• Skater Guy Fucks Ass

    skater guy fucks ass

    Dallas is a 21-year-old, redhead gay guy who has been having a lot of fun over at Southern Strokes. He loves getting his ass fucked and pretty much is willing to try whatever the Southern Strokes guys throw at him. Cody Starks is a 25-year-old skater guy from Atlanta. He is a small guy standing 5'5" tall with a thin build, some tattoos, and a fat 9" cock. And he's bisexual so he has no problem taking care of another guy's butt.

    Cody loves rough sex so as the two horny guys get into it, Cody is throwing around a little attitude. But Dallas isn't intimidated by anyone. Dallas was there to get fucked and he was going to enjoy it - no matter what. As soon as the cameras started rolling, Dallas stood up and stripped naked and Cody followed. Cody started sucking Dallas's stiffening cock. And after a little lip action of his own, Dallas got down on all fours so Cody could mount him from behind. Dallas loved feeling his buddy's 9-inch, fat cock drilling his hole. Once Dallas got used to Cody's huge cock, the horny redhead mounted Cody and rode the monster cock. Cody took control again and started fucking Dallas doggie style and by the time he was finished fucking, Dallas's ass was covered in a huge load of spunk!

  • Uncut British Manmeat

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    Jayden from Blake Mason is 22 years old, but there's something very mature and very sexy about this hunky Brit. He's casual and masculine, relaxed in front of the camera but has a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Maybe it's his handsome face that I noticed the most, but it could be that what really catches the eye is his uncut cock and heavy cum-filled balls. Jayden strips, then takes his rod in his hand, wraps his fingers around it, and gets that piece of uncut manmeat nice and hard. The head is swollen, the rod is rigid and Jayden strokes it, no longer thinking about the lights or the camera man, but only on his own pleasure!

  • British Twink Ass Pounded

    View full video at Blake Mason

    Bailey from Blake Mason is one cute UK twink, and after he confided that he loves older men, they surprised him with RJ. RJ is one hot piece of man who really knows how to fuck. After he and Bailey swap blowjobs and 69, RJ eats Bailey's ass, flips him over and squirts lube all over that tender hole. Then RJ gives Bailey a seriously hard - and hot - gay fuck!

  • Fat Uncut Cock

    fat uncut cock

    If you've been following my blog posts here for any length of time, you'll know that I'm a foreskin hound. There's nothing fatter than a fat uncut cock. And there's no better place to find foreskin than UK Naked Men.

    Mike Power's a sexy, British man with a fat, uncut dick and a long, loose, foreskin. He's blond and burly, sporting a couple of day's worth of face scruff, and his beefy body is covered in fine, blond hair. He's a top man and loves nothing more than feeling a snug asshole stretched around his fat cock. He loves banging a juicy arse.

    In this session, Mike heads outdoors to catch some sun. He strips naked and gives us a good look at his fat, uncut cock. When soft, it's a meaty fucker and as he stretches his foreskin, his dick thickens up even more. By the time he's fully hard, he's packing a hot specimen of uncut cock. He sits back in a chair, steadies his thick cock straight up in the air, and he inspires some cocksucking fantasies that I'd love to make a reality. What a beautiful dick! And I sure hope UK Naked Men is going to put that fat cock in action. For now, we'll have to be happy gazing at Mike's big dick and creating our own fantasies. That shouldn't be hard, pardon the pun.

  • Varsity Male

    Varsity Male

    Varsity Male is all of 6 months old now. However, what it does not achieve in longevity, it more than compensates for in quantity and in quality. Expressly self-described as a place to put pictures of "beautiful males", it achieves this is every single respect. And it has been very busy. There are nearly 1,000 great pictures of the hottest guys on the planet posted here. Scrolling through them is a study in true male beauty - the people choosing the pictures have a great feel for what they do and they take advantage of an enormous range of shots and men. There's nothing left out - it's full body awareness week inside these lustrous pages. Great-looking dicks and stud muffins who flash them at the camera are the order of the day. Simple, pretty, easy to navigate, this blog is a picture hoarder's wet dream. Pretty friggin' wild.

  • Muscle Hunk's Kinky Fantasy

    muscle hunk fourway

    Derek Pain has been looking forward to leather weekend in Chicago for a long time. He heads to the Steamworks to pump up his muscles and get his body looking hot for the throngs of leather men who will be out cruising for sex. After his workout he heads for then steam room, and while relaxing Derek fantasizes about a hot scenario he's been playing out in his head for quite some time. Bound Gods brings in four hot masters to make this fantasy a reality.

    Four guys subdue the muscle hunk and tie him up. They go to work on him, beating him with floggers. He's completely bound with rope, and just to make sure he's not going anywhere, he's got heavy clamps squeezing his nipples and two heavy metal balls hanging from his own nuts. And he's bridled just so his masters don't need to listen to him complaining and crying.

    The guys head for a hot pool and subject this muscle hunk to some dunking and breath play. It's pretty brutal trying to hold down a big muscle stud like Derek Pain, but with four men around him, the job gets done. The guys get into flogging one another, and then, some cocksucking and ass fucking is thrown in for good measure. This is one hot night this muscle hunk isn't soon to forget.

  • Tall, Straight and Horny

    Amateur straight guy jacks off

    Meet Rich. He's straight, 26 years old, 6' 2", and has a scruffy, sort of sexy beard. Rich says he loves to jerk off every single day - several times if he gets the chance. That's probably why he decided to do a shoot for Cruiser Boys as it gave him another opportunity to beat his meat. Rich wasn't at all shy of either the camera or the camera man. He started stripping immediately, and once he had taken off his jeans, he was more than willing to show off his very fuckable ass. Rich couldn't wait to grab his rod and stroke it till he shot a hot load of cum all over himself!

  • Twinks' Shameless Sex

    Hot and smooth twinks having sex

    Video Boys are quite rightly excited about this hot twink duo featuring Arnaud Chagnall and Lukas Wild. The boys look fantastic together and it is clear they felt the same way! They indulge is shameless pleasure as soon as their clothes are off!

  • Connor Fucks Kenny

    connor fucks kenny

    It's been a long time since Kenny was last on Corbin Fisher. Kenny last got his ass fucked in September of last year and he told Corbin Fisher that he's been dying to come back for another session. He's paired up this time with Connor; and while these two guys have played together with a girl on Amateur College Sex, they're never had sex alone with one another.

    The guys lie down on the bed and start kissing. Connor kisses Kenny's stiffening dick through his underwear and it's not long before they're completely naked. Kenny sure has been excited for dick because he doesn't waste any time sliding his mouth on Connor's hard cock. Connor teabags Kenny and then sits on his face and enjoys Kenny munching on his ass.

    Kenny bends over and Connor reciprocates, getting Kenny's tight fuck hole ready for a hard ass fucking. It's been a long time since Kenny felt a cock up his ass, but he sure doesn't seem to have any trouble getting back into the swing of things! Connor starts off fucking Kenny slowly, but after Kenny's warmed up, Connor starts drilling him hard. The guys flip over and Kenny lies back and jerks his cock while Connor jackhammers his ass. Kenny sprays a huge and vigorous load all over his stomach, and before Kenny can recuperate, Connor feeds him his big load, forcing the stud to lick up every drop!

  • Spontaneous Handjobs

    View full video at Cruiser Boys

    Sometimes things don't go quite the way you expect them to. This was supposed to be a 100% solo video shoot for Cruiser Boys - just Jeff horny and jerking his cock. But there must have been something about him because the photographer, who usually keeps his hands on his camera, couldn't keep them off of Jeff. Next thing you know, the photographer has his cock out, and the guys take turns stroking each others' stiff dicks, and Jeff lets the photographer finger his ass!

  • Dark Skinned Hunk

    Handsome guy with dark skin, hair and eyes

    Tarkan is very hot and has an impressive physique. In this sexy shoot for Man Avenue he strips off to reveal his muscles, hard thick cock and beefy ass!

  • Hangover Sex

    hangover sex

    I love Christian Wilde. Ever since seeing him for the first time a couple of years ago on Next Door Buddies, I've had a hard-on for this stud. He's a tall and good-looking guy and he's packing a substantial dick between his legs. He's back this week for another romp on Next Door Buddies.

    Christan Wilde arrived home at his apartment to find the place completely trashed. Knowing that Christian was going to be out all night at his girlfriend's, Brandon Lewis threw a party. Christian searches through the house and eventually finds his buddy, Brandon, passed out on the billiards table. Christian decides to wake him up in an interesting way - he reaches into Brandon's and begins massaging his morning wood.

    Brandon stirs and now he's horny. He sucks Christian's big cock. Then the guys swap blowjobs and even get into some 69 cocksucking. Since Christian disturbed Brandon's morning recovering from his hangover, Brandon suggests that Christian pays him back by stuffing his hard cock inside his tight butt. Christian throws a fuck into Brandon and the guys shoot a couple of juicy cum loads. Geez ... if this happened every time I had a hangover, I'd probably drink a lot more. Check out the hot preview video over at Next Door Buddies.

  • Redheaded Guy Next Door

    Sexy redheaded amateur strokes his cock in and out of the shower

    21 year old amateur Charlie Roberts is cute in a real boy-next-door way, with a muscled athletic physique, and a really nice ass. Charlie is a classic redhead - he's got blue eyes, freckles and soft orange pubes, although luckily he doesn't have the temper that sometimes goes with red hair. Charlie wore cotton boxers to his shoot with Perfect Guyz, and apparently that got the photographer to thinking... He decided to have Charlie shower in his boxers, and Charlie loved feeling that warm water cascading down his body and making the fabric of his underwear cling to his cock, which immediately got hard. And once the water was off, Charlie was more than happy to grab his stiff prick and play with it for the camera!

  • Group Jerk-a-Thon

    View full video at Straight Fraternity

    You may remember this session from Straight Fraternity - well, here's the video of that hot str8 boy shoot. All 5 guys strip down, then take off their underwear and show off their asses. After playing with their cocks, the guys are packed onto one big bed, sort of laughing and kidding around while they stroke their hard dicks. Then one of the guys start jerking a buddy's rod, and soon they're all right at the edge of orgasm!

  • Guy's First Blowjob

    sucking cock

    Since turning 21, Julio has been exploring new things. He's a cute, muscle jock who included in those "new things" a jerk-off film with Sean Cody. SC wondered if Julio would be interested in going even further, like getting his big dick sucked by a guy.

    Apparently it does, although Julio was a bit nervous about the idea of a blowjob from another guy. Calvin is pretty laid back and he loves sucking cock, so he seemed like the perfect match. Calvin couldn't wait to get Julio's pants off and didn't waste a second in swallowing Julio's big cock. Calvin slobbered all over Julio's big cock, even slapping it on his face, sucking on Julio's balls, and rolled him over to eat out his ass.

    Calvin finally laid on his back across the sofa. Julio stood at the end and fed his big dick down into Calvin's throat. The hungry cocksucker jerked his dick while Julio fucked his mouth. Julio shot his big load all over Calvin's face and chest while Calvin jerked himself off. Julio really surprised us by licking his own cum load off Calvin's face! Now that's trying something new.