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    Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse are real-life lovers who run their own gay porn site, Stag Homme Studios. Both men have had long and successful careers making studio porn for the likes of Hot House, Titan Men, and Raging Stallion Studios. But now they're running their own porn site where they play around with other gay porn stars and heaps of amateur guys, both straight and gay. They meet these guys on profile sites, and even on the street, and invite them over to suck and fuck.

    One of Staghomme's most popular features is 30 Loads of Facials. Francesco and Damien invite big-dicked straight men over to their apartment studio. Some of these men are masked, some never show their faces, but others do; and Francesco and Damien service these men's dicks, and in the end, these straight men blow their loads all over Francesco and Damien's faces.

    Staghomme has just released the second set of 30 facial cumshots. Their first cum facial episode was very well received by members, and they've been begging for another one. This second set of episodes includes some fucking scenes as well. And Francesco and Damien prove they're pros when it comes to sucking dick. No matter how big, no matter how thick, these two studs always get their men shooting big and thick loads of spunk. Head over to Staghomme and check out the free preview reel of 30 Loads of Facials - The Sequel.

  • Hairy Muscle Guy In Jock

    Muscle guy in a jockstrap showing hairy body

    This guy from Maskurbate is all male! Dereck has a hairy body, including his hot ass, which is framed beautifully in his red jockstrap. Dereck's cock is massive, which you can see dangling from the side of his jock!

  • The Homosocial

    The Homoscial

    The Homosocial is a terrific semi-autobiographical riff by a creative, interesting and horny dude. Pete is easy to read and follow. He reminds us often that he's a horny mother but that's the spicy pepper to a well seasoned meal. He has great dramatic qualities - he understands words and their impact, so he produces what blogging is best at - good old-fashioned stories. He is someone you wouldn't mind shooting the shit with, but you know is also dangerous for purely anarchistic reasons. He says he has a hard time resisting getting completely naked at parties, as a splendid example. "The thrill of the thrill". Pete writes like an artist. This is a newer blog - at least this version of his blogging world - but it is pretty interesting. I could easily see following Pete because he stays really in touch with a large sense of self and enjoyment. He makes a good hedonist, from what I can see, and maybe a better nudist. He parties well, he's hot, he goofs off like a fucking champ. I hope Pete stays at it because he's easy to like, so obviously I personally enjoyed the blog, big time. Smart, creative, horny - not a bad combination!

  • Ashley Ryder Rides Again

    ashley ryder rides again

    One of the many great things about living in London is that I get to meet all kinds of people, and most importantly because of the work that I do I get to meet loads of sexy, sleazy porn stars. Not a bad job, huh?

    A couple of months ago I had a chance to meet the notorious Ashley Ryder, who has worked with UK Naked Men and other big named studios, and we hit it off. He is a hoot to be around, and most importantly he is not a twat. Trust me - there are PLENTY of those in porn world!

    Ashely is a fella that has been there and done that, and he is only 29 years old! Of course, the majority of you will know him from his rump splitting fisting movies. It is quite a treat to see Mr.Ryder shove a 12 inch cock or dildo up his very hungry hole. But there is so much more to him than that!

    Ashley has started his own wrestling night "Grapple" in London's infamous club Eagle every Wednesday night. This is a great chance to cum into close contact with loads of fellas that love to get physical and work up a sweat throwing each other to the ground! Talk about liking it rough! WOOF! He is also starting his "Strip Academy" that will be searching for the hottest, fresh stripper talent with a weekly £100 prize again at the Eagle.

    But that isn't the only thing that he's got in store of 2011. He is also launching his brand-new sexy website that will be up in a couple of months. It will feature tons of videos, new models, contests, you name it - it will be on AshleyRyder.com.

    2011 is his big year and Ashley is taking no prisoners!

  • Older Cowboy in Vintage Clip

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    Sean Flaherty's a mature daddy who's got a beard and a hot hairy body. In this vintage interview and jackoff video at Kinky Older Men, he's wearing a cowboy hat, boots and - get this - long johns, and he talks to us for a while, then plays with his pierced nipples before pulling out his cock and stroking that hard piece of older manmeat!

  • Interview with Kurt Wilde

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    Hubba hubba! Bi boy Kurt Wilde does a lot of gay porn for Next Door Studios, and Next Door Male is where he first got my attention by the way he stroked his cock. Man, I can't get enough of him. Here he is in an exclusive interview for Gaydemon, answering my very personal questions about his work in porn, his secrets and his sex life.

  • Love That Tight Latin Bubble Butt!

    Horny latin bubble butt gets pounded

    Devan and Wallace, two incredible athletic Latinos from Latin Jocksare desperate for some anal action. They get naked and hard, sucking cock and fucking that tight little bubble butt!

  • Saint's Crossing

    Saint's Crossing

    Saint's Crossing is a blog by a Southern California artist and author who has a very penetrating take into just about everything. Stable-appearing and hooked up with a mate for a while now, he can write about his love and the verities of the home life with a sweet sounding disposition that seems as genuine as it can be. Let loose, mentally and artistically, on the hypocrisies and lives surrounding us all and in our society in general, he takes a withering and deep assessment of our faults. He writes this blog with some pain, just as he does his very good music. Christian St. Croix also happens to be a terrific singer, with a husky, sometimes raspy sort of bar sound which carries notes well and has an innate sensuality to it. His music is direct and very appealing. On this website, currently he features a tune by the Beatles - "Come Together" - which I have now listened to 3 consecutive times and I am not always that way. Damn, he's good! It gives me great pleasure to explore more of this self-effacing, humble yet very incisive artist. He believes he has a CD coming in August. Man, I hope so. He could very easily be a favorite, Check it out yourself. Hey, well done, Christian!

  • Fuck Buddies

    fuck buddies

    Jake and Alex have been fucking around all weekend. Jake is a southern boy, 19 years old, bi, stands 6'2", and sports a meaty 7-inch cock. Alex is a 20-year-old college student, he's gay with an 8-inch cock. Southern Strokes has filmed both of these guys before, and when they heard that these two horny guys were fuck buddies and had been doing a lot of boning off camera, Southern Strokes decided it was time to get these two into the studio.

    Alex loves sex and knows his way around a man's body; Jake, on the other hand, is just coming out of his shell - he only just had his first guy-on-guy sexual experiences on Southern Strokes. The guys get started inside with some passionate kissing and swapping blowjobs. But since it was such a gorgeous day, they thought it'd be fun to take it outside and fuck out on the deck.

    After Alex worshiped Jake's cock with his hungry mouth, Alex bent over the railing and Jake started inching his stiff cock inside the college stud's ass. Then Jake sat on Alex's cock and rode it for a while. Jake's butt hole was so tight, it took everything Alex had not to blow his load. These two guys fucked all over that deck, including a hot reverse cowgirl style on a wooden rocking chair. They finally ended up against a brick wall and with the cameraman underneath, Alex shot his huge load against the wall. Alex sucked off his fuck buddy and Jake shot his load all over Alex's face. You'll want to check out the free preview of this sizzling fuck buddy session, head over to Southern Strokes.

  • Gay-Scandalo! Simon Dexter VS Dylan Rosser

    gay-scandalo simondexter vs dylan rosser.jpg

    Well, the internets are ablaze with rumors of he-said and well.. he-said! Yes, gentlemen, we have in front of us a Gay-scandalo between uber-hottie Simon Dexter and renowned gay photographer Dylan Rosser.

    Simon's story: Simon posted on his blog that Dylan had contacted him for nudes in 2008 and Simon sent Dylan a quote for nudes which at the time, according to Dexter, was too high for Dylan so it never happened.

    Two years later, Summer 2010 Simon says that Dylan contacted him again this time for a shooting but for a coffee table book. Simon agreed to posing for Dylan at a "very low rate" because he wanted to be part of an artistic book. Well, Simon found that those pictures were used in Dylan's membership subscription porn site and not on the coffee table book that they were intended for. Simon called Dylan a "liar, con artist and manipulator." Ouch!

    Dylan's Story: Simon has emailed his website affiliates saying that Simon has started to spread lies about him saying that he was "tricked" into posing for Dylan's site.

    Rosser also said that he has all email proof and model release forms showing otherwise.

    Dylan said that he paid Simon $350 to pose for him and he has said that Simon is now saying that if he had known it was for a "pay site" he charges $5,000. Dylan called Simon "delusional." Meeow!

    Sweet Jesus! Talk about DRAMA! It would be good to see who is in the right here. You have the facts now all we ask is who do YOU think is telling the truth?

  • Hairy and Smooth

    hairy and smooth

    One of the things that I like about Dirty Tony's website is that he mixes up the guys nicely. Sometimes Dirty Tony films jock-on-jock sex, sometimes he pairs up two or three masculine muscle jocks, and like this scene, sometimes he teams up vastly different types like this hairy and smooth couple. Philip Aubrey is blond, boyish looking, and hairless and he's playing with masculine and hairy Sean Stavos, who is a hot hunk of man.

    This hairy and smooth couple start off kissing and that gets Philip really revved up and he starts ripping off Sean's pants and underwear. Then Philip starts working over Sean's meaty cock. Sean gives us a premonition of things to come when he puts Philip down on all fours and starts slathering all over his tight butt hole. Sean flips Phillip onto his back and the two launch into a 69 cocksucking session. By the time Sean is finished his asshole worshipping he's so horny that he plunges his hard fuck stick all the way into Philip's cock-hungry, puckered hole.

    Sean passionately pounds Philip's ass in the missionary position, his bull-heavy balls slap into Philip rhythmically. Philip grabs his legs and holds them over his head so Sean can use all his power and strength to fuck the blond's ass.

    Sean is hitting Philip's prostate and driving the blond stud crazy. Philip climbs on top of this hairy man and mounts his dick. He wants to fuck Sean's cock and see his own dick spew it's load all over Sean's hairy belly. After Philip blows his creamy load, he pulls off Sean's cock and the hairy man blasts a magnificent load of spunk up on to his hairy chest, with subsequent bursts hitting Phillip in the neck. This is definitely an example what happens when opposites attract. Head over to Dirty Tony and check out the free video clip.

  • 18 Year Old Latino Pisses and Cums

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    Paulo is 18 years old, horny, and he's ready to get kinky, too. That makes him the perfect model for Boys Pissing, who catches this big-cocked Latin amateur stroking a prodigiously large cock after getting himself drenched in piss. And after a nice long jackoff session, he shoots a big load of cum that gets all over his own face, then wipes some off and tastes it!

  • Bear Buzz

    bear buzz

    I'm not a big fan of Facebook. I don't really like mixing my adult life with my nieces and nephews who friend me, and I work in gay porn so that adds a whole other level. I'm not ashamed of what I do for living, but it's just not appropriate to bring every facet of my life together in one place. For me to do much with Facebook, I'd have to become Sybil and split myself into two separate entities. And that's just too much work. Social networking is supposed to be fun. Bear Buzz is a site that seems to have solved all those problems for me. This Facebook clone lets you create an online profile and then you're off hunting bears. Whether it's for friendship, relationships, sex, or idle chatter, it's exactly what I need without all those relatives to shoo away. Bear Buzz also helps in the building of a community by providing pages on bear groups, events, and places to meet other men. Or you can just cruise through the galleries of pictures that other hairy men have uploaded ... you might see someone you like. I don't know how many men are registered on the site, but when I visited the site to write this post, there were 120 guys logged in. That's quite a group. So I think I'll set myself up with a profile over there where I can be myself.

  • Hot Latin Jock Shows Off

    Nem gets nude and shows his big dick

    Nem from Coco Boyz is a stunning guy. He has a thick uncut cock and a lovely tight ass that he gets out for the camera at the poolside!

  • Oral Amateur 3way

    Three studs strip naked to suck cock

    Three hot amateur studs from On The Hunt, Bodie, Connor, and Gabriel, start off kissing each other and losing their gear, then sucking on the hard boners that they have produced!