• Hot Threesome Sex

    jock threesome sex

    Lansing and Vance have already had sex over at Chaos Men and the video was so hot that Chaos Men always wanted to have them back for a rematch. (Lansing and Vance look a lot alike, in fact, in some of the pictures they look like twin brothers.) And Chaos Men did have them back, but this time the site added a twist - a dark-haired stud named Van.

    Chaos Men has a lot of guys waiting to film for the site, but the problem is that they all want to top and no one wants to bottom. This week though, this threesome sex scene is bottom heavy. Lansing and Van have primarily bottomed on the site, and Vance is a top. So as long as Vance has the stamina to service two bottoms, everything will be fine. But he's not alone, Lansing gets into the fucking, too; he takes nice long strokes so you can see his long veiny shaft sliding in and out of Van's ass.

    After Vance and Lansing finish fucking Van, Lansing gets on his back to get fucked by Vance. Van bends down and sucks on Lansing's cock, and the look on Lansing's face as he tries to not cum is fun to watch. Lansing's cum shot is amazing. It shoots out of him like a jet, and you can see Lansing trying to stifle a laugh - he must have shot five or six feet!

  • Muscle Masturbation

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    Porn performer and bodybuilder Marius Mugler from Strong Men shows why he's in demand - just sit this muscular hunk in front of a desk for a jackoff session, and in seconds his cock is rock-hard! That leather cock ring and pierced nipple make him even hotter to watch as he strokes his love muscle, his head thrown back and his breathing getting faster, and then he gets up and fingers his tight asshole. I'm tellin' ya, this is one hot stud!

  • Tom of Finland - Tom's Blog

    Tom of Finland - Tom's Blog

    Tom of Finland - Tom's Blog is a blog designed to be an interactive site discussing the events, reviews, and happenings revolving around gay erotic art and the issues surrounding it in society. It is appropriate that this blog is named for and stems from a foundation of the same name as Tom, a now-deceased and now-legendary gay artist. Tom courageously led the fight for Gay Pride and was instrumental in achieving the level of pride and acceptance we see today in the realm of erotic gay artwork. The linking among all the "inter-Tom Network" circulates amazingly sexy and gorgeous art, drawn and sculpted by the best of our era. Links to the Foundation are easily obtained, which also link to examples of all this good art. The blog itself is used for announcing dates and times of events on the artistic show spectrum. However, there is much eye candy too! Pages inside show abundant and always-fresh examples of Tom's own art. Tom led the way in classical lusty leather beauty, providing wonderful examples of leather wear on his gorgeous and muscular specimens, many of which are modeled after specific people. This is probably an underused asset, is Tom's Blog, rife with art work and connecting to very relevant current social discussion. This is a site to bookmark.

    "In those days, a gay man was made to feel nothing but shame about his feelings and his sexuality. I wanted my drawings to counteract that, to show gay men being happy and positive about who they were. Oh, I didn't sit down to think this all out carefully. But I knew -- right from the start -- that my men were going to be proud and happy men!" -- Tom of Finland

  • Fat Latino Cock

    fat latino cock

    I do love Latino men. They have some of the hottest cocks on the planet; generally some of the thickest and fattest cocks I've ever seen. I recently rediscovered Latin Jocks and it's quickly becoming one of my faves. Leonardo is sexy: a handsome man with a nice body. He's 25 years old and serves in the military, so his workouts keep him in top shape. He also runs three times a week and pumps iron the other three. He takes one day off a week to give him fat Latino cock a good workout.

    Leonardo has a hot ass and a 7-inch, thick cock. He lies on the couch on the stomach and gives us a look at his nice ass. It's firm and covered in hair. The fur crawls across his butt cheeks and into a dark trail between his butt cheeks. The rest of Leonardo's body is smooth except for a trimmed patch under each arm. His pubes are completely shaved and so are his balls. I kind of like that look; at least it suits him.

    This hunky Latino grabs his fat uncut cock and jerks it hard. When he's ready to cum he shoots a thick load all over his beefy thigh. It's a vigorous and lively load with the first squirt flying through the air; the rest of his load spews all over his leg, and it looks delicious!

  • Straight Guys Experimenting

    big dick fucking

    Some of the straight guys on Sean Cody like experimenting just a little too much in front of the cameras. Like Dennis, he's an open-minded, 30-year-old straight guy who likes to play around and try new things - a lot of new things, he's gotten his ass pounded on Sean Cody six times, and fucked other guys at least as many times. He's even revealed that, on occassion, his girlfriend straps on eight inches and fucks his ass!

    Jess, on the other hand, has a girlfriend who won't take it up the ass, so his forays on Sean Cody are his only chance to play around with anal sex. And he loves fucking ass! Jess and Dennis start out kissing and ripping the clothes off one another. "Fuck," Dennis said looking at Jess's big, thick cock. Then, he swallowed the whole thing and gave Jess a hot, wet blowjob.

    When it came time to fuck, Dennis needed a little time to adjust to Jess's big cock. But once the introductions were made, Dennis's ass got to know Jess's huge cock intimately and deeply. Jess fucked Dennis all over that room, and ultimately, Dennis shot like a sprinkler all over his stomach. When he was done cumming, Dennis flipped over and Jess unloaded all over his back. Dennis was covered in cum, back and front. But I don't think he minded one bit!

  • Two First-Timers Wrestle Naked

    naked wrestling

    Cameron Adams is one hot fucking stud. He's lean, ripped, and strong. And this is his first match on Naked Kombat. When it comes to sex, Cameron likes it rough and dirty. So he's going to try his damnest to win this match so he can fuck Gianni Luca's ass. Gianni is also having his first wrestling match at Naked Kombat. He's a couple of inches shorter than Cameron, but he almost matches him pound for pound. Gianni has wrestled for other companies and thinks this will be a walk in the park. Cameron's ass is his!

    This is actually Cameron's second match, but his first match hasn't been posted on the site yet. But this gives Cameron a bit of an advantage because he already knows how these matches go. Gianni is stunned by the stamina required on the mats. And even if you're an experienced fighter, the bonus point maneuvers throw you for a loop. Pull your opponent's underwear over his head ... get a point; slap your fighter's ass ... get a point; grab the other guy's cock ... get a point. You can be a damned good fighter and still lose the match to bonus points, which Gianni did. In the end, Gianni goes down on his knees and Cameron fucks the last ounce of fight out of him. Gianni will have to return another time to try his luck in the ring, but for now, he's on the mats getting his ass pounded.

  • Juicy Goo

    Juicy Goo

    Juicy Goo is a porn "tube" option which offers free trailers from pay sites. The usual range is included, from the currently very popular Randy Blue and Corbin Fisher episodes, along with other porn producers, from Raw Films, Bare Adventures (bareback), Bad Puppy and Straight Fraternity to Boynapped and Club Eurocreme. Masturbation episodes, plenty of fucking and sucking and a host of other offerings provide a pron portal which delivers snippets of pure porn from all sorts of sources. For porn surfers, this is a site rife with episodes and possibilities, offering your standard amazing number of videos. I like its easy format and one has to reward the efforts of anyone who works hard enough to produce anything at this level of sheer magnitude. It competes, of course, with many other similar sites, but this was my first visit there and I found it quite respectable in its style and content. There is lots to see at any porn portal and tube site and this is among the best of the lot.

  • Mega Hung Black Man With Blond Twink

    Blond boy gets fucked by CutlerX's big black dick

    The latest update from Tim Tales featuring a hardcore gay sex scene with the blond twink Philipp taking CutlerX's 12 inch black dick in his tiny hole.

  • Stroking by the Pool

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    This horny guy is relaxing before his shoot for Next Door Male, sort of getting in the mood, and it looks like that's working. Before they crew is even fully set up, he reaches down the front of his jeans, playing with his cock with both hands. As the urgency builds, he pulls down his pants, revealing bushy pubes and his hard, swollen rod - he grabs it and strokes it up and down, pulling up his shirt to reveal his furry chest as he masturbates.

  • Cute Guy Jerks Off

    cute guy jerks off

    This is Alex's first time in front of a camera. He's never unloaded in a video before, but he's always wanted to try it. He was pretty nervous, and it took a while for that nervousness to settle. But it was worth the wait.

    Alex is a 23-year-old guy; he's cute - boyish looking - and smooth. He's got 7.5-inch, uncut cock and a round bubble butt. He's working out and he's a "work in progress" as he says in his preview video. He wants to build a stronger body. When he was in high school he was into wrestling. (I'll bet that was hot to watch.)

    Alex pulls out his cock and he plays with his foreskin. He keeps his pubes trimmed and his balls shaved, and I wonder just a little bit how it ever occurs to a straight boy to shave his balls; but I'm especially surprised by his silky smooth butt hole. At what point does a straight guy think: "Hey, I'm going to shave my asshole." A little while later, this cute straight guy is on his knees and showing off his rosebud to the camera, and he gentle inches his finger past the puckered hole. Alex lies back on the ottoman and jerks his cock until he shoots a perfect load of cum all over his smooth belly. A beautiful, creamy pool of spunk!

  • Pentrating Marco's Hairy Ass

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    Marco plays doctor in this hot video from Butch Dixon, but once he gets a look at Tony's hard cock still in his underwear, he can't resist. The "doctor" gets down on his knees and wraps his lips around that tempting piece of manmeat and goes to work. Soon he's totally naked, and we can see Marco's hairy chest, stomach and butt. Then with a little assplay, Tony shoves his pole deep into Marco's ass and gives him a REALLY serious fucking!

  • Tattooed Guy's Big Dick

    tattooed guys big dick

    Does a big dick have to be pretty to be good? Jessie Alan is back in town and he's showing off his 9-inch cock again on Extra Big Dicks. It's not the nicest looking dick - it's long, and as your tongue crawls up the shaft you reach a little gutter and a curve that morphs into his cockhead, which is olive-shaped, and not quite as plump as a cocksucker might like. But 20-year-old Jon Estevez likes it just fine. He holds this tattooed guy's big cock in his hand and marvels at the size of it. His rosebud is twitching, knowing this is going to be a challenge.

    Likewise, Jessie was so horny thinking about fucking this baby-faced Latino guy. And those plump cocksucking lips are going to feel so good sliding up and down Jessie's magnificient pole. Jessie loves Jon's dark hair, his face scruff, and that hot ass of his. Jon is into Jessie's soulful eyes and totally loves his ink.

    The guys start kissing softly as Jon's hand starts to explore Jessie's growing cock. Jon licks and sucks that uncut monster cock and it starts growing by the second. He holds Jessie's smooth balls in his hand and swirls his tongue down his long shaft taking as much of it as he can down his throat. "You like the way that tastes?" Jessie asks. This just revs Jon up.

    Face down on the chaise, Jon gets his ass stretched wide as Jessie starts to give him every thick inch he's got. Then this tattooed guy pounds Jon's ass - pleasure and pain - Jon winces and groans. The guys get into a missionary position and Jessie tenderly kisses Jon while driving his cock deep inside his ass. Then Jessie pulls his cock out and explodes all over Jon. When he regains his senses, Jessie goes to work on Jon's ass, fingering his juicy hole and helping Jon shoot a massive load all over himself. Whew! That was a good.

  • Billy's Perv Website


    Billy's Perv Website ("for your stroking pleasure!") has a refreshing and simple title which describes the site perfectly. Billy is dedicated to presenting hot pictures from all sorts of very creative sources - including asking for iPhone submissions in his comments sections of posts. In the blog section, he gives some instructions on how to post the pics - as if that many needed the help - and then he shows us the money. But the overall website itself is quite something. It has a large forum population of active posters, contains oodles of pictures and videos from amateur studs the world over. In short, it teems with material for the hungriest surfer. The photo section, for example, has hundreds of solo and grouped pictures featuring sex and more sex, hard on's, and masturbation by the truckload. The vid section also teems with entries, all sexy as shit and all featuring hot guys doing each other. This is a website which in many ways is as large as any I have seen. I made it in via the blog, of course, but I found from further surfing that it is a huge portal for members. Since this is not a review site, I won't say much more other than to mention even if it were just the blog, it would be one killer destination.

  • Stroking His Uncut Dick

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    Oscar is back at Young Hot Latinos, and this time he's wearing his white briefs while stroking his thick uncut Latin cock. There's something very sexy about a guy masturbating while in his underwear, and Oscar's dark skin against the white fabric is pretty hot. Once his mushroom headed rod is hard, Oscar pulls off his undies and fingers that sweet asshole of his while, while keeping his dick at attention!

  • Training a New Slave

    training a new slave

    Dylan has never been trained formally as a slave. He attended a bondage party on the Upper Floor of Bound Gods, and there have been many requests for his return, but he's still in need a training. He's a true sub, but he's not perfect.

    Brenn Wyson and Van Dark Holme recently put Dylan through his first training session, with the help of members in IM chat. When Brenn stings Dylan with the cattle prod, Dylan whimpers, "Thank you, Sir. May I have another?" Dylan struggles as Brenn sticks his big cock up Dylan's tight ass. But then, in a second round of fucking and suspended in a rope bondage harness, Dylan finds Brenn's cock much easier to take.

    The Masters snap on some nipple clamps while Dylan is tied up and secure. And then, they go to town on his cock and balls, clipping them with instruments and pulling on the attached ropes. Dylan endures the torture, but he's not liking it much. In the end, Dylan servicing his Master and ends up with a load of cum all over his face.