• Alex Marte Is A Porn God


    Italian stud Alex Marte is by far one of the hottest hunks to cum into the gay porn scene in the last 5 years. He is just so fucking sexy! There is nothing about this stud that isn't sexy! His sexy gaze, his masculine beard and of course that body! I could write a 500 word essay on his heavenly body! Fo'real!

    Before Alex started working in porn he was strutting his goods in underwear campaigns - of course he was simply too gorgeous and sexy to just be an underwear model and soon Alex worked with Men At Play and he hasn't looked back since. He landed on the cover of DNA magazine and recently he was also featured on Attitude Magazine in their "porn issue" along side François Sagat and Colton Ford. It's more than obvious that everyone wants a piece of this Italian stallion!

    Alex is currently featured in the Spanish online magazine "Oh My God" in a hot-n-sexy underwear shoot where we can appreciate all of Alex with underwear on and a few snaps of him wearing nothing but a sultry stare! It's a must "read!"

    Have a look at the spread here. To keep up with the latest in this hunk's life make sure to follow his sexy ass on twitter! Here's to Alex Marte, our new gay porn god!

  • Collin O'Neal & His Gay-scandalo!


    Well, this is prob the biggest news in gay porn this year and it is quite the scandal and you know what people? You just can't make this kinda shit up!

    Collin O'Neal has been in the porn biz for quite some time. He is no stranger to getting his cock sucked and banging ass for cash but Collin's REAL passion was not all in the bedroom. No, he also loved to teach and got himself a job as a substitute teacher in the Miami area. All harmless enough, right? WRONG!

    Here is where the "scandal" begins. Collin (real name Shawn Loftis) was fired from his job after the school found out about his porn past. So, obviously pissed off about the entire situation, O'Neil spoke to The Miami New Times where he claimed to have "dumped" porn in the spring of 2010 before he decided to follow his teaching dreams. Now, this is the part where things start to get sticky, and in porn that is usually a good sign but here... not so much. The Sword claims that Collin had never really left porn at all and that even during his time as a substitute teacher, he was very much active in the gay porn world.

    In August of 2010 Collin, attended the adult convention "Internext" in Hollywood, Florida, representing his company World Of Men, which he told The Miami New Times that he had sold to a Canadian company in March 2010. In September of the same year O'Neal was still sending out promo material where it clearly started that he was still CEO of the company. The Sword published an entire log of his porn tweets between Nov 2010 to July 2011 where it is more than obvious that Collin had in fact never left the porn biz at all.

    This is where is gets ugly. Obviously, after The Sword questioned Collin's side of the story he took to the blog and left various nasty comments about Michael Lucas and Samuel Colt, who had given their opinions about Collin's story. Folks - the story don't end here as Collin has taken to the local news channel in Miami and given his first interview where he stands by his story.

    What happens next? Well, anyone's guess is as good as mine. In his interview with the news channel, Collin told the reporter that it was more than likely that he would not be able to teach again, so he has "gone back" to making adult movies. This is most deffo not the end of this gay-scandalo! Stay tuned...

  • Fucking Tight Latino Ass

    fucking latino guy

    Robert has jumped in with both feet. He made his first jerk-off video at Sean Cody a few weeks ago, and before he left his first session he inquired about how a guy would do more than jerk off. Sean Cody is always happy to accommodate the curious straight guys, so he set Robert up with another hot stud, and this horny Latino got his ass pounded for the first time.

    Robert got his ass fucked twice more before he finally buried his bone in another guy's ass. But it looks like Robert has discovered that he likes bottoming more than topping, because he's back again and getting his ass dicked by Stuart, a very hairy stud.

    Robert was very interested in Stuart's hairy body and started exploring it. Robert and Stuart playfully devour each other and swap blowjobs. Robert's got a pretty big cock, so Stuart really had to stretch to slide Robert's big meat down his throat. Then Stuart climbs on top of this cute Latino and starts fucking his ass. I loved this part the best because we really get a good look at Stuart's very hairy legs and butt.

    By the time this ass fucking is over, the sheets are covered in sweat and spunk, and these two boys are left a soaking and heaving mass, nuzzling in each other's arms and trying to catch their breath. Robert and his tight Latino ass are featured in five hardcore videos at Sean Cody, and you'll want to explore them all.

  • The Master and his Slave

    The Master and his Slave

    Christopher and Keith are The Master and his Slave and they've been in a loving relationship for seven years. What they've got here is a blog where they share their life and lifestyle with us. You get to read about their domination and slavery games and fun times, their hopes and dreams, passions and secrets too. They also aim to inform and educate with inspirational blog posts for anyone in or outside of the M/s community. The blog is already packed with articles and posts, categories and it is very easy to search. It also comes complete with regular updates and photos, with many if not most, looking at the sexier side of things. It is impressive how the blog stays so fresh and lively with porno-pics one day, something fun and light the next, then something deep and meaningful the day after. It's an M/s dedicated blog that everyone into, or curious about, the fetish should take a look at of sure.

  • Blowing a Bearded Straight Man

    blowing bearded straight man

    Aaron is a hot, bearded straight man who has had his hard dick sucked a number of times by the cocksuckers of New York Straight Men. Do you remember the hot, sticky spell we had back at the beginning of July? Aaron showed up one Sunday afternoon during that sweltering two weeks after riding his bike all day, so he was hot and sweaty. When the NYSM guys suggested Aaron hop in the shower, Aaron said he wanted Trey to lick his sweaty ass and balls clean before giving him head.

    Trey seemed particularly turned on by the idea, so he went to work. Aaron bent over and Trey went to work licking his very hairy ass. After a long, slathering rim job, Aaron turned around and fed his stiffening cock to this hungry cocksucker. Trey loves sucking dick and he's one of the best NYSM has to offer. He swallowed this bearded straight man's meat and buried his face in Aaron's hairy pubes. Aaron's musky bush seemed to work on Trey like a hit of poppers, and he couldn't get enough of this straight man's meat.

    Aaron leaned back, stretched his arms behind his head, and felt his cum load rising from his balls. Trey continued to bob on this juicy piece of straight meat until he had a mouth of a creamy cum. Watch this horny cocksucker servicing straight dick at New York Straight Men.

  • Fighter Shows His Hole

    Sexy stud with hard cock shows his asshole

    Squirtz introduces Symon Boisdur, a street fighter who - given the opportunity to relax naked - is flirtatious and friendly, showing his entire body and hot ass.

  • Tommy Defendi Is A Cockyboy!


    Why wouldn't anyone want a piece of the incredibly luscious hunk, Tommy Defendi? He is an absolute wet dream and it seems as though this stud is set for gay porn super-stardom!

    He was, until recently, signed with Raging Stallion, but now that his contract with that studio is over, Cockyboys have gone in and scooped him up with an exclusive contract. I know this is a perfect match 'cos Tommy is quite cocky and he has got loads of spunk(y) 'tude that will fit perfectly with the site's collection of horny fuckers!

    I'm sure most of you cannot wait to see this stud in action for the studio, 'cos if his past movies with other gay porn studios are anything to go by, then you know it's gonna be fucking hot! Tommy has been dedicating tons of time recently to his body and it seems as though he has been growing the fur on his chest, too, which makes him look even more scrumptious!

    Tommy's debut with Cockyboys is most deffo going on my "must-see" list!

  • Blond Boy Pounded By Black Cock

    Interracial ass pounding sex with hot blond

    Sexy blond bottom boy, Micah Andrews, gets his ass rimmed and fucked on Mix It Up Boy by the rampant horny black top stud, Jesse Rabbit.

  • GayDemon's Taking Over FaceBook!

    gaydemonfacebook copy.jpg

    Yes, you read right! We at GayDemon got ourselves our very own Facebook Page, and I'm gonna tell it to ya like it is, our page is THE HOTTEST on FB!

    Full of sexy studs and pictures that are ALMOST too hot for Facebook, it's the place to get your horny Facebook quick fix in an instant. We will be posting exclusive pics that you won't see anywhere else except on our page so you know it's a must "LIKE." Comment and connect with other GayDemons like yourself!

    So what are you waiting for? Get to liking our page and get ready for a whole lotta gaydemon sinnin' and a wankin'!

  • Dirty Talking Hunk

    View full video at Hot Gymnast

    Anthony from Hot Gymnast is at it again! This straight hunk knows just how to work an audience, male or female, as he strips out of his street clothes, then gets his hairy body hot and sweaty. Once he's horny enough and his cock is nice and hard, he even slides a dildo into his ass.

  • Interview with Tom Wolfe

    Naked Sword star Tom Wolfe jockstrap

    Today we get lucky - we're talking with country boy and masculine top Tom Wolfe, and he is SO sexy! If you like a hairy body, nice trim beard and a big juicy cock, read on as Tom Wolfe tells us all about his life in porn, and shows us he not only knows how to fuck - there's a sharp mind in that yummy body!

    Anthony: How'd you become interested in porn? Tell us about how you got started in the business.

    Tom: I think it came from the fascination and attraction of watching porn on the internet before I really began messing around with guys. Watching the early SeanCody, Falcon and Colt guys really turned me on. I thought it would be amazingly hot to join the ranks of these guys; however I never thought of myself as being a model. In fact, I never thought that anyone would find me attractive nor would want me as part of their collection of guys for their company. I do not look at myself as being attractive or unattractive. I see myself as me, just me; no more, no less!

    So how did I get started in the industry? Interesting question I must say, having somewhat of two discovery dates in my career. First, soon after high school I started working with a photographer named James W. Johnson, not too far from our farm. I began a professional relationship with him, shooting posters and fine art photography including implied nudes and nudes. The work ended up on RagingSensations.com where prints of fireman posters I posed for could be purchased. James was good friends with the owner of CorbinFisher.com and I soon found myself shooting a solo video with CF shortly after my pictures had been submitted. After a rigorous shoot I was not sure if desired to continue in the adult industry. Battling the monster of being found out or outed at the time also made it easier to not want to continue.

    Then several years later after making many friends in the adult industry, I was asked by a friend to attend the Grabby's with him in Chicago. While there I just happened to walk in front of the Falcon group before the show started. Falcon Director John Bruno and Casting Director Troy Prickett leapt towards me as John was sticking his finger in a hole in my jeans inquiring if I was wearing underwear? To which I didn't answer at first, so his second question was if I was a model and which studio I worked with. My response was I suppose I was, but not an adult model. Contact information was exchanged and then I finally informed him that on the contrary to his belief I was actually wearing a jockstrap. By the next week phone calls and emails were buzzing with plans to attend a shoot the following week in Los Angeles with Massive Studios which began the career of Tom Wolfe.

    Anthony: What do you like best about being in porn, and is there anything you don't like about it?

    Tom: I have to say that the best thing for me is the people. I have made some amazing friends since I began working in the industry, from models to directors to fans and board members of the company. The people are great and I love seeing everyone's faces light up when we are all together. There are several of us that stick together and have created a brotherhood. We have each other's backs and are there for each other through thick and thin.

    The thing that I like the least about the industry is the widespread assumption that anyone who is in the adult industry is brainless, lazy, drug addict, whore, escort or any combination listed or not listed. I find it very upsetting when people label and judge others before they have ever gotten to know who they are.

    My parents stressed to me when I was growing up to be accepting and open minded, give others an opportunity to prove or disprove themselves before you determine if you like or dislike someone. I have spent my entire lifetime this far working my ass off to surround myself with those honourable and upstanding persons. In all reality that's all we can do is determine if we like or dislike someone, it's not our place to pass judgement on any other individual.

    Big thank you to the Wolfe Pack and the Porn Posse! Love you all always!

    Anthony: Top or Bottom? Which do you prefer and what's your favorite position?

    Gay porn star Tom Wolfe

    Continue to see the full post

  • Chris Porter Movin' On To Randy Blue

    Chris porter Randy Blue.jpg

    Chris Porter started doing porn in 2009 'cos he said that he needed the money, so he sent out his pics to every studio out there until they came knocking on his door. Well, it was obviously only a matter of time before this hunk was simply everywhere! He worked with Lucas Entertainment, Falcon, Dirty Boy Video and then signed an exclusive contract with Raging Stallion.

    But it seems as though things weren't going too well, and Chris was thinking about quitting porn altogether 'cos he said that he was simply "not having fun anymore." He didn't like the drama that goes along with some of the gay porn world, and said he became too jaded in a very short period of time. So, what was this sexy pornstar to do?

    Well, he made some changes, and once his contract with Raging Stallion was up, he took his fine ass to Randy Blue and of course they are not idiots and signed this fit hottie up! They went beyond just giving him a few scenes; they have given Chris an exclusive contract that will see him working with all the studio's hottest studs. (Personally, I think Danny Harper could fuck the gay outta Chris! That would be so HOT!)

    Mr.Porter (sounds like a naughty school teacher!) has already done his first solo scene and it's deliciously sexy. He is looking tanned, hunky and very, very horny! So class, let's review what we have learned today: Randy Blue + Chris Porter = homo-heaven!

  • Hot Twinks Swap BJs

    Hot young guys swapping oral favours

    Chris and Brandon from Dirty Boy Video kiss, grope and grind as they strip off their clothes, revealing hard uncut cocks. Then these two horny guys swap oral favors!

  • Jerkoff In the Stock Room

    View full video at Defiant Boyz

    Here's a cute regular-guy type from Defiant Boyz. He's got a smooth slender body, and he's horny as hell, so he slips into the stock room and pulls out his cock - it's already hard. He starts stroking the shaft, then stands up and gives his stiff dick a thorough jerking!

  • British Boyfriends Suck and Fuck

    Young British pornstar takes his boyfriend's cock

    These two smooth and slender British porn stars, Kallum Ash and Troy Bolton, are real-life boyfriends and they have a red hot suck and fuck session (plus a little rimming action) that's caught on camera by British porn studio, Bulldog Pit.