• New Yorker Sucked To Completion

    Straight NYC stud gets his cock sucked

    Caught on camera by New York Straight Men: Nolan, a beefy straight New Yorker gets his cock sucked to completion by a greedy cum-hungry guy!

  • Smooth Brazilian Guy

    smooth brazilian guy

    Fernando had applied to be a model on Southern Strokes a few times, and seeing that cumshot of his, I don't understand why it took them so long to bring him into the studio. The Southern Strokes photographer said the same thing. "I really can't imagine why I was waiting to have him do a shoot for us. He is just about the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on." But finally, here he is.

    Fernando shows off his slender and smooth body. And he's got a delicious uncut cock. As he gets warmed up for his jerk-off session, this Brazilian guy grabs a thick glass dildo with a big mushroom head. He inches the toy into his moist fuck hole, then he sits on the dildo and rides it. Hot!

    With his butt hole thoroughly teased, Fernando lies back and starts working his hard, uncut, Brazilian cock. While his cock is only 7.5 inches long, on a 5'4" frame, it looks a lot bigger. His dick is oozing precum and he even slips his fingers across his leaking cock and gathers some spunk to tease his tongue. Fernando pumps his cock harder, and he stops every now and then to slap his cock against his smooth belly. Each slap forces another gob of precum to splatter on his belly. Then finally, Fernando lets out a gasp and a huge stream of cum arcs through the air. When he's done, a river of cum crawls up the length of his smooth, tight torso. Southern Strokes has a free preview of this Fernando's session, check it out.

  • The Porn Star's Wife

    Wow. How nice does Becki Jacobs - the wife of international porn sensation Reese Rideout - have it? She gets a feature in Marie Claire, an international woman's magazine on beauty, fashion, style health and porn star's wives. And, according to her accounting, she's married to a romantic who has clearly proven his love in ways both large and small in their time together. And, apparently, she has the final word on all scenes the porn-star-known-as-Reese-Rideout can participate in.

    Looks like someone got the Platinum package.

    The story - a behind-the-scenes look at a wife and her gay porn star - presents the two in a her side/his side format that allow both them to arrive at the same point: he's super famous (and probably appropriately compensated) and she's come to terms with the fact that a straight man has to do what...a gay man has normally does.

    She's not smitten with the idea but she's seems to have made an uneasy peace with it. Or, in her words: "Early on, I wouldn't be able to have sex with him for three days after a job, but now I'm better at switching it off."

    Ruh roh.

    (Reese, btw, tweeted that stuff was made up including the name 'Reece Jacobs.' Wait, you mean a porn star doesn't earn 4K a day? I'm shocked, I'm tell you!)


    Via: MenOfPorn.typepad.com

  • Four-Man Tag Team Wrestling

    tag team wrestling

    It's been a little while since I blogged about the hot wrestling sessions at Naked Kombat. When I headed over there this week, I found a nice surprise - a fourway, tag-team wrestling match. Big-dicked DJ and beefy Brandon Bangs are on one team and tattooed buddies Jake Austin and Hayden Russo are on the other team.

    Brandon Bangs is brand new to Naked Kombat and he's a cocky guy with a lot of fighting skills. I have to say that he's got the smallest cock in this foursome, but he's probably the most aggressive out of the lot - I guess he thinks he's got something to prove. Hayden Russo on the other hand has the biggest dick at 10 inches long and he's aiming to use it on one of his opponents' asses.

    But this isn't your normal tag-team wrestling, sometimes two guys gang up on one, sometimes it's guy on guy. And there are bonus points awarded for things like fingering a guy's butt hole, grabbing an opponent's cock, slapping ass, and ripping off a guy's jockstrap. This is dirty fighting and these guys have to pull out all the stops or they'll find themselves doing dick duty in the end. And when it's all over DJ and Brandon Bangs have racked up a win. When Brandon is holding Jake's head and stuffing his cock download Jake's throat, Brandon says, "Choke on that cock, you loser!" And that about says it all. Jake and Hayden service the winners with their mouths and asses, and Hayden will have to wait for another match to use his 10-inch dick on another loser.

  • Seth Gamble On Playgirl


    Thine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord and, girl, his name is Seth Gamble. Mr. Gamble, the hot 22-year-old model who can currently be found doing ungodly things to a woman on Jake Cruise's straight-for-pay site, Straight Guys for Gay Eyes (known by its CIA codename: sg4ge.com), has agreed to appear on Playgirl.com. Daniel Nardicio added:

    "This bad boy of porn has a sneer and cock that will make you smile. You can also see him on Straight guys for Gay Eyes; but if you're not into fish, you can watch him on Playgirl.com giving a masterful solo scene. Seth is the kind of guy who looks like he'd let you suck him of for $50, but steal $100 from the nightstand while you were showering. Not for everyone, but definitely hot."

    In the clip I watched from his appearance on Jake's site, Seth begins by fucking some girl who doesn't know how to give a blowjob (slow down, Mary, or your head will snap off!) but she quickly leaves. And then I walk in and Seth confesses to me how he is really a homosexual with special unmet longings for me...well, at least that's how it played out in my hand.

    But he's on Playgirl now and you can see him in a whole new way: jerking off. Let's see how he plays to his audience when he doesn't have a prop. Or at least one than isn't trying to break the sound barrier with the fastest blowjob ever attempted in Western Civilization.

    (Via: Playgirl.com)

  • Steamworks Bathhouse

    steamworks bathhouse

    If you like to slip out to a bathhouse every once in a while - or more often than that - you'll know that it's often hard to find a nice selection of gay bears and hairy men to play with. In my town there's a bathhouse that attracts a lot of Asian guys and another that seems to be party boy central. Who wants to wade through tweakers to find someone hot to get sweaty with? But Steamworks is a bathhouse that solves the problem of finding fans of hirsute and bigger man.

    If you're lucky enough to live in Berkley, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto, or Vancouver, then you'll want to check out the Steamworks monthly "Bears, Baths, and Beyond" event. Held on the fourth Saturday of the month, the Steamworks is packed with hairy men in all shapes and sizes. I've been to this bear event in Toronto a couple of times and I always have a good time. There's such a wide variety of men from muscle bears to 400-pound men who love their big bellies; and there's a lot of bear lovers attending these events, too, so if you like playing with a skinny guy who is going to get off rubbing your own big belly, you've go to check out this event. In Toronto "Bears, Baths, and Beyond" is so popular that they hold it twice a month!

    And the Steamworks is a full-service bathhouse with steam rooms, hot tubs, saunas, and workout areas. I can't speak for the other cities, but Toronto's Steamworks has in-room televisions playing a variety of gay porn videos. And they also have a hot playroom with a gloryhole slurp ramp and private gloryholed cubicles that encourage you to get up to all kinds of nastiness. If you're heading to one of these cities, you'll want to schedule your trip so you hit one of these bear events.

  • Stroke That Muscle Cock

    View full video at Randy Blue

    Damone is a great big muscle hunk with a gorgeous ripped body who strokes his well-formed dick in the gym for photographer Randy Blue. Damone turns around and jerks so we can watch him spread his muscled ass, then turns again to show off his incredible physique while he masturbates for the camera.

  • Black Spark's Newest Installations


    Thanks to Fleshbot's full-time commitment to sex in all its splendor, the director now known as the Black Spark - who appears masked by a bandana (I'm sorry but I can't be the only homosexual digging that whole 19th century train robber thing) has captured a growing fan-base even though what he doesn't do - and don't ever suggest to him that he does - is porn (Okay, yes, there is a lot of sex in his videos). There are hard-ons and lots of cum shots and beautiful, six-pack-adorned bodies. There's even a bit of a lover's tale in one of the two - "Sunday Faith" - that's actually pretty affecting (The other video is "Dance In My Heart Now," which one commenter pointed out is a Groove Armada song. It's wonderful that they've agreed to that! That's progress!)

    And what's nice is that he's part of growing pool of directors - Ryan Sullivan ("Island"), Travis Matthews ("I Want Your Love"), John Cameron Mitchell ("Shortbus") - who are telling stories that include - in fact depend - on explicit sex.

    Black Spark got a boost, too, with a three page interview in Out Magazine where he discussed in-depth what he's doing (or not doing, as the case may be).

    "It's not porn -- it's my life. What you're seeing is not a show I'm putting on. People need to know they're seeing something real and the reality of it makes it art. There are no faked emotions. When people in my work look passionate or in love or deeply in lust, that's all very genuine. Whereas in porn you put two people together and you're paying them $500 to do a scene. Just because two people are having sex and you get to watch it, doesn't make it porn."

    Take that, Out! Of course, the statement - "You obviously know there's a debate raging online about whether you're making art or porn" - is intended to provoke a response, even if we don't know if there really is a debate because we don't know who's having it.

    There's also a whole fantasy component to Black Spark's work that has do with multi-colored, villainous other Sparks:

    "There are five Sparks right now -- a White Spark and a Red Spark and others -- and about seven villain characters. Some of them will be in the movie, but for the most part it's for people to get to know the Black Spark. The guys who play the other characters are people I knew and thought were beautiful. I wasn't looking for porn stars, I was just looking for regular people I saw something amazing in. I talked to them about their deep, dark secrets and then I created a character."

    This is erotic, highly-charged stuff and the confident voice you hear in the Out interview is the same confident 20-year-old behind the camera and editing his stuff which means that it's the same confident young man.

    How lucky is that for us?

    Watch "Dance In My Heart Now" by clicking here.

    Watch "Sunday Faith" by clicking here.

  • Interview with Trystan Bull

    View full video at Trystan Bull

    Wow - I can hardly believe I was lucky enough to get to interview new Next Door Studios star Trystan Bull! He's hunky, he's gorgeous, and this very sexy porn guy spends time letting us get to know all about him. Enjoy!

  • Lucas Knowles Fucks

    lucas knowles fucks

    If you've ever been on Manhunt before, you'll know that at any given time it's packed with horny guys. Lucas and Angelo recently hooked up on the gay profile site and their suck and fuck session was filmed for On The Hunt, which features loads of these hook-up sessions.

    Lucas Knowles is a tall and blond Polish guy with a huge, uncut cock. You may recognize him - he's done lots of gay porn on the Web. Bodybuilder Angelo is having a fantasy come true here when he hooks up with one of his favorite porn stars. Angelo has a gorgeous face, a plump bubble ass, and a hard muscled body that should inspire you to head off to the gym to work on your New Year's Resolutions. Pride is only five months away!

    Lucas and Angelo spend some time kissing and exploring one another, then they swap blowjobs. Angelo really enjoys sucking that big Polish sausage, but Lucas also gets into sucking Angelo's dick. Then Angelo licks Lucas' balls and slaps his beefy ass a few times. And I love that picture of Angelo diving in between Lucas' furry ass crack. That's a big turn-on. Lucas flips Angelo over and starts grinding his cock between those plump butt cheeks and his big dick is getting stiffer by the second. Then Lucas slowly thrusts his long, hard dick deep inside Angelo. After getting his ass fucked doggy style, Angelo lies back and Lucas stands over him and sprays him with cum and Angelo spunks all over himself, and Lucas's load.

  • Two Cum Sluts Get 30 Cum Facials

    30 anonymous straight men give cum facials

    Francesco and Damien are the two lucky cum sluts that suck and service 30 men's big dicks for Stag Homme Studios and get their white goo dumped all over their faces!

  • Damien Works His Uncut Cock

    Amateur bad boy shows off his uncut mushroom head cock

    Damien from You Love Jack is a dark-haired cutie with a touch of mischief about him, a hint of the bad boy. Once he gets a look at himself in the camcorder monitor, he wastes no time getting undressed so we can see his hard uncut cock. And what a cock it is! It's big with a mushroom head and a little curve that must add a certain something whether you're sucking it or have it up your ass. Damien is turned on by showing off. He fingers his ass and spreads it wide before he jerks that very tempting dick till he brings himself to a wet and creamy conclusion!

  • Gay Sex, German Style

    View full video at Cazzo Club

    You've gotta hand it to the guys at Cazzo Club - this gay sex video clip shows a little of just about everything, and it's all done on a train. Deep throating, interracial, ass pounding, face fucking, guys jerking plus a very messy cumshot. Wow, do these horny Euro men know how to do it!

  • Secret Escapades Of A Gay Gigolo

    Secret Escapades Of A Gay Gigolo

    Secret Escapades Of A Gay Gigolo asks the question: "Good Lord, who doesn't want to read this??" I could ask for a show of hands but I am not that dumb. The juicy details of a rent boy always make for some of the most entertaining and pants-stretching hottest voyeurism we can nearly conceive of. What we get in this honest and discrete recap of his type of escorting is some very rich fantasy details, designed by his clients and undertaken by our author. By the way, one thing the author does very well is remain strictly and purposefully anonymous. By doing so he gets to describe events in great detail, as he says. And besides, also as he says: "Who wants to read a resume?" I'll take this instead, gladly. He also gets to indulge himself in humor, self-deprecating jokes and things which do not "sell" particularly well. This guy is not selling - he is describing and we all gain hugely from it. Some of the situations are as hot as hell. He's a very good writer who makes the situations he describes resonate with reality and understanding. Good writer, real honest about what he does - guys like this are rather heroic, like anyone who is in the sex business. Hearing about what they go through should almost be required reading. It's a large trade - female and male - and deserves a read. Hey, it's only the "World's Oldest Profession".

  • Small Town Boy, Big Porn Dreams

    the gay gab small town boy big porn dreams 1

    It truly is the oldest story in the book: small town boy with nothing but a big dream, a big cock and an even bigger, beefier ass, wanting to make a huge splash in the competitive world of gay porn! Seriously, I even think Mother Goose had a story about this boy, or maybe that just goes to show how pervy I was as a teen! Ah.. good times!

    Anyway, today we will be gabbin' about one such hunk that started out shy and coy and is now on his way to be-cumming an all-out gay porn god! "Graham" first started out doing a wank video for the classic king of "amateur" porn Sean Cody and he did it looking like this:

    small town boy big porn dreams

    Now, no one could deny his ginger heat, and "Graham" went on to get his cock, ass and nipples sucked by 2 other Sean Cody hunks. Then he disappeared off of the face of the earth. Well, not really. It seems as though this "straight" hunk got to liking the limelight. He also liked the idea of having tons of gays wank over his videos and he is now back under his new porn name Danny Harper for Randy Blue and his heat is as strong as ever!

    It seems as though Danny has been hitting the gym, and he's hitting it hard! Hopefully Randy Blue will get the most of this hot-n-randy ginger and get him sucking cock, pronto! For now just click here to enjoy this preview clip!