• Dedicated Bottom Shows Uncut Cock

    Uncut twink gets naked and plays with cock

    Terry is a dedicated bottom but loves to show off his uncut cock for the Squirtz camera. Here he gets naked and plays with his cock and displays his hairy twink hole!

  • Fucking on the Therapist's Couch

    fucking my therapist

    I wish my therapist appointments had gone like this, maybe I wouldn't have had to see a shrink for ten years! Chase Coxxx is lying on his therapist's couch and telling him about his problem: He has a really big dick and has trouble finding someone who wants to get to know the man behind the cock. The therapist asks what Chase considers to be a really big cock. "11 inches," he replies.

    Karl Williams is a grey-haired daddy with a full beard. And he tells Chase that he's going to have to see this really big dick to determine if it's really a problem. When Chase hauls out his enormously fat cock the doctor says, "That definitely could be a problem." And proceeds to get on his knees and see how much of Chase's meat he can swallow. He does pretty well.

    These two men swap blowjobs on the therapist's couch, then Karl gets down on all fours to see if his ass can handle Chase's huge bone. Chase starts inching his dick inside Karl's ass and his shrink just keeps saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," as Chase slides it balls deep. The doctor's having no problems taking Chase's hard cock, so he's not sure what the problem is. Karl sits on Chase's stiff pole and jerks himself off all over Chase. Then Chase blasts a big, creamy load all over the doctor's hairy chest.

    As the guys get dressed, Karl says, "Well your time is up today. My normal fee is $150." Chase replies with, "Well my normal fee is $200." So the doctor pulls out his wallet. I'd say he got quite the deal. Head over to Hot Older Male and check out the free video preview.

  • Gay Tarzan Fail

    Today's post will be fairly short because, depending on when you're reading this, it's either just a day or two before New Year's Eve and I'm swamped trying to track down under-aged midgets, what's left of the world's Marmoset population and a bunch of drugs made from bottles with skulls and crossbones on it to usher in 2011. OR, I'm recovering in an a) holding tank in an underground biohazard center in the Colorado Rockies or b) a Peruvian jail cell.

    Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy this short clip that the wonderful people at Nightcharm have unearthed entitled: "Gay Tarzan Fail." I'm not sure, though, why it's called Gay Tarzan because, well, haven't we all just always assumed that Tarzan was gay? I mean, really, rope as a means of transportation? That loincloth-slash-underwear fetish of his? The gym-obsessed body?

    Granted, the two men here - and even the third one off-camera - don't strike me as particularly "gay" unless you're willing to overlook the fact that straight, American guys wear Speedos, escape into the pastoral wonders of nature and go around filming each other swinging from ropes over lakes.

    Of course, that's beside the point, isn't it? You're going to watch this clip to see where the "fail" comes in and not re-watch the video hundreds of times while fantasizing about those hot guys, especially the one on the right!

    And, besides, I'm sure there's a perfectly heterosexual explanation behind it all, don't you?

  • The Gay Gab: Ginger Spice

    the gay gab ginger spice

    Today on The Gay Gab we'll be taking a look at some of the most sizzlin' hot ginger hunks in the gay porn world right now that are heating up screens and crotches all around the world!

    There is this idea here in the U.K that gingers are all mingers (British for F.U.G) and the more and more I have seen ginger dudes the only thing I can think about is how totally fucking hot they are!

    Sure, we always get the sexy smoldering Latin dudes, bootylicious black beauties, but we need to pay special attention to some of the hottest gingers in the porn biz right now like Danny Harper, who is now beyond ripped and horny, Max London who loves to work out his body and his other XXX-tra long muscle.

    Of course no list of hot-n-randy gingers would be complete without (my personal favorite) red-headed scorcher Kennedy Carter. This red hot firecracker has worked for all the big names in gay porn like NakedSword.com, RagingStallion.com and HotHouseBackroom.com. The British lad has taken the porn world by storm and leads the way in proving fire engine hair equals smokin' hot fire crotches and sex drives!

  • Big Dick Euro Stud Showering

    Big dicked Euro stud takes a shower

    Daniel Carrera is a Berlin babe with a big uncut dick who takes a shower for Bentley Race in his Aussiebum briefs. Daniel is muscled and hung like a horse!

  • Jerking in His Briefs

    View full video at Undie Twinks

    Levi from Undie Twinks grabs his thick cock through his stretchy white briefs and strokes it, the fabric outlining it as he jerks it. He pulls out his dick and plays with it, then shoves it back into his underwear, pushes the head against his undies and shoots a load of hot cum!

  • Piss 'n' Fuck

    gay piss and fuck

    Steve Stavrou is the perfect submissive. He loves being on his knees and servicing a hot man's cock. Tommy Defendi's dick inspires service. It's beautifully large and thick - a cocksucker's dream come true. In this military scene from Fetish Force, private Stavrou kneels before another soldier and slobbers all over his big dick. Licking it, wrapping his lips around the deliciously plump cock head, and then sliding this hefty piece of meat down his throat. Stavrou opens wide as Defendi streams piss down his thirsty throat.

    Stavrou wants to feel Defendi's big cock plunging into his hairy fuck hole, so he gets on all fours and offers his butt to the soldier. Tommy unleashing a torrent of piss that arcs through the air and splashes all over the private's back. Stavrou is in heaven! Then Defendi lines his big dick against the soldier's puckered rosebud and rams all 8-plus inches deep inside. With his bladder completely empty, Defendi now thrusts hard and starts working up a new batch of fluid for this pig of a soldier. Defendi pounds Stavrou's ass with gusto until he's ready to coat this piss-drenched private with his creamy load of jizz. This is one power fuck session you don't want to miss!

  • Reese Rideout's Excellent Adventure

    There'll probably be a point at which you ask me: But why, why is a shirtless Reese Rideout using a demonstration of a piece of exercise equipment he got for Christmas called the 'Shake Weight' as a segue to a new movie production company he, his brothers and a friend started called WaterhouseDent? (Or, why Reese is speaking to us like a classroom full of English-as-a-Second-Language students?) Answer? Who cares.

    The important thing to know is that he has and they've released their first trailer for their first picture, "Happy Birthday," a horror film about I-don't-know-what but there was the licking of bloody knives and cake in the trailer so who knows? This could the next "Psycho" or the next "The Swarm," a 1978 movie starring a super-hot 40s-ish Michael Caine determined to save a panicked citizenry under siege by a swarm of angry bees. Or wasps. Or both even, maybe. What isn't scary, however, is the obvious fun Reese and his extended family seem to be having in launching this new venture.

    Also, if and when you visit their site at WaterhouseDent.com, you'll notice four floating heads on their homepage. (Do not panic; no heads were harmed in the making of this website.) They also belong to Reese, his two brothers and the friend I spoke of earlier. And wherever your opinions take you on the cinematic quality of "Happy Birthday," rest assured there will most certainly be a general consensus on the painfully conclusive results that DNA is history. In other words, Reese's brothers are hawt! (And his friend ain't none too shabby, either.)

  • Hot Guy with Glasses

    guy with glasses

    Zack first appeared on Southern Strokes almost two years ago. He was 18 years old and just finished high school. He was very popular and the Bible verse tattooed on the side of his torso caused quite a stir. He was one of the most popular models at the amateur guy site, but after pumping out a couple of thick loads in his solo jerk-off videos, he wasn't interested in doing any more videos.

    Southern Strokes kept in touch with Zack and tried to convince him to give up his 8-inch, uncut cock to one of the hungry cocksuckers on the site, but Zack just wasn't feeling it. A few weeks ago, Southern Strokes got a message from Zack - he was interested in coming back and doing another session, and he's much more comfortable with himself now and more open minded. So I'm hoping we're going to get to see one of the Southern Strokes regulars chowing down on Zack's meaty dick soon.

    Zack has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years. First, he shed his curly locks for a much more trimmed-back hairy style and he's put on about 20 pounds of muscle. This boy's been working out! Zack sits around in his boxers and talks to the Southern Strokes guys, then he finally slips off his boxers and reveals his delicious and beefy uncut cock. Zack works his beautiful cock and takes time to admire it, holding it in his hands and staring at it. Most guys who wear glasses tend to remove their lens during sex, but Zack keeps his on while he jerks off. He doesn't want to miss seeing the thick load of spunk up he squirts up onto his chest. And neither will you! Southern Strokes has a hot preview clip that you'll want to check out.

  • The Bad Lieutenant

    bad lieutenant

    Lieutenant Vince Ferelli can be a mean fucker when he's got a bug up his ass. He finds private Spencer Reed cleaning up and decides he's going to have some fun with this hunky and hairy soldier. He's seen Reed's dick swinging in the showers - it's big and meaty - and Ferelli's been wanting a crack at this stud's hot, muscled ass. Ferelli pulls rank on Reed and makes the soldier do push-ups and sit-ups. Then the lieutenant ties up Reed and sucks his cock. Ferelli puts the soldier down on all fours and starts rimming his hole. "I'm going to fuck that pretty ass of yours, soldier," Ferelli grunts.

    And while Ferelli's got his face buried between those beautiful butt cheeks, he doesn't notice that Reeds been loosening the ropes. The private breaks free and jumps Ferelli. Now the lieutenant is going to get a taste of his own medicine. The private restrains his superior and flogs his beefy, bare ass. Red welts blaze across those round, firm butt cheeks. Reed ties a heavy weight to Ferelli's balls and makes the lieutenant crawl around the floor, dragging the weight behind him.

    And now that he's got the lieutenant in line, Reed lies him back on a bench, puts a ball gag in his mouth, and hoists his legs in the air. Then Reed pummels the lieutenant's ass. He drives his stiff cock into Ferelli's tight, puckered hole, ignoring the lieutenant's pleas for mercy. Reed knows he's going to catch hell when he lets Ferelli free, so he's going to make this worth his while. Bound Gods has a free preview of this sweaty military scene, head over there and check it out.

  • Alt Stud Strokes His Cock

    Long haired emo boy strokes his cock

    Alterna Dudes' Noah Wood has a few tattoos, long hair, piercings and that hot look sexy alternative studs have! He talks dirty to the camera while stroking his uncut cock and fingering his ass!

  • Twinks in the Locker Room

    Twink sex in the locker room

    Preston Andrews from Teach Twinks is cute, blond and slender, and he's been picked on by the other guys so he hides out in the locker room. That's where his friend Kayden Daniels finds him, and immediately cheers him up, first with his good attitude and then by giving him a blowjob. Well, I know that would cheer me up, and it seems to raise Preston's spirits, as well - so well that he returns the blowjob by licking and sucking Kayden's rod in return. And once the boys are thoroughly turned on, Preston lies Kayden on his back, pulls his legs apart and slides that hard twink meat deep in his buddy's ass, then gives his hole a pounding till he fucks the cum right out of him!

  • Military Studs Having Threeway Sex

    Cash and Shawn give Zander his first ever threesome!

    Military personnel studs Zander, Cash and Shawn have an incredibly hot threeway for the Active Duty cameras whilst on leave. This is Zander's first threesome and he really gets into all the ass rimming, cock sucking and butt fucking action that ensues!

  • Naked Sword's "Golden Gate"

    If you've been as busy pushing old ladies with portable oxygen tanks out of the way at shopping plazas as I have, you'll know that December is one insane and crazy mofo! I mean, really! WTF? The last time I was this busy, I was hashing out license plates in El Paso one incarcerated summer with guys with names like 'Lobo' and 'Paco.' (We went on to develop "problematic" relationships, btw.) So, I guess what I'm saying is I simply have more porn to consume than orifices to consume it with. But I digress.

    Golden Gate Episode 2

    Naked Sword's original series, "Golden Gate," features a Guantanamo's Bay of gay porn stars and hotness rolled into moist, puffed pastries of I don't know what, but I'd help myself to seconds. (Oxygen tanks be damned!) In episode two, "The Island of Lost Toys," directed by Jessie Garcia, something big is about to happen between Argentinean and Raging Stallion Studios' exclusive D.O and British-born Kennedy Carter. But it is the interviews which I wish were either longer or were shown somewhere like YouTube (read: free) in a longer format, than I mined gold. For example, Carter accused D.O. of saying "dirty" things to try and trip him up on his lines, while D.O. countered that he was merely being "hot!" So what was said? (Sorry, D.O saying he hurls baby seals off of earth-moving equipment still won't change my mind. I'm just saying. There's a thing there.)

    In the episode three interview - "Self-Service" with Dayton O'Connor and Rusty Stevens (I know, you're sure you slept with him), we find, after being asked what they like personally about San Francisco, that Rusty is shocked by how uneventful how he chooses to express himself on any given day is. Oh, and how easy is it to cruise. While Dayton realized he had found a home for his really tight tee-shirts.

    There's more of course. Episode 4, "The Beach House,"stars Jeremy Bilding, Trente Locke and Christian Wilde, has its own interview and I would encourage you to watch that one as well.

  • Not All Cocks Are Beautiful

    Not All Cocks Are Beautiful

    Isaiah's cock isn't going to win any beauty contests. It's veiny and it's crowned with a long, olive-shaped cock head with a wide piss slit. But it is deliciously long and it is uncut. (That's always a nice bonus.) And isn't that what makes having sex with guys so much fun? You never know what you're going to find when you fish a guy's dick out of his underwear. Some guys have the most perfectly-shaped and well-proportioned cocks, while other sport curves or bulbous caps. Regardless, Isaiah loves his dick and he puts on quite the show jerking it all over Sean Cody's studio livingroom.

    Isaiah has a lean and ripped body. He's a self-proclaimed, nature-loving guy who grew up in the mountains. He loves hiking through the wild forest and it's kept his body in top shape. This young stud also has a big pair of nipples - huge dark patches on his chiseled pecs. And if you like a guy with a furry ass, Isaiah is one you'll want to check out. He mounts the sofa, rears that hairy butt towards the camera, and lets us watch as he jerks his long cock from behind. Then he lies on the floor and hoists his legs on the sofa to give us a different view. He jerks his dick all over that room until he finally shoots his big load all over his washboard stomach. I'm hoping that we're going to get to see Isaiah in some guy-on-guy action at Sean Cody in the weeks ahead, but for now, enjoy Isaiah's energetic jerk-off session