• Hot Vampire! Happy Halloween!

    gay vampire

    Trystan Bull shows us that there's nothing scary about Halloween. Trystan's a regular on Next Door Male, a solo male jerk-off site, and Next Door Buddies, a guy-on-guy sex site; and in honur of Halloween he submitted his cute face to the make-up department and was transformed into a sexy vampire.

    I didn't even recognize him at first and when I looked up his name to see who he was exactly, I was surprised. Trystan is so adorably cute with a tight body and a huge dick. When I finally figured out who this vampire was, I was pretty impressed with the transformation. And that jockstrap of his is really sexy with the laced up front. Next Door Male has made up two other hunks into vampires: Marcus Mojo and Austin Wilde.

    Two of Trystan's videos find themselves in the top ten most watched videos on Next Door Male, so you'll want to head over there and check out his free previews. (He's got a total of eight jerk-off videos on NDM.) And don't forget Next Door Buddies, where Trystan has two suck and fuck videos, including his first time fucking a guy's ass. Either site will get you access to the other, along with five other hot gay porn sites. And you don't want to miss an inch of Trystan Bull's superb cock.

  • Hot Young Guy Gets Whipped

    Luke Desmond is tied up and whipped by Sebastian

    Dominant boy-teaser Sebastian has some gorgeous young meat to play with at Boy Napped as he gets to tie up and whip Luke Desmond, then oils his smooth body and milks his hard cock.

  • Big Black Muscle Hunk

    Big black muscle stud jerks his cock

    Diesel Washington from Hot Jocks Nice Cocks is a big man. This hot black hunk stands a full 6' 6" with a muscular chest and bulging arms that show just how much time he spends working out in the gym. Diesel has a great smile, a very masculine presence that shows no matter what he's doing and plenty of tattoos to accent his muscled body. And there's one other thing that stands out about this powerful man - his big black cock! Diesel reveals it slowly, pulling it out a little at first, just giving us a tease. But he's horny, and soon he's got his fist around it and is jerking that hard piece of manmeat!

  • Blue Eyes, Blond Hair, Big Dick...

    Tobin exposes his large cock on the couch

    ...'Nuff said. Blessed with a large cock, beautiful piercing blue eyes and blond hair, Tobin would be a fool not to exploit his stunning features after his older brother Micah had already done several shoots for Chaos Men, including a hardcore scene!

  • Horny Men in Suits

    men in suits

    I love a hot scene with a good story, and even more, I'm a romantic,so this latest scene from Stag Homme really pulled at my sentimentality and got me horned up at the same time. It doesn't hurt that this scene also satisfies my cravings for sexy men in suits.

    Logan Scott and Francesco D'Macho were a happy couple, they loved each other deeply and spent many happy years together. Then Francesco went missing without a trace. Logan searched in vain, he wasn't able to find out anything about what happened to his lover.

    Tonight would have been their tenth anniversary together, so Logan sets the table for two. After a couple of glasses of wine, Logan finds Francesco there with him. Is this real? Or has Logan had too much to drink? He doesn't care. Francesco and Logan embrace, kissing passionately. Then they strip out of their suits and take turns servicing one another's cocks. Logan always loved Francesco's big, fat, uncut dick; and as he wraps his lips around Francesco's stiffening boner, Logan remembers just how much he loved that cock.

    Logan kneels in a chair and presents his hairy ass to his lover and Francesco fucks him passionately with deep and purposeful strokes. Then Francesco sits back in the chair and Logan rides his fat dick and the two men kiss deeply. With his fuck hole satisfied, Logan lies across the table and starts jerking his cock. Francesco pumps his cock, too, and finally splooges all over Logan's face. This sends the hairy hunk over the edge and he spills his load all over his hairy belly. If you're in for a little romance and passionate sex, head over to Stag Homme and check out the free video of this sizzling scene.

  • Matthew's First Time

    jocks first time

    Matthew is a hot-looking guy who just did his first solo jerk-off video with Corbin Fisher. And in spite of his nerves, he jumped right into his first guy-on-guy session. And this is a first for this jock on many levels. He's never had sex with a guy before and he's certainly never felt a dick sliding into his ass either.

    Dur and Matthew are sitting outside on a warm day and Dru is getting Matthew relaxed for his first time with a guy. Matthew wasn't worried about anything else, just the actual fucking. Dru assured him that he'd be gentle at first. So they started to kiss and Matthew responded passionately. Matthew unbuttons Dru's pants and plays with his cock and moments later, when Dru pulls out Matthew's stiff cock, it seems that Matthews nerves are gone. Matthew has a long, uncut cock, it's rock hard, and Dru enjoys chowing down on his foreskin.

    Then for the moment Matthew's been dreading: Matthew gets down on all fours and Dru spits on his hand. He works two fingers into Matt's virgin asshole. Matthew is tight very tight, but he slowly starts to loosen up. Dru inches the head of his cock inside Matthew's ass, but it's tough, he's still so very tight.

    Matthew ends up on his back and this seems to be easier for him; Dru's entire cock slides in deeply. Matthew strokes his hard cock while Dru starts picking up the pace and fucks him harder. Before very long Matthew shoots all over his stomach. But Dru keeps pounding until he's ready to nut and then explodes all over Matthew. As the guys kiss afterwards, Matthews tells Dru that it felt amazing. Now with that one under his belt, I'm hoping we're going to see Matthew fucking some ass soon with that big uncut cock of his.

  • Daddy Does Some Penis Pumping

    View full video at Kinky Older Men

    This mature daddy from Kinky Older Men is about to enjoy himself as he demonstrates some vacuum pumping. The camera slides down his hairy body, then stops as he slides the cylinder down over his cock. He strokes the outside almost as if it was his dick, then hooks up the tube and gets pumping. In mere seconds, his rod bigger - hard and thick!

  • Fucking an Italian Muscle Hunk

    fucking italian muscle hunk

    I see a lot of stupid shit in my travels in online gay porn. Like yesterday I started watching a scene that was supposed to be two construction workers getting it on, and one of these workman was wearing bare feet in sneakers. That just ruined the fantasy and moved on. Likewise, I see a lot of stupid set-ups around how guys start having sex with one another.

    But today at Men at Play, I saw one of the most wonderfully funny and sexy scenes I've watched in a long time. Marco Wilson is giving Alex Marte a tour of the office. I suppose Alex has been hired to work there, but Alex just shrugs and mumbles in reply to Marco's comments and questions. Marco decides to have a bit of fun with this Italian muscle hunk and says, "I bet you have a nice cock, eh?" Alex just sort of shrugs and fumbles, "I no understand." To which Marco adds, "And a nice big ass as well." Frustrated, Marco says, "Okay, I'm going to go and see if I can find someone who knows what the fuck you're saying. In the meantime, take your clothes off, sit on the couch, and stroke your big cock. I'll be back in a minute."

    When Marco returns this Italian muscle hunk is sitting on the couch in his underwear with his tie slung around his neck. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Marco yells. "You said 'get naked'," Alex replies. "But you said you didn't speak English," Marco says. "Yes, I speak English," Alex replies, getting up and approaching the still-stunned Marco. The two men start kissing. Now that's a fabulous set-up.

    And it gets better from there. Marco goes down on this big, muscle hunk and sucks his fat, uncut, Italian cock. Since Alex is already naked, Marco proceeds in his suit and rims Alex's ass, then starts fucking him. Marco strips out of his shirt, tie and blazer, but keeps his trousers on and Alex backs onto his stiff cock and fucks it. In the end, Alex is down on all fours and Marco jerks off, sending an enormous load of spunk spraying all over this Italian muscle hunk's back. Now, that was fucking hot - construction workers in sneakers ... bleah! Why bother! Head over to Men At Play and watch this fucking hot preview.

  • Flip Flop Fucking

    flip flop fucking

    I get a day-long hard-on whenever I see Paul Wagner. He's a sexy and furry muscle hunk with a sexy beard. We're mostly used to seeing smooth muscle guys in gay porn, but more and more, those muscle studs who have body hair are going au naturel, and I couldn't be happier. Paul Wagner has racked up six hot suck and fuck videos at Next Door Buddies where he both fucks and gets his beefy ass plowed.

    Paul Wagner and Tyler Ford are taking a dip in the Next Door Buddies pool. And after drying off, these two studs begin horsing around and whipping each other with their towels. This romp around the pool gets the guys excited and they head into the bedroom and start making out. This is Tyler Ford's first scene with Next Door Buddies, and he's a real cutie. I'm sure he'll be back for more.

    The guys really get into it hot and heavy on the bed, kissing, fondling, and swapping blowjobs. And then they get into some horny flip-flop fucking. Tyler mounts Paul and rides his hard cock; and Paul gets down on all fours and Tyler stands at the edge of the bed and fucks his hairy, beefy ass. I love flip-flop fucking! Head over to Next Door Buddies and check out the free preview video.

  • Jayden Pisses and Jerks Off

    Horny twink pissing - gay piss fetish pics

    Jayden Taylor from Boys Pissing is one cute and kinky twink boy. He can't wait to get started once he's in the bathroom. In fact, he doesn't even bother to undress - he just unleashes a stream of hot piss all over his t-shirt and into his own mouth. The taste of his own urine seems to turn him on, because he undresses and soon he's pissing on his chest and stomach. Once Jayden is drenched in the warm golden liquid, he grabs his cock and starts stroking it. He's still dripping pee as he spurts a load of hot cum!

  • Footballers Fuck In The Locker Room

    Footballers fuck in the locker room after shower

    Thierry from Club Eurocreme catches his team mate having a quick wank in the locker room. Before you know it, they are swapping blowjobs on the floor, wet from the shower and Jason buries his cock into Thierry's ass!

  • Hot Muscle Hunk

    hot muscle hunk

    I don't know if "hot" is a strong enough word to describe this muscle hunk. I sucked a lot of wind when Mike Matters popped up on my screen. Words like magnificent, gorgeous, stunning, breath-taking, beautiful, and sexy all come to mind. But I didn't want to gush too much. But seriously, I see a lot of guys in my travels writing for this blog; and I have to say that Mike Matters is probably the most gorgeous man I've seen all month.

    When reading his bio, I wasn't surprised to learn that this tanned hunk comes from Canada and he's bilingual. Quebec has some of the most good-looking guys in Canada. Can you imagine this stud whispering dirty talk in your ear in French. Fuck me! That would almost be too much to bear.

    With sexy good looks and a hard, muscular body like this, it's not surprising to discover that Mike is a stripper. If I had a body like this I'd be shedding my clothes anywhere and everywhere I could. But there's more to Mike than a hot body and a delicious cock; he spends a great deal of time working out (surprise, suprise) and he loves spending time working in his shop building race cars.

    So that means Mike is good with tools and knows how to use his hands ... you know where this is going, don't you? I'm sorry, I'm just all giddy and can't avoid going to the lowest common denominator. Yes, Mike has a wonderfully delicious uncut cock and he puts it to good use in his premiere jerk-off video at Next Door Male. I know what I'm going to be doing when I'm finished writing this post - how about you?

  • Big and Beefy!

    big and beefy amateur guy gay porn audition

    Rowan is a big and beefy Londoner with a hairy body, tattoos and a shaved head that give him a rough look. He's got the goodies to go with it, too, including a pierced eyebrow and the kind of muscles you only develop from working and sweating regularly at the gym. Rowan actually seems pretty intimidating - he's the kind of guy you might expect to be working for a debt collector with the mob, but he's actually a super nice dude despite the fact that he's actually won bouts of competitive cage fighting. He seems to be having a good time showing off that masculine body and stroking till he shoots his load, and I notice that unlike other guys who get naked on camera at First Auditions, no one tries to get Rowan to go any further than he's comfortable - and can you blame them?

  • Blond Wrestler Tops

    blond wrestler tops

    With a fighting record of 1:1 on the mats, blond stud Phillip Aubrey needs to win this match in order to remain on top - and he doesn't intend to surrender his ass to his opponent. He's lean, ripped, and he's packing a thick dick, which he wants to bury in Matthew Singer's ass.

    Matthew is tall like Phillip, with long legs and big thick cock; and he got his ass kicked in a wrestling match last spring. He feels that his military training and his strength will help him win this match and get back in the game. But Phillip has amazing endurance and he's trained in Budokan, so he's going to be formidable opponent. Both of these studs want to fuck ass, so it's going to be a hot, sweaty match.

    The guys go at it on the mats, ripping off each other's jockstraps earning bonus points for slapping ass, fingering butts, and slapping one another's faces with their stiff cocks. Matthew's thick cock flops around as he tumbles on the mats with Phillip, and while Matthew tries to gain the upper hand, Phillip is always right there buffing his every move. In the end, poor Matthew goes down in defeat. Phillip face fucks his opponent and rides him like a horse. Then, down on all fours, Matthew feels the full thrusting force of Phillip's hard, muscled body. After fucking him hard, Phillip spews a big load all over Matthew and leaves him on the mats to feel the pain of defeat. Head over to Naked Kombat and check out the free video preview of this naked wrestling match.

  • Charmants


    Charmants is nearly too good to be true. This incredibly classy and very high-tech sort of website links pictures to other sites from a central filter featuring glimpses of what the link represents. Now, this may seem uninspiring until one actually checks the links themselves. What opens for the curious surfer are sites and blogs of extremely excellent quality - universally so, in fact. Not only that, but a menu at the top of Charmants reveals categories such as "adult", "sports", "entertainment", "fashion" and pretty much every category under the sun in an "all" category. The "Sports" section features both American and European footballers, wrestlers and eye candy galore of the most famous studs playing games. The "adult" section is special as well - very special. It shows 'more' than the standard elements, giving the total frontal nudity we often require in our surfing and depicting men at their very best. Nor are these guys unknowns. In the end, Charmants links us everywhere with some rapidity and style. Its purpose is revealed as a center for surfing and it serves that function extremely well indeed. The categories and the excellent features which are at the other end of these links gives us a variety which is absolutely uncommon anywhere else. This is a fascinating journey.