• 'You're So Hot': Best. Porn. Dialog. Ever.

    If you case you're one of the handful of people who missed "You're So Hot", featuring Dave 'Who-could-have-ever-imagined-an-even-hotter-more-muscular-brother' Franco, younger brother to James by seven years and scion to the Franco gene pool, and up-and-coming actor in his own right and Millennial generation character actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, then you're in luck! We just happen to know a thing or two about cutting and pasting embedding code around Gay Demon and, besides, I think we may have stumbled onto some of the best gay porn dialog, like, evah.

    In case your not familiar with the premise, two actors form a duel-like formation (Yes, like as in Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton minus the heavy artillery and powdered wigs) and at a pace apiece, head towards each other uttering sexual inanities until one or the other breaks down. Yes, ridiculous. And utterly fucking hysterical. Listen to these gems of sexual pornology:

    Christopher: "I want to pinch your tight, little asshole blue and pretend like I'm fucking your avatar."

    Dave lobs back effortlessly, not once missing a beat:

    Dave: "Oh, man. You are, like, so fucking sizzle hot. I want Morgan Spurlock to direct a documentary on my life, but instead of eating McDonald's for thirty days straight? I'm going to eat your asshole."

    The clincher (no, no pun intended) comes at the end when Franco, in a fuselage of verbal pyrotechnics, penetrates Mintz-Plasse's defenses and steals victory from this risible situation:

    Dave: "You wanna know how hot you are? You're so hot, I want to take the extra foreskin of my uncircumcised cock and I want to stretch it and then I wanna press it like silly putty on a freshly printed newspaper to extract the ink. And then I wanna pull it back, and I want you to read it back to me in your best Ralph Fiennes impersonation."

    (And our compliments to the writer, too.)

  • First Time Fucking a Guy

    first time guy fucking

    Ethan is a blond stud who was recruited by another Sean Cody model. I blogged about it several months ago in a post called Huge Cock here at Gay Demon. They found Ethan on the beach and a couple of weeks later, he was jerking his huge uncut cock on camera for the first time. Since then, this well-hung, blond stud has gone on to make seven films where he's both fucked ass and got his own butt boned.

    Donny is a 24-year-old college student and he's studying physical therapy. So when he's paired up for his first guy-on-guy sex shoot, Sean Cody decides that Donny should show Ethan some stretching exercises. So the two studs strip naked and start stretching.

    This is Donny's first time fucking a guy, so in their stretching routine, Donny was kind enough to put Ethan through some stretches that would make it easier to hoist his legs over his head while getting his ass pounded. All the while, Ethan's huge uncut cock is flopping around.

    And for a first timer, Donny did extremely well at fucking Ethan's ass. I guess some things just come naturally. He fucked Ethan from behind, then missionary, and finally doggy style before both guys shot their loads. And if you want to see Ethan using that huge uncut cock of his, you'll want to head over to Sean Cody, he's featured in three scenes boning other guys, and four scenes where he's getting fucked.

  • Sports Hunk Marcello

    View full video at UK Naked Men

    Marcello is a hot and horny hunk with a great body and tons of charisma. In this session for UK Naked Men, he's wearing his sports clothes, but it looks like the only balls he feels like playing with are his own. Marcello can't wait to stroke his cock, and this is truly an incredible outdoor jerkoff session!

  • European Twink Gets Fucked

    Tim Kruger fucks a slim twink's smooth ass

    Phoenix has met Tim Kruger from Tim Tales before at a fuck party in Berlin, and was invited back to have the whole thing filmed by Tim's boyfriend, Grobes, at their very own after-party. Phoenix takes Tim's massive cock like a pro!

  • Jesse Santana Is Now One

    jessesantana.jpgChris Ward announced with fanfare we normally reserve for Saints, Cardinals and Company-Employees-With-Extra-Needs that Texan scorcher Jesse Santana - coming off his run as (insert character's name which I think is the same) in "Golden Gate 2:" The Golden-ator," will sign a one-year, Raging Stallion-slash-now-with-Falcon exclusive contract to perform gay porn movies so hot that Texas Governor Rick Perry is melting, an action he promised he would never, ever take as Governor!

    It's big, folks. Texas big. No, actually Jesse has a 8.5 inch cock which puts it in... well let's get some perspective first. The 'mean' male penis (not the nasty, unforgiving kind) is just under six inches. That 'mean' jumps considerably when you get to seven-and-a-half inches. And no we're not talking about half the audience being smaller than the average and half being bigger. We're talking one in every forty-four men have an almost seven-and-a-half-inch cock. But when you get to eight-and-a-half inches, WOW! Now you're talking some real numbers: to have an eight-and-a-half-cock, you not only have to be in the 99.86th percentile but, BUT, you would share that distinction with about only one in 750 guys, the same amount I imagine who would like to get fucked by him that many times in a given year.

    I mean, that's still a lot. But Jesse Santana will now fuck you in ways you can only be fucked through statistical anomaly. How's that for an exclusive?

    Via: RagingStallion.com

  • Bound & Fucked in Video Store

    fucked in video store

    San Francisco's legendary adult bookstore, Folsom Gulch, is the scene for this public bondage suck and fuck scene from Bound in Public. Christian Wilde and Nick Moretti take bound Emanuel South of Market for a night of raunchy fun. When they get into Folsom Gulch they grope him in front of the men in the store, then they start ordering these strangers to rip off his clothes.

    Emanuel is a lean and smooth dude, and he's forced to suck some cocks in the public bookstore. The men throw a blow-up doll on the floor and tell him to fuck it, but when he refuses, they show him how it's done. First they flog him, then when Emanuel gets the picture, they force him to put his hard dick into the doll. Other guys are pushing on his ass to make sure he gets it in deep.

    Then Emanuel is dragged into the video arcade where he's forced to service a number of hard cocks with his mouth. They set Emanuel up in a gloryhole stall, and several of the men take turns fucking him. The scene starts to wind down to its creamy end, when Christian and Nick double fuck their slave on the floor.

    Christian lies back and Emanuel mounts him and rides his cock, then Nick slides in from behind to see if this bound boy can take two dicks at once. And he does! But while this threesome is grunting on the floor, another man with a stiffy shoved his dick in Emanuel's mouth, and this butt boy now has every hole filled! And I guess that's why they call it The Gulch. You can head over to Bound in Public and watch the free preview video. It'll give you a sense of the raunchy night this trio had.

  • Girth Brooks Is Going To The Chapel

    girth is going to the chapel.jpg

    I guess I should be happy about the fact that Girth Brooks (tacky, tacky porn name!) is engaged. He dropped the news via his twitter. (Duh!)

    I just always thought if he were gonna tie the knot is was going to be with another man, maybe a tranny, but certainly not a woman! Well, most know that "Girth" is in fact heterosexual and he loves to bang pussy for pleasure but he will bang gay ass for cash.

    Girth's last porn appearance was earlier in the year, and now that he is engaged most are wondering if he will continue to bring in the money by getting serviced by males or if he will get an entirely new life, start selling cars and get the little woman preggers.

    So, I have nothing left to say but congratulations to the happy couple. Even if the person he is marrying isn't a man, or a tranny, they are happy and in love, now isn't that what it's all about?

  • Vintage Porn in the Great Outdoors

    View full video at Bijou Gay Movies

    Two blond boys, one of them definitely cute and boyish, decide to do what comes naturally while they're outdoors on a warm afternoon. And what comes naturally includes getting naked and doing some serious cock sucking. Want to see more vintage gay porn videos? You'll find them at Bijou Gay Movies!

  • Studs Fucking On The Bar

    Muscular studs fucking on the bar

    Working in the bar, Rear Stable's Ricky Sinz gets that seducing glance from Max Schulter as he delivers beer. He makes his move and starts sucking Ricky's cock right at the bar. Things heat up and Max bends over to get fucked doggy style on the bar!

  • Very Masculine Italian Hunk

    Masculine Italian man in business attire - and showing off his hard cock

    One look at Men At Play's Gianluigi is all it takes. This very masculine Italian man has a muscular body, hairy chest and he's totally gorgeous. From his dark eyes and trim beard to his commanding presence, everything about him kindles desire and lust in both women and men - and who could blame them? I mean, this man is fucking HOT. Dressed in business attire - love that shirt and tie - Gianluigi fills my executive sexual fantasies. And things just keep getting better as his shirt and tie start coming off to expose his tan body, tattooed arms, that well-developed (and furry) chest and finally his rock-hard cock. Gimme more of Gianluigi, 'cause I just can't get enough of this mouthwatering muscle bear!

  • We Are Under Attack! Black Attack!

    Black_Attack.jpgWarning: There is a menace out there more threatening than Communism, more destabilizing to world order than Taylor Lautner shirtless and more of a risk to the entire world financial system than Jewel Quest. And soon it will have the potential of seeping into every gay man's porn library. You can run but you can't hide from "Black Attack" "Black Attack" is the latest, greatest and scorchingly hottest production from Brazilian penile auteur Alexander Pictures which promises to do for black men from Brazil what Judy Garland did for pills and alcohol!

    "Black Attack features some of the biggest black dicks that Brazil has to offer finding their way into some of the sweetest ass to be found. From the first foreskin covered prick to the last, there isn't a moment wasted. You will enjoy seeing some of Alexander's regulars getting sticky and sated with some new faces and the beautiful bodies they adorn. Leave the remote on the table for this one and just sit back and enjoy the show."

    This all-star cast features Alexander Pictures' favorites Renato Morales and Gustavo Alves along with a Brazilian bait bus of young, preternaturally hung Latinos that can't seem to get enough of the chocolate caravan. And if you think those black exploitation films of the 1970s were hot - Uh, hello? Can you say: "Shaft?" - get ready to Google "new sheets" as you cum under attack. "Black Attack"

    To order your copy of "Black Attack!" click here. Or risk being eaten alive!

  • Big Black Dick in Workout Shorts

    View full video at Hard Brit Lads

    Whoa! Tyler Johnson is VERY well hung and well-built black jock from Hard Brit Lads. We're talking a full 10 inches - no bullshit. He strips down to his shiny gym shorts, then strokes his huge cock through the satiny fabric before pulling it out to reveal that it's uncut and curved. Once his hand is wrapped around this dark meat monster, he can't wait to jerk it for the camera!

  • Blond Guys Fucking

    blond guys fucking

    Nolan is a hot blond guy with a near-perfect body, and he doesn't even have a gym membership. He spent some time in the Navy and he's traveled quite a bit. There's an innocence about him and he's still figuring out where his life is going. He came to Sean Cody to do some exploring, and he's already jerked off and fucked his first guy.

    Aaron is a big shooter. The first time he jerked off for Sean Cody, not only did he shoot over his head, but he splattered a glob of spunk right in the middle of his forehead. Sean Cody wanted to see this stud getting his ass fucked to see if that made a difference in how far he could shoot his load.

    Sean Cody set these two blond guys up in a bathtub scene. "When was the last time you took a bath with another guy?" Sean Cody asked Nolan. He never has, although he's done some skinny dipping in the pool with other guys. Aaron and Nolan started fooling around in the bathtub and Aaron was eager to suck Nolan's thick cock. Nolan was quite taken with Aaron's butt and had the blond guy stand up so he could rim his ass.

    The guys wanted to get down to fucking, so they dried off and headed for the bedroom. Nolan fucked Aaron all over the bedroom. They started off on the bed with Aaron on his stomach and Nolan climbing on top of him. With Aaron's butt hole opened up, they got down on the floor. Nolan lay back and Aaron sat on Nolan's huge cock. Nolan grabbed Aaron and rocked him backwards all the while thrusting his big cock deep inside Aaron's ass. They fucked in a couple more positions under these two blond guys spewed their loads all over Aaron's smooth belly. I sure hope we're going to see more of Nolan and his big cock, he really knows how to fuck a guy's ass.

  • NYC Subway Guys

    NYC Subway Guys

    NYC Subway Guys is one of those voyeur pieces of personal art that are just a little invasive but still hot owing to the never-ending supply of shifting and interesting - um - 'material'. Catching people at rest, on their ways to the appointed rounds, catches them very much "as they are", representing a photo-journalistic slice of life in the New York City subway system. Culling pictures to specify the hottest guys works for most of us. We see the author's tastes, for one thing, which touch on some very shared opinions among us all. After all, what's hot is still just that - hot. The sheer naturalness of these pictures greets the view with some relish. Relaxed, no "fronting", no poses, the cameraman in this blog seems to "get it" about how to catch sexy people and actually make them somehow even more appealing. I enjoyed this trip through this plucky, pictures-only blog. Hosted on Tumblr, a picture-sharing and -storing site, also allows us to browse a complete archive of hot men going about their business. This is an interesting look at casual New York, through the lens of someone who admires the most alluring qualities male beauty and their sex appeal.

  • Carsten Andersson: Singer, Pole Smoker

    carsten-andersson-gay-porn-and-pop-star.jpgIf there's one thing we love in our Danish personalities, it's their porn pasts. (Seriously, what else is there?) That's why we're so excited to announce the actor-slash-model-slash-television-star-slash-soloist Carsten Andersson - Miss Carsten, if you're nasty - is giving a giant fat finger to the world if they have a problem with that, too!

    "[W]ithout my porn past, I'd be just another boy with a song out. Porn has made people take notice."

    Uh, yeah. Of your cock! But this coy slab of manscular beefiness was good-natured about his unique position:

    "I'm open to doing more," he said. "Maybe the big shocking movie is still yet to come. ... Porn is the only job I feel comfortable with. I know my way around the bed, or on the couch, or in the barn."

    Now, that's what we're talking about! Daneland rocks! Besides, isn't that what it's all about? Riding the wave? Or anything else that can be ridden. (And just in case you've recently slipped a tab of ecstasy under your tongue while racing to your nearest Rave, we've included the YouTube video "Fun" with (I thought) Carsten dubbing vocals. It's an electronica tune and guess why he did it? F-U-N. (And, don't worry, we have no idea what this song is about either.)

    Via: BananaGuide.com