• Bareback Fucked and Cums Hands Free

    sean cody jordan and troy

    Troy is an handsome guy and he did his first Sean Cody jerk-off video almost a month ago. A couple of weeks later, he had his dick sucked for the first time on camera, and now, he's back getting his ass fucked bareback by one of the Sean Cody veterans, Jordan.

    Troy is from a Portuguese background, but but he's never been to Portugal - he was born in the United States. And he's constantly mistaken for something else - Mexican, Persian, Brazilian, Puerto Rican. He's got a ripped body and he seems to be quite hairy, but in these scenes his body hair is clipped short. He's wearing some sexy face scruff and has a meaty, big-nobbed cock that hangs with a downward bend.

    As Troy and Jordan get into it, Jordan mounts Troy and shoves his dick in his mouth. Troy has only sucked dick once before, but he's pretty good at it. He even fingers Jordan's ass while sucking his cock and shocks this top jock. When Jordan hoists Troy's legs in the air and inches his hard cock inside Troy's raw butt, the Portuguese studs says, "Shove that dick in me!" Troy seems to be liking getting fucked more than he thought he would - isn't that always the way? And if you want to see just how much Troy enjoyed his first ass fucking, you'll want to watch the "behind the scenes" video - while riding Jordan's cock, Troy shoots his load unexpectedly and hands free. "I couldn't help it," Troy said. "It just happened!" Now that's fucking hot!

  • Hairy Daddy Allen and Steve Parker fuck

    View full video at Hot Older Male

    Oh man, I needed this one from Hot Older Male. Two of my favorite hairy men in gay porn are getting it on in this hot locker room scene. Allen Silver is a very handsome and sexy, grey-haired daddy, and he's getting his ass fucked by bald hairy man Steve Parker. Steve bends Allen over in the locker room, rips a hole in his underwear, and stuffs his big, fat cock into the older man's ass.

  • The Boing! Show

    The Boing! Show

    Leave it to NYC nightlife impresario Daniel Nardicio to think up a gay game show in which hairless twinks do stunts in their undies. In fact, on The Boing! Show, everyone is in their underwear, including the audience! Nardicio, in collaboration with Dirty Boy Video, hosted and produced the lighthearted online show in a studio in Brooklyn. Cute contestants JT, Aiden (this Cher fan from Syracuse is our personal fave), Andrew and Paul battle it out, competing in various physical challenges, some of which leave them soaking wet! There's the ever-popular "balloon bust," in which the guys have to pop balloons using only their hot bodies. Little do they know that the balloons are filled with Boing! Show slurry (sorta like gay green slime)! They also eat "bubblegum pie" (get to the bottom and blow) and catch Ping-Pong balls in their briefs (ouch!). It's all crazy, kooky and good clean (faggy) fun. To watch the episode, visit TheBoingShow.com. And to enter the inspired madness of DWorld, go to DanielNardicio.com.

    The Boing Show - game show guys in their underwear

  • Andrew Jakk Debuts For Randy Blue

    Andrew Jakk Debuts For Randy Blue

    Wow! It seems like only yesterday that adorable Andrew Jakk was signing as a Falcon Studios exclusive. Well, time flies and things change. The cute newcomer is still doing the exclusive thing, but now it's for Randy Blue. His first scene for the online studio is a solo. Actually, Andy isn't totally alone as he grabs a Fleshjack to get his jack on. The 24-year-old blondie from Detroit is looking more grown-up (and furrier!) than in previous scenes--and therefore is hotter than ever! Plus, he's a nominee for Best Newcomer at the Grabby Awards in Chicago next month. To see his Randy Blue debut, click here.

    Gay porn star Andrew Jakk's hot ass

  • Threeway Public Sex

    Three slim guys in public 3way sex

    Owen, Nick and Brandon, three slim guys from Dirty Boy Video, go into a concrete tube, pull down their pants and suck each others' cocks in public!

  • Blond Top Barebacking Hairy Stud

    Blond top guy barebacks hairy bottom stud

    Meet Chaos Men's blond top stud Solomon. He's got a muscular, smooth body and big, uncut cock, and he barebacks Nash as he lies with his ass exposed at the edge of the bed.

  • Cigar-Smoking Hairy Daddy

    ford holland

    Ford Holland is one sexy, hairy daddy. This 51-year-old masculine man is one of the favorites over at Pantheon Bear and Hot Older Male. He's appeared in six videos for Pantheon Bear and he's fucked some lucky bastard's ass in each of them. He's also been featured in two videos over at Hot Older Male. And the good news is that when you join Pantheon Bear you also get access to Hot Older Male as a bonus, so one membership lets you see every video this cigar-smoking daddy has filmed.

    Ford Holland lives in Nashville and he's usually dressed like a redneck with his wife beater, plaid shirt, and ball cap. Redneck or not, this hairy daddy could wear anything he wanted, although I'd prefer nothing at all, as long as he was pumping my mouth full of dick. And he's got a nice one crowned with a big nob.

    In this photo gallery, hairy daddy Ford Holland is smoking a cigar and stroking his cock. And then in the last few frames, he lets a stream of piss fly out of his cock and urinates all over the laundry room floor. If you're not into piss, don't worry; Ford's videos are more about getting his big dick serviced by a hungry mouth or a juicy butt.

  • Corbin Fisher's Lucas fingered by Joel

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    It's not very often that we get to see free Corbin Fisher videos, so this is a real treat. In this locker room scene, blond jock Lucas is lying across a bench and he's getting his ass serviced by the very cute, dark-haired Joel. Lucas gets his ass rimmed and fingered by his horny buddy.

  • Dean Flynn Is Making A Comeback!

    Dean Flynn Is Making A Comeback!

    And he's playing a doctor on TV! Yes, that is onetime Titan Men exclusive superstar Dean Flynn. Only now, looking a bit more, er, mature following a two-year break from the industry, he's starring in a new movie for Hot House Entertainment. Malpractice is the vehicle that is bringing handsome Dean back to salivating porn fans, and he's still as hot and hung as ever. Christian Owen is directing him in his comeback scene with humpy Trenton Ducati. We've heard that Flynn took the time off to return to school. We do know that he's been living quietly in Chicago but is now ready to make a sexy splash once again. And this time, he's wearing a white coat (though not for long...see above!) and is making housecalls. Hello, doctor! For more information on Dean Flynn and Malpractice, visit HotHouse.com.

  • Big-Dicked Redhead Barebacks

    big dick redhead bareback

    I've really been enjoying Sean Cody lately. I have always loved the guys over there; they're usually pretty good looking, often well hung, and there's a good mix of solo jerk-off and hardcore guy-on-guy action. And with a new video added every other day, you can't go wrong. But late last year Sean Cody started filming bareback sex and it's been pretty hot.

    Curtis is a cute redhead guy with a big dick. He's filmed a lot of stuff for Sean Cody (about 20 videos) and he mostly bottoms - he likes stuff up his ass. And he's already filmed two bareback scenes in the last month or so. Today he's doing his third with a guy named Pierce, but Curtis will be doing the fucking this time. Pierce has also filmed five raw fucking films - this guy is a real cock whore and loves getting fucked - a man after my own heart.

    And it turns out that Curtis has a real crush on Pierce. "He's the most beautiful model I've ever seen," Curtis said. And Pierce was equally smitten with Curtis, not only in the looks department, but Pierce was very impressed with what Curtis is packing between his legs: "It's huge!" And the guys set off on a sizzling raw fucking adventure. Pierce loved Curtis' cock so much that he told Sean Cody, "I've cum 5 or 6 times with his dick up my ass." Wow! I don't know for sure, but I'm betting these two studs finished their video shoot with Sean Cody and headed to a hotel for a night of fucking.

  • Facebook Hotties

    Facebook Hotties

    This blog comes with a music soundtrack, which means you can listen as you gape. Facebook Hotties was an inevitability, I guess. Someone spends their time trawling through the millions of guys who have Facebook accounts and downloads their images. They then stamp their own mark on them and put them up here. So what we get in effect is a collection of amateur guys showing off handsome faces, cute smiles, good looks, toned chests and sometimes even more. Don't you just love other people's obsessions? I wouldn't spend hours going through FB but I could easily spend time at this site. Indeed, I spent a while looking through (didn't finds myself pictured here yet, though - clearly an oversight), and had a great time. There's an archive to check out, one of those 'Ask me anything' functions where you contact the webmaster/blogger, and the blog looks like it's being updated very regularly. It's also pretty new so there is lots more FB hunting to be done. Meanwhile, enjoy the music and the guys.

  • Hot & Hairy Jimmy Fanz is a Falcon Exclusive

    Hot & Hairy Jimmy Fanz is a Falcon Exclusive

    Jimmy Fanz is a delicious lusty hunk that has burst on to the gay porn scene with his versatile ways and of course a whole lot of hairiness that is very refreshing to see nowadays.

    Jimmy has done scenes so far with Dominic Ford, Bait Bus, Men Over 30 and a few more, but now this stud is playing for the big boys over at Raging Stallion /Falcon, and they have just signed him up to a long-term contract! I really can not wait to see what this hunk has to offer; to me he has all the makings of a perfect porn stud.

    There are many reasons as to why this hunk pushes all the right horny buttons. To begin with, the fact that he lets his hairiness grow wild is such a turn on! Then there is the fact that he is versatile - he knows how to fuck hard and is a really good bottom! If his previous scenes with other studios are anything to go by, you will be seeing TONS more of this fella in all his slutty glory!

    Jimmy is set to make his debut with "Fucked Down" which will be released on April 27th 2012 and then another flick 'Knockouts & Takedowns will be released via Jocks/Falcon in June. To double your pleasure this hunk will also be part of the Falconstudios.com LIVE SHOWS!

    This is one stud you will not want to miss and I'm wet with anticipation to see just how BIG he's gonna get!

  • Blond Boy's Gay Porn Debut

    Blond boy gets gay porn initiation

    Max Ryder has been a bit of a sensation since he did his first solo scene at Cocky Boys. Now the seductive blond twink gets his ass pounded by Tommy Defendi in his hardcore gay porn debut.

  • Guys With Hot Legs

    Guys With Hot Legs

    Here's one of those image blogs where someone finds all kinds of images from all over the net and puts them up to share them with us. Nothing complicated, just pages of pictures. And here the theme is Guys With Hot Legs, which means there are plenty of images of hot guys with nice legs, and nice guys with hot everything else; topless, nude, in underwear but always with the legs on show. The guy behind this collection aims to simply provide us with images, good ones, and that's it. No drama, no chat, no text most of the time. But there is a list of who else has been following so you can click around that, and make even more Tumblr contacts if you wish. The blog is also kept right up to date with loads of posts, there were something like 15 in the last day, with re-blogs and re-posts as well. So, fancy seeing some fancy legs? You now know where to come.

  • Tats and a Ball Cap

    View full video at Straight Fraternity

    Javier is a 21-year-old, tatted straight guy and he's doing a jerk-off audition for Straight Fraternity. He's never done this before - haven't we heard that before? Javier strips naked and gets on his hands and knees, and with his ass rearing the camera we get to stare at his beautiful bare feet as his low hangers jiggle between his legs. Then he lies back and jerks his meat. And at the end he grunts, "I'm about to cum." See, Javier? That wasn't so bad!