• Horny Twink Threeway

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    Kyler Moss, Chris Jett and Ryan Sharp can't wait to make out and strip for the Bare Twinks cameras. Then it's time for a threeway blowjob where each guy gets his mouth stuffed with cock while he also gets sucked. And you know what comes next - a hard ass pounding fuck and some spit roasting. For a grand finale, one of the guys is sandwiched in the middle for a little DP action - that's two dicks in one tight asshole!

  • Jay Roberts: Calendar Hunk

    Unknown copy.jpg

    If you don't know who the hardest working porn stud in the biz is... well then let me tell ya! it's none other than Jay Roberts! But not only is this sexy hunk a hard worker but he is the nicest guy around! Seriously, there is simply not attitude when it comes to Jay, and that is why he is doing so well at the moment, being the face of Soldout Clothing, working with heavy hitting names in the porn biz such as Falcon, Lucas Entertainment, starting his ever popular club night in London's soho PLAY>TIME, you name it and Jay has probably done it!

    Jay is going to the U.S for an entire month and this hunk with model looks, gorgeous cock and an ass that just won't quit has TONS of special surprises in store, I can exclusively reveal that he will be shooting with Buckshot for the legendary studio COLT and of course he has a couple more tricks up his sleeve! You heard it here first Jay Is coming on.. STRONG!

    To add to Jay's good news Jay has just made the cut for TitanMen's exclusive new 2012 calendar and to say he is in god company would be a total understatement! Adam Killian, Jessy Ares, Francois Sagat are some of the other hunks featured and this is the hottest 2012 will ever look. PERIOD! I bet ya can't guess which month Jay made! You are just gonna have to buy the calendar and find out for yourself!

    All that's left is one more question: Who run da world? Jay.

  • Muscular Studs Passionate Fuck

    Hot men with muscles passionately fucking

    Muscle power bottom Eric Pryor from Randy Blue gets the passionate fuck of his life from hot top stud, Raphael Cedano. This is a steaming hot anal sex session!

  • Ryan Idol Is In BIG Trouble


    What the hell is going on with some of these porn studs! 90's porn star Ryan Idol, whose real name is Marc Anthony Donais, was found convicted of attempted murder on September 20th in Sacramento, California.

    The 45 year old was was accused of using a toilet tank lid to beat his ex-girlfriend in the head - they had broken up before this incident occurred. Marc Anthony claimed that his ex had a knife during the altercation that happened in the bathroom and that he had hit his ex-girlfriend in self defense. Well, the jury was not buying it and found him guilty.

    Ryan got his first big break in 1989 when he posed for Playgirl magazine, and his star continued to rise. He was a mega gay porn star from 1990 to when he retired in 1996. He considered himself to be bisexual and his movie included "Idol Eyes," "Idol Worship," and "Idle Thoughts." Here is what Idol used to look like in his 90's heyday:


    Now, all that is left is the sentencing which is scheduled for Dec. 9, 2011. We will keep you up to date with the latest on this story.

  • Interview with John

    Gay for pay pornstar

    Today we're talking to gay-for-pay porn stud, John. He's a cutie, and ya gotta love a str8 boy who's willing to let a guy suck his dick. Hey, John, welcome to the GayDemon Lounge. Ready to get started telling us your dirty secrets? Then let's go!

    Anthony: How did you get into the adult industry? Who approached you - or who did you approach - and what made you decide to go for it?

    John: I actually had a girl friend that told me to apply for porn. I applied to a few straight porn studios but nobody got back to me. I was talking to a friend and he told me that I have to start off doing gay porn. I had no clue how to apply so I did a google search for gay porn hiring and a bunch of applications & studios came up and I applied and got hired by D&E Productions.

    Anthony: What was it like doing your first porn shoot - scary, interesting, sexy? - and what's different for you about doing porn now that you have experience?

    John: My first porn shoot was definitely scary. I never did this before and I never been with a guy before, so when David from D&E told me I had to suck dick, I was freaked out. So I would say it was scary and very interesting. Now I feel a bit better about it, and I'm getting kind of use to it now but still very new to this.

    Anthony: Are there any videos you've made, or directors or performers you've worked with who stands out for you, and can you tell us about them?

    John: The only studio that I have worked with is D&E Productions. I haven't worked for any other studio so I have nothing really to compare. I like the models and the crew at D&E because they make me feel very comfortable and both David & Eddie are really cool down to earth guys. What stands out is that David is an excellent cook and he feeds the models really well. I also feel very comfortable with Tyler and I was glad I had the chance to do a scene with him.

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  • Spencer Reed Fucks Ass

    spencer reed fucks ass

    I always love stumbling across muscle bear Spencer Reed on the web, and this week, this gorgeous hunk of man is fucking ass on Men Over 30. Spencer is 28 and he's handsome, massively built, and hung with a thick, meaty cock.

    In this suck and fuck scene, Spencer Reed is pounding Diego Vena's sweet ass. But first they do a little making out on the couch, kissing and exploring each other with hands, fingers, and tongues. Diego's tongue trails down Spencer's hard-muscled torso until it lands in the muscle bear's crotch. But Diego makes Spencer wait to feel his hot mouth around his stiffening cock, he licks Spencer's toes instead.

    These two horny men swap blowjobs, then Spencer bends Diego over and rims his ass, getting it slippery and wet for his hard dick. "You want dick?" Spencer asks, then slides between Diego's legs and pushes his cock inside Diego's tight hole. There's not much warm-up as Spencer pounds Diego's butt hard, Spencer's bull balls slapping against Diego's ass. The men fuck like this for a while and in a number of different positions. Once Spencer's had enough of Diego's cock-hungry butt, this hairy muscle man unloads all over Diego's face. Wow! What a perfect way to end a sweaty session with Spencer Reed.

  • Straight Guy Photos

    Straight Guy Photos

    Straight Guy Photos is unashamedly a voyeuristic exploration of the straight male. It's also got its fair share of published, adult-site sample images. What this means is that you've got some voyeur shots of sexy jocks on the beach, for example, followed by some straight sex shots (with focus on the guys), some straight-goes-gay pics from some well-known sites including some CFNM ones, and I don't doubt, some self-submitted content from real amateur guys who never expected their pics to end up here. It's great, I just love these kinds of collections of horny str8 guys, all gathered together for me in one place. And this blog, which updates daily, has archives stretching back a long, long way, which means lots of pics to view. There's a handy list of months to one side, navigation is easy and the quality of the chosen images is spot on. And the best bit? It's packed with straight guys naked.

  • A Perfect Male Physique

    Gorgeous muscle hunk Hugh

    Feast your eyes on Hugh, the latest hunk from The Male Form. Part of me wants to wax poetic, as this hard-bodied man is like a piece of art. The rest of me wants to run my tongue up and down his bulging pecs, six pack abs and down a bit lower, too!

  • Corbin Fisher Threeway

    corbin fisher threeway

    Connor, Cain, and Sean play around in the back yard doing some mixed martial arts moves for the Corbin Fisher cameras, and once they get all worked up, they head inside for a sweaty threesome sex scene. Connor gets Sean in a leg lock and he forces his stiffening dick into Sean's mouth. Cain joins in and thrusts his ass in Sean's face. The guys continue sucking cock and rimming butt in this tangle of bodies. And Cain starts opening up Sean's cock-hungry butt with his fingers.

    Cain's fingers are soon replaced with his big, uncut dick and he fucks Sean hard as Connor beats Sean's mouth with his hard rod. The guys continue spit roast fucking Sean and swap positions, giving Connor a turn at drilling the stud's ass.

    These two horny top jocks take turns pounding Sean's ass until the dark-haired bottom can't take anymore. His cock unleashes a stream of cum that sprays across his ripped abs. While Cain dumps his load into Sean's mouth, blond jock Connor fills the bottom's ass with spunk. Now that's a mixed martial arts session worth paying for on the sports channel pay-per-view.

  • How 'bout a Sucker?

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    If you're familiar with Lollipop Twinks, this hardcore scene won't surprise you. Two twinks with smooth bodies and hard cocks can't wait to get it on, and one of them keeps sucking on his lollipop even during the undressing and while getting his dick sucked. He gets his ass pounded hard, and the guys finish things off by jerking off together!

  • Executive Slave

    bruno knight and wilfred knight

    We're used to seeing hot men in suits from Men At Play, but this week MAP takes things up a couple of notches with a little BDSM. Wilfried Knight and Bruno Knight are having a meeting, and when Wilfred has to leave for a couple of minutes to tend to an emergency, he leaves Bruno waiting.

    Bruno starts snooping around the office and he discovers a secret doorway to Wilfried's Red Room, his own private dungeon. Inside Bruno finds a man bound and gagged and struggling for help. Bruno starts undoing the binds and Wilfried walks in. But with the bound man now free, it's two against one and they overpower Wilfried and strap him to his own bondage chair. Happy that he's free, the third man takes off and leaves Bruno to deal with this hairy executive.

    Bruno turns the tables on Wildried by putting a leather collar and chain around his neck. Subdued, Wilfried endures some face slapping, spitting, and then, he's forced to suck Bruno's meaty cock. Bruno bends his hairy slave over and rims his ass before stuffing his hard cock up this hairy man's hole and giving him a hard ass pounding. He fucks Wilfried until the hairy hunk begs to release his load, then Bruno lies back and lets his executive slave cum all over his hairy chest.

  • Jean Franko + Jonathan Agassi = 2 HOT!


    As we posted last week, mega Latin Gay Porn Icon Jean Franko was on the cum-back trail. Well, Jean Franko is now moving his fine ass over to London to host the city's hottest Thursday night, GIGOLO*HARDCORE*

    But this is not all nope. What's better than having one porn stud in a night? Well, how about TWO! Joining Jean Franko that night will be none other than uber-hot Israeli porn pup Jonathan Agassi! Of course, this is not the first time these two have been together! They had one hot fucking scene for Lucas Entertainment for the movie, "Missing." Jonathan fucked Jean Franko's bubble butt for all it was worth! Let's take a sneak peak and relive that special moment shall we?


    AHH, memories! Well, you can bet your bottom dildo that when these 2 meet up for the second time on Thursday for GIGOLO*HARDCORE* that the sparks and clothes will be flying! Thankfully the boys from SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK will be there to snap all of the action and trust me, there will be a lot of that going on! Of course, no night would be complete without the presence of this Gaydemon, and I will be there taking in all the special porn magic that will be happening right in front of my very slutty eyes!

    This will be a night to remember and if ya can't make it to this epic night, Gaydemon will be posting the pictures of both Jean Franko and Jonathan Agassi for all to enjoy and have smutty times with!

  • Smooth Slim Twink Naked

    Slim twink with smooth body and hole

    Boy Crush's sexy 18 year old Elijah White takes off his t-shirt and jeans to show his completely smooth, slim and sexy body. He gets his cock hard and strokes it, then gets on all fours to show off his completely smooth teen ass!

  • Blowjob Poker

    guys fucking

    Straight guys are always thinking of ways to get their dicks sucked. In this scene from Dirty Tony, Stefan Taylor and Alex Andrews are playing a friendly game of black jack, except instead of winning a pot of poker chips, the winner gets a blowjob.

    Stefan Taylor is lean, smooth, and ripped and he's hoping to stuff his huge cock inside something other than Alex's mouth. Alex loses one hand after another and when it's all over, this furry guy has to get down on his knees and start giving head.

    I'm jealous of Alex because Stefan has a beautiful uncut dick, a cocksucker's dream come true. The guys get on the bed and Stefan strips out of his clothes. Alex goes down on his buddy's big cock and as he's sucking, he starts removing his clothes. While on his belly giving head, Alex's furry butt is just too much temptation for Stefan. He grabs two hands full of ass and spreads Alex's cheeks wide. Before you know it, Stefan is filling that delicious hairy butt hole with his stiff cock. And when it's all over, Alex's hairy torso is covered with two loads of spunk.

  • In Your Face Barebacking

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    This clip from Satyr Films gets us right into the action, and we're talking condom-free ass fucking closeups here. Two men take turns filling a raw asshole with their cocks, letting it gape as they switch off. No romance, no foreplay, just nasty barebacking!