• Muscle Top Fucks Cute Guy

    Muscle top with cropped hair fucks cute guy

    Henry Samson fucks Dan Jenkins for Blake Mason, showing what a good top he is with his muscular physique and cropped head, whilst Dan happily takes his cock!

  • Rafael Carreras & Dylan Roberts

    rafael carreras and dylan roberts

    Rafael Carreras is another guy I've been seeing a lot of lately. He's a good-looking Spanish hunk with a rock-hard body and a deliciously big uncut cock. This stud really gets my foreskin mojo going and I love watching a horny cocksucker slobbering all over his uncut meat.

    Carreras has quite the dick on him; it's about 9 inches long and curves downward when it's fully erect - this isn't a cock for the casual bottom. Dylan Roberts is versatile when it comes to gay porn, but he's taken his fair share of big dicks before.

    Dylan is a cute guy, good looking with a pretty hot body himself. And he gets down on his knees and starts worshipping Carreras' huge meat stick in this new scene from Falcon Studios. He tries stuffing as much of this monster meat into his mouth as he can, but eventually gives up; it's just too fucking big. He bends over and Carreras lubes his ass with his tongue and starts inching his huge uncut meat into Dylan's willing, cock-hungry hole. It takes a bit of work, but eventually Roberts takes Carreras' cock ball deep and then the fun begins. This poor boy's hole really takes a hard dicking.

  • Gay Porn Studs On Prime-time!

    Gay Porn Studs On Prime-time!

    Don't you think it's high time that we saw some gay porn on prime-time T.V? Well, maybe that will never happen but one thing that can happen is have gay porn studs show up on regular T.V shows. The general public may not be aware of their gay porn past, but of course you know that we gays could never forget a got cock and hot ass!

    Sean Cody's Dale

    Recently, Men of Porn has featured two models with a sexy gay porn past that are now on prime-time T.V shows. The first is Sean Cody model "Dale", who did a solo video and gave himself quite the epic wank, who appeared on season 9 of "So You Think You Can Dance". I think it's safe to say that this hunk is very talented with clothes on and off!

    porn star turned ultimate fighter

    Then, there's a personal fave of mine, Travis Michaels, who worked with Randy Blue. Now this hot stud has gone and cut off his sexy locks, joined the "Ultimate Fighter" team and kicked some serious ass! This beefy hunk never got it on with any other dude - he did a solo video for Randy Blue in 2008 and then he left gay porn - so I figure he must have been hard up for some cash and he thought that busting a nut was better than flipping burgers at Wendy's.

    randy blue's travis michaels

    I think it's safe to say that now that these studs have found their way to mainstream T.V we can kiss any chance of them revisiting their porn career again, but we will always have the sweet, horny memories and of course the internet to remind us of the sluts they once were!

    Source: MenOfPorn

  • Hairy Daddy Allen and Steve Parker Fuck

    View full video at Hot Older Male

    What I wouldn't give for a hot and sweaty afternoon with silver-haired daddy Allen Silver. This man is one of my all-time faves, and Hot Older Male serves up a mess of videos of this sexy older man sucking, fucking, and getting fucked. In this scene he's getting it on in a locker room with another one of my faves, Steve Parker. A threeway with these two hairy men would keep me stocked with jack-off fantasies for the rest of my life.

  • Will Swagger Bound and Serviced

    will swagger and sebastian keys

  • Donny Wright Signs Exclusive!

    Donny Wright Signs Exclusive! Contract

    If you don't know who Donny Wright is, then you are in for one hot fucking treat! This stud is hunky, hairy and very, very horny! He has won the TLA performer of the year award and he has made the gay porn world drop to its knees and suck his massive cock and there ain't nobody complaining!

    Donny first started working with Randy Blue, and of course you know that when the talent is this good, then there is always a BIG studio ready to scoop you up and take your porn career to that next level that will have gays ALL OVER the world wanking over your hot 'n' sexy videos! Well, this has happened to this slutty stud, and Falcon/Raging Stallion offered him an exclusive contract and he filmed many hot-as-fuck scenes in "Retreat, Roughin' It 2" and "Big Rock Cove."

    Donny Wright jerking off

    Now, Donny's contract with that studio has ended, but of course he was not going to be long without having his hot ass back at work, and he has signed another contract with the huge Next Door Studios. The 27 year old has worked with the studio before, and now he is getting ready to film an entire slew of scenes that will no doubt be as hot and horny as the stud himself!

    Here's to seeing way more of Donny Wright & his insatiable sexual appetite and that cock!

  • James Huntsman & AJ Monroe

    james huntsman and aj monroe

    AJ Monroe is a lucky guy. I've been seeing him around several gay porn sites over the past few months. He's a cute guy with a trim and fit body. But he hit the big time when he landed this gig with Next Door Buddies. His scene partner is James Huntsman, a good-looking blond guy - the all-American guy - and he's packing a juicy fat cock, and AJ gets to suck it. Man, I'm so jealous.

    In this scene AJ Monroe is playing a weary traveler, stuck between flights with nothing to do except sit in the airport bar, have a couple of drinks and wait for his flight. James Huntsman is the bartender and AJ is quite taken with this blond stud. Who wouldn't be? They strike up a conversation and things turn friendly when James pours a round of shots. The conversation turns to finding sex on the road and how hard it can be sometimes, and AJ does a lot of traveling, so he spends a lot of nights alone jerking off in his hotel room.

    One thing leads to another and AJ touches James' bulging crotch. The day's over, so they lock the doors, and lets AJ spend some time admiring his rock-hard body. And soon AJ frees Hunstman's stiff cock from his trousers and then AJ is down on his knees sucking back this beautiful fat cock. Like I said, AJ is a lucky guy, and I'd love to know where this bar is - I could stand some alone time with that fantastic dick.

  • Peachy Muscle Butt Gets Cock

    British muscle guys fucking in the apartment

    Having hooked up by cruising the streets of Soho, Bulldog Pit's Brett Carter gets his face fucked repeatedly by Fred Faurtin before he demands a piece of his muscular ass.

  • Boy Candy

    Twink threesome

    In the mood for some tasty twink cock? Boy Candy offers what you're craving! Nine smooth interracial cuties are joined at the dick in this new release from High Drive Productions. Director Brady Mayo brings us five delectable scenes centered on hookers and the johns who love them. The film also features three spit-roasts, two double penetrations and 13 cum shots. How's that for a numbers game!?

    Ethnic stud Blaze Maxwell (top photo) joins Tanner Jones and Brian Clark (who is a dead ringer for Max Ryder...or his hair is anyway!). The blond boyfriends are cruising for an escort online. And when they find Maxwell, they also find licking, sucking and tag-team fucking. Remember: You get what you pay for! In a more mature vein, daddy Brock Armstrong (below) joins special friend Axel Johnson for another threeway that finds Tanner Jones returning for some double-penetration action. (This time, he's a hooker. Guess things didn't work out with Brian!) Axel is on the receiving end of the double dicking, and all's well that ends well (which means tons of slow-motion cum shots!).

    Boy Candy also stars Brock Thunder, Shayne Tame, CT Leo and Danii Star. DVD extras include model slide show, cum shot gallery and cast interviews. For more information, visit Spunkstar.com.

    Daddy Brock Armstrong with twinks/></p>
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    Euro Pigs Ass Stretching

    View full video at Raw and Rough

    It never ceases to amaze me at how much action some men can take up their butts. This Euro pig group scene from Raw & Rough has this dick-hungry pig down on all fours. He's getting his ass stretched by a monster dildo. And while he's getting his butt stuffed, he's sucking on another stud's foot. I love the back shots in this video so we can watch this huge dildo sliding in and out of this man's hole. Man, that's hot.

  • Extreme Ass Play - Sitting on Pylons

    evan matthews and trent bloom

  • Frat Buddies Jerking Off

    College men shower and jerk off

    Cole and Fynn from Fratmen take a shower together and get horny from seeing each other naked. They retire to the bedroom and give each other a hand in jerking off.

  • Dickin' Dixon

    austin wilde and devin dixon

    Devin Dixon is a cute guy and he hails from Austin, Texas. And that's where Austin Wilde got his start in life - and gay porn. So these two Austin boys come together for a horny ride. Devin has a tiny and tight boy butt, just the kind Austin Wilde loves cramming his big dick into.

    There's no story here. The guys start off clothed and sitting on a leather couch. And Austin starts stripping Devin out of his clothes. He's got a trim and smooth body and he's packing a pretty big dick himself. Austin pushes this boy to his knees and gets his dick serviced long, slow, and deep. Then Austin lies back on the couch and Devin straddles his hairy chest and Austin gives him some head.

    But Austin has really been wanting to feel his big dick inside this boy's butt. So he bends Devin over and gives his butt hole a spit shining with his tongue. Then he inches his stiff cock inside. Once he opens up Devin's ass and gets it used to his meat. Austin lies back on the sofa and lets this horny bottom ride his cock. When it comes time to cum, Devin lies back and Austin pounds his hole until the boy creams all over himself, then Austin pulls out and drenches Devin's cum-soaked body with his load. Always nice to see Austin Wilde servicing a nice piece of ass.

  • Interview with Randall O'Reilly

    Gay pornstar Randall O'Reilly

    We're here today with fuck-a-licious porn star Randall O'Reilly. He's my kind of guy - he tops, he bottoms, he gets kinky. Glad you could join us, stud!

    Anthony: Oh, to by hypno-sexed by Johnny Torque :) The things I would allow him to do to me are really not supposed to be said. You had the chance to work with him in a scene for NextDoorTwink and took a big load and quite a pounding. Walk us through your scene with Johnny.

    Randall: HAHA My scene with Mr. Torque was my very first. I was a bit nervous as I had never really bottomed nor ever been on camera before. But since he is such a sexy stud I was ready! I rode him good! After that scene I was ready for more, and that's when I decided i was going to continue in porn and just start shooting, and I did.

    Anthony: Another scene for NextDoorTwink involves you being a huge creeper in Sleeping Booty where you take full advantage of Jay Cloud sleeping. I love how vocal Jay is... Does that make you more vocal when you do a scene with someone like that? Tell us about this one and how it was different from your other NDT scene.

    Randall: Yes, for sure! The more my scene partner talks, the more I talk. One of my turn-ons is dirty talk. heheh. I wish more of my scene partners would just talk nasty. Tell me what to do ;-)

    Anthony: Morgan Shades is another up and coming stud like yourself. Your third NextDoorTwink scene is called Shave Me A Dance ;) Not gunna lie - looks like Morgan gives a pretty good massage. How's the sex though?

    Randall: Morgan Shades is pretty sexy, I must say. He is a great guy to work with and knows just how to fuck till you cum. He also gives an amazing BJ, as well.

    Anthony: Ok, so we've seen you top and bottom. Both pretty efficiently ;) Which do you prefer? Have you worked for other studios or are you strictly tied to Next Door? Any upcoming scenes you can dish the dirt on?

    Randall: I work with many studios. I have a scene out for Helix Studios, I have a scene coming soon on Bait Bus, two on Men.com and my most recent one I filmed for Bound In Public.

    Anthony: So are you a total gay boy or are you another gay-for-pay sex fantasy of us fags? I'm always curious to know, do stars watch their own scenes or keep up with porn in general?

    Randall: I am gay Lol. I do watch porn. especially when I dream about the bigger guys just taking advantage of me and working me over.

    Anthony: What are your fantasies? Fetishes? What are your turn-ons? Pick one Next Door star to do a scene with that you believe would work well. Oh yeah , I want to hear what kind of scene it is. Hold on... Let me get a good mental picture to rub one out to, as well ;)

    Randall: My favorite Next Door scene was Sleeping Booty with Jay Cloud. I am not sure why But the being a total creeper and sneaking in on him and starting to feel his hot body and then suck his huge dick was very HOT. Too many fetishes and fantasies for a short time :)

    Anthony: How are you different than other stars? Is this a career you want to start or are you only here for a bit? If you had to pick one word to describe you in the bedroom, shower, locker room, or wherever your fucking, what would it be?

    Randall: I am not to sure how I am different - I don't study the lives of other stars. But i am focused on school and getting my career. Porn is just something I enjoy doing. I'm also an honest person. I can't keep lies from people. Tt drives me crazy. As far as porn goes, I will probably do it until I am in my thirties.

    Anthony: What do you do in your free time? Do you have another job? Any chance for your own love life? If not, I'm totally open by the way ;)

    Randall: Oh God. A LOT! I hike, water ski, wakeboard, surf, fish, party, snowboard, sleep, workout, shop, travel. I tend to stay pretty active all year around. I have someone in my life I am with, NOT dating. Not sure I want to commit to someone just yet.

    Anthony: So where can we follow you, and keep up-to-date with everything Randall O'Reilly? What's one thing we haven't asked you that you'd love to get off your chest? The floor is yours, bud.

    Randall: Follow me on twitter or I have Facebook as well! Hmmm... tricky question I have so many things to share. I'll wait till something extreme happens then I'll come back and give some good detail as to that experience ;)

    Thank you for joining us here at the GayDemon Lounge, Randall O'Reilly. We look forward to hearing from you, you tasty porn stud, you!

    Randall O'Reilly sucking cock

  • Lingerie Men

    Lingerie Men

    Wow, this is fantastic. Lingerie Men is all about men in women's lingerie, but there is a lot more to it than just the horny pics, the neat videos and the cartoons. It's a wonderful mix of things hardcore and erotic, normal and kinky, but it always stays with its main theme. I just caught an article from Sky News, of all places, about men's women's-style lingerie fashion, for example. And then I was able to see a short porn video clip of guys in lingerie, and then a comedy cartoon drawing that was actually pretty sexy, too. The folks who put this blog together know their audience and they know their subject matter. Every now and then there will be something written about what is being shown, but most of the time this is an image-led blog where the pictures speak for themselves. If you've got a thing for lingerie, or even if you haven't, it's well worth a visit to catch the large and varied collection of all things sensual and erotic in underwear.