• Jeff's Muscle Studio

    jeff's muscle studio

    I love comic books and every Wednesday, like the geeks from Big Bang Theory, I head to my local comic book store to pick up the new releases. But I just discovered Jeff's Muscle Studio, which is a goldmine for gay men looking for gay-themed comics, comic books, and hairy muscle men drawings.

    When I first visited the site I was introduced to Hearts & Iron, a hairy muscle man comic series featuring a couple of big, beefy muscle bears. Carl Hanson and John Sullivan are a couple of iron-pumping gay men who launch on their lives together and the comic series details all the things they encounter along the way.

    But aside from this and a couple of other regular comic series, you'll find heaps of original art produced by the site owner. Muscle men, cops and firemen, super strong men, wrestlers and fighters, and other hot men. And you can buy prints of many of this guy's artwork.

    Jeff grew up in the Midwest and he currently lives in the Arizona. He's been reading comic books and drawing since he was a kid. In his early twenties, Jeff started weightlifting, and he's studied Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. And all of this life experience is a source of inspiration for his comics and artwork. His site is worth checking out and I might even pick up a couple of pieces of his work for my den.

  • Michael Alago's 'Brutal Truth'

    MichaelAlago_001.jpgWe got a preview of photographer Michael Alago's new book of pictures - "The Brutal Truth" - and we agree; pictures of muscular tattooed men with equally muscular erections are our kind of truth!

    The energetic and good-natured Mister Alago, a Puerto Rican by way of New York City with a very interesting musical background, has produced a follow-up to his successful first book of pictures, "Rough Gods," (under the famed Bruno Gmunder label, no less), and has brought along repeated jolts of a certain kind of high-octane fuel that allows the images in his 260-page compendium to convey a "swagger," in publicist Andy Reynolds' own words, that men of a certain size and attitude carry, be it hirsute, smooth, tattooed or otherwise; which is to say, his images remain long after you've stopped looking at the photographs.

    And that's a distinction, you would have to agree, you'd want in a photographer of this order.

    Michael took a few minutes to answer some of my questions about his models, his motivations and the connection he feels to and with them with exactly the level of candor you'd expect from someone who can make a can of beer perched in a motel room - wood-lacquered furniture and all - look hotter than the sun's core.

    Victor H: Michael, congratulations on your new book of photographs, "Brutal Truth." You clearly had a lot of fun matching those gladiatorial-y men to their appropriate settings and more than enough skill to pull off the images that make your book a fetishists' delight. How do you capture "size" and make it sexy?

    Michael: My pictures are sexy by nature because the men are hot and you usually see skin. The images work when I have made a connection with the subject and there is a rapport, so within the session there is some kind of give and take of energy. In the images, I am always asking for a seductive pose and looking for the man to be strong in the chest and, if nudes are involved, to just feel comfortable with his body and to focus on himself and enjoy the experience of being photographed so that all parts of his body become erect and inviting. If we achieve all that, then we did our job so that then when the images go out in to the world, the audience now feels a connection with the man and the images are a total turn on. What I also like about my images is that no matter how strong and serious some of the men look there is always a bit of vulnerability in them so that the audience once again feels like they can meet this person and become intimate with them.

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  • Rugged Cowboys Fuck Outdoors

    Hairy rugged cowboys suck and fuck outdoors

    Logan and Scott from Hairy Boyz are out in the wilderness with a picnic basket full of lube and condoms to take full advantage of their outdoor sex fetish. The hairy guys suck cock, rim and fuck with their bare flesh on display to any passer by!

  • 4-Man Circle Jerk

    View full video at Randy Blue

    Randy Blue has found 4 well-muscled horny jocks, and has put them together for a fourway circle jerk that will have you reaching for your towel! Not only do these guys stroke their own cocks; they stroke each others' manmeat, too. And before the end of this clip, they even pair off in this very sexy jerk-a-thon clip.

  • Navy Officer Services A Marine

    Navy cocksucker services a marine's big hard cock

    Tanner from Dirty Tony puts his navy cock-sucking skills to the test by servicing the cock of this beefy marine, James Toro. Neither of the hotties get naked, it's pure blowjob action with James Toro's big fat cock being slurped.

  • Swinging Both Ways With Samuel O'Toole

    swinging both ways with samuel o'toole

    I don't know what this fascination with knowing porn stars' sexuality is. I guess the more and more you see porn, the more you start to wonder: is this just an act? Do I have a chance? Whatever it is, gay porn fans wanna know and they wanna know it now!

    The latest porn star to "clear the air" about his sexuality is the ultra-hung, ultra-sexy Samuel O'Toole. (Seriously, who thinks of these names!) He took to his blog and he gave a very, but I mean very, detailed answer to the questions he gets asked all the time which are: Are you bi and do you have a boyfriend?

    Here, Samuel broke it down. He said he enjoyed being with a woman as much as he does being with a man and that he pretty much has 3 golden rules: 1. don't be a jackass/cunt 2. be intelligent, and finally 3. have good hygiene. Well, nobody can say the guy is fussy 'cos that all seems pretty straightforward to me.

    Then he answered the boyfriend question and you'll be shocked to know that he has been single for 4 years (yikes!) and is not looking for a relationship, either. I think this is great! He is a hot, young guy and is having a good time, why would he want to be tied down to the dramas of a relationship? Good on him!

    Mr. O'Toole set the record "straight" and tells all those narrow-minded people: "So do me a favor, open your mind. I promise you won't regret it."

    I think I'm in love or lust. O.k, both!

  • Angel Cruz: Black Rayne's New PR Director

    rsz_1angelcruz_001.jpgAngel Cruz, the familiar, friendly voice of an entire generation of gay porn twitteratis and a man who has been known to allow his penis to open up in ways we would consider both big and bigger on CocoDorm.com, has announced his newly acquired status as Press Director for Black Rayne Productions and an arrival of sorts onto the next rung of his career.

    It's really a great honor to write about Mister Cruz - the writer, pictured here, working on, um, one of his characters - who was recently hired on as Black Rayne's Press Director and, in Black Rayne Productions' words, "[It's] the tradition of making headlines and building a team that will ensure it's success while riding its blazing-hot momentum in 2011, Black Rayne productions is happy to announce their new in-house press director Angel Cruz." But, really, who wouldn't want to ride his blazing hot momentum at some point in 2011?

    Angel, who for a short time was a contributing editor for Men of Color Blog - a far too short a period of time - deserves much more recognition for his writing than he's willing to cede. He has wit, charm, intuition and class. (Thank you, The Chris Ward School of Superlatives!) I don't really even see where failure fits into any of this. It'll be exciting to watch Mister Cruz grow into a job he's a natural for!

    So what does that mean for you, the lover of bareback porn ? Well, don't ask me. Ask Angel, their press director:

    "My ability to write and draw traffic across all forms of social media is going to be essential in the success of Black Rayne. I am more than confident in my ability to do JUST that. And it doesn't hurt that we are putting out the hottest content right now."

    Color us so there.

    Via: BreedItRaw.com

  • Cute Well-Hung Stud

    cute well-hung stud

    I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out Sean Cody this morning. This cute, well-hung stud was staring back at me with his chiseled jaw and geeky smile. Allen is a 19-year-old college student, a freshman who is on a wrestling scholarship. Now here's a stud I'd love to see bulging out of his wrestling singlet.

    Allen says that he tried both football and soccer in high school, but he really fell in love with wrestling. Why? Did it have anything to do with wrapping his legs around another stud, or perhaps finding his face being pressed into another guy's crotch. The smell of sweat and testosterone? Yeah, I bet that's it.

    Sean Cody didn't get into whether Allen is gay or straight, but I'm sure that will come because I'm positive we'll be seeing this cutie again in some hot guy-on-guy action. Allen has a wonderfully lean and muscular body - washboard abs, plump and chiseled pecs, and a hot, tight ass. Allen is also packing a deliciously long and meaty cock and he jerks off in his first Sean Cody video.

  • Master Josh West

    master josh west

    Josh West is playing a new security guard in the Bound Gods psych ward. I love this man. He's handsome and packs a huge cock, and he's always a lot of fun to watch. He's a superb master and knows how to get what he wants from a submissive.

    In this scene it's the middle of the night and Josh is watching over a sex addict who is chained and restrained for the public's safety. Josh takes a look at CJ's file and he's quite intrigued with this strange boy. Josh approaches this sicko with caution, but it's not long before CJ has Josh under is psychic power and with his mind forces Josh to pull out his huge cock and start beating off.

    CJ is trying to use his mind to get Josh to suck his 9-inch dick, but Josh resists and starts regaining control. He beats CJ repeatedly until this pervert's hold on Josh is released. Josh uses electricity on CJ to further subdue him. He beats him with a belt and then forces CJ to chow down on Josh's 10-inch cock. My favorite part of this scene in when CJ is locked up in a cage that form fits his body. Caged on all fours, CJ's mouth and asshole are accessible, and Josh forces CJ to suck his cock some more before finally fucking CJ's ass. When Josh has had enough, he shoots his load all over CJ's face.

    Head over to Bound Gods and check out the free preview video.

  • Sucking Leo's Cock

    View full video at Randy Blue

    Blake and Leo are two extremely hot and masculine hunks who look good enough to make it as mainstream models. Only what they're doing in this shoot for Randy Blue has nothing mainstream about it! Blake goes down on Leo, teasing his cock with his tongue, stroking the shaft and sucking it passionately before the guys finally can't hold back and finish this session off with a hot gay assfuck!

  • Defined Rock Climber With Uncut Cock

    British rock-climber shows his defined body and uncut cock

    Hard Brit Lads' Shane Stone is from the UK. He's got a lovely big, uncut cock and is a rock climber in his spare time, so has wonderful definition. The cute stud sits back and works his boner!

  • Hairy Man Gangbang

    hairy man gangbang

    It's been a long time since I've attended a gangbang. Five years ago or so I used to host sex parties in my apartment about once ever two or three months. And they were a lot of fun. My biggest gangbang was for my fortieth birthday when I had 40 men show up - 40 years and 40 men, what a lot of fun that was!

    The thing that I love the most about gangbang sex is that everyone's there for one reason. They're not looking for Prince Charming or the fuck of their life; they're looking to get their dick serviced or get their ass fucked. If you see a man at a sex party with a nice dick, you simply get down on your knees and start blowing him. I've rarely had anyone push me away or walk away. And of course being the host of a sex party gave me some extra privileges. Not that I would have, but who wanted to risk being thrown out of the party because they wouldn't let the host suck their dick?

    This scene from Rear Stable features seven hot hairy men who are getting it on in a sweaty gangbang. And there's a lot of big-named gay porn stars in this scene: Logan McCree, Steve Cruz, Ricky Sinz, Tober Brandt, and Alexy Tyler. Hairy men Steve Cruz and Tober Brandt are two of the men getting their asses fucked by some well-hung tops. They're superb bottoms who really know how to take a good ass fucking. There's a reason this scene is called Hotter than Hell, there's so much action to see that you'll go cross-eyed trying to take it all in. Head over to Rear Stable and check out the free video preview.

  • Publishers, Husbands, Rentboys!

    So let me see if I've got this. Marcello and Enrico: their beauty stings our eyes, between them, they sport abdominal sixteen-packs, they say earnest things to one of the most recognized gay lifestyle magazines in the world, they represent a confident and connected generation, they love each other deeply, and all you can think to ask is: How much?

    How dare you, sir! How dare you monetize my love for Marcello and Enrico, the young men being featured in DNA Magazine - Australia's hugely successful gay lifestyles magazine - and the boys behind YVYMag.com, RockMyBlog.com and, as if you even existed without having your own eponymously named website, MarcelloAndEnrico.com.

    Now, before you rub S'mores all over yourself and lick me, you should know a few things about our happy, married, beautiful, young (does anyone have a razor blade that works?) successful, traveled and completely self-actualized young men-children: They can be bought. Yes, these two perfect specimens of God's craftsmanship are rentboys. And even though I may be the last one to find out about these little flowers in the Lord's a-garden, just knowing that on top of every other possible gay lifestyles peak these two incredibly gorgeous young men have climbed, we can now add high-profile-escorts-featured-in-├╝ber-hip-gay-lifestyles-magazine-slash-webzine makes my flesh ripple with ecstasy.

    And not to digress too, too fundamentally, but I would SO pay for these married men to help satisfy every primitive sexual urge I've ever had (and I drank for a lot years so there is something of a backlog) no matter what the cost, no matter how many sheep got burned at what stakes, no matter how many scientific units of poop were released into the air and no matter how many other bills I owed that I'd further have to put on hold and which require me to answer the phone like a burglar with testosterone issues whenever "Victor" is mentioned.

    I don't know about you, but I'm ALL for the freedom to pay for sex. (And freedom isn't free.)

    marcello and enrico - source DNA Magazine

    (That's Enrico on the left and Marcello on the right and, yes, I do know their rates and, no, I'm not telling you. But you can always contact them yourselves.)

    Via: YVYMag.com

  • Black-on-White Interracial Fuck

    View full video at Mix It Up Boy

    Remember Usher and Anthony from our recent blog, Hairy Assed White Guy Fucked By Black? Well. we got lucky - I scored a clip of the video from Mix It Up Boy between this horny demanding black stud and his white bottom boy! Watch Anthony as he gets down to service Usher's hard black meatpole, then get his hairy ass played with. After sucking that huge fuckstick, Anthony gives his hole up to Usher, who gives his asshole a hard drilling that has Anthony gasping in pain even as he moans in ecstasy!.

  • Blond Man in Tuxedo

    blond man in tuxedo

    I haven't normally been a huge fan of blond men, but recently in my gay porn travels on the Web I've been stumbling across a lot of really good-looking blond men, so I think I'm becoming a fan. David Jones is a straight guy who has appeared on a number of gay porn sites and this week he's wearing a tuxedo on Men at Play - and he's looking so sexy.

    David Jones is handsome, but he's got a little of that bad boy thing happening. And dressing him up in a white and black tuxedo only seems to accentuate that there's something hot and devilish seething under that tuxedo. He looks like the kind of guy who knows exactly how to charm his way into your bed and maybe your heart.

    David slowly strips out of his tuxedo and reveals a perfectly ripped torso - chiseled abs and a tight washboard stomach - and he's covered in soft blonde hair. Still wearing his underwear, he teases us by pulling his uncut dick through the leg hole. Then he sheds his underwear and he's completely naked except for his long, knee-high, dark socks. How sexy!

    David settles back and starts jerking his big, stiff cock. He's in no hurry and loves teasing us. But he's not all tease - he pumps out a delicious load of cum all over his hairy chest. Head over to Men at Play and watch his preview video.