• Bareback College Gang Bang

    Freshman gets his ass used by their drug dealer

    Cute new freshman Jacob from Fraternity X draws the short straw and has to pay for the weed the fratmen have ordered by giving up his ass to the whole lot of them for a bareback gang bang where he takes all the loads!

  • Gay & Lesbian Manners

    Gay& Lesbian Manners

    Steven from Steven Petrow's Gay & Lesbian Manners is like the Emily Post of the gay community. Mr. Petrow has written several books on the subject, which are for sale on his site, but there is also tons of useful advice. His site isn't just for gay men and lesbians, either - it's also for friends and family with questions like "How should I respond if a friend comes out to me?" and "Should I get a holiday gift for my son's boyfriend this year?" And most of Steven's advice seems well though-out and well-expressed. The sections make sense - Coming Out, Friends & Family, Dating & Sex, Gay Weddings, Everyday Manners and Gay Families. Or one can read the questions by Queeries - manner questions for gay men and lesbians BY gay men and lesbians - and Straight Talk, which are questions from straight family, co-workers and friends. This site is definitely an interesting read.

  • Hairy Daddy Bear

    hairy daddy bear

    David Teal has made a few videos for Hot Older Male. This hairy daddy bear has filmed a solo jerk-off video and an outdoor sex scene with a hairy muscle man. David is a 55-year-old daddy who hails from Seattle, and he's taken some time off to film some more scenes for Hot Older Male is San Francisco.

    David is a handsome man with a sexy goatee. His beard is mostly reddish-brown, but it's showing a little wear and tear with some streaks of grey along his chin. This daddy bear has a beefy and solid body and he's covered in fur.

    David also has a meaty cock swinging between his legs and he loves wearing a ball stretcher. He loves how this leather strap makes his balls feel good. And even though David is a top man, he rears his butt for the camera and gives us a look at his furry ass crack. I like him best sitting back on the couch with his stiff hard-on standing straight up in the air. What cocksucker wouldn't like to kneel between his legs and nurse on his big bear cock?

  • Cocksure Men Going Bareback.... Again!

    Cocksure Men gay barebacking

    Okay, barebacking fans - we've got the official word from Cocksure Men that they'll be shooting condom-free sex again, and it'll be on the site soon! And here's what they have to say about it:

    "Cocksure Men fans and members have stuck with us for almost three years. We're very proud of the movies we've done and very happy with the diverse group of men we've shot from 18 year-old athletes to hairy daddies... often together.

    We transitioned away from doing bareback last fall and the last bareback scene to come out was a scene called "Bareback Bootcamp" with Tyler Ford and Vance Crawford. Members have been asking more and more for us to bring back the bareback scenes and many of our models have told us they prefer it. Power to the people, we're going back to Bareback. Look for a few familiar faces to do their bareback debuts and look for a few new stars plus some guys you might recognize from other sites making their first bareback movies with us."

    Thanks to Cocksure Men for letting us know the what's up and cumming at their site!

  • Gavin Pounds Rudy

    corbin fisher gavin pounds rudy

    Rudy is a good-looking blond guy who started filming with Corbin Fisher back in March of this year. He's 20 years old and he's appeared in half a dozen videos. While this cute blond has fucked one other Corbin Fisher guy, most of his scenes have featured Rudy getting his ass pounded.

    Freshman Gavin is brand new to Corbin Fisher and this is his first time fucking a guy's ass. He was a little nervous when he first appeared on the set, but he was enthusiastic about diving into his first guy-on-guy sex scene.

    The guys spend some time in the pool, then Rudy swallows Gavin's big cock. After swapping blowjobs, Rudy gets on all fours and Gavin starts inching his hard dick into Rudy's tight butt hole. Gavin gets really turned on when Rudy says, "Oh, your dick's so big!" Rudy flips over on his back and Gavin continues fucking Rudy's ass and these two guys continue swapping dirty talk. Rudy jerks his cock while Gavin continues pounding his ass and eventually Rudy sprays a big load of cum all over his abs. Gavin pulls out and spews his spunk all over Rudy's smooth chest. Then the guys head back into the pool to cool down. It's a perfect, first-time Corbin Fisher sex scene.

  • Interview with Jake Tanner

    COLT man Jake Tanner

    Anthony: Tell us about how you got started in the business and when was your first movie for COLT Studio Group?

    Jake: As soon as I knew what a COLT Man was I knew I wanted to be one. I had already been building up my body for years at the gym and felt I had what it takes to be a COLT Man, so I mailed off a few shots of myself to see what would happen. Before long I got a call and was invited to come do a shoot. It was a great experience. I did mostly solo movies but when I had a chance to star in a movie with Ed Dinakos, I was all over that.

    Anthony: What do you like best about being in porn, and is there anything you don't like about it?

    Jake: I'm a bit of an exhibitionist so I get a thrill from thinking about the guys out there who have seen one of my videos. It's also a great honour to be a part of a studio as Iconic as COLT Studio. A great experience for me.

    Anthony: Top or Bottom? Which do you prefer and what's your favorite position?

    Jake: I'm versatile but lean toward the top. For the right man I'll bottom any day. I love having my big dick serviced by a hungry cock sucker.

    Anthony: What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Who would you most like to work with at COLT Studio group?

    Jake: The movie "Muscle Ranch" is basically my ultimate fantasy come to life. And Ed DInakos was a fantasy man for me to perform with. When I was offered a role in a movie with him, I jumped at it. The idea of two hard working men getting together and having sex day in and day out on a secluded ranch, that shoot was NOT work for me.

    Anthony: What's it like having sex on camera compared to in your private life? Ever been nervous or couldn't get it up for a shoot?

    Jake: Well, like I said in the previous question, all the scenes in Muscle Ranch were like my ultimate fantasy come to life. But even in my solo scenes, having a camera there makes it extra hot for me. Knowing that anyone, anywhere can watch me is huge turn on. Since I was so turned on, I never had any problems with nerves or getting hard.

    Anthony: How has everyone around you accepted your decision to become a porn star?

    Jake: I'm proud of the work I've done for COLT and its never been a big issue for me what others think. Those close to me are supportive and they are the only ones that matter...

    Anthony: Has working in the adult industry changed your personal life?

    Jake: I've met some great people in this industry and I have fans and admirers around the world who have all been so great to me. Being a COLT Man has opened up a whole new world for me.

    Anthony: Do you have time for a love life of your own, are you in a relationship? What are some of your hobbies outside of the bedroom?

    Jake: I am in a relationship with a man I love. Together we enjoy traveling the world and fine dining.

    Anthony: Got any big projects or news on the way?

    Jake: I've retired from modelling, but COLT has recently released an "Icon Series" replica of my cock. It's kind of hot to think that my cock is out there for everyone to enjoy. You can find it at www.COLTstudiostore.com.

    Anthony: Where can new fans find you? Do you have a Web site, Facebook or MySpace account, Blog or Twitter? Go to www.COLTstudiogroup.com to see my movies and photos online.

    Gay porn star Jake Tanner

  • Outdoor Jerkoff

    View full video at Dirty Boy Video

    Chris from Dirty Boy Video loves getting naked in places he might be caught, and this graffiti-covered park is one of his favorite jerkoff spots. Once he's found a place, he grabs his rock-hard uncut cock and gives it a serious jacking while smoking a cigarette!

  • Bel Ami Photo Shoot

    View full video at Bel Ami

    Josh Elliot and Marc Vidal are two of Bel Ami's hottest models. One is a blond twink with an innocent face and a big dick, the other is a dark-haired jock with a great physique. The guys get naked on the bed for the photographer, who snaps some very hot pics as the boys stroke their cocks, do a little sucking, some kissing and jerk together till they shoot their loads!

  • Exhibitionist Jerking On The Roof

    Exhibitionist gets off on a city rooftop

    Dirty Boy Video's Brayden James loves getting his cock out on display. He is on the rooftop, yards away from workmen on an opposite building. He strokes his dick, takes off his t-shirt and cums on the roof.

  • Puppy Training

    puppy training

    This puppy training scene from Fetish Force is right up my alley. There's nothing I love more than being put on my knees and force fed a nice cock. And Tony Buff has a big, meaty dick. Tony plays dog trainer and he's showing Dirk Caber how he likes his bone serviced. I'm very jealous

    Before this hunky dog trainer gives Dirk a taste of his stiffening cock, Tony forces Dirk to lick clean every inch of his leather chaps and boots. This horny puppy slides his tongue up the length of Tony's legs until he's slathering all over his trainer's cod piece. Satisfied with his puppy's performance so far, Tony decides to reward his dog with a bone. Dirk slobbers all over Buff's hard cock and shows how much he loves his master's cock.

    Tony turns around and rears his ass into Dirk's face and gets a hot rim job. Then Buff puts his puppy down on all fours and bones his ass hard. Dirk flips over on his back and wraps his puppy mitts around his own hard dick while Buff continues pounding his ass. With Buff's cock driving deep, Dirk milks out a load of cum, then Tony sprays his load all over his well-trained dog. And just when you think it's over, Buff lets loose with a stream of piss and Dirk does his best to lap it all up. Watch the hot trailer of this puppy-training scene at Fetish Force.

  • Big Nobbed Cock

    sean cody's pavel

    Pavel is a handsome, dark-haired guy; he's half Bosnian and half American. And for those of you who don't know where Bosnia is, it's in the former Yugoslavian Republic, with Croatia wrapped around one side and Serbia sitting on the other. Pavel has traveled around Europe, and he's traveled extensively in the U.S., but this is his first time on the Pacific coast.

    Pavel is a busy guy: he works in the morning and goes to school at night, and still, he finds time to keep that lean swimmer's build in good shape at the gym. Pavel has a great pair of hairy legs and a very furry ass. And his cock is comfortably average, big enough to get the job done, and sporting a plump, round cock head. A perfectly big-nobbed cock that would drive any cocksucker wild. He's got ripped abs and sculpted hairy pecs.

    Pavel has never made a porn video before, so this is his first time jerking off for Sean Cody. The question is: will he be back for more? I imagine he will - he's a curious guy and seemed intrigued at the idea of having a guy suck his cock. But for now, you'll enjoy watching this good-looking stud jerking his cock at Sean Cody.

  • Dark Haired Young Stud Pounds Ass

    Hot young studs pounding passionately

    Dirty Tony's Krys Perez, the dark haired, tanned, handsome amateur gay model get his dick deep inside Adam Slater, a smooth, fair haired young stud.

  • Fucking Paul Wagner

    fucking paul wagner

    I love watching a masculine man getting his ass fucked. And Paul Wagner is one of my favorites. He's a beefy, hairy man with a rock-solid body. Paul is very good looking and wears a beard. And while I love everything about this man, I do adore his big, beefy ass. There's nothing hotter than watching a horny top man splitting Paul's meaty ass cheeks wide and driving his stiff cock into this masculine stud's fuck hole.

    In this scene with hairy Arabian Sami Damo from Rear Stable, these two military men do some sucking and fucking in a storage shed. Paul stumbles across Sami, lying back and smoking a cigarette. And it's not long before Paul is down on his knees and deep throating Sami's big cock. These two soldiers swap blowjobs, then Sami puts Paul on his knees and starts fucking his big, hairy ass.

    It's a big turn-on watching Paul Wagner lie back with his booted legs in the air while Sami drills his ass hard and fast. Paul jerks his own cock while this Arabian stud pummels his butt hole. When it's all over, Paul's hairy belly is covered with two delicious loads of spunk. Head over to Rear Stable and check out the preview video of this military fuck scene.

  • Public Restroom Fuck

    View full video at Juicy Boys

    Public restroom sex, anyone? This horny janitor from Juicy Boys finds two boys in the men's room when he comes in to clean. Of course, he wastes no time, and soon all the guys are naked - or close to it - and after a little blowjob action, it's time for a hard up-against-the-wall fuck by the urinals!

  • Hard Drive

    christopher and brock

    Christopher Daniels and Brock Richmond get things cooking in the kitchen in this scene from COLT's newest DVD called Hard Drive. Christopher is a cute, blond guy with a long cock; Brock is a dark-haired stud with a big, uncut cock. They take their time undressing each other, kissing deeply and caressing each others' smooth and tight bodies.

    Brock hops up on the kitchen counter and Christopher greedily sucks Brock's uncircumcised dick. Brock stands up and bends over and the blond spreads his butt cheeks and plasters his tight, puckered hole with his wet tongue.

    Then Brock takes his turn, deep throating Christopher's long cock. With Brock's ass already lubed up with spit, I was thinking this uncut stud was going to get his ass fucked. But it's Christopher who bends over and takes it from behind. Brock drives his foreskinned dick hard and deep into the blond's butt hole. And after a good fucking, these two young guys cum together, squirting their cum loads all over Christopher's smooth body.