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  • Hot Gypsy Jerks His BIG Cock

    View full video at Tim Tales

    Alexey from Tim Tales has dark hair and skin, six pack abs, facial hair and a great big uncut dick. This very sexy Gypsy knows just how to work his cock, and pulling back the foreskin and stroking it till it's fully hard, at which point it takes both hands for him to pump that massive piece of man meat!

  • Interracial Studs Fucking

    Black guy pounding a white guy's smooth hole

    Hanging out in LA, Mix It Up Boy's Jason Hearst spots Jay Sean in the streets and asks him if he wants to hang out. Jay whips out his big black dick and seduces Jason. Before long the two studs are doing some serious interracial ass fucking!

  • Austin Wilde Does Tucker Vaughn

    Austin Wilde sucks and fucks Tucker Vaughn

    Tucker Vaughn has been working to jump start his porn career. This horny bottom boy has already gotten to suck Matthew Rush's cock and 69 with Christian Wilde. And Austin Wilde couldn't wait to help him out by doing a scene with him. Tucker is very turned on by Austin, and Austin takes his time getting Tucker ready. He sucks his cock, then licks Tucker's asshole before Austin buries his rock-hard dick deep in Tucker's hungry hole and sliding every inch of his pole deep. Tucker is loving it - he rides Austin's cock, and Tucker's own rod stays hard as his ass is filled!

  • Jayden Grey Says Buh-Bye To Porn (Kinda)

    jayden grey says buh bye to porn

    It seems as though every hunk is either making a porn cumback or wanting to give up porn all together. Is it really that hard to do?

    Porn stud Jayden Grey seems to think so and he did not have very kind words to say about the gay porn world. He recently gave an "Exit Interview" to The Sword where he spewed out all sorts of porn venom and sprinkled the interview with little gems. Let's take a look at some of the highlights.

    He had this to say about working with Hot House: "(Performer/director) Christian Owen is a piece of shit. He knew that I had a mohawk before I flew up to shoot with them, but when I got there he was talking openly about how it had to go, how I had to cut it. He should've told me to cut it before I flew up there"

    So, Christian Owen is a piece of shit for not being a fan of bad hair? Ouch! Seems a bit harsh!

    This about working with Suite 703: "On a Suite 703 shoot, I was working with this Asian kid, Niko Reeves, and we had to keep stopping constantly because he didn't douche. Plus, he couldn't stay hard. In between takes he kept eating these sour gummi worms to get hard."

    I seriously have no words for that one. I mean, sour gummi worms to stay hard? Ground-breaking information, people!

    So what's he going to do now that he saying "hasta la vista" to porn? Well, get ready fashion world 'cos he is gonna try to get a job as a fashion consultant at Dolce&Gabbana. When asked if he needed experience in fashion to get a job like that, he said this: "It's just being able to match up colors and styles to different people's personalities and skin tones."

    Aww. Bless.

    I have never been one to shit on other people's dreams but I think it's gonna take more than a mood ring and a skin color chart to get a job with those picky Italians!

    But wait - there's more! He is quitting porn, for now. But if he needs to make some quick cash he wouldn't say no to a cum-back. UGGH! Get over yourself already! Why didn't he just say he wanted to get into fashion but until then he would keep on doing porn for cash. It would have been so much easier and he wouldn't have come off as such a big-ole-porn mess!

    For the entire interview go here. (BTW, you're gonna need an aspirin after reading this one!)

  • Muscles in Leather Competition

    View full video at Colt Studio Group

    GayDemon's Muscles in Leather Competition

    GayDemon is having a competition to celebrate the release of Muscles in Leather with a prize pack donated by Colt Studios. Everyone who becomes a member of Colt Studios between May 30th and June 30th 2011 will automatically be entered into a prize draw. This is a exclusive competition for GayDemon fans only, so make sure to visit their site using a link here! Membership starts from only $2.95 (3 days trial membership). You can find out more about this site by reading the Colt Studios review.

    The lucky winner will receive:

    • Signed copy of Muscles in Leather DVD
    • Signed COLT magazine
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    • Pete Kuzak dildo

    Check out Colt Studios and good luck!



    XNOTDEAD - NEWS is a very innovative and fascinating experience. It calls itself a "Fagzine" - a term applicable and most interesting. I use the term "experience" because the site involves a reader in a very interactive style, with fun surprises loaded into this rich and tasty web site. As an example: Scrolling down to the left of the Home Page, one encounters apparently somewhat "pedestrian" black and white pictures of a guy in his underpants, posing at a plaza in a very public place in Paris.When the cursor hits the image - as is the case with them all - they immediately 'colorize', inviting an increasing level of interest into just what these nuts are doing. In the particular picture I hit, it's Lars Stephen, an artist in his own right, whose works are displayed under the "Contributors" section, and - wow - in most interesting ways.In fact, in spite of its apparently sparse appearance, this is an absolutely loaded website, interesting as hell and with some super-cool photographs of the hottest men. This one has to be "experienced" to be believed. I am just plain wildly impressed by these guys.

  • Gorgeous Guy In His Undies

    View full video at Men At Play

    This handsome hunk from Men At Play starts things with his white briefs on. He teases with them, then pulls them aside to reveal his tender asshole. He spreads his cheeks apart to give us a good long look, then turns around, pulls his underear partway down and strokes his cock.

  • Peter Le Gets All Anal-y

    In keeping with what appears to be a micro-trend with me lately, I will, without the help of wires, ropes, brambly fruit-scented lube or deception of any kind, weave together a tale of Asian sexuality married to technology.

    When I last posted, I mentioned that the Chinese had finally put forth an answer to the age old conundrum: Is there a better way to collect semen? Today, one of my favorite people in the whole world after Santa and everyone and anyone in Division I college wrestling - Mister Peter Le - has begun the hard work of scientific inquiry to find out exactly where you stand on anal sex.

    That's right. Gay or straight. Male of female. Ass or assless. It's your turn to participate in one of the largest full-scale studies every conducted by a gay porn star on the hows, whys and whats of the anal connection.

    I'm not sure what the results will bring or how the information will be used - Peter assures us that all of the answers are completely confidential - but there is one thing I'm absolutely certain of: If there is one person on the planet who is supremely qualified to lead us in that all-important discussion of anal sex, it's the ass master himself, Peter Le.


    Via: PeterFever.com

  • Blond Guys Fucking

    blond guys fucking

    Kent is freshman over at Corbin Fisher. In the past few weeks, he did his first jerk-off video and quickly followed that up with an ass fucking session with Corbin Fisher alumni, Dawson. Today Kent is taking on another CF regular named Dru, a 23-year-old, blond college stud with an 8 inch cock.

    The guys start off watching some of Dru's past performances so that Kent can get some ideas - he hasn't fucked many guys, after all. Kent decides that he wants to fuck Dru in a spooning position. But they start off kissing passionately before Dru sucks Kent's cock and gets it worked up into a stiff boner. The guys move into some 69 cock sucking and Kent is on the bottom, so he lets Dru's long dick slide down his throat.

    Kent can't wait to feel his cock inside Dru's ass, so he urges the blond stud to mount him. Dru sits on Kent's cock and swallows his stiff dick balls deep. Then Dru takes it doggy style. Kent pounds Dru's ass really hard and both blond guys are really getting off on this fuck session. Kent finally flips Dru onto his side so he can fuck his blond buddy the way he's been fantasizing about.

    Dru strokes his own cock as he gets his ass drilled deep. Dru urges Kent to pound him faster and this sends Dru over the edge. He squirts out a big load of spunk and shoots it all over the sheets. Kent takes his cue and blasts his load of jizz all over Dru's nuts. For a near first-timer, Kent pretty quickly got the hang of fucking guys, and I'm sure we're going to be seeing a lot more of this blond straight guy.