• Interview with Cody Allen

    Gay porn star Cody Allen

    Anthony: Ok lets just get into it... You popped James Huntsman's cherry so to speak, even though he fucked the shit out of you :) What was this like to be his "first" on camera fuck? Quite the honor, you lucky fucker.

    Cody: It was interesting; he was quite nervous and not all too sure what to do. It was similar to teaching someone how to top for the first time. He pretty much had 2 modes - hard and fast, and hard but not quite so fast, though he didn't really know much about the prostate. With some direction I was able to get him to hit the spot a few times. It's a weird dynamic with a scene partner who has reservations about what you're doing in the scene, sometimes nervous or not wanting to perform certain actions, I guess being his first, so to speak, is something to note, though I guess I'd actually rather have a scene with a slutty gay boy who knows what he's doing rather than a straight boy who I have to teach every step of the way. However I give him props, Huntsman was a very relaxed guy to work with, and even though he had his restrictions he was very cool about it all.

    Anthony: So, you've also worked with Rod Daily, Trystan Bull and Alex Waters for Next Door Studios. Can you tell us your experience working for NDS, and is it anything like it's been painted out to be lately?

    Cody: I've been paired almost entirely with straight scene partners. While I don't want to get into specifics of any particular performer, I will say that the ones which are open to perform are far easier to work with.Yes, there are times when I am really into my scene partner and it doesn't really matter to me what their restrictions are. I just enjoy touching them and servicing them. However this is not usually the case. When you are paired with someone who does not perform any number of various sensual interactions with their scene partner, particularly when they are less your type, it is a major turn off. For instance if I am partnered with a boy who's my type I could almost care less what we end up doing I'll enjoy it anyway. But if I am paired with a partner who is not my type then the sensual or even basic sexual contact becomes necessary to not only enjoy the scene but to simply stay hard and aroused enough to keep going.

    Besides just working on set, it is really clear in the video after when scene partners are acting their way through it instead of actually interacting to illicit the responses they give off. There are definitely straight guys who perform, and do so very well. They either act the part and get involved with their scene partner or actually get into it. But when you have a scene partner who is straight and does not perform, not only does it make filming hard but it also makes you look bad in the video when you can clearly tell everything you do or say is forced because no one is really into what is going on. Outside of filming, the studio is very relaxed, very nice staff that are awesome to hang out with and work with. But be careful as sometimes the dinner that they serve is not necessarily the best food for a bottom to eat the night before a morning shoot. My impression of the studio is that the people are generally pretty cool but when it comes to picking the "talent", they should give it a second look.

    Anthony: Sometimes I can get into kinky stuff, and watching you at Bound Gods and Bound In Public is quite fun. What is it like to work a shoot like these and how does it differ from a normal sex shoot? What is the kinky shit that really gets you off?

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  • Lance Corporal Fucked By Private

    Redhead marine gets fucked by private

    All American Heroes presents Private Tyler, who fucks sexy redhead Marine Chris on a couch. The lance corporal has sustained a battlefield injury and so private Tyler swings himself into action to please the hungry bottom soldier.

  • Nicco Sky Takes It Off!

    Nicco Sky's hot ass

    Nicco Sky has one hot ass. In fact, his ass is probably what has made him one of the most popular models over at Randy Blue. But of course, when you are a good porn model you gotta be versatile (besides doing that in the bedroom), and spread your wings into other areas of entertainment.

    Nicco has done just that and has become quite popular due to underwear company Andrew Christian's sexified videos of studs getting slutty in their undies. Well, Nicco has been posted ALL over the Andrew Christian site featuring him in sexy jocks and showing off his hot buns and the good news is that there is a video included!

    Nicco Sky in a jock strap

    The video is a behind-the-scenes of this sexy stud in all kinds of underwear and watching him work the camera, doing some MAJOR booty tooch-ing, and of course playing with his junk. I adore these kinds of videos when you get to see these men acting all playful and fun.

    Have a look at the sexy video which will have you falling in lust with this hunk more than ever - ENJOY!!

  • Bald and Hairy

    View full video at Hot Older Male

    A bald man will almost always catch my attention. If he's hairy and wears a beard like Tim Phillips in this Hot Older Male video, then I'm even more interested. And if he's got a thick, meaty cock ... well, let's just say I don't wait for an invitation. And watching this sexy daddy working his dick gets my cock-sucking mojo all worked up.

  • One Gay At A Time

    One Gay At A Time

    Here's an honest look at being gay in the form of a blog that started in 2011. The reason One Gay At A Time started was because its author realized that, at the age of 26, he was gay. So he stared blogging about his life in New York, his dating and, as he puts it 'what happens next'. This is the kind of blog where you need to curl up in bed with a cup of tea on a Sunday morning and read it as if it were a color supplement to the Sunday news. It's got that kind of journalistic feel to it, with excellent words and well placed images. It's homely and interesting, thought provoking and a little bit addictive. And it is also updated about once a day with weekends off for you to catch up. Certainly if you like reading about other people's lives then you're going to love it, and if you are also not sure about coming out or being gay, then it's going to inspire you.

  • Screwing Bruno Knight

    bruno knight and tiko

    When it comes to hairy men, you don't get much hotter than Bruno Knight. This sexy muscle bear is handsome and is usually wearing a couple of days of scruff on his face; I think that looks sexier than a full beard. He's got a beefy and rock-hard, hairy body, and like most British men, he's packing foreskin.

    Tiko is another muscle bear and he hails from Spain. He's wearing some hot tattoos, but by far his stand-out feature is his thick uncut cock. Tiko doesn't speak a lot of English, so there's not much talking in this video. But watching Bruno crawling all over this hairy Spaniard and sucking his thick cock is hot enough. It's intense.

    You can tell that these two hairy men are hot for each other. Even though Tiko's the top in this scene from Alpha Males, it's Bruno who is in charge. He's a power bottom who knows how to dominate his top and get what he wants - a long, slow, hard screwing. I love a bossy bottom.

  • 21 Hump Street

    Jet Set Men's 21 Hump Street

    What's better for summer than a lighthearted gay porn parody!? Jet Set Men has a humorous new entry that is sure to please. 21 Hump Street even has a witty title! Although the studio dug up an unlikely (and lately unemployable) lead in Riley Price, don't let that stop you from enjoying this tale of two undercover cops posing as school students to uncover a drug ring. Newbie Jason Goodman (top left photo) stars along with Jet Set's latest exclusive Kris Jamieson (top right photo), Doug Acre, Robert Axel, Bryce Star and self-sucking model Steve Stiffer.

    Award-winning director Chris Steele scripted this fun takeoff on the classic 21 Jump Street TV series. But instead of old star Johnny Depp, Steele has hired old porn star Ron Jeremy for a campy cameo as a janitor. Lucky for us, it's a nonsexual role!

    "The entire cast delivered epic laughter-inducing and sweat-dripping scenes," Jet Set casting director Rob Romoni says. "This is the type of production that hits all the right spots."

    To view the PG-rated trailer, click here. And for more information, visit JetSetMen.com.

    Cock sucking and fucking - 21 Hump Street

  • Greedy European Twinks

    staxus rudy valentino and phillippe raven

    Phil Raven is new to the Staxus studio, and for a boy as delicious as this, we knew we had to give him a real welcome that he won't forget. Who else could provide that other than Rudy Valentino?

    Czech hunk Rudy loves giving his uncut cock to someone new, and German boy Phil is clearly eager, more than a little happy about sharing his thick boy meat with Rudy too as they get sucking. That's one of the first things you notice - after seeing that gorgeous face, of course. His uncut cock is so thick and juicy! Rudy is pretty hungry for that dick as he slobbers all over the foreskin, but our new boy is just as eager to get a taste of Rudy's meat, too.

    After the greedy boys suck each other in a precum-slippery 69, Phil is ready to be welcomed with Staxus exclusive Rudy Valentino easing his uncut cock into his tight hole and sliding it deep. Phil Raven is welcoming of that tool inside him, and his skill is obvious as he rides and strokes to a massive load! That's matched by Rudy, who fills up a condom with his creamy ball-juice before feeding it to his new buddy!

  • Marcus Mojo Is Latest Official Fleshjack Boy

    Marcus Mojo naked and showing off with a Fleshjack

    While other disreputable blogs fight over who won that dumb (and fixed!?) Fleshjack Boys promo contest, GayDemon would rather go with a sure thing. Fleshjack has announced that porn star Marcus Mojo is the newest official Fleshjack Boy. His signature dildo, not to mention mouth and butt with special "inner texture," are all available for your every tactile need.

    Next Door Studios exclusive Mojo was chosen, along with overhyped Bel Ami bareback model Mick Lovell, to be flown to Austin, Texas, to Fleshjack headquarters for a molding of his exclusive sex toys. And the company has sweetened the deal with this special offer: The first 100 customers to purchase one of his Fleshjack products will receive a Fleshlight autographed by Marcus.

    Now, some might say that the former Landon Mycles is an unlikely candidate to be a dildo model, and Mojo admits in a video interview on the Fleshjack site that fans will most likely be interested in his mouth and ass molding. But who cares if the guy isn't hung like a moose!? He's got a cute face, a gorgeous body and a pretty (if petite) cock. So get over it, bitches! For more information, visit Fleshjack.com.

    Marcus Mojo Is Latest Official Fleshjack Boy

  • Secured In A Straightjacket

    Taking big cock in straightjacket

    Aaron Aurora gets humiliated, teased and fucked for Boynapped whilst secured in a straightjacket. His captor, Leroy Dale, has a big cock and poor little Aaron can do nothing to stop the insatiable pounding he gets, causing him to drip precum!