• Christian Wilde Signs With Naked Sword

    Christian Wilde Signs With Naked Sword

    There are no divided opinions when it comes to porn stud Christian Wilde. Some gays really love his fat thick cock and others think he acts pretty much like a brainless cock. Either way this guy never gets a "blah" kind of reaction from gay porn fanatics.

    Christian has been married (allegedly); he's also done a bit of straight porn and, of course, he has had some kinky times with a tranny but he has yet to go "full on" with another dude. Well, this might be his chance now that Naked Sword has signed him up to be their first exclusive. According to Wilde himself, the only thing that he has gotten up his ass is a cheeky finger but hopefully he'll be getting more than just a finger up that tight hole now that he is working with a big gay porn studio.

    Christian Wilde with Austin Wilde

    Hung hottie Austin Wilde has been tweeting with Christian and of course they've been talking about... what else? Getting Austin's massive cock up Christian's tight virgin booty. Austin said that if 100 followers retweeted that he should pop Christian's butt-cherry that it would happen. Well, that remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Christian Wilde is gonna get some gay dick real soon and this gay couldn't be happier.

  • Hot suited stud with cheeky smile

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    Some guys have all the luck! Andy Lee is a good-looking British stud with a brawny body. As if being handsome isn't enough, he's looking extra sexy sitting there in his suit in this jerk-off video from Men at Play. And when Andy peels off his executive clothes, you'll feast your eyes on the biggest, fattest uncut cock you've seen all week. Holy shit! This is a two fister and he has to use both hands to stroke his meat.

  • Magic Mike Mania

    Magic Mike Channing Tatum

    Exactly why this movie is causing such a sensation with gays and girls alike is still beyond me, but apparently "Magic Mike" (that stripper movie with Channing Tatum) which opens in theaters June 29th is set to be the "movie of the summer".

    I know that there are plenty of gays out there that want to see what all of these studs are working with, I mean, after all it is a stripper movie, but of course we will not be seeing any peen on the big screen. Still, there will be a lot of ass shots, so I guess that makes up for something? I really would much rather watch a porn flick than this soft-core (at best) flick, but then again I'm just a horny slut!

    Stars from Magic Mike

    The movie had it's world premiere in L.A. at Regal Cinemas, and of course all of the stars were out in full force to support the movie - I gotta say that all of the guys here are hot but looking way so formal! I mean, the movie is about strippers! They all should have shown up in leather chaps and jockstraps! If you're gonna make a movie about strippers, you know you gotta go the whole way! Did they not learn anything from "Showgirls!?"

    Magic Mike Hottie

    I leave you know with a some snaps of the stars looking dapper and in some case slightly orange. So, are you excited about this flick and more importantly will you be going out this weekend to see it? Let's hear it for the male strippers!

  • Athletic Men Fucking On Couch

    Hot athletic studs fucking

    Sexy, lean and athletic stud Arnauld Chagall returns to Cocky Boys to take the cock of tattooed, muscle top, Ben Rose.

  • Medical Threeway Sex

    hot house threeway sex

    My doctor is a pretty hot man and I've thought on more than one occasion about servicing his dick right there in his office. Thinking about bending over his examination room table and getting my ass thoroughly examined gets me pretty revved up. Now, my doctor's receptionist and nurse are women, so my fantasies begin and end with the doc and me. But if he had a hot male nurse like in this scene from Hot House, things could get seriously out of hand.

    Nurse Evan Mercy is showing intern Edin Sol how things work in Dr. Flynn's office. He starts off by opening a drawer and showing the intern some of the things they've pulled out of some of their patients' asses - a jar of pickles, a sweet potato, and a number of metal butt plugs. But this young intern doesn't seem to be getting it, so Evan decides it would be better to show him.

    Mercy pushes Sol back on the exam table and then strips off the intern's scrubs. He works over Sol's ass with a metal wand. Supervisor Ty Roderick enters and works his fingers deep inside Sol's ass; Nurse Mercy takes over face fucking duty and makes the intern swallow every inch of his big dick.

    Roderick strips out of his scrubs and replaces his fingers with his huge cock. Then Mercy and Roderick take turns filling the intern's butt hole. Roderick wants to show this intern just how much his tight butt hole can take and does some double penetration with a huge dildo and his own stiff cock. And with two dicks plunging into his ass Sol shoots a magnificent stream of cum than splashes all over his face!

  • Fred Is A Dirty Fucker

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    I really like Fred. He's not into labels. He'll do anything as long as it makes his cock feel good - girls, guys, trannies. In this jerk-off reel from Dirty Tony you'll hear some hot stories of Fred's sexual escapades, and while he's telling these tales he's jacking his dick and finger fucking his ass. If more guys were like Fred, the world would be one horny, bonerfied place. Do yourself a favor and watch this guy.

  • HOTRODS: The Best Of British Gay Porn

    HOTRODS: The Best Of British Gay Porn

    If you are a gay porn fanatic then I'm sure you have heard about the Grabbys in the U.S. Well, the time has cum for the Brits to get their gay porn awards on! Yup, HOTRODS, the British Gay Porn Awards 2012, is here to to take the porn world by storm!

    The event will be held in London's infamously slutty Vauxhall club UNION on July 8th. This promises to be a HUGE party full of porn studs galore, and of course you know there will not only be British meat there - the club will be jam-packed with international cock!

    Some of the talent nominated this year include Harley Everett, JP Dubois, Drew Driver and of course my personal favorite, Issac Jones! So if you are in London that weekend for Hustlaballj 'this is the one event you will so not want to miss 'cos it will seriously be gay porn heaven for your peepers!

    Here is the list of 4 of the most important categories for the HOTRODS awards for 2012:


    Jay Roberts

    Isaac Jones

    Bruno Knight

    Harley Everett

    Axel Brooks


    Nathan Price

    Scott Hunter

    Mark Summers

    Tate Ryder

    Cavin Knight


    Scott Hunter

    JP Dubois

    Marco Sessions

    Drew Driver

    Paddy OBrian


    Alphamale Media

    Men at Play

    UK Naked Men

    Butch Dixon

    Fresh SX

    For the complete list go HERE.

  • New Recruit's First Gay Fuck

    New recruit gets fucked for the first time by a guy

    Tanner returns to Active Duty to do his first gay gay fucking with Axl. He sucks and gives this hot military recruit a deep, hard pounding for his first time!

  • CockyBoys Show NYC Gay Pride


    Those CockyBoys are at it again! As if having a hot new movie coming out isn't enough (Project GoGoBoy looks like a crazy mashup of gay porn and reality TV that will either be really great or really annoying. Watch the trailer here and decide for yourself!), the twink superstars worked NYC Gay Pride and its numerous events for all they were worth.

    Besides appearances at XL Nightclub's Boi Party (where they hung with wannabe porn star Chris Crocker) and Eastern Bloc (directrix Chi Chi LaRue spun the tunes) and a photo shoot with JD Ferguson, the models pressed the flesh at the online studio's booth (with TLA Video) at the PrideFest street fair. That's where we caught up with (feuding?!) porn stars Max Ryder and Jake Bass. Max was wearing some scary blue contacts (he told GayDemon they didn't hurt, but they sure looked painful!), and Jake was wearing a moody pout (top photo). New exclusive and old-timer Pierre Fitch was also on hand (second photo), though much more clothed. Seth Knight, Stephen Forest, Kennedy Carter, Bravo Delta and other porn stars rotated in and out of the booth throughout the afternoon, and at times, they even busted a move (below), all the while signing autographs and posing with starstruck fans.

    For more about the men of CockyBoys and Project GoGoBoy, click here.


  • Irish Guy's OMG Cock

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    This tatted Irish guy from Hard Brit Lads has one of the most beautiful uncut cocks you'd ever hope to be facing when down on your knees. It's a thick, meaty thing sheathed in foreskin. He gropes it in his athletic shorts and then pulls it out of his shorts. But you don't really fully appreciate the size of this dick until he peels off all his clothes and lies back on the leather sofa and gives himself a good wank. This definitely falls into the "wish you were there" category.