• Blond on Blond

    blond on blond

    Skateboarder Cameron Foster is cruising for cock when he runs into his buddy Chris Daniels. So Chris plays this cute blond guy and tells him that he won't tell his girlfriend that he was out hunting for dick if he gets on his knees. Since Cameron was looking for some action anyway, it's a win-win in this hot scene from Falcon.

    Cameron is a good-looking stud. The perfect all-American guy with blond hair, blue eyes, kissable lips, and a ripped body. He's got it all. And now he's got Chris' 9-inch cock in his mouth. And I'm loving watching this blond cocksucker working over this nice dick. He's a good cocksucker, and I'm not buying that he's straight - he services dick all too well.

    After spending some time on his knees, Chris bends Cameron over and fucks his big round ass. I love watching Chris' 9-inch cock sliding in and out of Cameron's tight fuck hole. Chris hammers away on Cameron's beautiful butt and the blond strokes his cock until he explodes all over himself. Chris pulls out and splooges all over Cameron's cum-soaked abs, then sends him back home to his girlfriend.

  • Matthew Rush: Buh-bye Gay Porn!


    Matthew Rush is one porn god that really needs no introduction. He is probably one of, if not the most recognizable faces, in gay porn. (He's also got a pretty recognizable cock and ass!) He's been in the porn biz for over 10 years, signing a "Lifetime Exclusive" deal with Falcon studios that made him quite the legend in the industry. In 2009 he left Falcon to work for various studios and he has not stopped since.

    Well, it seems as though Matthew has found love and announced via twitter (where else?) that his porn star persona is "dead." He tweeted: "I've told myself when I meet the man of my dreams, "Matthew Rush" dies. I'm sorry but "Matthew" died @ 11:45 PM last night...Hi, I'm Greg," So, does this now mean that Matthew (real name, Greg) is done with porn forever? It looks that way. But every cloud has a sliver lining and it's quite heartwarming to know that he's left porn for the man of his dreams. Quite sweet, wouldn't you say?

    So there's nothing left to say but au revoir to Matthew Rush (or Greg) and wish him nothing but the best with his new man in his life! You will be missed, you big hunk of spunk!

  • McCoy and Clay in SYTYCF, Episode 6



    This week's episode of So You Think You Can Fuck marks the end of Round 2, which means that each of the six contestants has been in two scenes. The challenge begins with the guys pairing up to invent a new sexual position. It's not as easy as you would think! The episode's title, "New Jersey Silk Pie," ends up being the winning position, and while all we could come up with was the image of Snooki eating dessert, the porn stars get pretty creative. When it's time for the sex scene, ginger Rick McCoy and swarthy Jimmy Clay dive into the pool for some impressive underwater sucking, but what really wins over the judges is the intense flip-flop fucking. One of the four judges declares it "the best scene yet," and another praises the models' "energy, passion and chemistry." Not too shabby, even though Rick is still whiter than rice (not ideal for displaying the jizz)! What will Round 3 hold? And who will take home the title of America's favorite porn star? We don't know, but host Matthew Rush (who made headlines recently by announcing his retirement from porn) will be there to guide the way. And catch up with our take on Episode 3, Episode 4 and Episode 5. For more information, visit DominicFord.com.




  • Construction Buddies

    View full video at Workin Men XXX

    These two construction buddies at Workin Men Movies are a couple of horny and hairy rednecks. They take a break and head inside for some good ole boy cock sucking. Bearded, furry, and man this guy loves to rim ass!

  • Interview with Austin Wilde

    Nextdoor studios star Austin Wilde

    Today we're talking with mouthwatering porn star Austin Wilde. He's had my full attention since he burst onto the gay porn scene with his own site, and I can't get enough of this well-hung and definitely hot stud!

    Anthony: Tell us your story. How did you get into the porn biz?

    Austin: Ever since I was 3, I wanted to be a porn star. (kidding)(not really) ... I was approached in June of 2008 at a party and asked to do a shoot for OnTheHunt.com. After about a month, I decided "why the hell not?", and told myself I was only doing ONE SHOOT. And here I am, 3 years later with my own site (www.austinwilde.com, in case you didn't know).

    Anthony: What are the things you like most about doing porn? Any dislikes?

    Austin: I've traveled coast to coast and around the world shooting and doing events/appearances. So the traveling definitely takes the cake on this. Along with meeting all of the cool (and attractive) people that I have. I guess the money isn't bad, either.

    Anthony: What's your preference... Top or bottom? Does that change when you aren't filming?

    Austin: I prefer to top on camera, but I definitely like to bottom, especially with my boyfriend. I'd say I bottom about 30% of the time off camera with him. It's just hard when you're dating a power bottom.... pun intended ;)

    Anthony: What are your biggest turn-on, turn-offs and sexual fantasies?

    Austin: Since I love rimming, both doing it and receiving it, my biggest turnon is a nice ass. Smoking is by far my biggest turnoff! My ultimate sexual fantasy is to stumble upon a locker room full of hot bodied guys right after a game (any sport will do) and just have our way with each other. Preferably for no less than 2 hours. Then spit in their faces, call them whores and leave. The end.

    Anthony: Who are your favorite porn stars, and are there any you'd like to work with?

    Austin: There are a couple I'd want to work with. One being Richard Pierce. I've worked with most of the guys that I've wanted to.

    Anthony: How's it different fucking on camera compared to the comfort of your own bedroom?

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  • Freshman Wrestler Fucks Ass

    trey and sean

    Scott is hot freshman wrestler who is fairly new to Corbin Fisher. He's done three hardcore scenes with guys so far, and this one with Marc is his third. Scott is the all-American boy, he has a hot body and a sexy Southern drawl. He's already fucked another guy on Corbin Fisher, and he's filmed his first ass fucking scene where he got drilled by a cute blond. So he's getting settled in quite nicely at Corbin Fisher.

    This week Scott is back for some more action and this time he's fucking Marc. And I love Marc. He's one of my current favorites right now over at Corbin Fisher. He loves kissing and he's damned good at it. He's so passionate. After playing some video games Scott and Marc are making out on the bed. They swap blowjobs and eventually fall into some 69 cock sucking. And watching them rim each other's butt holes at the same time is really hot.

    Scott stands on the bed, and pushing Marc's legs over his head, plunges his hard cock down into Marc's butt hole. A reverse piledriver is what I think they call it. Whatever it's called, Scott hammers Marc's ass pretty good. And he keeps fucking him until Marc finally lets loose with a huge spray of spunk - cum blasts everywhere, all over his abs and chest, he even splooges his neck. Then Scott pulls out and feeds Marc's hungry mouth a juicy load of cum. What a steaming hot couple.

  • Leather Hall Of Fame

    Leather Hall Of Fame

    The Leather Hall Of Fame was set up to recognize those who have made a lasting contribution to the leather community. It's based in Chicago, has been around for a couple of years and it's got a simple and effective blog which is designed to be informative. This means there are articles and information to read, but there is another purpose to the site and that is history. Check the Inductees lists and you find that this is what is at the heart of the halls; this is where the names are remembered. Tom Of Finland and Chuck Renslow, for example, were listed there back at the start of the project in 2009, and you have slideshow presentations about them, their work, and the other names never to be forgotten. So you're looking at a recording site here, an historical list of the most prominent people to have progressed, worshiped, drawn, worked on, been in involved with, the leather scene. Don't come here expecting titillation or erotica, except in each inductee's slideshow, but if you want to nominate your number one leather-scene contributor then you can do that online and help history in the making.

  • White Boy Filled with Black Man Cum

    View full video at Satyr Films

    This guy's been the center of attention in this gang bang from Satyr Films and he's got cum all over his face. He's jerking his cock and another guy (a well-hung, black man) splooges all over his butt hole. Fuck! That was hot!

  • Bi-Curious Freshman Gang Fucked

    Bi-curious fresher gets fucked by college jocks

    Travis is new to the campus and gets invited over to Fraternity X for some drinks. Once his inhibitions are lowered, the gang get stuck into giving him a good fucking as they all take turns pounding on his tight asshole.

  • Gorgeous UK Hunk

    Beautiful hunk with gorgeous eyes

    Justin from The Male Form has a beautiful body, and you can't help noticing his eyes. He's 21 years old, from England's Southend, and his job building bridges helps him keep fit. One thing for sure - Justin is hot!

  • Big Dick Hunt

    Big Dick Hunt

    Joe Spunk's Big Dick Hunt is a place where Joe makes no bones about the fact that he likes big boners. You tend to get reviews of big dick adult sites here, there are plenty of pics from such sites, and others he's found lying casually around the web, too. He's got gay directories, links to some well-known as well as lesser known sites, a neat top menu with drop-downs for various categories, and a place where you can send in your own pics and have them listed on the blog. Maybe you'll even get into his Hall of Fame? So it's not so much about 'stolen' armateur pics and vids from tube sites, as a way to link into professional galleries and movies.

    At the end of a long, hard day what you have here is a free site giving you a taste from pay-to-join sites, also giving you generous portions (sorry, pun) of pics and videos, free galleries, great and useful links, and the chance to get involved. It's like a membership site without you needing to be a member.

  • Chubby Guys Need Head, Too!

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    These two chubby guys from Stocky Dudes swap blowjobs.

  • Fox and Newport in SYTYCF, Episode 5



    It's time for the So You Think You Can Fuck crew to get kinky. The challenge in Episode 5 is for the contestants to compete in a fetish photo shoot. That means they get to choose from a slew of sex toys from Stockroom.com (think cock rings, harnesses, handcuffs, gas masks, you name it) and then try out their sexiest poses in a jailhouse set. The winner gets a gift certificate and 500 extra points in the finale. We won't tell who wins, but it's this season's first tie! Meanwhile, when it comes time for the sex scene, cute twink Jarett Fox is once again on deck, this time with newbie Tony Newport. And while the judges support Jarett's "fat uncut cock" and Tony's "great little ass," they seem underwhelmed by the cliché setup. They are impressed by the models' use of the pile driver position (its first appearance this season), but one judge is worried about splinters from the fence the guys are fucking on. So thoughtful!

    Actually, creator and director Dominic Ford says, "You don't want to miss the judges' commentary this week. I usually cut out some of the 'less bright' things they say, but I couldn't help myself and left them in this time." Seriously? We could hardly tell! Stay tuned to see who takes the title of America's favorite porn star. And be sure to check out our write-ups on Episode 3 and Episode 4.



  • Appreciate Your Local Go-Go God!


    How many local town governments would declare a special day just for strippers!? Well, if you happen to live in West Hollywood, you're especially blessed because your neighborhood's city council has just declared this Saturday, October 29, Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day! Does this mean that you should track down the nearest guy gyrating on a box and give him a beejay? Well, that's up to you, dear readers, but officially, it means that businesses up and down Santa Monica Boulevard and clubs along the Sunset Strip will be holding special events and hosting an amateur go-go dancer competition. Mayor John Duran is partly responsible for the upcoming revelry, as is new city councilman John D'Amico, who had this to say: "Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day is about celebrating the part of our West Hollywood culture that arrived with the freedom generation and stuck around through the decades as an expression of who we are." And porn model Mason Star (pictured) is bumping and grinding to keep the dream alive. The adorable Cocky Boys exclusive is hell-bent on returning the historic art form to its former glory. Dance, stud, dance! For more information, visit gaywesthollywood.com.


  • Blond Guy Machine Fucked

    blond guy machine fucked

    If I had this boy's toys, I'd never leave home. Skater boy Prince is slender, blond, and covered in tattoos. Prince shows up at a friend's place and since his buddy isn't home, this skater starts exploring. He finds all kinds of nasty things.

    Prince grabs a Cyclone and plays with it. The Cyclone is like a Fleshjack, but it's motorized. I want one of these things! Prince really seems to be enjoying how this thing feels on his cock. Then this blond boy grabs a dildo, gets on all fours on an ottoman and pumps his ass.

    But the pièce de résistance in this little jerk-off escapade was finding his buddy's fucking machine. God, I love these things. I'd like to have the money to pop on one. I'd seriously never have to worry about getting laid ever again. Or maybe I should just apply to model for Butt Machine Boys, but that'd only take care of one session. Then what would I do? Prince lines the dildo up at his butt hole, turns the thing on, and the machine starts pistoning his fuckhole. He takes a punishing fuck until he can't take another pump and then his cock explodes with a big load of spunk. I wonder what he told his friend when he got home.