! Lucas notes that Sasha is "athletic, but not overly built." Plus, his Hollywood good looks are "magnetic, his eyes mesmerizing, his ass breathtaking." All true. And just think, if he had stayed in Russia, he wouldn't have landed in gay porn and we wouldn't be enjoying his uncut cock right now! To see more, visit LucasKazan.com.

    Sasha_Byazrov spreads his ass

  • Jeff Stryker's CUM-BACK


    I'm very sure that all of you who have ever stroked your cock to gay porn will know the name Jeff Stryker. He might have been out of the adult industry scene for the past 10 years (that truly is a lifetime in gay porn years) but this legendary stud is on the cum-back trail and is planing to tour in the U.S to hopefully get his porn career back in full swing.

    Now, I don't know exactly what this "tour" will consist of but he did tell The Sword that he would be doing some of his theatrical performances and that he is doing them to simply entertain. This 50 year old stud has been around since the 80's and his list of movies is truly impressive.


    During his performances you'll also be able to buy some of his merchandise which I'm sure will include his very popular "Cock & Balls" dildo and then there is the "Jeff Stryker Action Figure", which will leave poor Ken with a severe case of penis envy! It's good to see that he is making his way back into live appearances but I think he should also go back to hard-core smutty porn. There are currently loads of studios that cater to that older "daddy" look. However I think he needs a bit of a hair make over 'cos his current "do" is most definitely a "DON'T!"

    Jeff will be making his first appearance at "The Boardwalk Bar" in Ft.Lauderdale Florida from the 21st to the 24th of November. So the question is now: Are ya happy to see this hunky porn veteran back on the scene or should he pack up his dildo and action dolly and call it a day? Let's hear it, HOMOS!

  • Sucking Hard Jock Cock


    Micky is certainly not new to fooling around with guys at Fratmen Sucks, but this is the first time Braden has experienced the pleasure of another guys mouth on his cock. The boys work up a sweat in the gym, but you can tell from Micky's hardening shaft as he massages his new buddy that he wants to show him his special skills. With lots of mutual jerking and an awesome cock sucking session, the guys get off and blast some hot loads of jock cum together! I think it's clear that Braden's first time was enjoyable.

  • Halloween Comic Treats


    We've written about gay comics before, so we all know that they can be hot and homoerotic and sexier than Veronica and Betty doing girl-on-girl! Now Class Comics is getting into the spirit of this spooky season with two all-new volumes dedicated to Halloween. Meaty #3: The Class Comics Halloween Special contains more that 100 full-color illustrations and mini comic strips from over 80 talented artists. And there was so much great material--including classic characters such as official Halloween ambassador Jacko The Halloweener, who is always horny and ready to jump every buff hero he can get his hands on--that the books are divided into two sections: The Trick Edition and The Treat Edition. What an inspired idea! Class Comics partners and publishers Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser must really enjoy Halloween, because they've given fans a truly delectable treat with these two themed issues. To download the books in PDF form, visit ClassComics.com.


  • Real-Life Lovers Trenton Ducati & Tate Ryder

    trenton ducati fucks tate ryder

    I always have mixed feelings when I see Tate Ryder getting his ass fucked. He's got such a beautifully big cock that it's a crying shame to see him hoisting his legs and getting his butt hole filled. But Trenton Ducati is no slouch in the dick department -- he's got a nice meaty cock -- and he's stuffing Ryder's ass in this scene from Hot House.

    And what I didn't know is that Tate Ryder and Trenton Ducati are real-life lovers. We see gay porn stars sucking and fucking with so many different guys in their videos, I'm always interested to see the guys they choose as partners. And this one hot couple and I'm glad they gave us a look at one of their one-on-one fuck sessions.

    After swapping head, Trenton eats of his lover's butt hole and gets it ready for his thick, banana-curved dick. Tate reaches around and starts fingering his hole and this drives his man crazy. Trenton stands up and pushes his big nob into his boyfriends butt, then he bangs him good and hard. Tate eventually spews his cum load with his lover pounding his ass and just to drive his boyfriend a little more crazy -- and maybe get him heated up for round two -- Tate scoops up some of his own jizz and starts eating it. Now that's pretty fucking hot!

  • Two hot brothers jerk off side by side

    View full video at Spunk Worthy

    We are fascinated with brothers, aren't we. Robbie has already jacked his dick over at Spunk Worthy and today he's brought along his brother, Jessie. This is Jessie's first time stroking his meat on video, but he won't be alone. His brother joins him naked on the bed and they jerk their cocks together in this side by side. You know, I'm going to pull an Oprah here: she often said she wondered how the ride home went with some of her guests after the show, and I'm sure wondering what these brothers said to each other after they spilled their cum loads together. Maybe it's not the first time!

  • Hairy Man Bob Hager Jerks in Pool

    View full video at Colt Studio Group

    I can't think of a better way to start my day than watching sexy hairy hunk Bob Hager from COLT Studio Group jerking off in the pool. This masculine stud sits naked on a ledge in the middle of a pool and he's enjoying the hot sun beating down on his strong body while stroking his meat. This man sure is hot!

  • Nerdy Gay Boy

    Nerdy Gay Boy

    This Nerdy Gay Boy wants you to look at his cock, and who can blame him? It is very impressive, thank you. He wants to show you his own photos and he wants you to see his favorite nerdy pics from elsewhere. And they are all gay and sexy, hard dicked and ready to spurt, or actually spurting. This guy sports glasses, a geeky look and a cock that's got to be around nine inches long at least. And on this website, you get it hard, soft and on the way - and then you even get some video clips to go with.

    The blog is really a glorification of one boy's dick and way of life, but you'll also find some adverts for hardcore sites, some friends' pics and other things from the gay world where the guys happen to look classically nerdy. It's a strange mix but it works. And you really ought to go study it, and study hard, like a good nerd should.

  • Taking Muscle Jock Cock

    Topher DiMaggio Fucks Joey Cooper

    You might not believe it, but this is Joey Cooper's first time taking a dick up his ass on camera. He does so well, too, letting Topher DiMaggio really own his hole as he fucks him balls-deep! It's an intense butt slamming video and one on the Dominic Ford site that will definitely have a lot of guys firing off a jizz load. I guess if you need a jock cock to really teach a guy how to bottom, the power Topher DiMaggio can deliver makes him an obvious choice!