• Cum Swapping Kiss

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    Masculine blond bottom Hayden Colby has beefed up since his last Lucas Entertainment appearance. Johnny Venture gets out of the shower and Hayden drops to his knees to suck his thick, swollen cock, then bends over to take it up his smooth muscular butt. Johnny pulls out and unloads over Hayden's face and mouth and then leans in to share his juice with a cum-swapping snog!

  • Don't Be Mean To Jake Genesis

    Don't Be Mean To Jake Genesis

    Hottie new-cummer Jake Genesis has just started out in porn working with studios like MenAtPlay and KristenBjorn, so maybe this is why he is very sensitive to negative comments about porn stars in general including himself.

    Recently Jake drew attention to the fact that some blogs facilitate negative comments on porn stars by not moderating them and allowing people to basically make comments that Jake sees as "super critical, untrue, seething with negativity, and personal, deeply personal."

    Jake had said this in response to some to some of the negative comments that were posted in a QueerMeNow story about a scene with Austin Wilde, Anthony Romero and Pierre Fitch. He also went on to say that he was not really upset about the comments made but rather that the blog QMN had allowed these comments to to be posted in the first place.

    He said that "If you are a sensitive and responsible human being and you run a blog you should not allow comments to be posted which are personal attacks. The litmus test is this: Only post comments to your blog which you would feel comfortable reading out loud to our faces, in person. You are personally responsible for what is posted on your blog and the effects that those comments have. It speaks volumes about you as a person."

    This has lead many bloggers to question what comments should be approved and what comments should they delete? Should all comments made by the people who visit gay blogs be positive? What is considered a negative comment? Then whatever happened to freedom of speech? Should Jake Genesis just chill out and not visit blogs where he knows people will be "negative?" Is Jake Genesis even in the right business?

    As a fellow Gaydemon visitor, would you like your comments to be moderated and censored if you did not agree with what the blogger was writing about? It's over to you now - let us hear what ya gotta say!

  • Tattooed Nick Moretti Fucking Bare Ass

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    Nick Moretti is a ruggedly handsome hairy and tattooed stud, and I never get tired of watching him fill up a hungry ass with his fat cock. In this video from Bareback That Hole, Moretti pounds this bald man's butt hole and this greedy bottom is begging for more.

  • Hung Latin Jock

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    We don't often see men of color on Fratmen, so when I saw this hung Latin jock named Rico, my cock started stirring in my shorts. I love Latin guys. And there's a lot of reasons to love Rico. He's a handsome guy with deep soulful eyes and a friendly smile.

    And Rico must work out like a maniac because he's got a beautiful body. I love his ripped abs and his strong chest. Flip him over and he's got a deliciously plump ass (a little furry too) and beefy thighs. And this Latin jock has a deliciously long cock.

    Rico is smooth everywhere except for his pubes, which are a bit on the hairy side. I hate the current trend for guys to trim their pubic hair almost down to nothing, so I'm digging this au naturel guy. And like all the other Fratmen, you'll get to watch Rico playing in the shower before he settles back and spills a load of cum all over that six pack.

  • Jack Adams Underwear Model Is Packing!

    Dylan Austin, Jack Adams' male underwear model

    We don't usually write about underwear models (well, unless they're porn stars!), but these pics of gorgeous Dylan Austin in a new ad campaign for Jack Adams somehow got our attention. Oh, and his panties are pretty, too! This is the company that designs, manufactures and distributes edgy underwear for self-assured manly men. And just look at the nice bulge they make! And how that jockstrap shows off Dylan's shapely butt! The upcoming fall season finds Jack Adams releasing a collection of new products, including the Gridiron Trunk (made of soft mesh fabric that'll keep you cool down there even in the swampiest of conditions) and the orange-colored Army Fly Jock Brief (featuring a functional fly and a spacious front pouch, which Dylan definitely needs). We'll take one of each to go! Jack Adams' line is sold internationally via retailers as well as online. For more information, visit JackAdamsUSA.com.

  • Look At This Fucking Blowjob

    Look At This Fucking Blowjob

    Look At This Fucking Blowjob, well, there's nothing like a title that stands out and this one sure does just that. The subtitle on the blog page is slightly more reserved - it reads 'oral fixation' and that's basically what's behind this mouth-wateringly naughty site. Working down its first page I've got Flash animation, moving gifs, toons, and pictures, all showing me sexy guys either with their cocks on display or their dicks just about to enter someone else's mouths. Actually there are plenty of oral shots here and many where the sucking is already going at full tilt, but I also like the sets of images of guys posing, with no oral action in sight.

    There's a slightly clinical feel to the site, with lots of white space and small text. You can submit your own pics and ask the guys anything, and there is some writing to read, though it's mainly all about images here. Some are clearly self-submitted while others come from studio shots and websites, or movies, or from other amateur sites. When you 'like' something, your name is added to the list so if you've got your own Tumblr account you can get guys to click to you, a neat way of sharing your favorite pics and your obsession for BJs.

  • Chris Rockway Got Surgery

    Chris Rockway Got Surgery

    Last week we wrote about hunky Randy Blue model Chris Rockway needing your money to get spinal surgery. He needed $22,000 to cover the costs and expenses and had opened up a "GoFundMe" page which was very shortly taken down.

    A lot of people thought that this was just a quick way for the sexy stud to make a quick buck, and that he was exaggerating the urgency of his operation. Well, it seems as though Chris got enough money together and had the operation he so desperately needed.

    Besides tweeting that his surgery was set for last Wednesday, StarfuckerMagazine also posted the picture above of Chris in full hospital gear looking quite cheery and recovering well. He also mentioned that he was not sure when he would be returning to filming porn but he would be back to Randy Blue's "camming live" from his home. So I'm guessing that he is not fully going to retire "Chris Rockway" in favor of his straight porn self, "Cash Hunter." Well, I guess now that he's got his surgery , he's gotta pay the bills and we ALL know that gay porn pays hunky studs WAY more than straight porn does!

    It's great to see Chris on the road to recovery and hopefully we will be seeing way more of this stud in sexy, slutty gay porn action!

  • Muscular Hairy Men Fucking

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    Gorgeous hairy muscle jock gets his ass pounded good by this bald man. And the thing that I love best about this horny video from Man Avenue is that both of these studs are sporting juicy uncut cocks.

  • Twink Cock Worship

    Twink cock worshiping and dinnertime blowjob

    Jack (from You Love Jack) has a nice average 6 incher, which Chance loves kissing, licking and worshiping. His reward at the end of this tantalizing cock sucking session is a mouthful of Jack's spunk!

  • Customers Like Big Dicks

    Customers Like Big Dicks

    I've been posting a lot of my videos on tube sites, and I'm always shocked at how many views I get from videos with Malik. Is it his dark skin, hairy chest, or beefy biceps? Maybe, but it seems that most guys like Malik because he has a big dick. And it's a whopper - just look at the size of that thing! Is it any wonder guys can jerk off watching that giant cock and imagining slurping it up or having it shoved in their ass? It's a fantasy, all right, but believe me, this is not trick photography. I've seen it in person up close and it really is that big.

    You can see more of Malik's big cock at Lavender Lounge.

    Big black cock

  • Reality Star Gets Million-Dollar Treatment

    Tag Eriksson hard cock - Reality Star Gets Million-Dollar Treatment

    Before he became an obnoxious and overbearing reality star (is there any other kind!?), Fredrik Eklund had an award-winning career as porn star Tag Eriksson. The star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York makes no bones about his gay porn past. In fact, he uses whatever means available to unload pricey real estate. No shame here--which is perfect for both reality TV and gay porn! So you just know that 35-year-old Fred has got to be thrilled that Jet Set Men has decided to devote an entire DVD (the second) to his oeuvre. Million Dollar Man is a compilation of Tag's standout performances from the early 2000s, when he was a Jet Set exclusive. There's even some never-seen-before footage. Casting director Rob Romoni promises, "The public will get to know Tag from all angles." Haven't we seen enough of this pouty Swedish queen already!? For more information, visit JetSetMen.com.

  • Bottom Boy Fucked By Verbal Top

    Mexican bottom gets fucked raw by hairy dude

    Sexy Mexican bottom boy Carmine from Chaos Men likes to get fucked by aggressive verbal types. Foster is just that, a hairy and dominant top who fucks Carmine's ass raw after having his cock worshiped!

  • Naked Hiker Tied Up and Jerked Off

    logan vaughn outdoor bondage

    Logan Vaughn doesn't notice while he's hiking through the woods that a pervert is following and watching him. When this stalker has the opportunity, he jumps the blond hiker and takes him to the ground. Then Logan finds himself shirtless and his arms are bound to two trees. The muscle hunk is blindfolded, so he has no idea what's coming his way.

    With this stranger touching and rubbing Logan's strong body and cock, the hiker is helpless to stop his cock from getting hard. The perv has also tied Logan's cock and balls and secured them to a tree several feet away. And any time the stud moves, he feels the rope pull on his package. Logan is edged to the point of cumming, then his stalker stops. This happens over and over until this blond muscle man is begging to unload. His pleas are ignored.

    Logan's captor has a couple more things in mind before he's going to let this stiff cock explode. Down in the shade of the woods, Logan is suspended amongst some trees and he gets his ass pumped with a dildo. His cock and butt are on overload now, and when Logan begs to be allowed to spunk, his captor brings this muscle hunk to orgasm and Logan shoots a huge load of cum all over his gorgeous body.

  • Shirtless Daily

    Shirtless Daily

    When you want something to perk you up over your breakfast then you want Shirtless Daily. Do you know, someone actually spends their days searching the net for images of topless celebrities for us? Yup, you don't have to do a thing. You simply bookmark this image blog and then switch it on every day to get a new shirtless male celebrity. There are loads of pics of the famous coming out of the sea in wet shorts (James Marsden brightened my day, and Mark Wahlberg has put on some beef, I notice). It's really simple, you have an image and the guy's name above it: film stars, singers, male models, TV celebs or athletes, you name it and this blog will have it; or rather, him. And he will be naked on top, so plenty of pecs and tummies, six packs and some chest hair to be savored. The pages are numbered and date back some three years and there are over 200 of them. So, you'd better make sure you've set aside enough time for a very lengthy breakfast.

  • Is Railing Ray The Maverick Men's New Bottom Bitch!?

    Is Railing Ray The Maverick Men's New Bottom Bitch!?

    He may be dark and brooding, but Railing Ray has got some big jockstraps to fill when it comes to being a Maverick Men co-star. The last time an MM model got our attention, it was handsome and hairy Davis, who has done the ole suck-and-fuck routine on camera twice with Boston's favorite sons. (Davis has since gone mainstream with this upcoming release!).

    Now, it's Ray who is making time in Cole and Hunter's bed (in their rented hotel room on the road). According to the Men, Ray contacted them about doing a scene because he "loves sex" and is big fan of their work. They first hooked up with him at an On the Hunt shoot, where they wasted no time throat raping Ray. "It was late at night and three of us blasted down his throat, but we didn't let him cum," Cole recalls. "We made him wait till the next morning, when we fucked the hell out of his tight hole." Guess he passed the audition as the guys soon traveled to Ray's hometown, where they delivered some more of the rough sex he craves. "I was surprised at how hard-core Ray was for such a newbie," Cole says. And these guys have seen a hard thing or two! To see just how rough, visit MaverickMen.com.

    Railing Ray Maverick Men.jpg