• Blond Jock Jerks in Locker Room

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    Hot blond jock plays with his soccer ball in this locker room scene from https://www.gaydemon.com/cgi-bin/blog/jumpurl.cgi?username=nextdoormale">Next Door Male, then he jerks his stiff cock.

  • Dak Ramsey Returns to Lavender Lounge

    Gay pornstar Dak Ramsey

    Dak Ramsey jerking off

    Porn star Dak Ramsey naked

    We've been missing Dak Ramsey something awful. The tattooed muscle stud made it big in gay porn a few years back, headlining titles for Raging Stallion (Tailpipes), Mustang (Sleaze) and Titan Men (Warehouse) then disappearing as fast as he came. Now, photographer Mark Kliem of Lavender Lounge has unearthened some new-to-us pics of Ramsey, and they were well worth the wait.

    Kliem says that he had numerous ideas for the solo photo shoot, but Ramsey nixed them all (no bondage, no nip play, no dildos, no sugary desserts!). Until Mark pitched the one in which Dak puts on a scanty priest's collar and is chained to a kneeler. Hallelujah! It's all very sexy and sacrilegious, especially when Dak plunks his hefty manmeat on top of the pew. This scenario was a winner, and these newfound photos are the proof. But is this the last we will see of Dak!? Come back to the 5 & dime, Dak Ramsey, Dak Ramsey. We need you! For the full shoot, visit the all-new and improved LavenderLounge.com.

    Dak Ramsey stroking his cock

  • Hung Athletic Hunk Fucking

    Hung athletic guy with big balls fucks his companion

    Fabian from Dirty Tony is a dark skinned hunk with a great body, and just look at those low swinging balls of his! America gets his hairy ass finger fucked before Fabian works his big cock inside and pounds away at him.

  • Interview with Carl Hardwick

    Gay pornstar Carl Hardwick

    Today we're talking with big, muscular and HOT Carl Hardwick, COLT model. Want to know more about this throbbing hunk? I know I do! Let's get started with the interview!

    Anthony: Tell us about how you got started in the business and when was your first movie for COLT Studio Group?

    Carl: Well, it was in the early 90s and I was well on my way in my bodybuilding career. At that point I had done some physique modeling. It was then that I was approached by the guys at COLT. I was familiar with COLT and knew what a big name they were. And since I was never shy about being in front of a camera, becoming a COLT Man seemed like a good fit for me. After many photo-shoots they asked me if I would do a nude posing routine for a "Legendary Bodies" movie. Once I made the jump to movies it just kind of took off.

    Anthony: What do you like best about being in porn, and is there anything you don't like about it?

    Carl: Well, I like being a COLT Man. I don't see myself as porn star. Being a COLT Man seems to be a natural extension of my love for bodybuilding. It inspires me to be in the best shape of my life and I get to share the results of all that hard work pumping iron to an audience that truly appreciates a well built body.

    Anthony: Top or Bottom? Which do you prefer and what's your favorite position?

    Carl: I'm a top who likes to be on the bottom (wink).

    Anthony: Who would you most like to work with at COLT Studio group?

    Carl: I've only ever worked solo, but I do appreciate all the impressive physiques that I have seen at COLT over the years. I've also met some of my fellow COLT Men along the way who have also joined the ranks of professional bodybuilders. Chris Wide and Karim come to mind.

    Anthony: What's it like having sex on camera compared to in your private life? Ever been nervous or couldn't get it up for a shoot?

    Carl: At first I only did nude, erotic posing on camera. When I did my first solo scene, I'd say it was a big turn on to perform in front of the camera. It was more of a turn on than I had ever expected. I wasn't nervous at all, just excited.

    Anthony: How has everyone around you accepted your decision to become a porn star? Do you have a relationship outside of work? What are some of your hobbies?

    Carl: Well, in the bodybuilding world it's no secret the work I did with COLT. In the world of bodybuilding, erotic modeling or physique modeling isn't that unusual. If it bothers anyone, that's their problem. I don't care.

    Anthony: Has working in the adult industry changed your personal life?

    Carl: It's given me exposure to a wider audience. Fans of my work with COLT have come to know me in my professional career as a bodybuilder and vice versa. It's been a win / win situation for me.

    Anthony: What are some of your hobbies outside of the bedroom?

    Carl: I eat, sleep and drink bodybuilding. Competing on the stage is what I live for. On the rare occasions I'm not training in the gym, I like outdoorsy stuff in the Arizona desert; camping, hiking, driving around in my Jeep.

    Anthony: Got any big projects or news on the way?

    Carl: Been planning my own gym and bulking up for the next competition.

    Anthony: Where can new fans find you? Do you have a web site, Facebook or MySpace account, Blog or Twitter?

    Carl: The COLT stuff, my videos and pics, can be seen at www.COLTstudiogroup.com or buy my DVDs at www.COLTstudiostore.com.

    Thank you, Carl Hardwick, for talking to us here at the GayDemon Lounge. Can't wait to see more of you, stud!

  • Lucas Blog Gets A Makeover

    Gay pornstar Jonathan Asassi

    The guys at Lucas Entertainment are at it again, bringing their award-winning Web site up-to-date and into the "Right Here, Right Now!" In fact, that's the tagline for the relaunch of the site that a reader came up with in a recent online contest. The redesigned blog has many new interactive features that give visitors an inside look at the secrets of gay porn. "The goal is to get the audience involved and to share the product of porn on a new level", Lucas blogger and publicist Marc MacNamara says. "It's an exciting venture to give fans personal access to the hot and hard men we lust after". Some of the new features include: a "Talk to the Guys" section, which allows fans to submit queries for their favorite porn stars and get a video response; a weekly "On the Set" video clip; and exclusive interviews with the international studio's bevy of gorgeous models. The reader polls (our personal favorite) are also new, and recent questions have included: Who is your all-time favorite Lucas exclusive? (first place so far: Jonathan Agassi, above) and Where do you like to shoot your load? (in your partner's mouth seems to be a winner!). To see more, visit LucasBlog.com.


  • File this under things I never knew...

    Gay barebacking closeup

    How many times a day do you find yourself thinking: " Man, I wish there were some hot guys into BB only near me and a quick way to find them!"

    Well, apparently you can!

    I received an email from a friend EAGER to share his latest hookup from BarebackRT.com; boy, was I surprised!


    (Really Quick : BarebackRT is just like adam4adam.com and manhunt.net and the always convenient Grindr, except you don't have to worry about harassment from "Safe-only" members and are only on with like-minded BB lovers. )

    It was a face that's VERY familiar to all of us in the industry (and a face I've often dreamed of spilling my babies on), and considering some of his close affiliations and pretty staunch stance on bareback on film, i'm a little disappointed in the baby-faced, blonde, power bottom. Not because he's into bareback, I could care less. I was sad because despite my efforts I haven't gotten MY turn!

    So who is the star? I'm not telling 'cause I'm a classy bitch ... and i know I shouldn't gossip but, I'm sure u can sign up and find out; I did!

  • Fucking a Bald Daddy

    fucking bald daddy

    God, I love Evan Mansfield. While I generally like hairy men - muscle bears and daddies - I have a big fetish for tattooed guys, and Evan is covered in ink. He's slender, which I don't mind at all; and he's wearing a full beard. He's got the most adorable puppy-dog, dark-brown eyes and a pair of hot lips that I'd enjoyed kissing for a long time.

    But the hottest thing about Evan is his super fat cock. Man, this boy has a beautiful dick. And Evan likes using it to fill a horny daddy's ass.

    In this Hot Older Male scene, Evan is getting his meaty cock serviced by a bald daddy named Nate Bruno. Nate has a sexy bald head and a hairy body. He's a good cock sucker and does well at managing to stuff Evan's thick cock down his throat. But of course he really wants to get his ass fucked, so once he's had his fill of Evan's dick, he lies back on the counter, hoists his legs, and enjoys a hard a deep ass pounding from this well-hung tattooed stud.

  • Joshua Fensen Goes Solo




    There's a new stud on the streets and he's residing on ManAvenue! The handsome blue-eyed hunk is named Joshua Fensen, and according to the guys over at the sizzling site, they knew they were in for a treat when the shoot began and they realized that Joshua's big dick was already erect in his undies. "When he exposed the hard mass for the cameras, we were suddenly under his spell," they add. Well, who wouldn't be!? The muscular hottie next door proceeds to jack, show off his hole and pop a massive load all over his furry crotch. What's that address again?! For more of Joshua and other manly men, visit ManAvenue.com.

  • Blindfolded Hunk In Orgy

    Hunk blindfolded in a chair for orgy

    Cocky Boys shows off their hottest. Tommy Defendi, Phenix Saint, Mason Star, Marc Dylan and Turk Mason. Those are the names of each of the sexy athletic men that star in this incredibly aesthetic orgy of naked hunks.

  • Blond Jocks Fucking

    blond jocks fucking

    Josh is a tiny elf of a guy and he's taking on a rather beefy and very well-stacked Steve who stands four inches taller and outweighs him by 75 pounds! This boy's going to take a pounding in this Corbin Fisher video, I sure hope Steve doesn't break Josh. This is Steve's first time fucking a guy, so let's hope he knows what he's doing.

    The guys get into it pulling off their shirts, Josh kisses and licks Steve's plump pecs, then these two guys kiss. The shorts come off and Steve feels a guy's mouth on his cock for the first time. He rubs Josh's head as the cocksucker bobs slowly on his stiff rod. Then Steve takes his turn sucking Josh's dick. But Steve wants more head, so he pushes his blond buddy's head back down on his cock.

    Josh gets down on all fours and Steve fingers his tight butt hole. "I can't wait for you to fuck me", Josh says. Steve makes him wait for it and fingers his cock-hungry hole a little longer. Finally Steve slides his big dick inside Josh's tiny ass, holding his butt cheeks so he can steer his pole into Josh's fuck hole. Then Steve starts ramming hard and Josh's hard cock is bouncing all over the place.

    Josh lies back on the couch and really gets his ass drilled, then the horny bottom sits on Steve's dick and rides it deep. Steve strokes Josh's cock while he's bouncing on his dick

    and Josh dumps his load all over Steve's ripped abs. Then Steve pulls out and unloads all over Josh's cock and balls. That was a hot session and I'd say Steve very much knows what he's doing with a guy's ass, maybe a little too much. Hmmm.

  • Extreme Massive Fat Black Cock

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    This has got to be one of the fattest cocks I've seen in a very long time. No wonder this guy's on Monster Cock Website!

  • Hung Harvard Boys!

    Harvard Crimson

    The old cliché is "All men think with their dicks". Well, if that's the case it's no wonder hidden gem CrimsonCocks.com has some pretty big dick on it.

    The tumblr page is a collection of Ivy League dick pics many of which are pretty sizable. I'm more than impressed by the Harvard boy's willingness to whip it out. I've always figured them to be the shy type.

    In any case, I'm always down to admire some big dick on the internet and I'm really regretting not studying ... harder .. on my SAT's!

  • Telephones As Dildos?

    Trevor Knight Fucks Jessie Colter with a Telephone  - The Ringing Secretary

    You know the economy is bad when we gays have got to start shoving things other than cocks or dildos up our asses. Yes, times are tough but that does not mean we are not going to find new ways to get off, and the folks over at Men.com know this probably better than anyone else.

    In a new scene just released "The Ringing Secretary" by Men.com, we have none other than bottom hunk extraordinaire Jessie Colter and sexy, hung Trevor Knight fucking like the world was coming to an end. Just before Trevor slips his throbbing member inside Colter's ever so hungry hole he decides that a telephone would loosen up that hole real good, and from the looks of the promo pics it looks like the telephone really did do the trick!

    Trevor Knight Jessie Colter telephone anal penetration

    I don't know how you all feel about shoving strange objects in your ass but I have to say that a telephone is pretty out there, even for my slutty ways. I mean, what if you get a call from mom or grandma and you can't answer the phone 'cos it was up your ass? Try explaining that to dear ol' mom and sweet pie-baking nana. I am sure that there are less... umm... "exotic' ways of getting your ass ready for a deep pounding, but I guess when the going gets tough, the tough get to shoving phones up their asses!

  • Hunk Pounds His Fleshjack

    Hairy chested hunk fucks his Fleshjack

    Worn out from his workload, sexy hunk Manuel from Maskurbate decides to stay home and relax with his favorite fuck toy, his Fleshjack. He strips off his suit, slides his big thick cock into the clear Fleshjack and pounds it.

  • Random Hot Guys

    Random Hot Guys

    Now, this really is a place you've got to check out when you have a spare ten minutes or so. Random Hot Guys gives you what the title suggests it will give you, but it gives it to you all from over the world. You get this choice of flags, British, American, French, South African and Dutch, and you click one to see a new window and sexy guys caught on camera in those countries. Someone, or several people actually, goes out and snaps guys in the street, at Pride marches, on trains, at events, by the pool - anywhere, really, and then they blog the findings. I love sites like this; they capture ordinary guys in natural poses, and there's something really sexy about that. If there is a downside, it is a bittersweet one: you find yourself falling for a random guy and you know you will never see him again, meet him, or even know his name despite the text. Ah, well - fantasies are made of this.