• Ben Brown Quits Porn

    Ben Brown Quits Porn

    Yes, you read the title right; everyone's favorite hairy hunky bottom, Ben Brown, has decided to kick the gay porn bucket and say "hasta la vista" to getting fucked on camera for cash.

    Ben had made a HUGE mark in gay porn in a very short time, shooting with almost every studio out there. From Falcon to MenAtPlay, this incredibly sexy cub had the entire HOMO-world talking about how hot he was to watch and his insatiable bottom ways!

    I met Ben in December and we had a chance to hang out. We went out to have a bite and a drink and he was the sweetest guy ever. He seemed to know exactly where his career was going and he told me then he was looking forward working more and more building up his porn career.

    So it did take me by surprise when I saw that he took to twitter and posted the following tweet on January 27th:

    "I'm afraid I won't be making any more movies. Thank you for all your support during my XXX career. Time to move on to better things. BigX"

    Mega, mega sad face! Well, I am sure that whatever Ben decides to do in the future, it will be great and he will do it with tons and tons dedication! Gaydemon wishes Ben the best in his future endeavors - your hot, hairy luscious buns will be sorely missed and lusted after for many years to CUM!!

  • Fucking Redhead Guy

    fucking redhead guy

    Chris Cox has a deliciously big Cuban cock. This bearded stud has a 9 incher and it's fat! Trent Diesel is the lucky redhead guy tasked with servicing this big piece of meat. When Extra Big Dicks asked Chris if there's anything he thought bottoms should know about taking a big dick he said, "They need to be more gentle." And when they asked the same of Trent he says, "A lot of guys think just having a big cock is good enough; but you still gotta know how to fuck, sweetie! Just saying." And ain't that the truth.

    Trent wastes no time getting his lips around Chris's big Cuban cock. He licks Chris's thick shaft and then sucks on his heavy balls. He chokes down all 9 inches and Chris is loving it. Chris starts fucking the redhead's mouth, wanting him to take every inch. When Trent stands and slips off his pants, thinking he's going to get some head, too, Chris bends him over to inspect his tight hole. He spreads the redhead's smooth butt cheeks and dives in with his tongue. Trent pushes his ass back and meets Chris's hot, wet tongue.

    Then Trent straddles this well-hung Cuban and impales himself on that beautiful cock. And once Chris's dick is buried balls deep, Trent starts riding it hard. With Trent's asshole opened up good, Chris bends him over and fucks him his way - hard and deep.The guys move to the couch and Chris fucks Trent while the redhead beats off. He shoots his load all over himself, then the Cuban unloads all over Trent's face! Hot!

  • Meet Twitter Superstar Mathew Mason

    Meet Twitter Superstar Mathew Mason

    People used to think that stars are born, but nowadays they are made--on Twitter! It was just last month that on a single day, porn-star-in-waiting Mathew Mason burst onto the scene. And it all happened with a tweet! The muscled Aussie posted a few naked pics of himself, announcing his intentions to film a movie for Raging Stallion. And the next thing you knew, a million re-tweets were launched. A twentysomething former stripper, Mason has skirted the industry for a few years, doing an amateur shoot here and there. But now he's ready to make his big splash. The bright and shiny stud, who has 20 tattoos (including a prominent one on his taut tummy that reads "Allow Yourself to Be Yourself"), is currently in California filming his debut scene for RSS. According to a recent pic from the set (posted on Twitter, natch), his co-stars include Jimmy Durano, Trey Turner, Jessie Colter, Drake Jaden and Derek Parker (another cute newbie). No title yet, but visit Raging Stallion.com for more information. And follow Mason on (where else!?) Twitter @TheRealMathewM.

  • Boys Pissing

    View full video at Boys Pissing

    In this video from Boys Pissing, two hot guys climb into the shower and piss on each other.

  • Horse-Hung Italian Twink

    Horse hung Italian guy jerking off

    Italian guy Mick Roberts sits on his couch for You Love Jack and pulls out his enormous cock. The thick uncut stud plays with himself until it's rock hard, fingers his tight ass and strokes himself up to a climax!

  • Turner and Colter Go Public for Manhandled

    Gay pornstars Trey Turner and Jessie Colter

    Real life gay lovers Trey Turner and Jessie Colter for Manhandled

    Some like it rough. You know, dominant men's men who take their pleasure forcefully, allowing animal desire to overtake them and their partners. Porn stars Trey Turner and Jessie Colter are the latest duo to go at it for Manhandled, a site that appeals to tough guys who know no limits. In a new scene titled "Just Sex," (truth in advertising!), the real-life lovers get in some quality time between the sheets. Nothing new there. Only this time, the tattooed studs have an eager audience watching as they get hot and sweaty with uninhibited suck-and-fuck action. Exhibitionists much!? For more information, visit Manhandled.com.

    gay porn stars sucking cock

    Trey Turner and Jessie Colter fucking

  • Fratmen Trent's Fat Cock

    fratmen's trent

    Trent has a lot going for him, and I'm betting that he's one of the more popular jocks on Fratmen. He's got a super fat cock and I imagine just about any cocksucker would enjoy nursing on his plump dick - I know I would. He doesn't just have a plump cock head, but his whole shaft thickens nicely just below his crown.

    Trent also has a sexy, dark, thick bush of untrimmed pubes. And it turns me on thinking about burying my face in his crotch as I deep throat his dick.

    Trent is a good-looking guy with a ripped physique. He really has a spectacular body - huge, bulging shoulders; chiseled pecs with a light dusting of fur; super ripped abs; but I'm really digging his thighs. His thighs are massive and with full, thick legs comes a hot, hard bubble bubble. In this video from Fratmen, Trent gets naked outdoors and his body glistens with sweat as he jerks his cock in the hot sun.

  • Interview With Corbin Fisher's Cain

    Hot college hunk Cain from Corbin Fisher

    Corbin Fisher is celebrating its eighth year of filming hot college guys having hot college sex. One of the amateur site's top studs is Cain, who started filming for the Las Vegas-based studio two years ago. The beefy 20-year-old California native with the big uncut cock is Romanian and identifies as straight. He recently sat down with GayDemon to share about when he lost his virginity, his favorite sex position and how he was discovered (on MySpace!).

    Vince: Hey Cain, what did you do before getting into porn?

    Cain: I was an electrician. I stripped a few times for some private events. My buddy was a real stripper and he told me about it. It was fun.

    Vince: Would you ever do it again?

    Cain: I would, but I love working for Corbin Fisher too much. And stripping can be a pretty shady environment.

    Vince: So how did you get into the porn industry?

    Cain: That's a good one. I had a guy recruit me on MySpace. The funny thing is, right before I did gay porn, my brother asked me, "Could you fuck a guy for money?" I said, "Fuck yeah, I could!" But I was joking about it at the time. And then, two month later, I got recruited.

    Vince: When did you lose your virginity?

    Cain: My 13th birthday. There was this girl that my brother hooked me up with. We all went to this fair and the same night, we went back to her house, and it was the first time I had sex.

    Vince: What's the dirtiest or sexiest thing you've ever done?

    Cain: I was 16 and I was seeing this girl who was 23 and we were at the beach. We went into the water, and I was like, "Fuck, I can't get out of the water because I'm hard now." So I pulled down her bikini and I fucked her in the water of a public beach. And it was the Fourth of July!

    Vince: How about on camera?

    Cain: When Ashley dominated me and Dawson. That was dirty and fun!

    Vince: What is your most memorable on-screen performance?

    Cain: The one that sticks out the most because of the intensity of it was "Cain Fucks Travis." Because it was just the most intense fucking and he was like, "Harder! Harder! Harder!" Travis is the only person who could have taken it like that.

    Vince: What is your most memorable behind-the-scenes memory from working at Corbin Fisher?

    Cain: The Halloween episode we just did. I was literally right off the airplane and straight into work. There were a lot of spur-of-the-moment ideas in that one, like Josh pouring hot candle wax on me!

    Vince: Do you get to suggest ideas and/or positions when you are shooting?

    Cain: Absolutely. Sometimes it works better for us, if the other model knows he's flexible and I know I'm flexible, we both work out some crazy positions.

    Vince: Do you have a favorite co-star?

    Cain: I love working with everybody, but I do like power bottoms. It always makes for a better scene.

    Vince: Do you have a favorite sex act or position?

    Cain: I love the football carry [standing fuck while holding partner], because I've got the arms for it.

    Vince: Have you had any interesting fan encounters?

    Cain: I've met people every now and then, and they're like, "I know you!" It's cool. But a lot of times, people don't know if you want to be recognized in public. This one guy at a convention was like, "I'm a big fan of yours." But he never asked for an autograph or made a big deal about it.

    Vince: What are your long-term goals?

    Cain: Eventually, I want to finish school and be a utility lineman. The danger of it appeals to me. The long work hours, the hard labor. I'm one of those guys who gets bored really easily. So it feels good to come home sore, knowing I worked throughout the day. And I like seeing a project completed from beginning to end.

    Vince: Anything you want to say to your fans?

    Cain: Thanks for your support and watching the videos and making me who I am!

    To see Cain in action, visit CorbinFisher.com.

    Cain naked in the bathtub

    Corbin Fisher's Cain almost naked

  • Young Physique Mag for Vintage Porn Fans


    It all started with the still image. Back in the good ole days, men who appreciated male beauty didn't have DVDs or online porn to excite them. They looked at pictures. And starting in the early 1950s, magazines like photographer Bob Mizer's Physique Pictorial used beefy bodybuilders, military guys and blue-collar workers clad in posing straps and bathing suits to create what are now iconic homoerotic images. Mizer had formed the Athletic Model Guild in Los Angeles in 1945, shooting mostly bodybuilding poses and wrestling moves. Artists such as Tom of Finland, George Quaintance and later David Hurles of Old Reliable followed in his footsteps. Now, Mark Kliem's Vintage Bareback Web site keeps the dream alive by preserving a large selection of these classic photos for a new generation of fans.

    Its latest offering is a 1962 edition of The Young Physique Annual, a beefcake magazine that showcased muscle studs in posing straps and not much else. "The photography is almost on par with fashion magazines of the time," Kliem says, "and since the guys mostly kept their clothes on and didn't have to do much man-on-man touching, the photographers were able to recruit a wider range of beautiful men." And beautiful they were. But the photographers of the time had more to deal with than just finding talent. It was their job to take pictures that were hot enough to inspire their mostly closeted gay readers to risk ordering the illicit material, which was still illegal to ship by mail at the time.

    There are 70 arty photos from this issue, and Kliem says that although the paper it was printed on was low-grade, his scans are good. So why not take a look at some of the manly men your "confirmed bachelor" uncle was jerking off to back in the day? For more information, visit vintagebareback.com.


  • Channing Tatum and the boys on Magic Mike

    Channing Tatum and the boys on Magic Mike

    Upcoming film " Magic Mike" has had some serious media buildup since it started filming, and with this recently leaked photo I'm sure we can expect a whole lot more.

    For those who don't know, Magic Mike is a film set in the world of male strippers, "Magic Mike" is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Channing Tatum ("Dear John," "Step Up") in a story inspired by his real life. The film follows Mike (Tatum) as he takes a young dancer called The Kid under his wing and schools him in the fine arts of partying, picking up women, and making easy money.

    The film is slated to hit theaters in June 2012.

  • Nick Sterling's Amazing Fuck

    Randy Blue models Nick Sterling and Milo Sommers

    As you already know, I think that Randy Blue stud Nick Sterling is about the finest HOMO to walk the planet, and I have blogged about him having one of the hottest asses in gay porn but now I cum to see that not only is amazingly hot but is also knows how to fuck!

    Nick is giving it his all with tanned new-cummer Milo Sommers, and the amount of raw gay heat these 2 produce could power a massive gay whore house for thousands of years to cum! Milo is taking it up the jacksie for the very first time (well, on camera I'm guessing) and he sure knows how to bottom for a virgin! Seriously, he works Nick's cock like a pro, which leads me to think that there have been many more cocks up Milo's ass - and that can only be a good thing! To be a good bottom you gotta have the experience of getting into the "bottom zone".

    Nick Sterling fucks Milo Sommers' hot ass

    Randy Blue is always pairing up the hottest studs with loads of sexual chemistry, and of course this time they do not disappoint with Nick & Milo. Now, they just gotta get Nick to do a whole lot more fucking and all will be right in this horny gay world!

  • All-American Guy


    Emerson is the all-American guy. He's good looking and quite cute, he has a ripped body, and he's swinging a healthy piece of dick between his legs. There's an innocence about him that's really appealing. And in many of his pictures, he wearing a geeky smile that makes him look naive and starry-eyed, like you could talk him into your bed with the offering of a chocolate bar.

    Emerson is straight, but he loves gay men. And he's one of the new guys that Sean Cody has imported from the mid-West. I can't wait to see what Sean Cody has in store for this horny stud. "I have a lot of gay friends," he says. "I love hanging out with them at the gay bars. They're so much fun!" He's going to love hanging out with them at Sean Cody, too, and they'll be showing him a different kind of fun.

    But for now, Emerson is introducing us to his hot, ripped body and his meaty cock. Emerson jerks his big cock all over Sean Cody's couch. He gets down on all fours and supports himself on one arm while jerking with the other, and this gives a good look at his strong, tight body. He's so ripped! When he finally lies back on the sofa to shoot his load, it's a hot sight. Emerson is a sprayer. His cock jets out watery drops of spunk all over his six pack, cum is flying everywhere and it just keeps coming and coming. And Emerson is so expressive. He's moaning, groaning, and muttering a symphony of "oh Gods." He really had a good time. And I'm betting we're going to see a lot more of this well-hung, all-American stud.

  • Bearded Cocksucker

    View full video at Drake Rock

    "I wish I could wake up every morning to see your face down between my legs," says Drake Rock. And this bearded cocksucker says he'd love to suck this dick every morning, too. Hot blowjob scene!

  • Kazaky always brings it!

    kazaky shirtless gay men

    Ukrainian super-pop group Kazaky pulled their Manolos back out for another one of their infectious tracks with killer choreography. The aptly named song " Dance and Change" is something I'm excited to hear at all the circuit parties and clubs this year.

    There's something oddly sensual about these guys in heels, isn't there? I'm normally pretty unforgiving when it comes to the half-drag thing, but these guys make it seem so damn hot

    Check out their video :

  • Billy Byron has a new goal in 2012

    Gay porn star Billy Byron

    Porn pretty boy Billy Byron has been on hiatus but, doesn't want you to forget him:

    " I've just been really busy and waiting for the right thing to start filming again" says the super-hottie. " I'm also trying to get in touch with Ginch-Gonch underwear; I wanna be the new face of Ginch-Gonch".

    Billy is one of those universally hot guys. He's worked with Falcon, Dominic Ford and C1R.com. I for one can't wait for his return to filming, and would love to see home modeling one of our favorite underwear brands.