• Bar Room Bareback

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    A couple of guys are playing a game of billiards bare chested in a bar and you can feel the sexual tension rising. When the black dude heads off for a piss, the other guy follows him. Inside the bathroom, this hot stud bends over and gets his beefy ass fucked raw. I've never watched a video from Edger 9 before, but if this is the kind of sex they offer, I'm going to have to check them out.

  • Has Zane Michaels Left His Site And Best Bud Austin!?

    Zane Michaels

    Has Zane Michaels left the gay porn building!? Well, if you believe some of his recent tweets, the hairy hunk, who was one half of the award-winning AustinZane.com Web site with Austin Andrews (below), has at least left the site. Our friends at MenofPorn.com meticulously followed his Twitter timeline as he revealed his departure. Zane admitted to being "a little choked up" and "fighting back some tears" as he drove away from the site's base in Las Vegas. While he may have left the site and fuck bro Austin in the dust ("I love u man," he tweeted), we do know that Michaels is appearing in a new orgy at Men.com. The scene, titled "The Gay Dating Game," is a fun take-off on the 1960s game show and co-stars Tommy Defendi, Robert Axel, Tony Newport and Rocco Reed. No word from "straight" baby daddy Andrews yet. Maybe he's busy with his kid!

    Austin Zane

  • Interview with Marxel Rios

    Marxel Rios sucking cock

    Today we're talking with tattooed and mouthwateringly hot gay porn stud, Marxel Rios. This versatile new-cummer has made his appearance sucking and fucking his way through scenes for a number of studios this year, and I can't wait to hear more about this horny star!

    Anthony: So, let's get your dick a little harder and your head a little bigger first. You have been nominated for a CyberSocket Web Award for Best Newcomer with some pretty big talent like Jake Bass, Marc Dylan, Jake Genesis, and James Huntsman, to name a few. What is it like to be nominated? And by the way, how did you get your start in the business?

    Marxel: Just being nominated with those guys is a huge honor...very excited and proud that my hard work is paying off on camera...those guys are the best of the best, so its fantastic to be in that group, as well. I got my start with Howard Andrew at FabScout Entertainment. He has brought me along and has always believed in me, so I have been trying to be my best for him and the local guys here in South Florida.

    Anthony: Now I've seen you top and bottom for sites like CircleJerkBoys, ExtraBigDicks, MenOver30, BaitBuddies, and OutinPublic. Sorry if I'm leaving a few sites out but you're a tough one to keep up with. So do you consider yourself more of a top or are you a hungry bottom?

    Marxel: Ummm...lol. Well, I am always hungry lol but I love to flip flop...I never was much of a bottom until I started filming and came to really enjoy it. I like the best of both worlds.. =)

    Anthony: Do you have a favorite site you've worked with thus far? What about a favorite scene partner? I mean you've worked with some pretty dominant good tops like Diesel Washington, Ricky Sinz and Tommy Defendi to name some...you lucky fucker :)

    Marxel: Yes all three were very professionally and laid back and our energy carried over onto to film for some hot scenes...but actually I am going to say Devin Adams is my fav...he is a good friend of mine and we are very comfortable together and in my opinion or sense in Chockin on Cock is one of the hottest you will ever see!

    When it comes to sites and my fav is Gio Carusos baitbuddies...Gio's vision is awesome and how he can get guys to perform is killer plus he is a sweetheart!

    Anthony: Ok I'm going to be honest, I'm a fucking terrible bottom. I bitch out and my partner is kind of getting sick of it. How do you prepare for a scene in which you're going to be taking a cock? Any tips on how to not make me a pussy at taking a dick?

    Marxel: For me its all about good lube and breathing through it..lol...like giving birth..Guys like Diesel and Spencer Reed are huge so that was a challenge I try to go some where else mentally if it hurts I try not to think about it...but I usualy end up enjoying it once I get comfortable. My tip for you is just lube it up get it in and try to relax.

    Anthony: Is it tough to stay in character during a scene when you have to be focused on making the sex look as hot as possible? What about keeping wood with the lights and camera focused on your every move? Do you shave or trim yourself or are you all natural goodness?

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  • Hairy Straight Guy Jerked Off

    Hairy Straight Guy Jerked Off

    Noah is a gorgeous inked and hairy straight guy who strokes the jizz from his nuts two or three times a day, but before his very first solo at Spunk Worthy he'd been saving it up for a couple of days! I guess that helped him to go with the flow when he had a helping hand, loving the sensation of another guy stroking his hard cock and playing with his virgin fuckhole. It meant a hot load of straight guy cum leaping out when he was jerked off to completion!

  • Lucas Dresses Up SexInSuits Site For Launch

    Lucas Dresses Up SexInSuits Site For Launch

    It wasn't that long ago that Lucas Entertainment started eroticizing manly men in dresswear with its popular Gentlemen film series. Now, the New York-based studio has turned the concept into a new site. SexInSuits.com celebrates power dressers--and power tops and bottoms, too! The bossy businessmen sport a polished look as they fetishize shirts, ties, dress pants and wing tips. The whole affair reeks of masculinity and brings to mind that hairy daddy of your dreams in the corner office.

    "I think there is something incredibly sexy about men dressed in classic suits", president and CEO Michael Lucas says. "SexInSuits.com is a one-stop place for men who fantasize about being with an executive in power."

    The site offers scenes from the best-selling Gentleman series, featuring top-name porn stars such as Mitch Branson (below), Adam Killian and Christopher Daniels. It also gives a look behind the scenes of movie shoots, plus previously unpublished photos of hot studs in solo and hard-core action.

    SexInSuits.com is, of course, a companion site to LucasEntertainment.com and LucasRaunch.com. Membership to one gives you access to all. Now, let's tie one on!

    Mitch Branson Sex In Suits

  • Real-Life Fuck Buddies

    fuck buddies barebacking

    Derek Parker and J.R. Bronson are fuck buddies. Once every couple of weeks they get together to suck and fuck -- no mess, no fuss, no emotional attachment, no commitment, just fucking.

    I'm not sure I could just be fuck buddies with Derek Parker. He's a sexy, hairy man with a full beard, a hairy body, and a lot of hot tattoos. He's definitely the kind of man that you'd want to settle down with. I can only imagine how hot it would be having this muscle bear humping my ass a few times a week. And I love watching him lying back on the couch while J.R. nurses on his dick.

    J.R.'s a total bottom and enjoys pleasing his man -- um, fuck buddy, rather -- and when he's had enough of Derek's dick, he throws his legs in the air and gets his ass boned good and hard. And what a hot session, it's no wonder J.R. keeps coming back for more.

  • Ryan Idol Sentenced

    Ryan Idol Sentenced

    Over a year ago, we had reported here on the Gaydemon blog that EX-porn stud Ryan Idol was in big trouble for beating his EX-girlfriend with a toilet tank lid. He was convicted for attempted murder and was sentenced this week.

    Well, things are not looking good for the 90's porn actor as he was first denied a motion for a retrial and then he was sentenced to a state prison for 12 years. He was given 466 days credit for jail time he had served over the past year. Ryan's attorney has said he will file for an appeal.

    Well, this is sad news for Ryan Idol but things were not going too well for the once-hot hunk as he had also accused Chi Chi LaRue of "breach of contract" for releasing an old wank scene in the compilation DVD "Criminal Cocks." Obviously now, I think that issue will take a backseat with the sentencing.

    I know we won't be seeing him for quite some time but hopefully when he gets out he can get his act together and who knows come back as an uber-sexy and tough prison daddy! How hot would that be?

  • Scruffy Skater Boy with Inks

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    I've been on a bit of a viewing frenzy over at Best Male Videos and this is the second really hot fucker I've seen from Alterna Dudes. He's a long-haired, bearded, heavily tattooed guy and he's jerking his dick for the camera. He's got a board leaning against the wall beside him, so I guess he's a skateboarder, too. But the hottest thing about this video is when the camera man gets down on the floor and films up as this scruffy guy jerks his meat -- the cocksucker view, my fave!

  • Ball Busting a Straight Guy

    lance hart bondage

    Lance Hart is a straight guy and he was a little nervous about doing a bondage scene over at Men on Edge. Who wouldn't be? Van Darkholme isn't an easy master to please. And while this straight stud is no stranger to BDSM, he's used to be on the receiving end with a nasty bitch taking the dominant role. Playing with a male master takes things to a whole new level.

    Lance likes having his balls busted, so the master ties him up and gives Hart's balls a few whacks. And it seems like this straight boy really likes having his nuts slapped hard because his dick is stiff in no time. But he endures a whole lot more. The master flogs Lance's hard-on before stroking it in his fist. And Darkholme brings this guy to the edge of cumming a couple of times before taking it up a couple of notches with a blindfold.

    Down on all fours, Lance has his balls tied up with rope that's strung up to the ceiling and while the ropes are pulling on his nuts, his master starts fucking his butt hole with a dildo and stroking his cock with a jack-off sleeve. Balls, asshole, and cock all at the same time, and Lance is about ready to explode, but he's going to have persevere a while longer before his master finally lets him blow all over himself -- and he does, big time!

  • Dillon Rossi Gets Exclusive For Cocky Boys

    Dillon Rossi - Cocky Boys exclusive model

    This looks like one hell of a fishing trip! Seems like only a few weeks ago that Dillon Rossi was your average, everyday country boy living somewhere in the wilds of Ohio. Then, the 22-year-old tattooed love hunk entered a modeling contest and won a weekend in upstate New York with porn star Max Ryder. The rest is now available for your viewing pleasure at the Cocky Boys site. And the online studio (and Max) evidently liked what they saw, because Rossi is now an exclusive model! They say he's six feet tall and is packing nine inches of hard pole. "Although Dillon won the contest, Cocky Boys are the real winners and took home the top prize by signing this natural stud!" Cocky Boys owner and director Jake Jaxson says. "Given that he has never appeared on any other site before, we are able to nuture his career based on what he likes and is comfortable with. [We are] committed to keep bringing fresh faces to the industry that have never filmed." The "Dillon and Max Go Fishin' " scene is live now at CockyBoys.com.

    Dillion Rossi gay sex with porn star Max Ryder

  • European Uncut Threeway Bareback

    Mechanics fuck twink in bareback threesome

    I have to tell you guys that I've been loving the action on the Staxus site, and this uncut threeway with Zack Hood and Dick Casey sharing the mouth and ass of horny twink Lucas Tree has had me squirting more than just one load! The boy is hungry for it though, taking on both muscled hunks in a bareback trio that ends with him getting splashed with their loads!

  • Heavily Tattooed Dude

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    I love Carter. He's a muscular, heavily inked guy who claims he's straight, but he just loves dick a little too much. In fact as he arrives at this hotel room to get his butt fucked by this pair of real-life lovers from Maverick Men, he's got a butt plug shoved up his ass. He's getting it ready for a hot fuck session.

  • New Tom of Finland Book Debuts At L.A. Art Fair

    New Tom of Finland Book Debuts At L.A. Art Fair

    He's long gone, but not forgotten. And artist Tom of Finland (aka Touko Laaksonen) continues to amaze with his classic work. We recently wrote about this exhibit of his original paintings at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach. Now, there's a new book that traces Tom's early life in Finland through his career in advertising to when he started producing the epic work that still influences the gay world.

    Tom of Finland: Life and Work of a Gay Hero is an anthology from author F. Valentine Hooven III and German publisher Bruno Gmünder that features numerous drawings and rare photographs. The book will be launched this weekend at the Los Angeles Erotic Art Fair Weekend, which will be held at the historic Plummer Park's Fiesta Hall (7377 Santa Monica Boulevard) in West Hollywood. The Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF) presents the event each year, and this 17th edition from September 29-30 will feature about 50 booths displaying various erotic works, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, mixed media and digital work. The fair also features live models posing for artists and photographers.

    "This is the coming together of artists from around the world to share with each other and to present their latest creations of art to the public", president and cofounder of ToFF Durk Dehner says. ''It is one of the most positive, life-affirming experiences in which one can partake, from both the artist's and public's point of view." For more info on the art fair, click here. And for more on the book, go to brunogmuender.com.

  • Fuck Me With A Banana

    Edji Da Silva Jonathan Agassi

    Just when you thought you had truly seen it all! Recently we showed you how Latin stud Alexsander Freitas fucked horny Tyler Sweet with a mop and this week we have another "interesting" object being shoved up a gay slut's ass.

    This time Edji Da Silva shoves a banana (sans the peel, of course) into Jonathan Agassi' s ass in a scene for a new Lucas Entertainment flick, "Push it Out." A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just show you this:

    Edji Da Silva shoves a banana up Jonathan Agassi's ass

    How is that banana staying hard - Viagra? I mean, most bananas I've eaten are usually quite soft. Jesus, there were soooo many puns in that last sentence, I seriously don't even know where to begin! But of course this is not just a "fuck me with a banana" flick, there is also plenty of water sports and hard core fucking! I gotta hand it to Lucas Entertainment for keeping things fresh, and yes - I'm talking about more than just that banana!

    Oh the gays, whatever will we think of next!?

  • Gay Bukkake With Pablo Nunez

    Gay Bukkake Orgy

    I think handsome hunk Pablo Nunez is quite possibly the luckiest man on Earth in this gay bukkake party with ten awesome muscle cocks to feast on! Butch Dixon is celebrating four years in the business by giving the hairy hunk ten delicious dicks to suck and ten messy cum loads splashing over him. All the guys are so eager to build up those loads, wanking each other off as they wait their turn in his expert mouth, ending with a messy finale coating Pablo Nunez in their semen!