• Naked Twister

    naked twister

    Southern Strokes gets guys applying from all over the southern United States to appear on their porn site. And since they had quite a few Texans interested in getting naked for the cameras, Southern Strokes decided to take a road trip. It turned into a three-day sex party out in the middle of Bum Fuck Texas.

    They gathered six young, Texan guys together and put them in a getting-to-know-you session of naked twister. Sal is a shy, 21-year-old guy with a nice uncut cock and he loves to bottom. Haigan is an open-minded straight guy with a rock-hard body and a big cock. Rex and Ricky are best buds and they're pretty much joined at the hip. And Ricky has a 10-inch cock. Tanner is a cute guy who just turned 18. He's got a ripped body, adorable face, and he just wants to get fucked. Everett has a rockin' hard body and also sports a big hard cock ... I see where this is going and a couple of these bottom boys are going to be very happy boys.

    Last in this gang of Texans is Jay, he's the Southern Strokes houseboy and while he prefers to stay behind the camera, this tall ripped blond gets into the action, too. In the weeks ahead, Southern Strokes will be unveiling the videos they filmed during this three-day, Texan fuckfest, but if you head over to Southern Strokes you can check out the preview of this naked game of Twister. What a hot way to get to know a guy you're going to eventually fuck!

  • Rough Hairy Armpit Sniffer

    Rough hairy man smells his bits

    Alessio from Man Avenue is no primped and trimmed male model - he's a REAL amateur man with a rough look, plenty of tattoos and unshaved body hair. I love the facial hair, too. Alessio's got a testosterone-laden look that says "Don't fuck with me!", and you can bet after one look that nobody does. His furry body gives him an even more masculine look, and that hairy puckered asshole makes you wish you were in the room with him. And if there's one thing that turns Alessio on, it's smelling his own armpits. They're unshaved, undeoderized, and he loves stroking his cock while he revels in their manly smell!

  • Stud Muffin Blog


    Stud Muffin Blog is actually a kick-ass, funny and sexy as hell blog written by Brian, its irrepressible author. Witty and with an open adoration of gay male sexuality, he posts most of his stuff about guys in the gay porn film industry. His list of his Top Ten Stud Muffins shows a gaggle of guys who performed in late-broken gay porn, mostly very new stuff. Brian here is at the very well-informed forefront of hot new stars and films. I like his blog because he introduces us to these newer guys, filling us in a bit on personalities and factoids. Not only that, but he has relationships with many of them, for example interviewing Montreal's finest - Jeremy Feist - for his blog and getting some very candid talk out of a hot young porn star bout sex, "coming out", family and his favorite co-stars. Intelligent and very contemporary, the "New" is what motivates this author and he produces an excellent blog which makes extra effort to inform and entertain us concerning the latest gay male entertainment efforts. Brian has a very entertaining thing going on here and his pictures are universally smoking hot. He is not afraid to lay on some pictorial sizzle - no sir, not one bit. I recommend this blog for those who want to know what's new and who's new. And at the same time, who might want to enjoy some delicious eye candy.

  • New Master, New Slave

    leather master

    During IML (International Mr. Leather) Bound Gods manned a booth to show off their kinky, fetish site to the masses. During the show, Master Avery, a BDSM lifestyler from NYC, stopped by with a group of slave boys. Master Avery requested a dom position at Bound Gods and the site was only too happy to clear a space for them in one of their dungeons.

    Leo Forte is a hot, black guy with a strong, athletic body. He's wrestled a couple of times on Naked Kombat and he had his first bondage session with the very well-hung Josh West. And he was hungry for more, so Bound Gods turned him over to Master Avery for a training session.

    Master Avery is wearing his leather chaps and jockstrap, a vest and harness, and a bridge cap; Leo Forte is naked and restrained to the wall. Blindfolded, so he can't see what's coming at him, Leo feels the first lashes of his master's flogger. But this is just the beginning of this long and harsh training session. This new slave is put through the paces and endures bare-assed caning, upside down suspension, hot wax, boot licking, forced cocksucking, and finally, a good old fashioned ass fucking while bent over and restrained to a cross. Before his new master splatters his load all over this boy's face.

  • Sucking 8 Guys Cocks

    Eight guys give their loads

    What a cock-sucking slut! Micah from Dirty Tony is cum hungry and he kneels amongst 8 hot men with big dicks for a bukkake session. You should see his satisfied face when all 8 San Diego hotties have busted their nuts all over his face!

  • Bareback Him Till He Screams!

    View full video at Macho Fucker

    Man, this horny bottom boy from Macho Fucker can't get enough of that hard cock! First our bottom services a Latin top, getting him rigid and ready. Then he's bent over with his legs up as his asshole is pumped and pounded bareback, harder and harder, faster and faster, as his moans of pain and pleasure turn into grunts, groans and finally screams as he yells for more!

  • Junior Stellano

    junior stellano

    There's a new hairy hunk making his mark on the gay porn scene. Junior Stellano is a 35-year-old, hairy man who has only been making videos for a year or so, but he's already getting quite the following. And why not? Junior Stellano is handsome and masculine, and he's got a beautifully muscled and hairy body.

    Junior Stellano has already made five DVDs, and recently he took a break from his busy schedule and stopped by Butch Dixon to show off his sexy body. I'm attracted to this hairy hunk on so many levels. He's of Italian and Portuguese background - fifth generation New Yorker - and I love Mediterranean men. I'm always turned on by bald men or men who keep their hair cut very short. I love tattoos and Junior Stellano wears a sleeve of ink on his left arm and has several other tatts all over his body.

    Junior has a fantastic cock, too. It's over 8 inches long and sports a hard, banana curve when it's rock hard. And this stud has a beautiful, beefy ass. It's covered with fine hair, but I love that hairy patch in the small of his back. It snakes down towards his butt crack and disappears between those round mounds of flesh. You definitely don't want to miss Junior Stellano; head over to Butch Dixon and check out this new sexy gay porn star.

  • Servicing a Masked Black Hunk

    Black muscle man wearing a mask and getting his cock sucked

    Adam is one gorgeous ebony stud, with that gorgeous muscled body and handsome face - and I like the way the mask he's wearing adds a touch of mystery. It's obvious Pascal from Maskurbate feels the same way, as he's undressing Adam the same way he'd unwrap a birthday present. And once he uncovers that huge uncut black cock, Pascal is one happy camper as he lets his lips and tongue taste the head and a little bit of pre-cum. He likes Adam down and sucks that great big rod, letting it hit the back of his throat. Then Adam takes over - he grabs his dick and jerks it hard and fast, bringing himself all the way to the edge!

  • Ass Stretched By Coach

    Straight guy gets his ass stretched and fucked

    Brock from Drake Rock is a straight guy wearing his jock who pops round to the coach's place to practice some stretches. Coach takes advantage of Brock having his hot ass exposed in his jock and decides to do some stretching of another kind!

  • Servicing Zeb Atlas!

    Servicing Zeb Atlas

    When amateur daddy Alex Stantin won Jake Cruise's "Jake for a Day" contest, he knew he'd get to star in a gay porn video, playing with and servicing a muscular jock or pornstar, but he never dreamed he'd get this lucky. Alex says he's a HUGE fan of massive bodybuilder Zeb Atlas, and that's who he was paired in for his shoot. As you may know, Zeb mostly does solo shoots, although he did let Jake suck him off a year or so ago, and it was Alex's good fortune to find himself introduced to Zeb by Jake, then set loose. He strokes that huge muscled body, plays with Zeb's nipples and chest, then puts his face between those rock-hard asscheeks to rim Zeb's hole before sucking and stroking his cock till Zeb blows his load. I've already said it, but I'll say it again... Lucky Alex!

  • Cute Guy's Fat Cock

    cute guy fat cock

    David Duke is almost completely straight. I say "almost" because UK Naked Men managed to convince this cute guy to do more than take his clothes off. David starred in a UK Naked Men video called Bunk Buddies, and it featured sexy blond hunk Mike Douglas; together, the two studs played a couple of fighter pilots. They find themselves alone in the bunk house while the rest of the platoon is out on manoeuvres. They guys are each lying on their own bunk with their hands down their pants; eventually the dicks come out and these two air men face one another and jerk off together. (You can see more of this session here at Gay Demon; I blogged about it in Military Guys Jerking Off.)

    And it is quite the cock. In this photo session, we get a better look at it. David slides his tight Aussie Bum briefs slowly down his hips. He reveals a fat shaft, teasing us by hesitating before finally releasing his fat dick. His cock is built like a construction pylon: almost twice as fat as the base. His dick tapers to a delicious cock head that would fit perfectly into any hungry mouth. And he's got a tight pair of shaved nuts.

    But there's a lot more to see where David is concerned. He's got a tight and well-defined body. He's moderately hairy; he's got a tight bubble butt; and very hairy legs. Head over to UK Naked Men and watch this cute stud in action.

  • Euro Bottom Takes 2 Cocks!

    Horny bottom boy takes on 2 cocks

    Kriss from Tim Tales is everyone's favorite bottom - the tops, fans and Tim seem to love watching Kriss in action. So do I! He's got a great body with sixpack abs and a round bubble butt, and he has a very tough look with his skinhead and tats. But the truth is the hottest thing about Kriss is just how much he loves cock. He loves having his mouth filled with it, he loves having his ass pounded, and here he not only loves sucking dick while he's getting barebacked - he gets DP'ed, taking two hard cocks deep in his hole at the same time, loving every stroke. And for the grand finale, Kriss licks a dick till he gets a cum facial

  • Hot US Navy Airman Jerks

    US Navy hunk jerks and cums

    A true All American Hero graces the casting couch in his flight suit and a growing bulge, which he releases and slowly strips while working his big cut cock, then he unleashes a thick load over his toned stomach!

  • Sucking a Fat Cock

    sucking fat cock

    Sam O'Toole is a good-looking stud with a ripped and smooth body. Sam is a cocksucker's dream come true; he's got one deliciously fat cock. But unfortunately Sam is horny now and there's not a cocksucker in site. Well, his buddy Phenix Saint is watching television in the next room, but Phenix is straight - so is Sam.

    Sam lies back on his sofa and watches some porn on the television and starts jerking his fat cock. It's not long before Phenix can hear the moaning and groaning from the porn video and comes to check out what all the noise is about. He's a little surprised to find Sam pulling his meat. Phenix isn't put off by it, just a little surprised. So he decides to help his buddy out and gets down on his knees. Sam's very happy because a mouth always feels better on your cock than a hand.

    Phenix sucks Sam's cock and gets it good and hard and Phenix jerks his own cock, too. When the guys are ready to blow their loads they sit on the floor leaning against the sofa and jerk their cocks. Sam is the first to shoot, spewing a big, thick load all over his thigh - he even squirts some of his spunk onto Phenix's leg. Phenix isn't far behind and shoot a vigorous load that splatters right up onto his chest. Now that's what buddies are for! Head over to Next Door Buddies and check out the free preview video.

  • Marine Beats His Meat

    View full video at All-American Heroes

    Chance is an infantryman who served in the Marines in the war. All American Heroes is a man's man. He's masculine, has a great body, is naturally horny, and has a hard uncut cock that he couldn't wait to pull out and stroke. One the pants came off, Chance showed off his great ass before getting down to some serious stroking!