• Geek Sucks Cock and Rims

    Slim geek with specs sucks and rims

    Brayden wants his cock serviced, and Skylar from Dirty Boy Video is an expert deep-throater, so is the ideal guy to give him the full treatment he demands. Brayden gets his dick out and lets the geek wearing specs loose at his hard meat, bending over to let Skylar use his tongue to rim him nice and deep.

  • Marc Dylan is ORGY-FIED!


    It's is no secret that Marc Dylan loves to get fucked and fucked A LOT! He is one of the hottest bottoms of the moment and it seems as though everyone wants a piece of that hot and hairy ass! Well, when ya got hot buns like that, can you blame us gays for not being able to get enough?

    Now my homo prayers have been answered as insatiable slut Marc gets his fill of sex and more in an orgy to remember on Bath House Bait. This scene is set poolside and with 5 hunks fucking, and sunning themselves it sends chills to all the right places! But alas Marc isn't the only one that is getting fucked here and Bryce Star also gets screwed in a big, big way by Cole Streets, who has one of the most delicious cocks in the biz!


    After having a look at this scene it's easy to see why Marc Dylan ass is such huge demand right now and I can honestly say that I hope it stays that way for a very, very long time!

  • The Man Crush Blog

    The Man Crush Blog

    Come and celebrate the naked male with the daily updates at The Man Crush Blog. Ok, so come and have a good look at the naked guys, too. This is a site that's all about bringing you news and updates about all kinds of stuff, as long as it is related to the sexiness of naked men; or simply of men, naked or otherwise. There are wide-ranging posts including the man Crush of the day, a daily pic of a celeb, or model, or actor, or amateur guy. You've got an area for health and fitness, too, with handy and interesting tips and tricks, news and chat. There are articles from magazines, news on music and even a 'fluffer' section which lets you know what's going on in the gay adult industry. I like the way that the main page is set out, not with the full, latest blog but with samples from the recent posts. You can check headlines and, more importantly perhaps, images of the latest featured men, and then click to the full read. You've got links, videos, lists of recent posts and featured names, and the site is searchable, too. It's like a gossip mag mixed with a news channel, mixed with gay porn info and galleries. And it is a great mix that is well worth visiting.

  • Jake Deckard's Cocksure Men Comeback

    Jake Deckard makes his comeback with Cocksure Men

    We told you he was coming back! Now studly Jake Deckard makes his highly anticipated return to gay porn in a brand-new scene for Cocksure Men. Deckard's co-star wasn't around when Jake took his hiatus three years ago, but lucky for us, muscular Jessie Colter is around now to suck and fuck the pierced and tattooed superstar, who is looking better than ever (especially with a manly mustache!). For this stunning comeback duo, expect to see lots of kissing, mutual oral, assplay and, of course, anal with Deckard on top. Jake ends the scene by popping on Jessie's hot chest, and Colter gives Jake a creamy facial in return. And what better way to welcome Deckard back into the fold than to finish with some tasty snowballing. We're hearing that more scenes are in the works, but to see Deckard's triumphant return, visit CocksureMen.com. Jake, you have been missed!

  • R.I.P Roman Ragazzi


    This is some sad, sad news to get but it all can't be rock-hard cocks and cum in the porn world. GayPornBlog has reported that ultra-hot and studly porn star Roman Ragazzi took his own life and his boyfriend found him dead at his Manhattan apartment.

    His boyfriend apparently found him this past Saturday, February 25th and has asked that people be respectful at this very difficult time. Roman (whose real name is Dror Barak) was only 38 years old and he had worked with pretty much all the major studios out there most recently he had been working with Raging Stallion Studios.

    Roman Ragazzi was known for his towering hairy, husky look and his magnetic porn star persona on set. This is truly awful and horrible news and our thoughts and best wishes go out to his boyfriend and his family. May this sexy stud long live through his body of work and we know that he he will be very, very missed.

  • Working His Juicy Fat Cock

    View full video at Helix Studios

    Down on all fours, this horny twink fingers his cock-hungry butt hole in this video from Helix Studios, then he jerks his fat cock.

  • Country Boy Jacks Off

    fratmen chaz

    Every time I visit Fratmen, I'm reminded at how much I love this photographer's work. It's nice when a producer really takes care to showcase a guy in the most sensual and hottest way. We're bombarded with so many videos of lifeless guys just sitting on a couch jacking off and watching porn. So Fratmen's erotic exploration of its guys is a breath of fresh air.

    Chaz is a country boy. He's cute and he has a big dick. And after he rolls up in his four by four, we're taken on a sensual journey as this young man plays with his cock. He's lying back on the bed with his jeans slipped down around his knees and he's fisting his big cock. Then he moves to the mirror, where the photographer films from behind, so while we're watching Chaz jerking his cock in the mirror's reflection, we get a good look at his perfectly round and plump ass.

    And then there's the thing I love the most about Fratmen videos: Chaz heads to the bed and fucks the mattress. God, I love watching this guy's hot, firm ass rising and falling as he pumps the bed. It gets me so revved up. It doesn't get much hotter than this! After a warm bath, Chaz heads back to the bedroom to pump out his load. God, I need a nap.

  • Hot Men In Raw Group Action

    Maverick Men in bareback gang bang

    Previously a personal video for the infamous Maverick Men, they decided to share the birthday fuck with everyone. Each guy takes turns filling Cole's sweet ass with their cock and cum, fucking him raw on the bed.

  • The Last Day For The Men of Lucas!?

    The Last Day For The Men of Lucas!?

    Relax! It's just a movie. While our Brit-Brit might be dancing till the world ends, the men of Lucas Entertainment will be having apocalyptic sex! The New York-based studio has announced the completion of filming of its latest action/adventure epic, and this one was shot in Ibiza, Spain. Titled The Last Day, the movie follows Lucas exclusive Jonathan Agassi as he arrives at a beautiful Mediterranean island, only to discover it has been deserted. Turns out that it's the end of mankind. So what else is there to do but suck and fuck like there's no tomorrow!? Or is there? As Agassi digs deeper into the island, he reveals an intricate plot and is taken on a journey that includes manly stuff like fist-fighting and guns.

    "The story of The Last Day is a heart-pounding ride that has you on the edge of your seat as it unfolds", Lucas Entertainment president and CEO Michael Lucas says. "Damien Crosse brilliantly plays a sexy and crazed villain like no one else. And his protagonist Jonathan Agassi is a tough and hot fighter who uses everything he has, literally, in the battle of this smart and edgy thriller."

    The Last Day also stars Will Helm, Kriss Aston, Rafael Carreras, Issac Jones, Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez and Adriano Carrasco. Part 1 will be released to site members on March 16. A behind-the-scenes production blog will be featured on LucasBlog.com, leading up to the DVD release on March 30. For more information, visit LucasEntertainment.com.

    The Last Day Lucas Entertainment

  • Daily Jocks

    Daily Jocks

    Whether you are looking for shopping ideas, or whether you have a big thing for men in undies, Daily Jocks is a place you need to have in your favorites folder. It's a frequently updated blog that is a mix of fetish and fashion. One day you find that there is a post advertising the latest underwear trends, and the next you've got an amateur guy showing his impressive bulge. You've not only got posts though; there is also a top menu that contains links to videos (again a mix of amateur and adverts), to 'Fan Pics' where it's just the amateurs and undie-fan-fetish home-shot content, the shopping area is arranged separately, too, and there is an adults-only area where the jock-shots and underwear images are slightly more risqué. Don't expect dick shots, though - that's not what this site is about; it's mainly about keeping you up to date with underwear fashion news, and tempting you to click over and buy some of the advertised products. But there's nothing to stop you having a leisurely perv at the great bulges and bodies, either.

  • Fingered and Fucked

    View full video at Gay Room

    This horny bottom can really take a hard dicking. In this 3-minute Gay Room video, this hairy guy gets his ass drilled while he jerks his meaty uncut cock. I love the way he looks at the top fucking his ass.

  • Noodles And Beef

    Noodles And Beef

    Noodles And Beef is the handle of Dylan, a 20-something gay guy from San Francisco. He's a web designer and all-round creative dude who likes to blog his creative thoughts and doodles, his ideas, and his views on life, bears, and working out. The blog is neatly designed and laid out, with a gallery area, featured posts, an intro and welcome message, plus lots of information and chat. What really comes across, though, is Dylan's personality. This shines through the images in the 'Pics of Me' area where you catch him at the gym, out and about and chilling; and as a bonus, where you also find him in his jockstrap and naked but discretely covered - he's got a great body. Whether you want to follow his workout routine and gain a similar body, or just catch up with easy to read and entertaining thoughts from San Fran, you'll find this blog a fun and sometimes horny place to hang out.

  • Black Bottom Gets Pounded

    Black bitch boy gets pounded

    Big-dicked DeAngelo Jackson from ThugBoy gets his cock serviced by the hot Sebastian Alexander. Sebastian then offers up his bubble butt to DeAngelo's massive uncut black meat, who grabs his hair while he fucks him from behind.

  • Gay Mormon Heat

    Gay Mormon Heat - Mick Lovell from Bel Ami

    Bel Ami started looking for some hot American cock and ass last year and it seems that the land of plenty gave them that and a whole lot more!

    Not only did they find TONS of fuckable talent, they also found something that up until now was only a gay urban legend: The Gay Porn Mormon! Yes, gorgeous and perfect Mick Lovell from Salt Lake City, Utah (where else?) is the newest Bel Ami stud and this sexy Mormon is pacing some serious heat and an ass that doesn't look like it'll be quitting anytime soon!

    I never really knew you could do gay porn if you were a Mormon, but from the looks of it, I'm taking a wild guess here: I don't think our studly hunk will be attending Sunday service anytime soon!

  • Redhead Bear

    redhead bear

    Some mornings I'm all revved up and ready to go, other days I fiddle around and have a hard time getting things going. This morning I woke up to find this sexy redheaded fucker in my inbox and he got me all charged up. I know it's funny to call him a redhead when he's completely bald, but look at that beard - it's fiery red, can there be any doubt this man was a ginger when he had hair? And if there is, well, his name is Rusty, so there you go.

    Rusty is a recent hot, furry offering over at Pantheon Bear. He's 38, stands 6 feet tall, and weighs in at 245 pounds. Wow! That's one hunk of bear. He's wearing a lot of ink on his solid body, and both his chest and belly are covered in hair. And check out his pubes, this redhead man has a fiery, red bush, and there's a lot of it.

    Rusty is sporting a bit of mushroom head cock and he really loves getting his ass fucked. I don't have any pictures, but Pantheon Bear has uploaded a video called Cum Swapping Cousins where Rusty gets his ass porked by another ginger bear named Kirby, who is a full five inches shorter than Rusty. And Kirby has a super fat cock. Fuck me! This is turning out to be one hot day, I'm glad I got out of bed. Now I'm off to check out these two redheaded men and watch them fuck.