• The Deal Turns Into A Horny Fuck

    Drug dealers fucking during the deal

    The latest update from Stag Homme Studios featuring a gay sex scene with Gustavo and Jonas meeting up to do an illicit deal, which turns into the two guys getting horny and fucking over the back of the car!

  • Training Two Slaves

    training two slaves

    A while ago, masters Van Darkholme and Spencer Reed had a training session with slaves Jason Miller and Chad Rock. They wanted to see who was the stronger sub. Jason was won - or lost, depending on how you look at things. (Check out Two Masters, Two Slaves here on Gay Demon's blog.)

    This week on Bound Gods, master-in-training Christian Wilde joins Van Darkholme for a rematch with Jason and Chad. The men are in rubber waders because there's going to be some water play. But this is a live show, so the site's members get to join in the fun. They request gas masks, so the slaves are masked. They're bound to two posts and after hanging weights from their slaves' balls, the two masters begin flogging the guys. Christian electrifies their cocks, and then, the slaves are covered clothespins. Now comes the fun part. Christian aims the hose at the two slaves and one by one, pings off those clothespins.

    Exhausted the two subs are put in stockades and they get their asses fucked with broom handles. And finally, the winning sub gets his ass fucked by Christian's big cock. Which one is the winner? Head over to Bound Gods and find out!

  • Chad is Cock Hungry!

    thats a big dick

    Samuel O'Toole has a big, meaty dick. (Don't you just love pornstar names?) This young buck has it all - he's good looking, has a killer smile, he's got a rock-solid body, and a fat cock to boot. Chad Con is a cute stud who just finished up his debut on Tommy D XXX (he did a solo for Next Door Male, too, where he shoved a dildo up his ass) and now he's made his way to Next Door Buddies where he walks in on Samuel O'Toole working his tool. He's watching porn on his laptop and stroking his big, fat cock.

    Sam isn't the least bit embarrassed, he simply turns to Chad, smiles, and offers his huge hard-on. Chad loves worshipping a big dick, so he gets right to it. Chad falls to his knees and sucks Sam's cock and balls. Chad wants to feel that especially large cock sliding into his butt hole, but before that happens Samuel lays Chad on the couch and fucks Chad's face. But once Chad does take that big dick, he decides to sit on it. Brave boy! He pounds away on Sam's pole until the tattooed muscle stud takes over. But even when Chad gets down on his knees for some doggy-style fucking, he's still doing most of the work. He pounds his ass back onto Sam's cock like nothing I've ever seen before. Chad is cock hungry!

    Sam finally kicks into gear and pummels Chad's hole hard. When he's ready to cum he pulls out and squirts all over Chad's back. While Sam is cumming Chad starts jerking his own dick at a furious pace, he falls back on the bed just in time to dump a humungous load all over his belly. Now that was a hot fuck scene!

  • Straight Muscle Stud Posing

    Straight muscle stud Peter Johnson naked and hard

    This isn't the first time Tommy has been to Man Avenue for a shoot, but it certainly is one of the hottest. He gets on the wooden table and shows off his rock hard cock, with his delicious hairy pecs on display.

  • Aaron Fucks Dru

    fucking dru

    Corbin Fisher has been wanting to get these two lean-muscled studs together for a while now and Aaron and Dru could barely wait for the camera to start rolling. They were excited to get naked and start playing. Corbin Fisher has good instincts, he knew these two guys would be hot together and man were they ever!

    Dru can't keep his tongue off Aaron and licks the hot stud's chest, nipples, and arms. They kiss as they unzip their jeans and strip out of their clothes. When Aaron's cock is released from his underwear he looks at Dru and says, "Suck it!"

    Dru swallows Aaron's long, hard cock and smacks his ass playfully. The guys fall onto the bed in a passionate kissing session and Aaron grinds his stiff cock against Dru's. "Oh my God, I want you so bad," Dru says pleadingly. So Aaron goes down on his buddy and starts working Dru's tight ass with his fingers. And after a wet rimjob, Dru says, "Don't tease me anymore. I want you to fuck me!" But Aaron continues the tease, sliding his dick slowly up and down Dru's ass crack. He's going to make Dru beg for it.

    Finally Dru gets what he wants and he moans and whimpers in ecstasy. "Oh fuck! Your hole is so hot!" Aaron says. He starts pounding Dru's ass hard. And then he flips his buddy onto his back so they can look into one another's' eyes as Aaron continues pumping Dru's fuck hole.

    Dru's loving Aaron's cock drilling his hole, but it's all too much for him and he shoots his load all over his stomach. Then he tells Aaron that he wants Aaron to cum in his mouth. Aaron blows his load all over Dru's hungry lips and Dru sucks Aaron's dick to get every lasts drop. Guys, this one's going down in the history books as one of the hottest Corbin Fisher fucks!

  • Juicy Brazilian Cock

    Brazilian hunk with a long uncut cock

    Lion is a hunky 25 year old guy from Sao Paulo, and he really got the photographer's attention. Usually a solo jerkoff audition for Lucas Kazan uses around 30 minutes of video, but the photographer for this session must have had one hell of a crush on this handsome Brazilian, because he got an hour and a half of footage! Lion has thick wavy hair, a great body, nice round ass and a long straight uncut cock, and he wasn't at all shy getting naked in front of the camera. In fact, it's not impossible he was flirting and showing off to tease the camera man - you can just feel that sexual energy!

  • Skinny Guy with a HUGE Cock

    View full video at Southern Strokes

    Cody is an amateur bisexual guy from Southern Strokes. Cody's 5' 5", 125 pounds, and nothing really stands out about him till his pants come off. Once they do, the first thing you may notice is his tattoos, but the thing that really catches the attention is his honest-to-goodness 9 inch cock. It's big and fat, hard as hell, with a mushroom head, and he really knows how to handle that piece of Southern manmeat!

  • English Jock Toys His Hole

    English hunk Jon Saunders plays with his asshole

    Although Jon Saunders is straight, he returns to English Lads to get some toys up his hot ass! Jon is a true jock with abs and pecs to die for. He lubes up his ass and slowly works the small purple toy into his butt.

  • Soldier's First Anal Sex

    marks first anal sex

    Mark is a soldier - buff, red-headed, and sporting an easy-going attitude. He works out a lot and says, "I have a lot of free time, and access to some great gyms, so it's a good way to keep from getting too bored!" He made his first appearance on Corbin Fisher back in June, and earlier this month, he fucked his first guy. This week he's losing his virginity to another hot guy.

    Cain was selected as the guy who would break in Mark, who was clearly nervous. "It'll be my first time bottoming, so let's see how it goes," he said. But Cain might not have been the best choice, he's packing a big dick, but still, Mark said he would do his best. That's the soldier attitude we like to see.

    The guys start off with some passionate kissing. Then the guys remove their shirts and Cain is impressed with Mark's solid and well-defined body. Cain kisses and licks his way down Mark's solid chest and makes his way toward the soldier's dick. Then Cain takes charge like a drill sergeant: "Take my dick out, suck my cock!" Cain smacks Mark's face with his uncut dick, and barks out more orders. "Let's see that pretty ass," and Mark bends over for inspection.

    He kisses Mark's round butt cheeks, lubes up his fuck hole with spit, and starts fingering the redhead's rosebud. "Oh, my God, that's tight!" Cain is even more turned on when he discovers that Mark's ass has never been invaded by a cock before. Cain starts inching his big dick inside this soldier and manages to fit all of his hard cock inside Mark's virgin ass. Slowly, Mark gets used to being fucked, and then, Cain starts ramming harder. Cain grunts and moans and clearly likes the sensation. "Fuck me!" Mark says, and Cain does.

    Then they move into a missionary position and Cain tells Mark to jerk himself off. Mark grabs his stiff cock and starts pumping while Cain continues to pummel his fuck hole. This is too much for Mark and he blows his load all over his ripped abs. Cain pulls out and shoots several hot streams of cum across Mark's muscled chest! Using his big cock, Cain smears his cum all over Mark's nipple, as if marking his territory. Cain kisses Mark and says, "You're a good fuck." Mark says, "You are, too!"

  • Threesome Gym Sex

    threesome gym sex

    One of the things that I really like about Next Door Buddies is their group sex scenes. They regularly get three, four, and even five guys together for some sweaty guy-on-guy sex. This week cute guy Chad Con is tackled by two of his buddies in the gym.

    Cassidy Jones is another cute guy with a smooth and well-defined body. He's got a beautiful round ass and a fat cock. Nate Kennedy is lean and trim, sports a couple of tattoos, and is packing a deliciously long cock. This is Nate's first fuck and suck session on Next Door Buddies; Cassidy has appeared in one other duo. Together, Cassidy and Nate surround Chad, who is pumping weights on a a workout bench.

    While Cassidy fishes Chad's cock out of his shorts and starts stiffening it up with his hand, Chad pulls Nate's hard cock out his gym shorts and starts sucking it. After swapping blowjobs, the guys move the bench into an incline position; Chad lies across it and the incline gives Nate the perfect position to slide his cock inside Chad's ass. While Chad gets his ass fucked, he continues to suck Cassidy's cock. By the time this fuck session is over, Chad is covered in spunk and sweat - he definitely needs a shower after this workout!

  • Devlin Masturbates

    View full video at Cruiser Boys

    Devlin is a big athletic all-American kind of guy. Standing 6'2'' and weighing in at 215 pounds, Devlin's never done a video before, but he's fantasized about doing stroking on camera. Cruiser Boys makes this fantasy come true as he pulls his cock out of his underwear, stroking it as he pulls his briefs off. Then he's rarin' to go as he rubs his dick, tries a sleeve and shows us just how much he loves jerking off!

  • Cute Oz Boy Stroking

    Australian boy with a fat cock strips and strokes

    Robbie Price is the latest update from Bentley Race. The cute 20 year old student was taking a holiday in Melbourne and didn't want to pass up the perfect opportunity to do a shoot. Robbie is wearing a super-cute Toy Story 2 t-shirt. Makes him look so innocent! He strokes his fat uncock cock as he slowly gets naked and we glimpse his smooth butthole!

  • Everybody Fucks Levi!

    cain fucks levi

    Cain and Levi are among Corbin Fisher's newest, freshest, and hottest faces! I was looking forward to watching this fuck session because I've got a bit of a thing for Cain. I love that guy's chin scruff - it drives me wild. He's 18, stands 5'8", and packs 7.5 uncut inches. He's also got this Gino / thug thing happening; like you don't know if he's going offer you a cigarette or spit on you. That makes the sex all the hotter, doesn't it?

    So I checked out Levi to see about his past on Corbin Fisher. He's never fucked another guy on the site! I was looking through the roster of videos in Levi's bio and it's starts with Elijah Fucks Levi (sounds like a nasty, Bible story) and then Dawson fucks Levi, then Jamie, Cole, Dru, Ian, and Connor all fuck this guy. Levi loves to bottom and loves buff guys, so he's racking up another one with Cain. (What's with all the Biblical names over at Corbin Fisher?)

    Levi is really into Cain. His hands roam over Cain's muscles as the two guys kiss. The guys swap blowjobs, but Levi really wants to get boned so Cain gives it to him. Levi starts out on his back and Cain thrusts hard and deep into his fuck hole. Then Levi gets down on all fours and Cain grinds some more, even grabbing a fistful of hair to steer himself into Levi's hungry hole. Cain starts to pound him harder and faster and he literally fucked a big load out of Levi! And then Levi gets on his knees and thanks Cain for the good fuck and sucks him off, taking a nice juicy load in the mouth.

  • Older Men in Suits Fucking

    men in suits fucking

    One of my ongoing jerk-off fantasies involves men is suits fucking. I've been lucky over the years to have very good-looking bosses and it's hard to keep my mind from wandering into those what-if scenarios. You know, crossing line the line, asking your boss to unzip his trousers and haul out his thick cock, then kneeling down behind his desk and sucking him off.

    Hot Older Male recently released a DVD called Unsuited and it's packed with men in suits sucking and fucking. Nick and Ben are the latest installment. They're at the office and neither is too enthused at working on their project. Nick Moretti is a 45-year-old, dark-haired handsome man and Ben Martin is a 44-year-old hunk with face scruff and short-cropped hair. Nick gives Martin the eye and Martin can easily see the bulge rising in Nick's trousers.

    It's not long before these men are naked and their suits lay crumpled in a pile on the floor. Everything in this office becomes a prop for their hot and sweaty suck and fuck session. Lying across a filing cabinet Martin offers his ass to the butt-hungry Nick. He spreads Martin's ass and digs in deep with his tongue. Then Nick fucks Ben hard and fast with his long, 9-inch cock. Ben, too, gets his chance on top and slides his hard, uncut cock deep up Nick's hairy hole.

    What a way to start off the work week! After blowing their loads, these two will be inspired to work hard for the rest of the week. You can watch this scene's free preview video at Hot Older Male.

  • Aggressive New Bait Boy

    Bait boy seduces a straight GQ model

    The latest update from Bait Buddies featuring a hardcore gay sex scene with the straight GQ model Micah fucking Kyle's ass after he has aggressively seduced him!