• Behind The Scenes - Popsicle Play

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    Ever wondered what naughty things porn stars get up to when they AREN'T on script? On The Hunt is here to give you a *taste*.

    Chaucer (or somebody) once said, "Idle hands are the devil's tools." More importantly, Lisa Lampanelli once said, "Andy Dick is so gay, he can tell the flavor of a popsicle just by sitting on it." On a hot hot shoot in Austin, everyone was looking for a way to cool down. During some down time on a recent On The Hunt shoot, we decided to play around with Aston and see how many other things could be done with a popsicle. He jumped (or jumped on) to the challenge without a second thought. In this exclusive behind the scenes footage, we show you things that only the producers had ever seen... till now! Witness a candid moment that, while not the right "flavor" for On The Hunt, will definitely make your mouth water. Bone Appetit!

  • The Silence of the Twinks - New DVD release

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    Silence of the twinks

    Hot on the heels of the stunning first episode cums the stunning conclusion to this twink-slaughtering romp, Silence of the Twinks 2, as hot and horny Hannibal continues to wreak havoc - even from behind prison bars! No cute boy (or his ass) is safe, with big, uncut cocks serving out justice and vengeance to every hole around. It's exciting, it's terrifying ... it's a jizz-pumping, ass-banging finale that you'll never forget!

    Silence of the Twinks 2 produced by Staxus Studio and directed by Vlado Iresch.

    Starring: Luis Bigdog, Mike Cage, Nicolas Cruz, Nick Deniels, Tod Garner, Nick Gill, Marty Love, Denis Reed, Jon Roz and Daniel Wood.

    Available from HomoActive.

  • Russell Ryan Is On Fire!


    So, who you ask is Russ Ryan? Well, let me school ya! This hottie is generating quite the buzz in the gay porn world, and can you believe that he hasn't even released any scenes yet? Seriously, his heat is so strong that already 3,000 plus are following him on twitter and all of them jizzing with excitement to see his video with Brenteverett.com

    Why is he so popular? Well, you can all thank twitter for that. Russ has been uploading pics of his hot-as-fuck self. From shots of him at the gym without a shirt on to chillin' at home with a sexy T-shirt, this dude KNOWS how to work it and work it he does! Russ is most deffo one porn stud to watch as he will probably be EVERYWHERE over the next cumming months. He has a couple of scenes with Chi Chi LaRue coming up in the next few months and I am sure that once the world gets a look at his... umm.. talents, they will be all over him like a 12 inch cock!

    Of course, you can follow this stud on his official twitter and get ready for a whole lot of tasty treats from this young hot hottie that is most deffo, like my gurl Erika Jayne says: ONE HOT PLEASURE!

  • Suck and Fuck Action

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    You may recall our interview with power bottom Riley Price. Well, this time he's doing a hot suck and fuck scene with Cameron Foster for Cocksure Men - after the guys trade blowjobs, there's some serious ass pounding going on.

  • Toying And Fucking Muscle Stud Raw

    Stunning muscle men toying and fucking raw

    Hot blond muscle bottom Tobin from Chaos Men gets his ass stuffed with a prostate massager to open it up nicely for Valentino's big cock, that fucks him bareback over the bed.

  • Fucking Hot Black Ass

    fucking black ass

    Tim Kruger of Tim Tales recently headed over to the U.S. for a bit of a vacation, but he also brought his camera along. There's no rest for the wicked. Kruger normally films in Berlin and around Europe for his gay porn site, but with all the American meat he was bound to meet on his trip, he was hoping to get some hot new fuck sessions in the can.

    Pornstar Bryan Slater was eager to film with Tim Tales and Kruger has been talking online to a hot black stud named SexySwagger. Slater loves fucking a hot black ass, so this was a match that Kruger really wanted to film. These horny men start off with some very sensual and passionate kissing and fondling. Then this black stud gets down on his knees and starts licking and sucking Slater's big cock.

    Slater is a handsome man with a hot hairy, muscled body and his dick is quite big and crowned with a deliciously plump cock head. While SexySwagger slobbers all over Slater's dick, the muscle top leans forward and reaches between those two mounds of chocolate flesh and fingers SexySwagger's fuck hole. Then they start to fuck. And Slater fucks this black ass all over that bed - standing up with SexySwagger leaning against the wall and headboard, missionary style with this black guy's legs in the air, doggy style, and then finally, this cum-hungry black stud rides Slater's big fuck pole.

    SexySwagger lies back and Slater drills his ass deep until he's ready to shoot his load, this this muscle top pulls out and sprays his creamy load all over this black muscle stud. That sure was a lot of fucking and this was definitely a match with a lot of chemistry. Head to Tim Tales and check out the free preview video.

  • The Perfect Male Body

    Sexy male bodybuilder Lee

    Meet Lee from The Male Form, a Londoner with a truly incredible body! It's not surprising - he's a fitness coach whose hobbies include working out and dancing, and he's worked as a model for years. And one other thing stands out about Lee besides his sixpack abs and muscular frame - confidence, which makes him even sexier.

  • Fleshjack Does BelAmi


    What do you think of when someone says a gay match made in heaven? Do you think of a musical duet between Lady Gaga and Madonna? No? Or how about a the perfect boyfriend to love you for the rest of your life? Still not right?

    Well, if you are anything like my slutty gay ass, Fleshjack has answered our prayers and they have decided to add some of the hottest BelAmi jocks to their ever expanding "Fleshjack Boys." Yes, Dolph Lambert, Kevin Warhol, Jean-Daniell Chagall and Kris Evans will all have their own models, and of course there was some horny guy at the BelAmi+Fleshjack photo shoot capturing a sexy behind-the-scenes video of it all.

    The hunks all look like they were having a good time and just letting the good times roll. Have a look and, needless to say, I cannot wait till these hit the shelf! I'll be ordering all the BelAmi specials! Yes, I am a greedy gay!

  • Jock With a Curved Cock

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    Straight guy Jayden from Blake Mason talks to us about his sex life before stripping off his shirt and showing off his body. Once he's exposed his beefy ass to the camera, he can't wait to start stroking his big curved cock with its mushroom head. He jerks that rigid dick from every angle!

  • On His Knees Servicing Four Guys

    Hairy cock sucker services 4 guys

    George Glass drops to his knees for Dirty Tony as four hot studs undress, flopping their cocks out for the eager cocksucker to get to work blowing them off!

  • Off Duty Military Boys Fucking

    Military boys fucking off duty

    Gage and Jake are both off duty and gracing the couch of Active Duty, ready for some hot straight guy action. They service each others' cocks before Gage braves Jake's big dick in his asshole!

  • A Fetish Toon is Born!

    Gay tickle fetish cartoon

    We recently got to ask Achilles of Achilles Heel Art how he comes up with his sexy gay tickle fetish art. He said he starts with a basic idea and sketches it out. In this toon, he wanted the guy to be tickled by a machine, and also wanted a pulp magazine vibe. As you can see, Achilles started out with a prisoner of war theme, but decided that was too heavy, so he tried a a scientist with a playful look, then filled in the details. Next he cleaned things up a bit, added contrast and colored it in. After the shadows were added, which really brings the guys to life, Achilles added the masthead, text and 'aged' the cover a bit, and voila! The finished product - a sexy guy handcuffed and tickled for science!

  • Bearded Muscle Bear

    bearded muscle bear

    If I wasn't already partnered and was looking for the man of my dreams, bearded muscle bear Paxton Hall would definitely catch my eye. He's ruggedly handsome with a bald head - I love bald men - and a salt 'n pepper beard. He looks a little rough, like he might snarl at you or cuff you up the side of the head while you're sucking his cock. And I love that in a man. Nothing hotter than a little manhandling.

    Paxton has a beautiful solid body. His biceps and shoulders are nicely curved and each arm is wrapped in a tattooed armband. His chest is solid and covered in hair. He unzips the fly of his jean and we can see a patch of pubic hair. As the jeans slide down a little further, a thick, silver cock ring comes into view. Then as the this muscle bear pulls off his jeans, a big, meaty cock pops out. God, this is the kind of dick I love to suck. It's thick and hangs heavily between his legs - Paxton is definitely a shower.

    As he stiffens his dick, his cock head plumps up deliciously fat. I love a mushroom-head cock and Paxton's would fill up my mouth nicely. Paxton has a navel piercing, which is kind of unusual for a man of 45. And his balls are furry, no manscaping here.

    Paxton finishes the rest of his photo shoot, lying all over a billiards table. And then Pantheon Bear hooks him up with another handsome bear man, and Paxton fucks this bear's ass on the patio at the Lonestar. I'll post some pictures of this fuck session later in the week, but I though this hot bearded muscle bear was worth of a solo treatment. I hope you enjoy him. If you can wait for his suck and fuck duo, head over to Pantheon Bear and check out the preview video.

  • Fab Magazine

    Fab Magazine

    Fab Magazine is a cheerful, well-designed and thoroughly entertaining magazine whose online version is involving, dense and sprinkled liberally with entertainment news as well as a nice trove of opinion. I hasten to add that there is invariably also some wonderfully salacious photographic eye candy of hot dudes, dressed - and undressed - for the part. The rag is based in Toronto, as far as I can tell, one of my favorite cities in the world, and it touches the newest trends with an appreciative hand. Brian Finch's most interesting GWH Channel ("Guys With HIV Network") may sound mundane, but it positively crackles with meaning, honesty and information. The situation is treated sympathetically and even with nice patches of humor. As Finch says in this post: "GWH may be just a dream television channel, but the dream is a reflection of a growing Toronto movement of independent HIV-positive guys who have taken their lives in the direction they want by creating events and statements that reflect their realities." Interesting and relevant. Otherwise, Good Lord - where to begin? It's a good read! I am quite quite taken by this glossy-but-relevant and very stylish magazine. The authors have done a terrific job of making it absolutely modern with an edge, as well as providing some heart, soul and common sense - a truly rare combination.

  • Masked 'BoyToy' Gets Relieved

    Masked muscle 'boytoy' gets stripped, sucked and serviced

    Maskurbate's William is a compliant 'boytoy' with a stiff 8 incher that he loves to provide to a guy to get off on. He gets stripped, touched up and sucked before being relieved with a Fleshjack!