• Bel Ami - Behind the Scenes

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    Ever wish you could be hidden in the room when Bel Ami does a photo shoot with one of their gorgeous jock models? Well, here's your chance! This video starts this session with some sexy posing as the photographer tells the model what to do and ends with that horny Euro boy stroking his long uncut cock!

  • Cody Cummings: "Because I'm Not Into Dudes"


    Those were actually many of the very last words in the Q & A you're about to read. It's with Cody Cummings, one of the most recognized names in the gay porn world, for better or worse. So let's start with the better.

    Just about any way you slice it, Cody comes up looking about as close to earthly perfection a stone's throw away from the Grand Canyon as you can get. His teeth are straight and white and healthy, and he has that romantic leading-man quality that movie stars are masturbated over. His body is rugged and muscular, his shoulders broad, his legs solid, and his skin colored that terra cotta shade of athleticism that makes me just want to bite down on a towel and scream.

    But Cody is also frequently accused of shallow narcissism - a silly critique for a gay porn performer* - and shamelessly exploiting a homosexual weakness for straight men while profiting handsomely off it as well. Ouch.

    But if Cody's straight, he's straight (which he went to some lengths to point out). And for some, that's the worse offense. Now we can sit hear with our pencils up our asses and debate the lengths to which that is true, not true or somewhere in between. But if we do, we don't get to hear some other interesting stuff. Like his willingness to come to Southern California and have a yogurt with me (even if he wouldn't commit to when). You know, important stuff like that.

    I honestly forget how this whole idea of me asking Cody questions came about, and it's hard with a Q & A because it's completely one-dimensional. I ask, Cody answers. (I never got to press him on what he would do with a guy, for example.) And because he's been dealing with the same issues since coming into the business - Is he gay? Isn't he? Is it wrong if he isn't and profits off gays? - that to find new but relevant ways of approaching the subject was vital if I were to make this worth reading.

    I'm not sure I have, but one day maybe I'll make a documentary about Cody Cummings and I can have a meaningful conversation instead of a conventional, time-tested he says, he says. And then I can ask him in person when he plans on having that yogurt with me.

    (*I'm, er, one of those critics.)

    Victor H: Hi, Cody. I know it takes a lot of work to be you (and, okay, I've been known to tease you and we only hurt the ones we love) but tell me: How old were you when you first knew you were the best-looking person in the room? Are your parents older, as-beautiful versions of you? (You do know you can now convert your DNA into chewing gum, right?)

    Cody Cummings: Lol. Well, thank [you], first off. And I'm not the best looking person in the room, but again, thanks. Growing up, and through high school, I was not the best looking of my friends. I hung out with these [three] other guys that got tons more girls then me. Also due to the fact I was very shy. But they did seem to have their time then. I grew up after high school. And yes. It is all thanks to my parents. They both are amazingly beautiful people. Of course, no one looks at their own parents like that. But my Mom is a beautiful Puerto Rican women, and going through school, all the girls use to go nuts over my Dad. It would trip me out. lol

    Victor H: Describe your fans. Do you think, for example, you have many black or Asian fans? Do you think you have more gay than straight fans? Has having a fan ever had to become something you've dreaded? Do you see a lot of traffic to your site from a particular spot on the globe?

    Cody Cummings: My fans are amazing! I love the fact that I have fans from all over the world. I don't know, or care, what race they are. I think I have a lot more male gay fans then women. But I do think I have some female fans. Maybe a little more then "some". But I've always heard (from straight company guys) that "Girls dont watch guys jerk off." I beg to differ. I think, and hope, that I'm setting a new tone in this world. And maybe girls didn't watch that much 'cuz there was never really anything for them. Besides girl on girl. But now there is. I have never dreaded a fan. But I didn't know that I would ever have so many. And that it would ever flow into my personal life. That was hard to get use to. But it comes with the territory....But please, there is a time and place for everything...

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  • Soldiers Fucking

    soldiers fucking paul

    Paul Wagner is one of my favorite men working in gay porn today. He's adorably cute, a beefy bear cub with a full beard, and a big meaty ass that loves a hard dicking. He's appeared on a number of gay porn sites around the Web, but I think he got his start of Next Door Buddies. But he's also worked his way into the big leagues, like Raging Stallion, and this week he's gets his soldier butt fucked on Hairy Boyz.

    Sami Damo is new to me, I don't think I've seen him before. This hairy Arabian is a real heartthrob. He's got a ripped and cut body. His chiseled pecs are dusted with fur and his dog tags hang down the center of his chest drawing our eye down to his washboard stomach

    In this scene, Sami Damo is relaxing on a pile of military gear and he's smoking a cigarette. Paul is supposed to be working, but gets distracted by Sami's good looks. Paul gets down on his knees and nurses on Sami's cock, then this Arabian soldier swallows Paul's hard dick, too. Paul gets down on all fours and offers his beefy, hairy ass to his soldier buddy and Sami doesn't need an engraved invitation - he stuffs his fuck pole into Paul's hairy ass crack.

    I love watching soldiers fucking and Hairy Boyz has some of the best military-themed movies out there. And we're not talking about guys in camouflage pants, Raging Stallion went to great pains to give us a three-DVD set of military sex movies called GRUNTS, and it's one of the most real videos featuring hot soldiers going through bootcamp. And since then they've produced some other hot military flicks. A lot of these scenes are now available on Hairy Boyz.

  • UK Friday Nights Heat Up With "Society"

    friday nights heat up with society.jpeg>

    London has a fagalicious selection of gay pubs, bars and clubs to go to any day of the week. You can get your gay on pretty much every day, but of course the biggest night of all is still Friday!

    One of the sexiest porn studs in the biz, Jay Roberts, has teamed up with one of the best clubs in the U.K, Lo-Profile, and they have created a night that captures Soho's uber-gay energy and a whole lot more!

    "Society" is a night that caters to all those that wanna break free from the stress of the week, check out hot go-go boys wearing next to nothing and last but deffo not least, dance the night away on a cloud of NuFunk heaven!

    A muscled-up Jay Roberts hosts the night, and of course he is there to mingle, dance and look fucking HOT! Jay has said that this night is different from all other nights in Soho not only because of the gorgeous hunks the night pulls in but the music is what makes this night a complete and utter stand-out!

    So let me get this straight - hot music, hunky dudes AND porn hottie Jay Roberts hosting the night? Holy porn jizz! A gay's dream really can cum true!

  • 19 Year Old With 8 Inch Cock

    Hot boy strokes his long thick cock

    19 year old Bobby Long from Squirtz is well-named - he's got an 8 inch cock. Bobby gets naked, shows his hairy hole and strokes off over his well defined abs.

  • 5 Star Man

    5 Star Man

    5 Star Man is sort of The Ultimate in swimming gear and underwear sites. This one is dedicated entirely to the beauty of the most sumptuous male bodies, chiseled, sculpted and perfected into the breath-taking models who grace these pages like absolute Adonii. There are simply no "imperfect men" to be found here, and it makes for an incredibly rousing visit. Abs galore, like corduroy roads leading our libidos to pleasure and gorgeous secrets lead us to a page-turning festival of a crazy perfection of what male bodies really and truly can be, at their finest and most-toned peak. Yes, this is yet another of those "You can look but not touch" sorts of sites, but it does not occur in a vacuum. Many very popular sites feature much the same material. But this one seems so utterly devoted to the task of delivering Wallpaper-worthy men, posed in pleasingly stressful and semi-stressful poses, muscles rippling, abs like geological masterpieces.....I could go on and on. There is beefcake by the ton here, all flavorful and served up direct and pleasingly bare. As an underwear or swim suit site, I am sure it sells products. As an ogling site, you dam betcha it serves that purpose well indeed.

  • Brit Lads Fucking

    brit lads fucking

    Darius is a cute British lad; he's blond-haired and blue eyed, and his body is lean, slender, and smooth. He likes masculine, muscular guys, and he loves feeling a big dick sliding into his butt hole. Jordan Fox is an aggressive top and he's packing a fat cock. Darius and Jordon are about equally matched when it comes to the length of their dicks - they're each 8 inches long - but Jordan's cock is very thick - it's going to be a challenge for Darius to take this fat meat up his tiny butt.

    These two horny British lads start off kissing and groping in this Hard Brit Lads video, and Jordan is forceful and aggressive with Darius - just how this blond guy likes it. When they release their big cocks, they start jerking each other off. Darius is forced to his knees and the blond opens wide and tries to swallow as much of Jordan's huge cock as he can. Jordan takes his turn sucking his buddy's dick, but Jordan can't wait to get into his buddy's ass. So he puts Darius down on all fours and spits into his smooth, puckered rosebud. Jordan lubes Darius' hole further with his tongue.

    Darius spreads his butt cheeks wide and Jordan's teases him with his fat monster pushing against Darius' tight hole. Darius sits on Jordan and makes that fat dick disappear. Jordan grips Darius' ass and bounces him up and down on his stiff cock. Darius lies back and Jordan plows him deeply. After several minutes of hard pounding, Darius spews a thick load of cum all over his belly and chest. Jordan follows and sprays his load all over Darius' abs. Having both spent their loads, Darius and Jordan fall into a passionate kiss with their cum loads mingling between them.

    I wasn't sure that Darius would be able to take Jordan's super-thick cock, but like most of the guys on Hard Brit Lads, they seem to have a knack for accommodating their well-hung partners.

  • Porn Bytes: Falcon Announcement, Japanese Art


    AEBN Gobbles Up Studio 2000 (Is Facebook Next?!)

    Toby Morris, the hot, new Marketing Director for Falcon Studios announced that AEBN, parent company of the recent accretion between Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion Studios, has extended its territorial reach in gay porn to now include Studio 2000. The studio was founded by John Travis (of Jeff Stryker fame) and Scott Masters, two names familiar with gay porn from what seems like another era entirely: the 1990s. Their goal had been to bring back high production values and quality scripts and wholesome family values - our kind of family values -to gay porn. But Morris indicated that no decision has been made on whether or not the studio will continue to produce content. Given the already seismic glut in the market and an aggressive production schedule from the two studios, I wouldn't be surprised if that's how it remains for awhile.

    Via: FalconStudios.comjry-kenta.jpgGay Japanese Art Show To Debut In May

    Following on the heels of their successful show last year, Mayumi International will present their second show - "Art Collection by Japanese Gay Artists" - from May 25 to May 30 at The Tom Dunne Gallery in Darlinghurst, just outside Sidney. The show will feature some of the top Japanese male erotic artists including Hideki Koh, Gengoroh Tagame and Jiraiya. The show, which is being described as "a vivid exploration of erotic fetishism from the masters of Japanese gay art" will also feature past illustrations from Barazoku Magazine, a leading, erotic Japanese periodical. It may cost you a pretty penny to get there but, hey, isn't good artwork worth it?

    Via: JapaneseGayArt.com

  • Interracial Threeway On Rooftop

    Interracial threesome with latino, white and black boys

    Cody and Gianni arrive at Baby Star's for a threesome for Mix It Up Boy where Giani gets his ass plowed by the two hot studs!

  • Lend a Helping Hand To Jordan Jaric

    lend a helping hand to jordan jaric.jpg

    Porn can be quite a cold business and sometimes it's hard to separate fantasy from reality. There are times when reality is not the best and at times like those we gotta pull together and help those that bring the pleasure of our fantasies to life.

    Uber-hottie Jordan Jaric, who was a Falcon Studio exclusive, went through brain surgery in order to remove an abscess that had been causing him seizures. He is now recovering and trying to get back on the road to normality.

    As we all know most guys working in porn, work in porn for a living. Jordan is worried about costs and he does not have health insurance to cover his huge medical costs. Jordan needs to have 3 weeks to recover and he needs our help to get him through this very difficult time.

    We can all help him with any big or small donation made via paypal.com to [email protected] If you can not donate through paypal, drop him an line and you can make other arrangements.

    You can follow Jordan on Twitter for the latest updates on his health. We all wish him the very best and a very speedy recovery. Hopefully, we will be seeing this hunk back on form sooner than later!