• Robert Axel Gets Fucked

    Black muscle worshipper gets fucked

    Robert Axel worships the muscles of Kevin Crows in front of the Cocksure Men camera before he gets his backside fucked by that large mouthwatering cock!

  • The Hottest Corbin Fisher Jock Ever!

    Cute Jock

    Hot Jock Flexing Muscles

    Hot Guy's Ass

    If you don't smoke, you'll want to head to the store before scrolling down to see any more of this muscle jock. Aiden is really hot and you're going to need that post-coital cigarette. Corbin Fisher himself said that Aiden is the hottest jock he's ever had on the site. Now that says something.

    Aiden is 23-year-old and while he's still sporting his boyish good looks, he's built like man - a strong, powerful bodybuilder. He works out about three hours a day and it sure does show. And as you'll soon see, when he jerks off, he really gets into it. Aiden starts off pumping his muscles and getting the testosterone pumping through his body. He says that he hasn't jerked off in two weeks. He rubs his massive pecs. Then he slaps his hard cock against his stomach a few times.

    Aiden grabs his meat and strokes it slowly and attentively. "Oh god, it feels so good," he moans. He gets on his knees and grabs his ass, spreading his butt cheeks as he pumps his cock. He lies back in a lounge chair and two weeks worth of cum is working its way up from his balls. "Oh, god!" Aiden says, "I'm gonna cu" His whole body spasms as a huge load shoots out of his cock - one, two, three massive bursts of creamy goodness, then a few more drops dribble and squirt out. Aiden said that he definitely wants to come back to Corbin Fisher. I wonder if he knows what that involves, but I'm pretty sure we're going to see this stud getting his dick sucked by one of the alumni.

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  • What DO They Call That?

    Now that Thanksgiving is a distant, gauzy and horrible memory once more (yay, we get to slaughter an animal the size of big pillow!) and a sufficient level of my cholesterol has shrunk in size that it can now be dealt with successfully on mere dialysis, I want to raise an issue that has probably crossed many of your minds at some point in your gay porn travels: Why DO Japanese men have a fixation on the pectoralis major muscle group?

    I know it would be terribly unscientific of me to categorize an entire nation's sexual tastes based on one cheaply made scene from a Japanese gay porn but forgive me while I do exactly that. I mean, do I need to trot out anything more than a casual observation - specifically from this clip - to suggest that Japanese gay porn puts a much higher premium on chest play than, say, Americans do? And why is that? I wouldn't want to suggest that it's more feminized - caressing, kissing, etc. a breast - or that somehow the Japanese have integrated their genders better, but it definitely lacks that aggressiveness we Americans have come to appreciate it in, say, our, "Saw" videos.

    Chest and nipple play at Pexual

    In fact, entire industries in Japan are built around the entire nipple/sphincter axis probably because a) it feels so fucking good for the models and, in turn, for the viewers and b) arousing one's thorax doesn't quite have the same sexual humph most viewers are looking for. But the Japanese have mastered the whole chest fixation in a way that few countries have mastered, say, steel or farm-raised Tilapia.

    I've actually always kind of liked that: chest play. For one, it's kind of hot. There's something so staged about sex in gay porn anyway that it's nice to see two guys - or even a group of guys - enjoy a little something before the show. It also helps the actors involved by bringing in one more tool in the foreplay arsenal not to mention most guys like to have their nipples sucked on. I mean, that is what they're for, right? Sucking?

    So while they aren't exactly the founders of gay sex, they can definitely boast - at least in this video - that chest play is theirs for the taking.

    (This opus on Japanese nipple play is dedicated to Leslie Nielsen, 1926-2010, a man known to have loved to have his nipple tweaked on occasion.)

  • Zack Drinks His Own Urine

    Piss drinking twink

    Dark haired and very cute twink boy Zack has a slim body and big eyes that sort of draw you in. He's also got unshaved pubes, a yummy uncut cock, and a taste for kink that includes drinking his own piss, which is how he ended up on Boys Pissing. Here he is, posing in the bathroom - love that washboard stomach! - and then lying down in the tub. He grabs his dick, aims it at his mouth and lets the pee fly, covering his face and neck with hot golden liquid, and filling his mouth. Zack doesn't pull away or close his mouth - he revels in piss drinking, and once he's done, he grabs his uncut rod and jerks to a creamy climax!

  • Bad Boy Strokes as He Smokes

    View full video at Boys Smoking

    Trevor from Boys Smoking is an alt sort of dude, with a facial piercing, scruffy beard and his backwards baseball cap. And if there's one thing Trevor likes to do, it's smoke. But he's a guy, so he also loves jerking off. And here he gets to do both in front of a camera - and get paid for it! It doesn't get much better than this ;-)

  • Beefy Bodybuilder

    Bodybuilder Flexing Biceps

    Beefy Bodybuilder

    Naked Bodybuilder with Uncut Cock

    Cosmo is a competitive bodybuilder; he's a beefy man with crushing muscles. Can you imagine snuggling up between those massive and solid thighs and nursing on his uncut cock? Cosmo is straight, but he doesn't mind getting his dick serviced by a hungry cocksucker; and from time to time he likes burying his stiff cock deep inside a tight ass. And if I know the guys at UK Naked Men, we'll get to see this hot muscle man pounding some poor bottom's ass soon enough.

    Cosmo is a handsome stud - beautiful, deep-brown eyes, a square jaw, and plump, kissable lips. He spends several hours a week in the gym, keeping his body in top shape. His guns are huge, bulging mounds of muscle. Cosmo has a strong chest with deliciously dark-brown nipples. He sits back in a comfortable chair and spreads his beefy thighs; they're strong but not overly developed like with some bodybuilders. But still, you can see the thrusting power in those thighs. and his ass his round and firm.

    But my favorite part of this beefy bodybuilder is his uncut cock. When soft, it hangs heavily between his legs and his dick is covered in thick foreskin. When hard, it lengthens nicely and his foreskin slides back, revealing a plump, pink cockhead. I can't wait to see this muscle stud in action, but for now, you'll want to head over to UK Naked Men and take in every inch of this handsome bodybuilder.

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  • Hot Jocks Fucking Raw

    Hot toned studs have raw anal sex

    AJ and Micah from Chaos Men are two very sexy jocks indeed. They are both well hung and love their sex to be natural and raw, so here they are barebacking in several positions to unload.

  • Fuck The Fountain Of Youth

    Fuck The Fountain Of Youth

    We are all obsessed with youth, whether we like it or not. It is just something that society (and especially us gays) value above everything else. Everywhere we go, that's all we see. Face creams to give you a "youthful glow," cosmetic surgery to give you the arse of a 19 year old, Botox to fill and "smooth out" your crows feet and of course collagen lip enhancements to make your lips resemble a scorned vagina! It's all there for the taking as some try and hang on to that last bit of the teenage dream.

    In the "gay world", youth is pretty much everything. If you are over 30 well, consider yourself pretty much dead. I however, refuse to believe this. Not only because I think this way of thinking is stupid and damaging but because I have always found that there is just something very hot about older guys.

    I will not buy into that ridiculous idea that age dictates how good you look or that you have to "fix" yourself the older you get in order to try and fit in with the younger crowd. I have met plenty of guys that are in their 40's, 50's and even 60's that are just as sexy and studly as any 20 year old! So to all my older fellas, if you're out there thinking that it's time for you to hang up your jock strap and call it a day, I say: No, no, no! Put it back on and show it off for all the world to see!

  • Interview with Falcon Model Roman Heart

    Falcon Studios Model Roman Heart

    Today we're lucky enough to talk to Falcon Studios model Roman Heart!

    Anthony:: So, how did you get your start in the big? How did you decide "Hey, I think I wanna fuck on camera" ;)

    Roman:: It was in 2004 with Falcon Studios. I had friends that were in the biz that loved it.

    Anthony: Even if people admit they are 50/50 top and bottom, everyone has got a preference. So if was the last time you could ever have sex, which would you be - top or bottom?

    Roman:: Nice questions! Expected answer - bottom.

    Anthony: When have you been turned on the most while filming a scene? What performer has been the easiest to work with?

    Roman:: When there is the natural unexpected connection.

    Anthony: What's your ultimate sexual fantasy? What are your turn-ons and what don't you like in a guy?

    Roman:: I like and fantasize about authority figures; your typical teacher, cop, lawyer. I like confident, aggressive guys, and vice versa.

    Anthony: Do you have time for a love life of your own? What are some of your hobbies outside of the bedroom?

    Roman:: Yes, I've been with Benjamin Bradley for about six years - he's my love. I like to cook, read and do anything outdoors.

    Anthony: What's been the highlight so far now that you're a part of the business?

    Roman:: Being a part of such productions as Cross Country and Roman's Holiday where we travel abroad.

    Anthony: Now all your fuckers are alike in the way that you all have amazing bodies. Fucking fabulous :) Got any workout tips for us? How do you keep your body looking sexy as hell?

    Roman:: I've always eaten a minimal amount of sugar, and I never "drink" my calories.

    Anthony: Rapid fire time... One performer you want to work with and weirdest place you've ever had sex!

    Roman:: Falcon Studios sets me up with amazing actors, so I'm set on that. Weirdest place, in a cemetery on a grave.

    Anthony: Got any big projects or news on the way?

    Roman:: I'm beginning a house in January, and I'm really excited to purchase it and make it my own!

    Anthony: Where can we stalk you... I mean follow you (i.e. Twitter, Facebook or your own website)?

    Roman:: www.RomanAndBenjamin.com

    Thank you for talking with us, Roman. We look forward to seeing you in more movies, and in your future projects!

  • Outdoor Bear Threesome

    Bear Threeway Sex

    Older Man Sucking Cock

    Older Man Sucking Cock

    Ben Martin is a greedy cocksucker. This sexy, grey-haired man loves nothing more than chowing down on a hot cock. I posted about Ben Martin in Older Men in Suits Fucking here at Gay Demon and now this horny older man is back for a bear threeway, and in this scene from Pantheon Bear he's got two nice dicks to choose from.

    Paxton Hall is a sexy, hairy man with a hot moustache and a big-nobbed cock and Roman Wright is a beefy, black bear - good looking and well hung. When this scene opens Ben is down on his knees sucking Paxton's mushroom-head cock and Roman is sitting beside them watching. Not wanting Roman to be the third man out, Ben slides over and goes to work on his big dick.

    Ben lies back on Paxton gives him some head while the older man gets face fucked by Roman. Then Paxton hoist's Ben's legs and fucks his ass. The men swap ends and Roman takes his turn fucking this horny older man. I love watching threeway sex when everyone's having a good time and in this configuration with a cock-hungry bottom and two well-hung tops, you can't ask for a hotter set-up. And of course, who doesn't like watching men fucking outdoors? Head over to Pantheon Bear and check out this sweaty threesome sex scene.

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  • Bareback Pounding

    View full video at Hot Barebacking

    Long-haired bottom boy Kody Hawke is about to find out why Farius Cane from Hot Barebacking is considered a power top. Kody goes down on Farius, but only for a minute - this horny top can't wait to slam his cock deep into Kody's tight hole, and wastes no time putting him on his knees and sliding his shaft deep inside his ass. He barebacks him doggy style, then lets Kody ride that hard dick. In fact, he gives Kody the barebacking of his life from just about every angle!

  • Blog About Men


    Blog About Men is a product of a French Canadian guy, living in Asia with his long time male partner who helped him develop this gorgeous blog about beautiful men, their form and the appeal they offer to other appreciators of gorgeous man flesh. It really works exceedingly well. Francois's pictures and videos are universally those dealing with the hottest-looking men in the world. Naturally, most are gay and many, in fact, are seen in contact with other equally-hot guys.He takes particular interest in men removing clothing, revealing more of the body as it goes, never stopping until we get these stunning visuals of hot fucking cocks, throbbing in front of our faces in luscious living color. Hot streaming videos or the beautiful high resolution pictures he sports on his blog all combine to make a visit here a wonderful treat for eye candy aficiando's as well as for - well, hell - everybody who likes good-looking men. Make no mistake - there are lots of them on this rich and bodacious blog. Well done, Francois!

  • Ex-Navy Boy Gets Naked

    Amateur ex-Navy man gets naked and cums

    Kyle from Island Studs is an unusual - and definitely hot - amateur hottie from Hawaii. He grew up in Oahu, is a Buddhist and after getting out of the Navy came back to the islands to work as a bouncer. Kyle's got a very nice body, muscular and a little beefy, and I can't decide whether I like his smile or his mustache better, but he's got a friendly look and no problem getting naked for the camera. Kyle also didn't mind showing off his lightly hairy ass and his rock-hard piece of manmeat! And I love this last pic from the end of his jackoff session, thick cum oozing from his throbbing cock.

  • Uncut Guy With British Accent

    Uncut guy with fat dick strips and strokes his cock

    Buzz West's Jason Knight is from England and has a sexy British accent to be heard whilst he tells of his sexual adventures in a few of the local clubs. He has a wonderful fat uncut cock and a great smooth body. His pubes are completely shaved and he has a sexy nipple piercing!

  • Bound Guy Servicing Dick

    Bound Guy Getting Dildo Fucked

    Guy Licking Boots

    Bound Guy Sucking Big Cock

    Ned works in a wood shop and as a boss, he's an asshole. Since his dad owns the shop, Ned thinks he owns the employees. He treats them like shit and teases one employee for being too girly. He's even worse with the customers.

    Ned fires one of the employees and trash talks him in the process. This guy has had enough, so he calls in the Gay Mafia. When they show up, they subdue Ned in a hurry, stripping him naked and cuffing his hands behind his back. His pleas for help fall on deaf ears as his disgruntled employees gather around to watch the show. This is going to be particularly humiliating for Ned because he's straight.

    The mafia guys make Ned suck their cocks. And then in a particularly delicious scene, they thrown him on the floor, make him lick their boots; and then hog-tied and with his ass in the air, they violate his asshole with an electric drill with a dildo attachment.

    Once his hole is loosened up, everyone lines up to have their turn fucking this mouthy straight guy. They lie him back on a table, encase his head in a glory hole box, and while one huge-dicked stud fucks his ass, another slips his big cock into the glory hole and makes Ned suck it. The crowd humiliates Ned by pouring motor oil and sawdust all over his body, and then the guy who just finished fucking him sprays Ned with a huge load of cum. When they're done with this straight guy, they suspended him from the rafters naked and leave him for his father to find. I'm betting this guy was a lot nicer after that. Head over to Bound in Public and watch the free video trailer.

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