• Sweaty Interracial Fuck Session

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    Mix It Up Boy's Mr. Saukei gets his tongue around the hung jock Tony, who has been helping him move some things around his pad. Tony gives up his ass for the rapidly hardening black stud who rims and fucks it with sweat spraying all over the joint.

  • Jarrett Rex Can't Get A Date!

    Gay porn star Jarrett Rex

    Porn stud Jarrett Rex has been on COUNTLESS straight dating programs, and yet he still hasn't managed to score some pussy! What is wrong with these girls!? Maybe it could be the fact that he does gay porn that has kinda put them off - who knows? But one thing is for sure, him not getting any cooch isn't entirely all his fault!

    Of course, his name on these dating shows like "Exposed" and 'Lovegames: Bad Girls Need Love Too," is not Jarrett Rex; he goes by the name of Akoni. Hmm.. maybe it's the name that is putting them off! Akoni sounds like he would automatically be a bit of a douche. Now, he has appeared on Jerry Springer's "Baggage" trying to get some girl to go out with him, and The Sword posted a clip of the show, where it's clear as to why he is still single. (it's not good.)


    Well, hopefully Jarrett will be able to get some misguided girl to go out with him so he can once and for all just quit the game show circuit and get back to getting fucked on Randy Blue by the likes of Reese Rideout!

    Source: The Sword.

  • Latin Jocks Fucking Raw

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    Hung uncut Raul from Latin Jocks gets passionate with his fellow latin jock, Tom. They kiss and bite, suck each others cock deep and taste ass before fucking without condoms!

  • Real Lovers Wrestling

    oil wrestling

    Mike Rivers is no stranger to Naked Kombat, he's wrestled three previous times on the gay wrestling site. He's lost two matches and won one, so he's gotten his ass fucked on the mats twice.

    But this wrestling match is a little different because this time Mike Rivers is wrestling with his real-life partner, Alexander. Standing 5' 11" and weighing 170 pounds, Alexander is a little taller and heavier than Mike who only stands 5' 8", and Alexander's got 10 pounds on his lover.

    Mike does well against his partner and he actually wins the match, which means that he's going to get to fuck his lover on the mats. But it doesn't always work out that way at Naked Kombat. The winner doesn't always have to fuck the loser's ass (I didn't know that until now) - the winner has a choice. And Mike Rivers chooses to get down on all fours and let his lover fuck his ass. And Alexander thanks him by giving him one, hard, aggressive butt fucking. Almost as if to teach him a lesson for humiliating him on the mats.

  • Samuel Colt Sounding

    View full video at Fetish Force

    Samuel Colt is a beefy bodybuilder, and he's very good looking - in fact. he's downright fucking hot. He sits back on his motorcycle in this Fetish Force video and gets into a sounding session.

  • Tom (and Gus) Reveal All in New Book


    Think porn stars never read books? Well, this one wrote one! Porn superstar Gus Mattox, now retired and living as his literary alter ego, Tom Judson, has just released a collection of stories titled Laid Bare: Essays and Observations. The book focuses on the actor's rise from Broadway star (Cabaret, 42nd Street) to porn star (discovered by director Chi Chi LaRue one cold night in Minneapolis). In between, the multitalented singer, dancer and pianist writes music (for the mainstream movie Metropolitan), hustles at the Waldorf-Astoria, performs his autobiographical one-man show (Canned Ham) in New York, Los Angeles, Provincetown and across the country and even marries well (the "Moon River" essay tells a lovely tale of Tom and his late husband, Bruce). Judson retired Mattox in 2006 at age 45 (!), but only after appearing in numerous hit films, including COLT's Big Rig, Falcon's Through the Woods and Lucas Entertainment's award-winning Dangerous Liaisons, and taking GAYVN's coveted Performer of the Year award. Who said porn stars can't do it all!? A version of Laid Bare is available for the Kindle for only $2.99 via Amazon.com. For more information, visit TomJudson.com.

  • Fucking Phillip Aubrey's Cock

    philip aubrey

    Phillip Aubrey does quite a bit of filming in the gay porn arena, and it's no wonder - he's cute, with a tight body and he's packing a solid 8.5 inches. I know him best from his scenes with his ex-real-life partner Spencer Reed. But alas, love doesn't conquer all and Phillip Aubrey is in this fucking scene with William Vos, who has been on Extra Big Dicks before, back in early 2010 when he took on a really big black cock.

    William doesn't waste any time getting his mouth wrapped around Phillip's big cock. Philip lies back on the couch and watches his dick disappear down William's throat. And William's a good cocksucker and can take it balls deep. The guys swap blowjobs in a 69 cock sucking session. William's no slouch in the dick department either, he's got a juicy thick one.

    After shoving his tongue up William's ass, Phillip fucks this cocksucker doggy style and really opens him up. Then they move to the couch and Phillip holds William's legs up in the air and drills his hole. They end up on the floor for the finale - William is riding Phillip's cock and jerking his own and he blasts his load all over Aubrey's smooth chest and belly. Then William lies beside Aubrey while he busts his nut all over his cum-soaked torso.

  • Interview with Titan Man Dirk Caber


    Dirk Caber is one of the hottest hunks at Titan, the kind of guy you just can't help drooling over - or at least, I can't. We got lucky - Dirk agreed to talk to us about his life in porn - including all those dirty details - and I do mean dirty! Join me now as we get to know more about this cock-hardening stud!

    Anthony: How'd you become interested in porn? Tell us about how you got started in the business.

    Dirk: Who among us hasn't watched a hot scene and thought about how hot it would be to be in the middle of that? I think many of us, whether we'd actually act on it or not, have thought it would add an interesting extra spice to life to indulge an exhibitionist tendency and enact some fantasy sex for a camera and some adoring fans. Hence, having finally pulled myself into the best physical condition of my life, and thinking that at 38 I probably ought to make the dive sooner rather than later, when Titan offered me the chance to try my performing chops, I jumped at the chance. Okay, that's a bit of a lie; I still felt I wasn't really physically up to the standard that I thought I'd have to be, so I had to be convinced, and that only took a little while. i wanted to do it, but I just wasn't fully certain I was all that; even having started out I was pretty certain I'd film one or two scenes, and someone would decide I was just another moderately-sexy, moderately-hung guy of indeterminate hair color and indistinguishable from so many others. I'm still somewhat amazed to look back a year later and note that I've filmed a dozen scenes with Titan alone!

    Anthony: What do you like best about being in porn, and is there anything you don't like about it?

    Dirk: I've really enjoyed meeting, getting to work with, and making friends with some truly amazing people - stars and crew, directors and more; it's also afforded me the opportunity to hang out in SF a bit, a city I don't live in but am really fond of. I love that knowing that I periodically have to appear nude in front of lights and cameras keeps me VERY motivated in the gym and very conscious of my health, diet, grooming... And of course it's always a thrill when someone comes up to you somewhere and says, "Are you..? I *loved* you in..."

    Anthony: Top or Bottom? Which do you prefer and what's your favorite position?

    Dirk: Love both, crave both. Doggy-style always is a winner, and the top can really grind into the bottom; slings offer some great possibilities too. As a bottom, though, any position that affords the top the leverage to just wreck my prostate is something that's going to make me grunt, swear, & squeal. Whether my neighbors think that's so hot after a few hours is another question; I tend to be a LOUD fuckee.

    Anthony: What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Who would you most like to work with in porn?

    Dirk: Generally if it involves restraint or rope, roughness and aggression, and a smoking hot masculine rugged partner (or two or three) who knows how to kiss, I'm precumming a pond already. I have a list of men I'd like to work with (or work with again); I love working with Alessio Romero, he's hot and rough and sexy and SWEET; I'd love to be tied up and worked over by Spencer Reed; it may spell the end of me, but it would be absolutely worth it to tell Tony Buff could do anything he wanted to to me. Aymeric DeVille, Scotch Inkom, Jim Ferro, Marco DeBrute, Aleksander Freitas, I could go on. But I list these as guys I've met and like and know I've already got a rapport with; it's been great to meet guys for the first time on the set and know they'd have been on the list if I'd known them before, and I'd happily work with them again (and again and again): Shay Michaels, Hunter Marx, David Anthony, Roman Wright, Junior Stellano, Stone Fury... Meeting & getting to work with Dario Beck made the couple days in the woods filming "Thrill Ride" one of the most magical life experiences in recent memory.

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  • Wet Rubber Sex In Restroom

    Restroom rubber sex club sex

    Jalif Studio's Kid Barraca haunts the restroom of a sex club waiting for a guy to piss in his mouth. Manuel Roko and Ger Rodriguez arrive and oblige before fucking the piss soaked Kid Barraca hard in the ass.

  • Daddy Admirer Sex

    daddy boy sex

    Bronson Gates is a ruggedly handsome, hairy daddy. He's got a rock-solid body and a nice, thick cock. In this scene from Men Over 30, Bronson comes out of the shower and finds Reed Royce snorting on his sweaty jockstrap. Bronson quietly approaches this pup and then pounces on him. He grabs him by the neck and pushes him down to his knees.

    Reed doesn't need a lot of coercing, he's in love this hairy daddy and he's been smelling his jockstrap and fantasizing about sucking his cock. Now his fantasy is becoming a reality. Bronson moans as he thrusts his thick cock down Reed's greedy throat. He pauses for a moment and fills Reed's mouth with his balled up underwear, gives him another snort of his muskiness. Then he throat fucks him some more.

    Then this daddy bends Reed over and starts inching his stiff cock inside his admirer's tight fuck hole. Bronson holds Reed's tight waist and pounds away. He even slaps his ass while he's thrusting hard. Reed really seems to be at his height of excitement when Bronson puts him on his back. He plays with Bronson's chest hair while this muscled daddy plundered his butt hole. And he's loving every inch of this daddy cock.The guys end up on the floor and Reed's on top now, riding this rigid man pole. He unloads his balls all over Bronson's hairy chest and belly, then he sits beside Bronson and watches as this muscle daddy bear pumps out his own load. This is one daddy/admirer sex scene you're not going to want to miss.

  • Driller and Crowbar

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    In this Alpha Male Fuckers video, a silver-haired tattooed daddy gets his mouth fucked by this muscle jock's banana-curved cock. I loved watching this muscle jock working over this daddy's nipples. Hot stuff!

  • Jack Mackenroth 2012 Calendar

    Hunk Jack Mackenroth on the cover of 2012 Calendar

    Jack Mackenroth is by far one of the hottest guys my gay eyes have seen, however Jack is oh-so-much more than just a hunky body and a gorgeous face. Jack is probably the most visible HIV activist working today and is very proud to show a completely different side of someone that has been living with HIV since 1989 with an ultra sexy 2012 calendar.

    I recently interviewed Jack and asked him about the calendar and what it means to him and here is what he had to say:

    Aamyko: You recently launched your "2012 Calendar For The Cure"; tell us a bit about that experience and if it something you want to do again.

    Jack: The calendar begins in January 2012 and continues through May 2013. Each month features a different photographer with a very different style. Photographers taking part int the project include Adam Bouska (NOH8), Rick Day, Carsten Fleck, Frank Louis, James Franklin, Karl Giant, Tommy Synnamon, Mattheus Lian, Richard Gerst, Ray John Pila, Sonny Tong, Thomas Evans, Krys Fox and Preston Cros with over 17 amazing images in total.

    I'm autographing and personalizing every copy and 100% of the proceeds go to The American Foundation for AIDS Research (AMFAR) to help find a cure for AIDS. I've been modeling since I was 22 and I like doing photo shoots and I have helped create some great images but I don't think I will do the calendar again. It's been an incredible amount of work.

    Jack Mackenroth

    Aamyko: You said you wanted to put out a calendar that will help to combat the silence and stigma associated with being HIV-positive, do you think you have accomplished that?

    Jack: Well, I think it helps. I think I'm definitely one of the most visible HIV activists working today. To show someone healthy and even sexy dispels a lot of misinformation. The stigma of HIV is massive which is why we need to keep talking about it and putting it out there. It's gonna take more than just a calendar but every little bit helps and one person can make a massive difference. POZ magazine just nominated me as one of the TOP 100 THINGS WE LOVE in association with HIV. It's an incredible honor.

    Aamyko: GI-NORMOUS Thank You to Jack, who took the time to answer my questions and it was great to interview someone that is full of positive energy and a role model to so many.

    To learn more about his amazingly sexy calendar or to buy a copy, go here.

    Keep up with the latest on this stud follow him on @jackmackenroth

  • Pink Is The New Blog

    Pink Is The New Blog

    Gotta love the title! Pink Is The New Blog is very pink, in the background, and very easy to read with its straightforward style. I guess it's a USA-based blog, as there are many features and posts about American TV and Hollywood movies. But the news comes in and gets discussed from all over the world as followers comment and join in. And it's not all about gay stuff either, though it is mainly about entertainment, and the way this blog is written can be slightly camp. But it's a nice place to chill out at over a cup of coffee, have a browse, catch up on celeb gossip and view some TV trailers and clips. A little bit of everything from a mildly camp perspective that keeps you up to date with what's hot and what's not in the world of entertainment.

  • Bent-Con Gives Gays Comic Relief


    Gay guys love superheroes. And why wouldn't they? These larger-than-life creations usually come complete with bulging muscles, skintight spandex and...capes! So it makes sense for gay followers to have their very own convention that celebrates LGBT and LGBT-friendly comic books and honors science fiction, fantasy and horror writers, artists and creators. Kinda like Comic-Con for queers! Bent-Con is the place where producers of these colorful publications for gay audiences can meet, greet and geek out! On December 3 and 4, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, fans and fellow fantasy addicts can enjoy a weekend filled with exhibitors, guests, panels, screenings and parties. Highlights include a get-together of the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club; a showing of classic erotic art from the Tom of Finland Foundation; and an appearance from Class Comics, which has a new book from German publisher Bruno Gmünder. Artist-creator Patrick Fillion and co-publisher-writer Robert Fraser will be on hand to sign Heroes With Hardons: The Big Book of Class Comics, an anthology hardcover in which the superheroes are "not only masculine, strong and fearless, they also have superpowers between their muscular legs." Sounds hot, even for cartoon characters! For more information on the book, visit BrunoGmunder.com. And for more on the weekend of events, go to bent-con.org.

    Bent-con Class Comics

  • Black Stripper Gives Dance

    Hot black stripper gives lapdance to birthday boy

    11/11/11 was Manuel Deboxer's birthday this year, so he got a private lapdance from his favorite black muscle man at Maskurbate!